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Mesdames Messieurs, CEO & Vampire Jeon Jungkook from the fanfic I Won’t Stop You by @imsarabum ; I had to draw him too T__T 
(i drew Taehyung as well, i won’t tell you who he is hehe just read) 

Designer Skyline

🎶 Designer skyline in my head🎶
🎶 Abstract and still well-read🎶
🎶 You went from numbered lines to buildings overhead🎶

Well, this took way longer than I originally thought it would. So I decided to do a drawing based off of an Owl City song for each of the four sides and since I didn’t get to do Logan’s during his appreciation week, I just did it now. (I will also try to get Patton’s done today.) Anyway, so this one is based off Designer Skyline by Owl City because it seemed like the best fit in my opinion. And if you’ll notice his bowtie, that is a math bow tie inspired by my cousin and her math bow tie. And there’s also that little animation thing in the background because why not. 

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🎃 10 Scarecrow Collectables for Under $10  🎃

Yesterday I had a conversation with @2spookcrow​ about the price of Scarecrow merchandise and how hard it was to find anything that isn’t absurdly expensive. It made me realize how blessed I am to be able to collect in the capacity that I do, and I understand that not everyone can afford to spend that much. Don’t fret though! No need to donate your time to that suspicious medical trial for some extra cash, Mistress has you covered!

A good majority of these ship free or with very cheap shipping options. Also, several of these are of the handmade variety, and I think those are the best type of gifts~


This was yesterdays outfit. I usually forget about Easter these days, and was going to wear something else, but then I was hanging up my dress as my rack fell down (as it often does) and the dress just called to me. I also decided that my penguin brooch totally still worked.


Sastreria 91 SS16 Pitti Preview

Showcasing once again at the “Make” area of the Padiglione Centrale at Pitti, was one of the most charismatic and outstandingly talented duos I’ve had a change of meeting to this day. As if their carefully curated bespoke attires weren’t enough to unleash a shooting spree amongst street style photographers, their trademark bow tie collection caused a similar impression on all those who passed by their stand. Besides the bespoke creations I presented a couple of weeks ago during my visit to Madrid, one of their side projects consists of an exclusive line of handmade bow ties, made from luxurious and exotic materials. The superb use of iridescent feathers from pheasants, quails, mallards and other exquisite birds, results in a product that is both unique and highly sophisticated. 

This outspoken gentlemanly interpretation on a much controversial accessory, whose playful allure was widely distorted in recent years, was most welcome. The concept that Sastreria 91 managed to portray in each of their creations, rekindles the balanced formality of old, with each bow evoking much more of a Bond-esque universe than that of a weekend at the Hamptons. The superb texture and sheen of the natural feathers, elevates this accessory to a suave status where you immediately picture yourself wearing them on some of the most luxurious locations on earth. Carrying on the theme, was a feather-lapelled tuxedo that was quite possibly one of the finest examples of creativity, craftsmanship and art on display at the fair, dazzling all those who came across it.

Top 10 Bow Ties for Summer

Starting to wear more bow ties now? We pick out 10 of the best bow ties in summer-friendly fabrics you’ll want to wear this season!

Silk is definitely classic neckwear material, but with the sun in full force for the next few months, now is the perfect time to experiment with other textures and fabrics for your bow ties. We’ve curated a selection of seersucker, linen, chambray, and cotton bow ties for you that you can easily pair with your summer outfits. They’re ready for you below!

Oh, and make sure you check out the super unique bow ties for #9 and #10!


1) J.Crew Cotton Seersucker Bow Tie in Gingham

2) Ralph Lauren Seersucker Bow Tie


3) Alexander Olch The Crisp Bow Tie

4) Zara Linen Bow Tie with Rose Print


5) Banana Republic Chambray Bow Tie

6) Levi’s Chambray Bow Tie


7) Brooks Brothers Cotton Piqué Bow Tie

8) Smart Turnout London Woven Bow Tie


9) Cor Sine Labe Doli Ceramic Bow Tie

Textured Silk:

10) Monsieur Jean Yves Python Skin Bow TIe

Need more bow tie inspiration? Check out these dapper bows ties on Wantering. 

It’s no secret that bow ties complete a full suit, but when it gets too hot out during summer, what do you wear your bow ties with? Share your menswear style with us!


Hey Tumblr! Do you like bow ties?

I mean it seems like you do.

Well, I have some GREAT NEWS! My sister and I just opened a business making only the coolest bow ties for the modern human (or other species, we won’t judge). But here’s the REALLY GREAT NEWS. Every single bow tie we make is on sale until this Saturday, February 8th!

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