bow shrug

yes, alec, your boyfriend can take you down any day

sparring idea by @lovetheskyisblue69 , bow and arrow idea by @1128sarahserrano!! thank you!

let me know what you think!

Jace had told Alec that he wanted to get a training session in before dinner and Alec was in desperate need to blow off some steam as well. Magnus had come to the Institute after an easy day and the two walked out of Alec’s office and towards the training room. “Are you gonna stay or should I meet you back at the loft?” asked Alec as they turned a corner.

Magnus knew that Alec had been insanely stressed out recently. Apparently Clave orders were getting stricter and stricter by the day, and some of the Shadowhunters were beginning to take liberties in their duties just because Alec had been appointed Head. Magnus smiled and placed a comforting hand on Alec’s back. “I’ll stay,” he reassured, knowing Alec would want someone to walk home with. Alec grinned in response but Magnus raised an eyebrow. “But… only if you wear that tank top I love?”

Alec’s heart skipped a beat or ten thousand at the sight of Magnus’ smirk before he was able to reply. “You are unbelievable,” he replied and Magnus only bit his lip and smiled back in response.

Alec had gotten changed rather quickly and the two had waited for a good 10 minutes before Alec realised that Jace had clearly forgotten his commitment and wasn’t turning up. Alec’s sour mood had returned once again and he let out a rather loud frustrated sigh which Magnus noticed. It was getting late so the training room was empty and Magnus could tell that even though Alec was a lot more comfortable, he was looking forward to sparring with Jace.

“I’d be happy to help,” said Magnus, getting up from leaning on the wall.

Alec frowned and looked back at his boyfriend. “You can fight?” he asked, only a hint of humour in his voice. Magnus raised an eyebrow and Alec knew full well that Magnus could fight but he didn’t want this to be unfair. “Without magic?” he clarified and Magnus scoffed.

He walked closer to Alec and the boy felt his heart rate quicken. “Do you dare to underestimate the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Alexander?” he asked in a low voice. Alec couldn’t seem to close his mouth. He couldn’t even bring himself to blink. His mind went completely blank, and he could feel his heart begin to ache and his eyes go blurry just at the sight of the man in front of him.

He swallowed and diverted his eyes from Magnus’ unexpectedly intense gaze. “Of course not,” he breathed out and walked backwards to get into position. “Let’s go.”

Magnus smirked and made his way over to a chair, took his jacket off, and rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt. Alec swallowed hard, trying to look anywhere but at Magnus’ arms. Hundreds of thoughts ran through his head but an overwhelming sense of ‘how is this real’ washed over him as he looked at Magnus. Eventually, Alec rolled his eyes and shifted back into his normal state of mind, clearing his throat to compose himself.

Quickly, Alec realised that Magnus was not one to be messed with. He was aware that his boyfriend was the High Warlock but he had no idea just how good he was at hand-to-hand combat. Magnus fought well and unlike anyone Alec had encountered before. He was used to the strict rules of his training and hadn’t had the experience of fighting some who wasn’t a Shadowhunter. Alec thought that maybe Magnus had picked a lot of this up by getting into actual fights but didn’t allow himself to get distracted by the possibilities.

Though Magnus was swift, Alec had had a lifetime of fight training and took Magnus down within a couple of minutes. But Magnus didn’t back down. Instead, Alec’s stomach turned uneasily at the way Magnus only smiled. He was close enough to see the few specks of gold under Magnus’ eyes but not close enough to feel his breath and oh, did Alec want to feel it in that moment. He could feel Magnus’ heartbeat against his forearm and it reminded him of the steadiness of a clock. So much so, that Alec found himself lost in his thought for much longer than he could afford.

In one swift movement, Magnus twisted under Alec’s arm and managed to flip themselves over. Magnus slammed Alec down, a knee between the boy’s legs and an arm under his chin. Alec still couldn’t seem to wipe that silly grin off his face and the fact that Magnus was only two inches from him didn’t help. It was so silent that Alec could feel the blood rushing in his ears and just for a second, he forgot where he was.

Magnus leaned forward, almost teasing Alec, their lips almost brushing against each other’s and Alec felt his entire body warm up and tingle. He felt a burning sensation begin to grow at the base of his stomach. Magnus licked his lips and Alec lost it. He hastily leaned forwards to kiss him, to press himself up against him, to do anything but be so tantalisingly close because it was never close enough.  But suddenly, almost as if on cue, Magnus jerked his head back and stood up, a smug smile on his face. Alec let out a frustrated sigh and let his head fall back onto the cold marble floor. Neither of them could stop smiling.

“Okay…” started Alec, after he had collected himself. “How good are you with a bow and arrow?”

Magnus shrugged nonchalantly. “I mean, I may o may not have introduced archery to the Romans…”

Alec laughed. “I’m gonna go with ‘may not’.”

Magnus scoffed playfully, feigning hurt. “You don’t know,” he argued and Alec shook his head.

Alec turned towards the weapons rack to retrieve his bow and quiver and set up a target at the opposite end of the room. He told Magnus to watch and shot an arrow perfectly into the centre of the bullseye. Magnus watched him rather intently and Alec felt hot again so he stopped at handed the bow to Magnus. “You try,” he said. He only felt a little smug.

Magnus walked up to where Alec had stood and before Alec could blink, had shot an arrow that stuck neatly into the target right beside where Alec’s arrow was. Alec chuckled and cocked an accusing eyebrow at his boyfriend. “No magic, I swear,” he said with a wink and Alec really didn’t know what to think.

Instead, he crossed his arms and took step closer. “Not bad, but your form was pretty sloppy.” It was Magnus’ turn to roll his eyes and mumble under his breath. Alec stepped up behind Magnus and again, it was Magnus’ turn to lose his breath.

“Okay,” Alec said softly. “Keep this arm as straight and steady as possible,” he said, touching Magnus’ bicep, and Magnus could help but contain a smile at his comment. “Turn a little this way,” he whispered. He placed his hands on Magnus’ shoulders to guide him and let his fingers linger there for longer than both of them knew was necessary. Magnus only smiled but Alec noticed. “Focus,” he insisted.

“I am focusing,” Magnus replied in a voice that made Alec want to drop everything.

“Legs further apart, good. Bring your elbow up higher, yep. Now shoot,” he instructed, taking a small step back. Magnus let go of the arrow and watched as it hit the outermost ring of the target. Magnus clenched his jaw and Alec smirked. “Not as easy as it looks, huh?” he whispered against Magnus’ cheek and Alec could feel Magnus shift as a shiver travelled down his spine.

“It’s almost like you want me to miss,” he said, shakily. Alec chuckled and Magnus stepped down from his stance, dropping the bow and arrow before turning around and hastily grabbing the front of Alec’s shirt.

Instead of the usual taken aback reaction that Magnus received, Alec leaned in further, melting into the slender line of Magnus’ body. Alec was loosing his breath quicker and quicker by the second so he gave in, grabbing Magnus by the belt loops and pulling him impossibly closer.

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in the meantime, the scene between alec and aline that i wish we had gotten.

Alec and Rafael

ok but imagine Rafael seeing Alec suit up for battle for the first time in the Institute and being terrified out of his mind that Alec will die, that Alec will leave him just as his biological parents did and yeah i’m SORRY

“It’s really bad.” Jace says, speaking over the blaring alarm, moving rapidly towards the weapons cache, “A Greater Demon, along with an army of Forsaken. Lower East Side.”

Alec drops his hands from Rafael’s side, turning away from where he’d been tickling his son, to see Jace begin to strap his seraph blades to his waist. Ten other Shadowhunters file in as well, including Isabelle and Clary, and very soon, the few, hard-earned moments of peace and quiet with Rafael have disappeared. Magnus is at a warlock council meeting in Paris, along with Max who had insisted on going with him so he could meet other warlocks. Their laughter that had rung through the training room not a few minutes ago, brought on by the pair abandoning their sword-wielding lesson in favour of Alec chasing Rafael around and tickling him silly, evaporates, drowned out by the sounds of combat boots hitting the floor and rushed voices commanding orders.

“How many dead?” Alec asks.

“Eleven mundanes dead, a lot more injured.” Jace says, running his stele over a seraph dagger before swinging it into its sheath on his thigh, “We need to leave now.”

Alec sighs and strides over to the table where his bow and quiver lie, shrugging on his jacket. He’d looked forward to this time for almost a week. Just him and Rafael, something that was very rare because of how much time his role demanded, ever since they’d adopted him a month ago. He turns back to look at his son, an apology already forming at his lips, but the sight that meets his eyes stills his movements almost immediately.

Rafael’s brown eyes are wild, darting between everyone in the room, but as soon as they focus on Alec picking up his bow and strapping his quiver to his back, fear and panic immediately twist his features.

“No!” he shouts, all but launching himself off the training room floor and lurching towards Alec. His small fingers grasp at the fabric of Alec’s pants, and he looks up at him with tears brimming his eyes. Alec looks down at the little boy in confusion.

“No you c-can’t go! You can’t!” His voice is broken, and he struggles to get the words out between sobs. Alec drops his bow on the table and crouches down to Rafael’s level. The boy throws his arms around his neck, sobbing hysterically into his shoulder.


“Don’t go, please don’t go…”

Alec’s mind rages, chaotic thoughts, as he wraps his arms around Rafael’s tiny body in a tight hug, encasing him almost completely. He pulls away to make Rafael look into his eyes, placing his palms on either side of his tear-streaked face.

“Raf, I have to go.”

“No, no, no, no you’ll get hurt, and you’ll leave me just like th-they did, and you-you promised you would never leave me.” The little Shadowhunter cries, fingers clenched tightly around the fabric of Alec’s jacket, and Alec feels as though the very breath has been knocked out of him. His chest begins to burn. He hadn’t even considered this, that Rafael would be scared of something like this. Of course his time on the streets of Buenos Aires after watching his parents die in front of him would instil this kind of terror in him, and Alec wants nothing more than to stay back with him, to erase his fears, but this is a Greater Demon attack, and as the Head of the Institute he has to go, he has to go…

“Rafael.” Alec’s voice shakes slightly, but he forces himself to keep it steady, for Rafael’s sake. “Listen to me. I’m coming back. I promise you, querido, I’m coming back.”  

Rafael shakes his head furiously, digging his nails into Alec’s shoulders. His words are unintelligible, overlapping each other as his sobs overtake his ability to speak properly. He looks so terrified and broken that Alec wants to wrap him up in his arms, to shield him from everything bad in the world.

And so it takes everything in Alec to pull himself out of Rafael’s grip, to gesture to a Shadowhunter to hold his son back as he walks away from him. The burning in his chest intensifies with every step. He grits his teeth, holding back the tears that threaten to spill out, forcing himself to stay calm because he has to let Rafael know that he means it, that he will come back, that Rafael will never ever be alone, that Alec will always be there for him-

“NO! LET GO OF ME!” Rafael fights with all his might against the Shadowhunter, kicking and screaming and punching. His face is red, and tears are streaming down his face, his arms outstretched to Alec. “NO! PLEASE DON’T GO!”

Alec’s head spins, the hole in his chest widening with every passing second, with every moment he looks at Rafael’s terrified face. Jace grabs onto his arm, his voice ringing in his ears that we have to go, Alec, we have to go. But all Alec can fathom is this little child fighting to get to him, fighting to keep him, and he vaguely registers his own voice, not loud enough for Rafael to hear, “I’m coming back. I promise I’m coming back. I’m coming back,” as Jace pulls him out the door.

Alec stands at the entrance to Rafael’s room in the Institute. He hasn’t even bothered to stop at the training room to drop his weapons off, rushing to Rafael’s room the second they had stepped through the doors of the Institute. But as soon as he’d rounded the corner, he’d seen Rafael, curled into a ball on his bed, his back to the door, trembling silently, and suddenly he can’t move.


Alec barely recognises his own voice, all choked up, but Rafael’s head whips up, and the second his eyes land on Alec he lets out a shout of joy and runs the length of his room towards him. Alec throws his weapons to the side and crouches down and catches him in his arms as he collides into him with such force that they both fall to the ground. Rafael is sobbing all over again, his hands wrapped tightly around Alec’s neck, and Alec is right there with him, tears soaking Rafael’s shirt as he grips this child with all his might, this child who holds every particle of him.

“You came back.” His voice is frantic, high-pitched.

Of course I did. I promised you, didn’t I?” Alec’s surprised he even got the words out without breaking down even more. He stands up and carries Rafael over to his bed, sitting down with the boy draped over his lap. Rafael’s still crying into the crook of his neck, but he quietens with every movement of Alec’s hand across his back.

“I thought…” he trails off, chest rising and falling rapidly, and Alec tightens his grip on him.

“I’m here. I’m here.” He whispers into his ear, pressing a kiss into his dark hair.

Rafael presses himself further into Alec, as though he’s afraid that if he lets go for even one second Alec will disappear. He picks at the neckline of Alec’s shirt, eyes trained on his chest. “Are-are you hurt?”

“No. I’m pretty good at what I do.” Alec taps his chin and offers him a small smile, and it makes him feel just the tiniest bit better when Rafael’s lips turn up ever so slightly at the corners.

“Good.” He says, and then with all the conviction of a child, “Because I never want you to leave me.”

“Never, querido. I’ll always be there for you.”

Rafael sniffs, “I can’t lose you too.”

And then suddenly, nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter that Alec needs to explain the nature of their work to Rafael. It doesn’t matter that Rafael needs to know that this will happen again, that this is just the duty of the blood that flows through their veins. The only thing that matters is letting Rafael hold onto him like he’s the only tangible thing in the world, letting him rest his head against his chest, hearing the sounds of his laboured breathing slow down. His breath catches as Rafael snuggles further into his arms, his eyelids fluttering shut.

And he feels his heart clench unimaginably as just before he falls asleep, Rafael whispers, in a tiny, sleep-heavy voice, “Te quiero.

8. Dessert // Nurseydex

« {Part 8 of my Valentine’s collection.} » 

a/n: In which Nursey is a sap. Basically I’m giving Nurseydex their Zimbits moment. Pie is involved.

“…You don’t know how to peel an apple, do you?”

Nursey whipped his head up to see Dex staring at him, an eyebrow raised. They were in the kitchen trying to make a pie for Ransom and Lardo’s birthdays, and it was going pretty okay—but definitely not thanks to Nursey. He’d been trying to peel the same apple for the last five minutes. “Um,” Nursey said. “Well, I’ve never had to, you know, peel stuff before—”

“It’s literally not hard,” Dex said. “I’d chirp you about how helpless you are, but I really just want to get this done. Let me show you.”

