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So....I wanted to request you doing some klangst? Like Maybe one o the two catches lotor kissing the other (much against consent) and then an argument, and possible getting thing cleared up and forgiveness?? aha..

keith, moments ago: CASH ME OUSSIDE HOW BOW DAH

Some of the best/most memorable moments of the RTD era, just because:

•The devastation in Nine’s eyes when Jabe says “Time Lord” in “The End of the World”

•the Dalek being able to levitate in “Dalek”

•the stupid preciousness of Rose trying to say “Raxacoricofallapatorius” in “Boom Town” and her exuberant hugs with Nine and Jack

•the soundless “ex-ter-min-ate” outside Lynda’s window during “The Parting of the Ways” before the Daleks smash through

•In the same episode, that close-up of Rose/Bad Wolf’s face when she says “I want you safe—my Doctor” and the light in her eyes dies out for a second and there are tears running down her cheeks. And you can see that she is burning up and falling apart but she doesn’t stop, and you can tell that she knows she going to die and doesn’t care if it means he’s safe

•Jackie’s shriek of “I’m gonna get killed by a Christmas tree” in “The Christmas Invasion” (I C O N I C)

•"That, that, that is textbook enigmatic"

•Ten’s smug smile at Rose’s exasperation in “School Reunion” when she’s serving chips

•K-9’s increasingly sassy versions of “We are in a car”

•"A door once opened may be stepped through in either direction"

•The Doctor’s giggle when he finds out Rose is a dog in the parallel universe, and Rose being increasingly fed up with him

•"I believe in her"

•Ursula getting preserved as a concrete slab (w h a t)(it wasn’t best but it sure was memorable)

•The Doctor crying in the Tardis when he’s cut off during “Doomsday”

•Jackie hugging Rose on the beach

•"I’m not—I’m not—I’m not from Mars??“ said as though Ten is no longer sure whether he is or not

•Martha’s face as she looks at the Earth from the moon

•The Doctor deciding that electrocuting himself at the top of the Empire State Building is a good idea

•"Don’t they teach recreational mathematics anymore?” Lol FAVE

•"If the Doctor had never visited us, if he’d never chosen this place, on a whim…would anybody here have died?“

•The music in the background of the Master’s hunt for Martha on the streets during "Last of the Time Lords”

•"You’re not falling, Astrid. You’re flying" (I don’t care what you say, I loved this stupid episode)

•Donna waving at fat and her weirded-out look afterward

•When Rose first shows up in “Partners in Crime” like !!!!!


•Martha breaking down in tears when the Hath dies

•Donna’s enraged “What? Who did I kill?!” in “The Unicorn and the Wasp”

•River’s last words being “Spoilers”

•The Doctor’s look of utter desolation after River dies

•Donna’s frantic clinging to her children when the data core world starts falling apart

•That moment of cold horror when the Doctor questions whether the people on the train would really kill Sky and the Hostess says, “I would”

•The look of complete terror in Ten’s eyes when he starts copying Sky


•"No really, you can hug me" Donna is so thirsty for Captain Jack and I love it


•The sudden drop in your stomach when Donna keeps repeating “Binary—binary—binary—”

•That awful moment when Wilf swings the door open and Ten is holding Donna

•Rosita being more competent than everybody else in “The Next Doctor”

•Jackson Lake’s Tardis being a hot-air balloon (that episode was so adorable tbh)

•That feeling of foreboding when Ten turns down Lady Christina de Souza

•Steffi watching the video from her family as she is hit by the water on Mars

•The quiet flash of light after Adelaide enters her house in “Waters of Mars,” and Ten’s broken “I’ve gone too far"—an understated scene but no less chilling for all that

•Ten and Wilf crying together in the cafe

•Ten deciding that jumping through a ceiling was in any way a good idea

•Jack’s final salute

•"Was she happy, in the end?”

•Donna getting a happy ending

•"I bet you’re gonna have a really great year"

•The change in Ten’s expression when he starts regenerating and you can see his choice to die bravely

•Matt Smith at the end honestly what a cutie

Okay but the scene in “Journey’s End” where Ten wipes Donna’s memory…it’s ugly, and awful, and painful, but it’s not simple and painting it as such is doing it an injustice.

Donna doesn’t want her memory wiped. She doesn’t want to go back. But her mind is burning up and she has Shaun to look forward to, and maybe kids, and years with her granddad. I’m sure Ten didn’t want to violate her mind ever, let alone in the way he did, but she was dying and she was his best friend.

Maybe it was the wrong decision. Maybe it was unforgivable. But—if your best friend was dying, slowly and scared and in pain—would you let them die if you had a way to practically guarantee them a happy, normal life?

That scene is awful and it rips me up inside every time. The moment when Ten advances on Donna, unstoppable even as she pleads for her memories—it’s a horrific action.

But I can’t say Donna wouldn’t have done the same to him, if their situations were reversed. And to be honest, I’m not certain I wouldn’t have done what Ten did either. What if it was my sister, dying like that? My little cousin? My best friend?

Davies is rarely interested in what the “right” thing to do is, in his stories—he’s interested in the human thing. And this scene is Ten at his most human, in all his messy complexity, even as he performs an inhuman act of cruelty.

There’s nothing nice about this story. But to unambiguously condemn Ten’s actions is to disregard the questions about human nature raised by “Journey’s End,” and Doctor Who has never been a show to ignore hard questions.


Pick the WIP!

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Alrighty, ya’ll!  It’s time again for ya’ll to Pick the Wip!  Which set do you want next the Bun Set or the Bow Set?

The Bun Set:

  • Comes with 4 versions of a curly bun.  A plain, one with side curls, a bun with braids, and a bun with braids and side curls.

The Bow Set:

  • A curly version and straight version.  Each one hair has a version with and without side curls.


Update: The Bun Set won!  The Bow Set will come soon!

Also, I’ll queue it to reblog throughout the next couple days.  If you want to block it, block the tag leeleewippick.

I’ll check the final result Wednesday around noon EST!

On the Nature of Whouffaldi

Last week, I wrote a meta about companions in Moffat vs Davies Who and how Moffat companions are defined mainly by their relationships. That meta was partly inspired by Clara: I find her a very difficult character to understand, but what I realized is that she comes into much clearer focus the more we see of her relationships with others. “The Time of the Doctor,” the first time we see her interacting with her family, is a good example of this. Her controlling tendencies and desire to maintain a certain image are instantly evident in the way she presents the Doctor as her boyfriend and obsesses over the turkey, insisting that everything be perfect.

A question that follows naturally from this realization is, of course, what is the nature of Clara’s relationship with the Doctor? Most of the other Doctor-companion relationships are clearly defined: Rose and Nine/Ten were a Romantic Couple (whether you think they were an actual item or just a bundle of sexually-charges longing), Martha had unrequited love for Ten, Donna and Ten were the Best Friends, and Eleven and the Ponds were a family. What was the Doctor’s relationship with Clara, then? Eleven and Clara seem pretty flirty, but then Twelve takes a hands-off approach. They’re friends, obviously, but it’s not the easy camaraderie of Donna and Ten; they push each at other. At times their relationship seems almost abusive, as he commands her and she goes to extreme lengths to control his actions, but they also have a lot of trust in and love for each other. What, then, are they defined by? The easy answer, of course, is that they are just the Doctor and Clara, and to attempt to define them further is to create too simplistic a model. There is a lot of truth to that in some ways, but it doesn’t satisfy me. So here’s what I came up with: the Doctor and Clara—particularly Twelve and Clara—are defined most of all by hero worship.

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ended the year and started the new year doing the usual…ahah.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU always!!♡ for the kind words, funny tags and sweet messages that definitely made my days last year. You guys are awesome!!!!♡

Callout Post for Murray Gold

Murray Gold, you guys, does not get enough love. So I am here, armed with a list of my favorite pieces from each series of Doctor Who. It was meant to be an orderly list, with one favorite per series, but it kind of devolved into a shouty mess about music. (Which should be expected. Last year I got an email from Spotify detailing my listening habits over the past year and apparently I’m in the top 1% of Murray Gold fans. THE MAN IS AWESOME OKAY.)

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