bow tie pattern

Pajarita (bow tie) de 1900.

Lo que mas me gusta de la ropa femenina de 1900 son los toques masculinos que puedes introducir en ella a través de complementos como las pajaritas.

                              + Xcm (messure around neck) + 2 o 3cm  

Estas son las medidas que he usado para hacer una pajarita de un tamaño grande. Solo queda añadir la tira recta que abraza el cuello. Esta tiene que ser de larga como la medida de alrededor de tu cuello mas 2 o 3 cm para que quede un poco holgada. 

De forma que al anudarla (tutorial; how to tie a bow tie) queda así:

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Accidentally read his/her diary AUs - Klaine! Maybe accidental love confession perhaps?

I decided to make it less of an AU and more of a belated love confession, i hope this is alright with you nonnie

Dedicated to alianne who needs all the love and fluff possible (and deserves it too)

Kurt didn’t mean to snoop.

No, really.

Besides, now that they are married, is there still such a thing as snooping into your husband’s stuff? No, didn’t think so.

Alright so maybe he has been snooping in Blaine’s stuff, but it’s only with good intentions in mind.

It’s their 5th anniversary, and he needs to make sure that Blaine didn’t manage to score a fantastic present that will make look whatever Kurt finds ridiculous and cheap.

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Needles and Roses Au: First Meeting

“Hey Thorin, did you hear that a new shop is opening up across the street?”

A young man lifted his head from behind the counter, blue eyes gazing bemusedly up at his large friend who was reading that morning’s newspaper. Thorin placed his chin lazily on the glass surface while his hands moved to the back of his head to pull out the scrunchie from his hair only to make a loose bun in place of the tight ponytail. He felt it shift ever so slightly as he looked to his left, casting a glance to the for now empty building that sat a street away from his flower shop. Curiosity gave in.

“Oh? What kind of place?”

“It’s going to be some kind of tattoo parlor. Rich kid bought it, old money they’re saying.” Dwalin sipped his coffee, rolling the paper in his free hand. “Did you make Mrs. Lobelia’s petunia bouquet yet?”

“No but-”

Dwalin slapped the man’s head with the paper and rolled his eyes at the pained whines and promises to finish the job that should’ve already been completed. The taller man let out a sigh and turned to face outside as Thorin sulked toward the back where the petunias sat. He wondered if the new shop keeper would be just as bratty as his best friend.




“Name’s Bilbo Baggins! I’ll be your neighbor from now on!”

In front of Thorin stood a short, blonde man dressed in what he could only guess was fashionable by today’s standards. His attire seemed to be straight out of one of the old films Thorin used to watch with his grandfather: a red button up tucked into black slacks with a pair of old brown suspenders holding everything together. It were the stunning floral tattoos that made Thorin choke on his greeting.

 “I’m Dwalin, and this idiot is Thorin. He owns this little flower place and I make sure everything doesn’t fall apart.”

 The sunflower patterned bow-tie clutched at his neck and shimmied when the man laughed, sending shock waves throughout Thorin’s flushed body. He could feel his hands sweating inside his gardening gloves, and it wasn’t because of the heated shop. Dwalin carried the conversation, pausing to let Thorin squeak out a few words, until Bilbo noticed the time and decided that he had to open up his place.

 “I hope to see you around sometime… What was your name again?”

“Thorin! I’m Thorin.”

“Thorin, hm? I dig it!”

With a wink, Bilbo turned on his heel and jogged out the front door, leaving Thorin to melt against Dwalin. The man sighed out in frustration and glared at the ceiling, curing the Gods for sending yet another distraction for Thorin.

Bow Ties

20 bow ties for the modern-day gentleman

When dressing to impress, the finishing touches are just as important as the suit and shoes. Holiday season is the perfect time to look your best, and there’s nothing more festive and formal, not to mention charmingly old-fashioned, than a snazzy new bow tie. Switch out your regular necktie with a plain or printed bow tie, and you’ll look suave and sharp as ever. Channel your inner Don Draper and scroll through our favorite bow ties below, starting at a wallet-friendly $11.

Blogger Steven Onoja

LANVIN bow tie

ASOS Bow Tie

Wool Bowtie

Velvet Bowtie

Red Eleven Bow Tie Black Tipped

Bow Tie and Handkerchief

Knitted Silk Bow Tie

Neiman Marcus Solid Paisley Pattern Bow Tie, Red

Paul Smith Ties - Black Polka Dot Silk Bow Tie

Silk Bow Tie

Dot Bow Tie

KENZO ‘Eye’ bow tie

Patterned Bow Tie

Wool Bow Tie

‘Bow Tie Fashion’ Silk Textured Stripe Bow Tie

FeFe petals print bow tie

Damask Jacquard Bow Tie

Plum Velvet Bowtie

Chambray bow tie

Geo Silk Bow Tie

"A Door Opens" - Kurt/Blaine

Kurt (45) is a senior designer at a NYC fashion house.  When he discovers that his husband of almost twenty five years is having an affair and wants a divorce, Blaine (26), a new hire at the same house, is there to help him pick up the pieces.

The day that Kurt discovers his husband is cheating on him he has two major things on his schedule.

He needs to call Ari and confirm her flight details—she’d neglected to email as promised, which isn’t like her—and he has to meet with the two interview candidates who have applied for the event organizer position at work.

Instead of thinking about the email that he’d found on his and Stephen’s shared laptop, he thinks about their daughter coming home for the holiday. He thinks about the resumes that he’s supposed to be scouring. His assistant has probably done the work for him already, but he always double-checks the details himself. The fashion shows that his company puts on must be as flawless as his designs and the models who wear them, and therefore the person in charge of them has to be equally flawless.

His work is everything to him: it proves his integrity, showcases his passion, and makes him proud.

He stares at the laptop screen.

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Finally got the nerve to post a pic of my Mr Clever costume on Neil Gaiman’s page. Such a huge fan, but I seriously thought he’d think I was a whack-a-doodle… Lol
But whatever, I’ve met so many great friends through wearing this at cons, at work, etc It was so great to combine my love of Neil’s work, Doctor Who and especially the uber talent of Matt Smith in this role.
Cyberplanner, hand pulsar, cybermite, bow tie pattern all done by me. Of course getting the cyberplanner to light up was a freaking bitch, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Was very self conscious to get my pic taken and this is the only one I think I have of me by myself cause I usually try to hide behind someone. But I’m getting better about saying screw the haters….
Mr. Clever always deserves more love. So there.