He stood at Nursey’s side, took the apple and the peeler, and started to demonstrate. “See?” he said, gripping the peeler tight in this long fingers. He shucked three long strips of apple peel into the sink and then handed the tool and the apple back to Nursey. “It’s not hard—you’re just incompetent.”

“Well thanks, that’s a relief,” Nursey said. Dex hip-checked him, and he hip-checked back.

“Since when are you so good at baking, then, huh Dex?” Nursey asked quietly after a moment or two of silence. “I remember you dissing baking back when we were frogs—”

“We’re still the frogs, Nursey.”

“Yeah, I know, I know. I just… Now it seems like more often than not you’re the one helping Bitty bake,” Nursey said. “What changed?”

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Originally posted by carezero

Pairing: Maknae line x Reader

Genre: Wonderland!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated T for mentions of drugs, madness and mature themes

Word count: 4.7k

Synopsis: It took Y/n months - years. Infinite days of searching, of wondering, of grasping to the tiny, fragile hope of not being crazy as everyone said.

(But, really, who isn’t a child of madness in this world?)

And, finally, she found it: the key to open the gates to Wonderland. So, with a smile curling her lips and liquid danger between her fingers, the girl gladly fell once again.      

Author’s note: So, dunno what this thing is, an experiment, maybe. Hope you’ll enjoy this darkish lil series (but I swear this has some kind of sense in my mind).

Prelude // part 1 // part 2

Part one – the Cat

                                     “Well! I’ve often seen a cat without a grin,’ thought Alice

          ‘but a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!” 

Grass tickles on her check, over her lips, and suddenly the girl’s lashes flutter open.

She leans on her palms as the legs fold under the bluish skirt of her dress and her eyes try to adapt to the dusky light. In the tilting of her head, fair hair slides along petite shoulders like silk, eliciting the tiniest of shivers on her spine: the twilight air is cold, and the starlit strands over the bare skin only enhance the chilly sensation.

It’s not exactly unpleasant, though.  

The girl raises on her feet, and her head spins a bit once she stands tall under the crescent moon; one hand flies to the left side of her forehead, palm pressing down to attenuate the low pulsing in her temple.

Where am I?

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shrug emoji reviews


jesus fuck that pillow shading. why does apple think light behaves in any conceivable way similar to this. it serves its purpose but i feel like if i look at it too long my eyes will burn out of my skull 2/10 apple fucking lighten up with the airbrush already


this one is n ice!!! i like the simple, flat colors with subtle shading around the elbows and the neckline. the slight head-tilt also helps, as does her absolutely befuddled expression. 7/10 keep on keeping on


this one is just kinda… alright? the expression is weird and the hands are too high… also why do all of the microsoft emojis have ridiculously thick outlines, it looks like a five year old was fucking around in microsoft paint or some other shitty painting software 4/10 like i get its a style thing but if your style sucks you should still change it


what the fu8ck is this. what am i looking at. why is the hair a perfect chest nut with a crack in it and an absolutely rectangular viewing window. why does this look like a demonic possessed babushka doll that is going to cut all of my shoelaces whilst i sleep. WHERE ARE ITS FUCKING EL;BOWS ITS NOT SHRUGGING ITS RAISING ITS ARMS UP AND SCREAMING OUT AN ELDRITCH SPELL -1,000,000/10 BURN IT WITH HELLFIRE AND IF THAT DOESN’T WORK NUKE IT FROM ORBIT


this looks like a toddler’s pillowy clay-doh sculpture mixed with a gyroid from animal crossing. the eyes are not even the same size and the arms are shaded in such a way that i feel like its reaching out to grab me. 0/10 a complete fucking failure


its… kind of good??? the minimalist style is cool and all… but the facial expressions are all weird. is that middle thing her nose? its just a line?? is it her mouth??? what does that make the red dot, a popped zit? does that mean her chin is gigantic? and why are her elbows off screen? somebody else could be raising her arms up in front of her for all we know 5/10 so many questions for twitter rn


this. this isnt even a shrug. shes throwing her hands in the air in irritation and shaking her head. oh im fucking sorry debrah was your coffee a little too cold? would you like to speak to the manager with your uglyass haircut that looks like a chewed up marker cap glued to the top of your fucking cranium? -5/10 quit staring into my fucking soul

Emoji One




Rafael Barba / Deserve

Alternative Fic for @suspectsim for the prompt: 

“Falling asleep on the couch by accident with Rafael”

Okay, I couldn’t make up my freaking mind, so both are going up I guess. This one is a bit better  I think, but I like the other too, so *shrugs and bows out* 

Originally posted by sherrykinss

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons about softpunk!richie and badasscheerleader!Beverly being super physically affectionate besties.

-richie may be “punk” but he’d go to each and every one of beverly’s games bc he knows she’d smack him if he didn’t. plus he’s very supportive 

-they’re very touchy. they even sometimes hold hands in the hallways when walking to their classes

-richie likes to steal beverly’s pompoms and dance with them in the cafeteria

-richie sleeps over at beverly’s when his parents are being shitty (he sleeps on the floor in a beanbag that she got for him) and one morning he woke up with his hair in three small ponytails with bows and he just shrugged and went to school with his hair like that

-which by the way they get to school by skateboards, and they are usually leaning on each other as they skate - or at least beverly used to since richie was more experienced. they still hold hands sometimes

-someone asked if they were dating and they scoffed and said hell no while beverly was sitting in his lap on the benches after cheer practice

-which they aren’t dating. they’re just so close and have no sense of personal space

-they sit with the other losers by beverly leaning on richie’s shoulder smoking a cigarette who is also smoking a cigarette

-richie sneaks up on her when she’s reading or drawing or playing the piano and puts his chin on her shoulder 

-they kiss each other on the cheek to say hi and bye



Requested By Anon

Alec sighed as he watched you walk away from him without a word. He had hoped you stop next to him and stand on your tip toes, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him quickly before heading out to your mission, instead you left him stood alone with an unsettling feeling in his stomach.


He couldn’t even remember why the fight started but it escalated quickly and now he found it impossible to concentrate on the screens in front of him. He felt like time was slipping by, every second that you were out there on your own had his heart pounding painfully in his chest.

You were one of the best at the Institute, that’s why you often took solo missions, the smaller ones that no one really wanted to do because they’d be on their own. Normally halfway through the mission you’d call him but again you didn’t stick to your usual habits.


When the arranged time for your mission to finish came and went Alec started to pace the corridor at the front of the Institute, even Jace trying to convince him that you would be fine didn’t calm him down.


“Where is (Y/N)?” Alec hissed under his breath as he paced the corridor again. “You know what I’m going to go find them.”

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Where Soul Meets Body- 19

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.
Steve Rogers x Re

ader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1213

Author’s Note: Friendly reminder that I’m not doing a taglist anymore! Hopefully you guys don’t hate me after this chapter. Woops?

Master   Part 18

Laughter follows behind you as the door opens, letting the cold air hit you in the face as you leave behind the warmth inside. The sound echoes on the other side as the door closes, hard, behind you and leaves the world much quieter. It’s snowing, coating the wooden deck rails with a thin layer of white dust. Careful not to slip, you sink onto the steps and fumble in your pocket in search of a lighter, tucking what you claimed to your parents was a cigarette between your teeth.

Cursing to yourself, you stared out at the backyard, fingertips beginning to lose feeling as your hands stilled. The muffled sounds of laughter made your heart ache as you listened, picking out the noise of Steve’s boisterous rumbles, your mother’s shrill fits of giggles, your father’s hearty chuckles. All noises you, in your lifetime, had come to know and adore.


You jumped at the sound of his voice, not realizing that he must have slipped away at some point during the celebrating. Turning your head, you spot him leaning against the rails to the left of the door,arms folded over the rail and smoke blowing out his nostrils. He’s looking out, too, and from here you can’t see much of his face. His hair and sweater are dotted with fresh snow, much like the night he told you about Natalia.

Standing, slowly, the wood deck creaking under your footsteps, you moved toward him with your face lowered. You shoved the rolled paper into your pocket, stopping just far enough from Bucky that he could not touch you if he reached out.

“I am,” you started, tucking your hands deep into your pockets, hiding away the sparkling ring on your finger. “So, so sorry, Bucky…”

Bucky chuckled, taking another long drag before blowing smoke over his head, lips pursed like a kiss, cold and cracked, his eyes watching rings of smoke blend into the snow. “I told you I didn’t wanna come here.“ 

“I didn’t know this was going to happen,” you mumbled. “If I had any idea-”

“I’m glad you’re happy,” Bucky said. “I really am.”

Your tongue ran over your teeth and you closed your eyes, trying desperately to find the right thing to say. Something that could make this easier. “He wants you to be his best man.”

“I know. He already asked me.”

It must have dropped at least five degrees, because you shivered, your brows pulling together, trying to remember how long ago Bucky had slipped outside. “When?”

“Before he left.” Bucky snubbed the cigarette out on the railing. “When he made me help him pick out the ring.”

Bucky lifted his gaze, finally looking at you, a hard look in his eyes. You stared, silently, mouth open. Confusion was mutating into something else, anger, hurt, and Bucky kept staring, waiting for you to say something.

“You knew?” Your voice cracked, the hands in your pockets slowly pulling into fists. “You knew he wanted to marry me, and you slept with me anyway?”

Bucky pressed his lips together, eyes staring at the deck, unfocused, and he didn’t answer.

“What kind of-” Anger sweltered in your chest, blossoming through your veins, creating a heat that muffled out the bitter December wind. “What kind of person does that?”

“A bad one,” Bucky said, swallowing. “A really… Shitty person, Y/N.”

He didn’t grant you another word, didn’t look at you as he pushed past. Laughter spilled onto the deck just long enough for him to slip back inside, leaving you rooted to the spot, body shaking from the chill or the anger you could not tell. Your nails dug into your palms, tears stinging your cheeks, mind flooded, overwhelmed with anxiety as you considered what Bucky had just told you.

There’s a light shining on your face, glaring white even behind your closed eyelids. Burying your head in the pillow, your eyes pinched, tighter, yanking on the blanket until it covered your head. Try as you might, you couldn’t get back to sleep. The sunlight was too bright, the dull ache thumping at the back of your head making it radiate through your entire skull. Groaning, you pushed the blanket down and blinked, the ceiling of your bedroom appearing in your vision.

The other side of the bed was bare, the covers still pulled back. Spreading your fingers over the blankets, they were still a bit warm. Steve hadn’t been gone long. The ring catches the sunlight as you draw your hand back toward you.

Sitting up, the pulse in your head turned into thunder as you pulled yourself into the bathroom, climbing into the shower. Forehead pressed against the shower wall, hot water beating on your skin and eyes closed, the events of the previous day played through your mind on a loop.

Bucky, in the backseat of the Jeep. Steve proposing. Bucky’s admission. And everything leading up to those moments, leading up to sitting on the deck and crying into your hands until you couldn’t feel them anymore. Even now, your breath was caught in your throat as you forced yourself to hold back another wave of tears.

Getting out of the shower is no easy task, wrapping a towel around yourself as you stumbled out of the bathroom in search of fresh clothes.

There’s something on the bedside table that you hadn’t noticed before. Yanking a shirt- one of Steve’s- over your head, you sank onto the mattress and pulled it toward you. The blue cover was textured under your palms. Heavy and weightless all at the same time.

Bucky had lied. Deceived you. You were angry, hurt, confused- a mixture of things that you weren’t sure how to process. Your fingers dug into the spine of the book as you flipped it open, the book landing on the page Bucky had bookmarked for you to find.

Your stomach dropped, lungs constricted. The poem, a lengthy piece by Edgar Allen Poe, was bright against the page: Annabel Lee, the name Bucky had given his pipe. On the page, Bucky had highlighted a line in pink, the ink on the page slightly smudged.

But we loved with a love that was more than love—

“What’s that?”

Steve dropped his headphones onto the mattress, pulling his hooded sweater over his head. You shut the book, keeping the dog-eared page marked as you tossed it onto the floor beside the bed. “Nothin’,” you shrugged, head bowed in an effort to hide the redness around your eyes from Steve.

“You been smokin’?” He asked, brow quirked and a smirk on his lips as he tossed the jacket toward the pile of dirty clothes on the floor. “Your eyes are red and puffy.”

“Yeah, sorry,” you mumbled. Sniffing, you smiled up at Steve as he yanked off the rest of his clothes and padded into the shower, a swagger in his step. Swallowing, you waited until the door closed, then slid off the bed. You stopped short of picking the book back up as the water started, the sound echoing from the bathroom.

Standing, you kicked the book underneath the bed, and went to the bathroom, pulling off your clothes as you went.

Day 1 - First Love (SSM17)



“I didn’t know you liked archery” says Sakura.

He runs his hand over the curve of the bow, “I never told you”.

“Why not?”

He shrugs, “it never came up”.

Generally, Sasuke is not a man to believe in signs from the universe. But of all the places they could have visited, of all the villages, of all the shops, they just happen to stumble upon this one – a very inconspicuous one – that stocks some of the highest quality weapons he’d ever seen.

An archery set; whilst practical, did not usually make the cut of stock to what is normally found within a shinobi weapons shop. So to find one now, and one of such quality… “I’m going to buy it,” Sasuke remarks. Not a question, but instead a statement.

Sakura rolls her eyes, “okay, sure”.


Archery was his first love when he was a child – or maybe it was his second, or third…he did love his parents and brother more after all.

“Archery was one of your loves, then,” offers Sakura, sitting on a rock just a metre away as Sasuke looks over his newly bought set.

“…it was one of my hobbies,” Sasuke corrects.

“uh, huh,” replies Sakura


They’re currently staying in a small log cabin; assumed to be abandoned during the war. No occupant has come back to claim their ownership during the pairs brief stay of one week within the abode.

After breakfast, Sasuke had formed a routine to take out his new bow, and have a bit of practice outside in the woods. He’d bought a handful of arrows on the same day to accompany his honing of skills – it had been a while since he’d done this on a regular basis.

One morning, Sakura decides to join him.

She stands near him, not too close, but enough to see the concentration upon Sasuke’s face as he aims for the bulls-eyes of his makeshift targets. She notes that he is rather good at it, with an accuracy nearing one-hundred percent.

“Could you teach me?”

Her voice breaks his concentration, his arrow pierces a point slightly off target. He lowers his bow, and turns to Sakura, “teach you?”

She nods, “yea, teach me how to use a bow and arrow”.

He shrugs, there is no reasons not to. Sasuke steps back, and holds out the bow, nodding for Sakura to take it. She smiles, and steps forward, taking her stance and picking up a spare arrow. “Okay,” she says, “is this right?”

Sasuke shakes his head, “when you draw back on your bow, you need to keep it as close to your body as possible”.

Sakura readjusts her stance, drawing back the bowstring closer to her lips – however her bow was still not held in the correct manner.

“Keep the actual bow closer to you, Sakura,” Sasuke instructs, taking a step closer, “you wont have enough control in your current stance”.

She sticks out her tongue in concentration, and adjusts her stance once more. “Like this?” she asks.

Sasuke exhales softly, and walks up until he is behind her. Sasuke takes her elbow with his only hand, and adjusts her body position until she stands correctly. He presses his chest to her back, and quietly adds, “like this”.

Now, he can step back – he should step back if Sakura is to draw back the bowstring and fire. But he doesn’t, Sasuke continues to hold onto her form.

He breathes out – Had this been her plan? He wonders, a slight smirk forming across his lips. Bravely, he decides to move his hand down until it rests on her hip. He breathes in her smell – but Sakura elbows him away.

“Hey, come on, step back Sasuke-kun. How am I going to shoot when you stand that close?” She fires the arrow, she misses her target. “Dammit,” she calls out.

Sasuke stands a foot behind; face neutral, no words to be said.

Well – he’d certainly misread that situation…


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: idolverse angst

Word count: 3.4k

The first time Yoongi saw you, you were running down the stairs of Big Hit Entertainment. You had been following the communication manager for at least three floors and got scolded, right there in the middle of the hall, as a result. Apparently, you were being too insistent but you needed her to sign some papers for you… It was a statement for the press, Yoongi remembered that because he noticed the way you pronounced ‘press’, with a little, annoying lisp. In the end, she signed the papers for you so you let her go and turned around to climb the stairs where Yoongi had stopped to watch the scene.

When you saw him you giggled, aware of the fact that he had witnessed the whole thing, and to him, you looked so unapologetic and carefree that it almost upset him. You just got reprimanded by a superior, after all.

It all happened very quickly, but those few seconds got imprinted in his mind with fire and he still had to understand why.

“The perks of being the new kid… I’m the one they send running around and getting screamed at” you said bowing and shrugging your shoulders with a big smile as you passed him by on the mezzanine.

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Morning Confessions

PAIRING: reader x Bucky Barnes


WARNINGS: fluff and slight angst. 

So I was listing to DNCE’s song Toothbrush and I immediately thought of this little fluff idea. However some angst did creep in. I used some of the lyrics to draw inspiration I hope you all like it! 

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Stuck in a limbo
Half hypnotized
Each time I let you stay the night, stay the night

Bucky was use to being alone. He had been alone during his hydra days, and now. Even with the Avengers he craved being alone. He didn’t trust himself; he did trust any of them. Excluding Steve and maybe Natasha. So when he finally moved in to his own place he felt relieved. It was his and his alone; he could control how his day would progress. Living at the Avengers Compound was, to him. Unstable and unpredictable. In short Bucky enjoyed being alone. Until you. Bucky couldn’t exactly pinpoint when the relationship took a turn. It started off with a respectful acquaintance; you knew Bucky needed his space. He needed time to adjust to this strange world. Not that it was new. Bucky had lived in short bursts of an ever-changing world. Not that Hydra gave him much time to take notice of what had changed around him. 

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Originally posted by theultimatewalker

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Requested—by none other than the fabulous, the lovely @casownsmyass(Chloe) so thank her for this.


Nodding to each other Daryl and Michonne split up without a sound. She headed towards the three-story Victorian and while he went for the one next door—a small one story house painted an almost sky blue with white trim. There were even some wilting daffodils out front. They a little brown but still stubbornly blooming and obviously alive even after all this time.  Ignoring the inviting front porch and front door, Daryl drew out his crossbow and cautiously started on his way around to the back of the house.  Stopping at every corner and glancing around it (bow first) to make sure it was clear Daryl made it to the backyard.  Spotting a garden slightly overgrown and wilted from neglect he made a detour and walked over to see if there was anything good.

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Elmwood (Ch 1)

So this went super long! almost 3k words. Which is why I’m adding a break. I’m tagging @promiscuous-jalapeno @kazekunai and @booyakasha516 Thank you guys for the encouragement to write more on this and the feedback!

Elmwood List

(2 years later)

“Saeyoung!” Yoosung spit the coffee he had been drinking out on the ground. His mouth was filled with mud and he tried to scrape it off his tongue. Saeyoung rolled around on the ground, his ruddy tunic picking up dead leaves and twigs.

“Why? What? When did you switch my cup?” Yoosung stuttered, attempting to clear out his mouth and stomp on Saeyoung at the same time. Saeyoung caught his boot as it came down and flipped Yoosung over. Yoosung landed with a loud thump, the breath in his body being knocked out. The bit of mud left in his mouth slid down his throat and he choked on it, his face turning red.

“Why did I ever agree to travel with you?” he spat into the ground, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiping his tongue and mouth. He scooted over to his waterskin and poured enough in his mouth to rinse it out. Behind him Saeyoung’s laughter began to die down.

“Aw, come on Yoosung, you’re just so easy to pick on. I didn’t mean anything by it. Here, I’ll pour you another cup.” Saeyoung turned to the coffee pot by the fire pit.

“No thanks! I’m not drinking anything you give me. In fact,” he stood up and walked back to the log he had been sitting on, “I’m not putting anything in my mouth that you give me.” He sat down indignantly. “Just wait until you need my help again. See if I feel inclined to heal you next time!”

“Don’t pout! You know I love you my little Yoosungie!” Saeyoung tried to pinch the blonde’s blushing cheeks. Yoosung batted his hands away. It was so much fun teasing the half-elf. He meant what he said too. He did love Yoosung. He’d been alone for so long when they had met, and even though Saeyoung tried to keep his distance, he had grown to enjoy Yoosung’s companionship and friendship. Before he knew it, he realized he would die for the young half-elf. He cherished the friendship but it still did not fill the hole in his heart where his twin should be.

He sighed wistfully and sat on his own log facing Yoosung on the other side of the fire.

“Thinking about Saeran again?” Yoosung asked quietly, Saeran was usually the only reason Saeyoung would ever frown. He was normally happy-go-lucky, even though Yoosung knew it was only to mask his insecurity and sadness. Saeyoung’s half-brother had disappeared when they were 15 and Saeyoung had been looking for him ever since.

Saeyoung nodded, his head down, elbows at his knees, hands clasped. The redhead looked up at Yoosung, he was the only person he had ever trusted enough to tell his complete story to. He supposed they had a mutually shitty past and could commiserate. He blinked his amber eyes and asked, “Do you ever miss your home Yoosung? Your family?”

Yoosung bowed his head and shrugged noncommittedly.

“My mother, that’s all. But I’ll see her again. You’ll find Saeran. I know it. I’ll keep praying to Gala for help.”

“You do that.” Saeyoung snickered. He held no stock in gods, they were too fickle for him. However, he did appreciate the power to heal that Yoosung’s god gave him. Without it, Saeyoung would be dead.

They had had to leave Fennear in a hurry. Saeyoung had been hired to obtain information about an up and coming influential player in politics. He cared little about those people, as they played no role in his own life, so he had taken the job. Unfortunately, the information he obtained had pertained to the man’s daughter, who would have been used, or killed, to achieve a political goal. Saeyoung didn’t have many rules, he bought, sold, and stole information for a living, never giving a second thought as to what it would be used for, however, he would never put a child’s life in jeopardy for a few gold coins. Those who hired him didn’t see it that way and had put a bounty on his head. With Yoosung’s help, they had escaped just in time, before the noose tightened within the city. Now they travelled towards Windward Cross. It would be easy to disappear in a city that large.

 As they sat there silently, each with thoughts of their own past filling their minds, a large explosion sounded to the west of their camp. They both stood up and stared at the roiling black cloud ascending to the sky. Looking at each other they shrugged, grabbed their weapons, and headed out to investigate.

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We Make the Kingdom - Pt.5

Image by silverdagger865

Pairing: Yongguk x OC
Genre: Fantasy, with Angst and Smut to come
Summary:  After a vampire attack leaves you almost dead, you are rescued by a group of werelions, powers long thought to be extinct. Upon discovering the same power flows in your blood, you join their fight against encroaching vampires and another, very human monster, to save the kingdom.
Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,  8, 9(M), 1011, 12, 13

Himchan’s words still preoccupy your mind the next day. And the next. You find yourself watching your companions more closely for any sign of his story. You eventually attribute their lack of physical scars to the healing factor, but what of the deeper, emotional scars? How can your friends go through their days smiling and joking and teasing when they underwent such suffering? Only when they train or ride off to hunt does the grimness come forth. Though you cannot imagine the wounds such experiences would leave, they cannot be ones easily healed over.

That your companions were treated in such a way still baffles your mind in a disturbing way. In tales, weres are heroes. Saviors of the kingdom held in high esteem for their sacrifices and power. The Goddess teaches that all life is sacred and that violence should only be used as a last resort to deal with those who threaten life. To treat weres as creatures unworthy of respect or decency is unthinkable. To have a king who would oversee this is even more so. You can understand why Himchan said they hate him more than vampires. Vampires are monsters by nature. The king is one by choice.

You try to remember what you can of the king. In the far off Capitol, he is a power faceless but for the rough likeness stamped on every coin. Occasionally, people grumble of raised taxes here and there, but under him, your kingdom continues to enjoy long peace. You vaguely remember his wife dying in childbirth and his reputation as a gifted seer, but nothing else. Nothing that would hint at the fiend who secretly turns children into soldiers.

Your eyes come to rest on the two youngest of the pride. You feel an affectionate smile tug at your lips at Junhong and Jongup dozing in their chairs. Despite only knowing them a matter of days, you feel protective of them. Perhaps it is the very human craving for connection with others. Each were is already dear to as childhood friends. Well, all accept one.

You look to Yongguk. Trusting him is unquestionable, but you sense a tension in his shoulders when you are around him and it sets you on edge as well. He barely speaks to you. Since your second night, the men have taken turns staying behind with you while the others hunt so you are never alone with him. He forgave you for challenging him. What other offense you could have possibly given remains unfathomable. He smiles and speaks less than the others, but that seems to be his nature rather than because of you.

However, the alpha has been even more quiet since your trip to the wolves, but sometimes you can feel him watching you as carefully as you do them. Yongguk’s eyes always flick away when you notice, as if you were another part of the keep. He also hasn’t said anything about today being the beginning your training. You hope the wolves’ news changed his reticence. If not, you will have to win all of the others to your side.

“You look like you are solving the problems of the ages.” Himchan steps in front of you, cutting off your view of Yongguk.

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The second ver of the prompt:  “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” with old men and kitten. Ao3 

Hanzo had countless of hair ties (fifteen, to be exact. But Jesse liked to be dramatic, and for a man who owned seven different colors of serapes, Hanzo thought his ribbon collection was only mediocre). When he had woken up that day, Jesse was already gone, and so was his blue and very expensive white hair tie with gold lining. He would have never realized they were gone if the mood of using a different tie hadn’t struck him that morning.

“Athena,” Hanzo said, tying his hair in a low ponytail with a red ribbon. “Can you tell me where McCree is?”

“Agent McCree is currently in conference room 2-B.”

“He’s in a meeting?”

“No, agent.”

Hanzo didn’t know what Jesse was doing, or why he took two of his hair ties (it was most likely him, but Hanzo would give him the benefit of the doubt for now). Hanzo swung by the kitchen first. Only Lena was there after her morning jog. No one except for a few was up this early, the sky was still gray, with the barest rays of sunlight on the horizon.

Hanzo brewed two cups of coffee. Neither of them eats breakfast unless someone already made some. After adding milk and honey to Jesse’s, Hanzo made his way to the conference room on the second floor.

“Jesse,” Hanzo said as he shouldered the door open, “Have you seen my–” and halted when he saw what was happening in front of him.

Like he suspected, Jesse had both of his hair ties. Unlike he suspected (what was he suspecting?), Jesse stared back bashfully, with the blue ribbon tied like a bow on his head. And in his lap, his hat. In his hat, a black kitten with Hanzo’s most expansive ribbon tied around its neck, also a bow.

“Morning, sweetheart,” Jesse said as Hanzo wordlessly kissed him on the cheek and sat down beside him on the floor. Jesse accepted the coffee with a grateful smile. Hanzo rubbed the kitten’s forehead, waiting for an explanation.

“A kitten, Jesse?”

Jesse chuckled. “Heh, well. At three o’clock, I kinda woke up –”

Hanzo’s hard gazed snapped to Jesse, and the gunslinger held the kitten up in front of his face for protection. Looking at the kitten’s glossy eyes, and the weak mewl it (she, Hanzo corrected) let out, he decided to let it slide this time. It wasn’t like he always woke Jesse up whenever he had nightmares either.

Hanzo sighed, and took the kitten from Jesse. Jesse followed forward and pressed a kiss to Hanzo’s lips. “You needed the sleep, and I didn’t feel awful this time. You okay?”

Hanzo leaned into the kiss. The kitten squirmed in his hands when Hanzo’s focus wandered off of her too long. “It’s fine. Continue.”

“I was taking a walk and I heard this little one meowing from the office.” Jesse laughed when the kitten tumbled off Hanzo’s shoulder and into his lap. “She must’ve snuck in when it was raining last night. I dried her and fed her some crackers. When I went back to our room for my hat I kinda thought…wouldn’t this little guy look cute with a bow on?”

“And of course you picked the one that cost a fortune.”

Jesse reeled back, and looked at the kitten in Hanzo’s lap, now dozing off with her head hanging off Hanzo’s leg. “Shoot, really? Sorry, I didn’t–”

“It’s all right,” Hanzo cut him off. “I never use it anyway. And you haven’t explained why you are wearing a bow as well.”

Jesse shrugged. “She fell asleep and I didn’t have anything to do.”

Hanzo snorted, and started imagining it when Jesse leaned forward, and pulled Hanzo’s ribbon loose.

Hanzo didn’t bother asking what Jesse was going to do, chances were Hanzo would let him do it anyways. Jesse combed his fingers through Hanzo’s hair and his skin tingled pleasantly from the feeling. Jesse worked quickly, tying Hanzo’s hair back up and snapped a picture.

“What did you do?” Hanzo sighed when Jesse grinned dopily at his phone. McCree showed him. In the picture, Hanzo had his hair up in a bun, with the red ribbon around it in a bow. A sleeping cat in his lap. Hanzo rolled his eyes as Jesse took back his phone and set it as his wallpaper.

“Just don’t send it to anyone,” Hanzo said. “If it got out, I don’t want my reputation and hiring fee to go down.”

“You don’t assassinate people anymore!”

“It’s the matter of principle.”

Jesse laughed, leaned back on one hand and took the mug in the other. His eyes sliding shut slightly from being near someone he felt safe with, but shook himself awake.

“Reckon we should go and find something more for her to eat?”

Hanzo nodded, his eyes were on the kitten, rubbing her paws between his fingers. “After she eats, she can decide if she wants to stay or not.”

Jesse grinned. “Sounds like a plan.”

Bob's Night Out(Pennywise x Reader Commission)

Commission made by @pommom91 :) if you’d like me to fix something, do not hesitate in telling me!


“Alright, get back to your places everybody! This is absolutely not the time to be lolly gagging and being foolish! Chop chop!”

You looked up from your current location, staring at the center of the ring inside the circus where you performed. Despite working with swords mainly, the ringmaster thought it would be best that you work with other kinds of tricks like contortion. That was the reason why you were on the ground, trying to do some splits whilst having your head lowered, though your attention was called by your boss.

“Um, do you expect me to go or stay here and continue the stretching?“you shouted with a bit of irritation in your tone, considering how the ringmaster would constantly shout out random orders like a mother: you would be occupied with one thing that was said and he would shout out another when you have not even started.

"No (Y/N), you are to continue practicing that. We’ll have somebody else work on the daggers for now.”

You shrugged and bowed your head down once more, stretching your arm out so that your fingers touched your foot. Once you had counted about ten seconds, you let out a breath you had been holding in to then go back up and place your hands on the lower part of your back. Right when you did that, you felt a strong gush of wind hit your features before turning and noticing that somebody had passed by you at a quick pace. Eventually, you let out a smile when you the behind of a gingered male’s head.

“Robert!"you called out which caused the person to immediately stop their tracks, taking a quite long moment before you saw them turn around with a smile.

"Hello (Y/N), I see you are practicing your stretching, yes?"the person asked as you placed your legs together and lifted your arms to then jump onto your feet, surprising the man as always.

"Yup!"You now stood in front of him before he slightly fidgeted in place and adjusted one of his suspenders, then doing that again when it slipped off and made him let out a nervous chuckle. "And what have you been up to?”

“Oh, not very much really,"he started before glancing to the side and noticing some of the other circus performers glance at the both of you, some with a smirk as if knowing what was going on in between you two. "I’ve had some problems with the new acts Mr. Smith has been making us do.”

“Oh? And what are those?”

“They don’t really matter, all that really matters is that I am a mere clown that clumsily dances and entertains children. I was not made to breathe fire, or get knives thrown at!"he exclaimed, then shrinking down a bit when he realized he was a bit too loud and only attracted much more attention. "Yes we work in a circus, but I might end up being the reason we lose our popularity, especially since Mr. Smith suggests that I drop the clown act for the time being. He says it grows much more childish as time goes by…”

With a frown that was then turned into a sympathetic smile, you let out a small giggle before gently placing a hand on the side of his arm.

“Well, maybe he thinks that you would be good and skilled with other things! I mean yes, your Pennywise the Dancing Clown persona is pretty popular amongst kids, but maybe they don’t really want any of that anymore?"you asked, not entirely sure what it is you could say to make him feel better about the situation. "Or maybe, you just need to take a break from all that.”

“But I don’t want to take a break, I came to this circus as a clown and I have stayed at this circus because I was and am a clown.”

“Aww Bobby, there really is nothing to worry about. A circus contains many, many wondrous things!”

“When its performers actually know how to put up the act,"he simply sighed to himself before turning away to obviously leave. "And like I said, what does it matter? I guess I will just to get used to the changes and accept them, huh?”

“I believe so…"you whispered and saw that he let out a small smile before he lifted his gloved hand to give you a soft wave that you then returned before he finally started to walk away and was yelled at by Mr. Smith. "And I…believe that you also don’t really feel anything towards me…”

With a deep breath that you sucked in momentarily before finally releasing, you adjusted your outfit before bending down to reach your toes, never being conscious over the fact that Robert had turned to discreetly take a small glance at you with a worried expression.

When he realized that you thankfully yet unfortunately not turned to look back at him, especially due to your current position. He exhaled and thought to himself as his head fell back against one of the tall magician boxes he was currently leaning against. Robert shut his eyes in a bit of irritation because he was not exactly comfortable with his new tasks and already had enough of Mr. Smith’s yelling that could be heard throughout the entire tent. Although, there was a certain feeling in him that he found to be much stronger and bothersome than his annoyed one.


He brought his hand to his face and ran it down his features, practically pulling his face down as his other hand self consciously went to his hair and clutched a handful of it before slightly tugging.

“For God’s sake Robert…you really are an idiot…"he mumbled to himself whilst doing his best to not yell instead. "You can’t just take out your anger at anybody, especially (Y/N)!”

Now both of his hands were practically slapped onto his face in the softest of manners, covering himself because of his fear of even looking ahead. Hands still covering his eyes, he let out small murmurs that were continuously deprecating him and his actions, saying how he could have done so much better.

“Hey Bobby!"he took a moment before quickly lowering his hands which he then hid behind his back, smiling as if he was not having a small breakdown in his head with insulting thoughts.

"Howdy there,Max."he greeted before the intruding male stepped over to him and eventually leaned himself against the same box Robert was on. "Is there…something you need?”

“What,me? Nah. Just came to talk to you…And maybe hide from Mr. Smith who wants me to practice some things with swords."Max tilted his head a bit so that he could properly whisper into his friend’s ear. "In between me and you, just seeing your little darling hold a sharp object scares the hell out of me.”

“Sh-she is not my girlfriend, you already know that there is nothing in between us.”

“Sure thing Bob, but we all know there is some little thing going on in between you two. You guys are practically teasing us with all your flirting and looks that come here and there.”

“Shut it Max, she would never be interested in somebody like me! I’m just too…soft for her.”

It was quiet for a moment as the two men stared at each other before Max felt his lips twitch and eventually turn into a smile he could not hold back, then opening his mouth widely as loud laughter was released.

“Oh Bobby!Haha, god damn Bobby,whoo! You know why I be laughing at this?"With an irritated groan and a facepalm, Bobby shook his head as if he had not known the reason for such a commotion. ” ‘Cause…'cause you really are too soft!“

Despite the anger, Robert kept his mouth shut as his friend continued to cackle at his misery, though he eventually calmed down and took a deep breath. After his last pant and sigh, he placed a hand on Robert’s shoulder, or he at least tried to considering their height difference.

"Alright, alright Bob…look, I’ll make a small deal with ya if you can help me out with my Mr. Smith problem, yeah?”

“What is it that you need?”

“Look look, it’s not really that big of a deal since we just helping each other out! You help me get Smith off my back and leave the sword play for somebody else, and I give you some tips while being your wingman for (Y/N!)” For a moment, Robert felt that it was a good idea until he remembered all the times his friend intended getting some lady friends to talk to him, and eventually getting a smack to the head.


“But Bobby! Come on Mr. Gray, don’t you want to already be with your dream girl? In all honesty without any teasing, we all really do think that you two go together and that she really does have somethin’ for you!”

Once again, Robert remained quiet and crossed his arms as his eyes looked down, but he eventually glanced towards Max who had one of his rare smiles, a quite hopeful and sincere one. With a sigh, the ginger smiled back at him.

“Alright, I believe that we may work on this deal of yours.”

“Max, I am now thinking that this may not really be the best moment to do this.”

“Aw, Bobby! You certainly can not chicken out before you even see your lady friend! You need to at least confront her, then you can run away in fear before the regret settles in!”


“Alright Bobby, just calm it and don’t let your nerves get to ya!"the shorter man slapped a palm to Robert’s arm which caused him to flinch, right before his grin faded away. "Wait a minute…I got it!”

“Wait,Max!"and in an instant, Robert’s friend had fled to who knows where as his previous worry had now began to grow and spread throughout his body. He adjusted his suspenders as he cleared his throat, somewhat hearing Mr. Smith yell at Max who eventually scurried to the secret "hideout” the two males were currently in to avoid the world.

“What is…that?"Robert asked when his eyes caught sight of a miniature box Max ran to him with in his hands.

"Oh,this? Haha…this is what is going to give you that boost of confidence you’ve been needing for so long Bobby boy!"Max reached into the box and pulled out a glass bottle with a dark liquid inside, an old label wrapped around it. "This…is some of the best stuff you will ever find.

"Max, you know that I do not drink any of that. I don’t think this is a good idea in any way. Besides, neither my stomach nor I am strong enough to drink something like this.”

“Would you just stop your worrying? There is nothing wrong with this, it’s just going to help you so that you really don’t chicken out in front of (Y/N),got it? Robert, you know that you can trust me.”

Robert stared at his friend and gave him a look that came quite the many times, but then the man thought to himself for a moment.

“Maybe…maybe I really do need to loosen up,huh?”

“That’s the spirit Bobby! Now here, drink up! You’re gonna have all the other ladies after you too!”

Robert was handed the bottle which Max had previously opened. He brought it up to his face and took a small sniff of the alcohol that was contained inside, thus resulting in him scrunching his face in pure disgust while lowering the bottle out of instinct. He slightly gagged but then gulped so that nothing would come out of his mouth, then bringing it back up to touch his lips momentarily. After a while of hesitation and doubt, he parted his lips and tilted the bottle so that he could finally drink some of its contents.

“There ya go Bobby-”

“Ah!This is disgusting I hate it!” Robert exclaimed as the sleeve belonging to his free arm wiped at his mouth, the other being careful to not drop the drink which would have probably gotten Max upset. “How-how is this supposed to help me? I just feel like vomiting!”

“Well this is practically your first time drinking, so it may take a small while to settle into your system…”

“I do hope it doesn’t take very long…and when it does do so, that it doesn’t last very long…I am having a real headache right now Max.”

“Ah it’s fine, it happens to everyone on their first drink!"Max pat Robert’s back which caused him to let out a burp that was fortunately not loud. "Now come on, tally ho my son!Get in there Mr. Gray!”

Robert nodded as he handed the bottle to Max who gave him a thumbs up, not really taking into consideration the fact the his friend currently had one hand holding his head as his vision begun to blur itself.

“Alright (Y/N), take a break from all the stretching. You’re going to end up exhausted by the time you get to bed missy."Mr. Smith told you with a slightly joking tone.

You nodded with a smile before getting up and brushing off any dust that your clothes may have caught, walking away so that you could shower and then sleep. Although, your agenda was obviously interrupted when one of the circus’  strongmen approached you with a smile you knew all too well.

"Hey there, Ivan. Here to try to woo me again?”

“Ah m'lady, if it were not for the relationship you hold in between you and the clown, then perhaps I would.”

“Oh Ivan, please. We all know that there is nothing in between me and Robert.”

“Is that so? It does not seem that way to me, or anybody really.”

“I swear it.”

Robert continued to groan to himself with the new pain in his stomach that only made his headache feel worse. He limped towards where it was he could hear your voice, obviously discussing with somebody else.

“(Y/N)…(Y/N)?"he murmured out, not being too aware of the fact that several eyes were on him as he waddled over to your location as he leaned on whatever stable object he could find.

"That clown seems to be very interested in you though.”

“No he does not. Besides,"Robert heard you say, finally feeling his head clear up and allow him to comprehend the current situation, noticing that you stood in front of one of the new members. "Even if Robert did feel anything for me…he,um…

With the now able to perceive mind and eyes, Robert felt his own perk up a bit in hope. Maybe you were going to say something about your true feelings?


“He is too sweet for me, he’s just…not the type of man I see myself with really.”

And that was it, that was what made Robert’s eyes widen before he glanced down with a now hurtful chest. He leaned against what he believed what was a box, but was actually a curtain that he accidentally threw down as he left.

Robert quickly dashed out before he eventually found himself outside of the circus tent, realizing that it was quite dark and not much could be seen except the stars in the sky along with some lanterns burning afar. Although, he realized that two of the lanterns that most likely stood together had moved to the side and turned off for a moment, but then the fire was lit once again. It was almost as if they were two eyes blinking which created an unsettling feeling in Robert who squinted his eyes to have a better view, especially when the two “lanterns” turned off at the same time. Though he felt curious and confused, he shook his head with eyes shut before he looked up ahead and noticed that they no longer turned back on.

Robert let out a sigh and rubbed the back of his head before he began to walk again, not exactly having a destination in mind nor idea of where it was he was even headed. He looked up ahead, eventually coming close to a lantern that he turned to, blowing out the wax candle that was held inside it. For some reason, darkness was all he wanted around him in that moment.

Robert bit his lip, not really knowing what else he was supposed to do except think about you. He never realized that a small smile had crept onto his face and replaced his original frown. What he also had not realized, was that there was a presence lurking nearby…sneakily creeping up to him as well.

“Damn…what am I supposed to do…what am I supposed to do with myself most of all?"he asked out loud, almost as if he was asking somebody and awaiting an answer. "I am such a fool…a young woman like that,ha! Somebody like me could never turn her head, I am just the poor dancing clown.”

He kicked a rock that skipped away from him and landed near a bush where two eye like lanterns hid in between the bushes, and Robert had never noticed them. He strolled past the plant that slightly shook, thus resulting in Robert becoming a bit alarmed.

“M-must be the wind…"he whispered to himself, eventually realizing that for some reason there was no trace of wind which he immediately ignored. "Or just…a raccoon?”

There was not very much that he could even think of considering how his thoughts were and would only be filled with you, especially after what he saw. He could only remember all the good times when you willingly talked to him for some reason rather than all the other men in the circus, or even with Mr. Smith himself! He tried to shake the thoughts away, but his mind could only keep on going to those say moments and how he saw you with the strongman. Not exactly the best sight, especially if the silly and absurd words every one of the circus performers told him.

“Aww Bob, (Y/N) is practically head over heels over you!”

“The girl can’t live without ya!”

“She is practically begging that you take and claim her for yourself sweetheart!”

No…no she is not, and she never will. Not with him at least, not with the Dancing Clown that only children admire and gets made fun of by all kinds of adults. The Dancing Clown who has only made her laugh because he’s a clown.

Robert soon found himself at the end of Derry, or at least what could be considered the civilization portion. In front of him was the forest that not many dared to go into at this time, but in the moment he really gave no care and just needed to isolate himself from everybody. Taking one last glance behind him, he frowned before he walked into the woods and was soon completely surrounded and concealed by old and new trees.