bow to the queens

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel: I am the head of a noble family at age 13 due to my family’s death. I am very mature and clever and obey the queen’s orders. People bow down to me and I can do what I want. No one gets in my way and nothing can faze me.

Someone: sex

Ciel: sex???? Excuse me???? i am 13 and do not need to be hearing this vulgarity. this is embarrassing omg i don’t even know what sex is omg I’m embarrassed

Actresses who has played two english queens


When Olympique Lyonnais won the 2015-16 Women’s Champions League in a penalty shootout against VfL Wolfsburg, rather than celebrating the win and her own final match with her team of 8 years, Lotta Schelin immediately went to console her devastated former teammate Élise Bussaglia who missed the 5th and determining penalty kick for Wolfsburg.

i decided to make a little thing for pride month!! it was something i wanted to draw since i don’t even know, so there it is: little fusions with pjo/hoo characters!

JERCY (jason and percy):

- gorgeous ace boy

- such an amazing leader. he’s very persistent and  most of the time work with fun to make his point. life’s boring, but he doesn’t need to be

- king of hot&cute face

PIPABETH (piper and annabeth):

- bi queen

- she’s the leader of everything. get out of her way. seriously

- “please kill me softly”

NANK (nico and frank):

- very gay

- he’s so polite. literally the biggest gentleman in the world

- doesn’t talk much, but if you need him, he’ll be there for you. anytime

LEYNA/REO (reyna and leo):

- handsome trans boy

- no one beats him at anything. it doesn’t matter what you’re playing, you will lose

- the world is his. bow down, please

HACHEL (hazel and rachel):

- pan-cutie

- art!! queen of drawings

- small and sweet, but will never tolerate any of your shit

i LOVE this. actually wanted to do more with another characters like will, grover, clarisse, etc.

After a rendition of ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ he cued up for the biggest moment of the night, inviting out Nicks for an incredible handful of duets. 'I’m pretty sure that this was going to be up there with one of the best nights of my life,’ he said, introducing the legendary artist. 'If there was any doubt, I’m pretty sure I’d like to confirm, in my entire life, I never thought I’d be able to say this. Please welcome to the stage, Stevie Nicks.’

Their chemistry was palpable. They collaborated on his solo song 'Two Ghosts’ before Fleetwood Mac’s iconic 'Landslide,’ dueling harmonies and all, and finished with 'Leather and Lace,’ with Styles filling Don Henley’s shoes. 'She’s the queen of anything,’ he said, bowing down to her at the end of the segment. It was clearly the highlight of any of his promotional appearances over the last week, counting undersell shows in both New York City and Los Angeles.