bow ties are awesome

ok but does anyone ever reminisce on the old brendon? everyone talks about the split and the earlier music and ryan. i mean i know we still have brendon, he’s in the band (he IS the band) and we get new content of him pretty often, but just celebrating fever era brendon? pretty odd? vices? 

during afycso, brendon was so new to everything, and pretty inexperienced. idk if anyone else feels like this, but the effort he put in was so visible back then (not saying it isnt anymore). 

and then during p.o. era, he was just so happy and smiley, like a little flower boy, especially live shows. i don’t wanna bring up ryden but he seemed really happy around ryan. brendon just seemed really happy during pretty. odd. era. 

and then vices, well the bow ties and vests were so awesome, there isnt much else to say besides that he seemed salty and bitter

too weird was its own thing altogether, prime forehead era. like that pic of him in the blue suit with the cigarette? his forehead was so big.

and then bachelor era. well, i’ll probably have more to say looking back, but just, i feel like it’s so cool seeing people progress like this, yes, there are preferences, but it’s just so awesome to see how far brendon has come.

that being said, I would sell my soul to be a fan back in the afycso or pretty. odd. era. what if ryan and jon had never left or what if brendon becomes emo again next album era or what if there’s a reunion and ryan, spencer, and jon come back or what if-

Oooo, I feel like dancing and singing and dancing and singing.

But I think I’ll just move around awkwardly, pretending to dance

Sorry, no one taught me how to dance back in Gallifrey

Bow ties are cool, so is this drop!

Everything is spinning, isn’t it?

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A shenanigans filled birthday weekend done right. My best friend from Chicago, Stephanie, decided to visit me for a 4 day weekend and we were upto all sorts of mischief. I always enjoy hosting and this weekend gave me an opportunity to be a tourist in my own city. Moving to Nashville, TN has been one of the best decisions I have made and I consciously decided against potentially moving away from the city due to some developments at work. I think I can stay here for a while and continue to grow personally and professionally.

However this past week really interrupted with my training and I somewhat expect next week to be similar due to some work travel I have to do. (Anyone want to hang out in Montreal!?)

A photo post from the past week coming soon! 


Introducing Let It Bow on Etsy!

by raised-by-frozen-trolls, fic author and Frozen fangirl

I have 19 Frozen-inspired designs in the shop right now, with ideas for more to come! I never could have created this shop without the encouragement and inspiration of my friends in the Frozen fandom, and since I can’t give each and every one of you hugs and cookies, I decided to thank you by always keeping my prices “high school/ college job” affordable, and offering discounts and bonuses just for my tumblr followers whenever it strikes my fancy. Like right now! If you purchase something from my shop, use the code TUMBLRFAN at checkout for an additional 10% off through March 8th. 

I created Let It Bow due to the lack of official Frozen merch (especially wearable merch) for teen and adult fans. While I would love to see my bows enjoyed by kids, too, I really wanted to create something that awesome, inspiring young women (and men, too! bow ties! woo!) could wear with pride to show allegiance to their favorite characters and fandoms. My designs will be recognizable to fellow fans, but stylish enough to avoid scrutiny from the average co-worker or classmate (who obviously doesn’t realize what a great movie and fandom he or she’s missing out on!)

So please check out the shop, reblog this for your Frozen friends, and enjoy Let It Bow! 

Thank you so much! <3

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Because he is mad cute, intelligent, funny, likes food, looks damn good with or without his beard, sexy using bow-ties, he has a great laugh, makes awesome videos… I mean… what else do you want? LOOK AT THIS FACE: