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As I continue to practice asana, the more I experience that it’s never about the pose. It was in between poses that I paused and thought “this is where I am… and it’s amazing”. We’re always so focused on getting from point A to point B that we miss the glorious in-between, the present moment. ✨ wearing: IG @neontideswimwear

Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Sequence

This is a great sequence to do after a long run, workout or on an active rest day.

9 poses that you hold for 5 breaths which is about 50 seconds.

  • Child’s Pose
  • Hero
  • Pigeon
  • Bow
  • Camel
  • Butterfly
  • Legs Up The Wall
  • Fish
  • Reclining Spinal Twist

Try it.

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Voltron Workout

Thanks @sniperlance for giving me the confidence I needed to post this.

This is a workout I’ve been doing, and even though it hasn’t been long, I can feeI and notice the difference. Also, if you have any questions on any of these workouts/poses, just shoot me an ask and I’ll do a video/have a picture of me doing it/explain it for ya. Warm ups are the same as cool downs, so just repeat them when you’re done working out. (Also, I apologize for the formatting, at the moment I don’t have a computer so I’m doing this from the mobile app. I’ll try to fix it when I have one again.)


~Monday’s are dedicated to Keith. We all want to be able to swing a sword like him, so we gotta work on our upper body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bicep Stretches
–Neck Stretches
–Shoulder Stretches
–Tricep Stretches
–Reverse Butterfly
–20 squat chops
–10 wide grip push ups
–10 cross punch sit ups
–20 bodyweight bicep curls
–10 chest squeezes
–10 side choppers
–20 elbow strikes
–20 archers
–10 knife hand strikes
–push ups until failure
~Cool Downs

Tuesday’s are dedicated to Pidge. If you’re using your computer typing up code all the time, you gotta work those hand out so that you don’t get arthritis. We are also going to work on our abs and back because being hunched over all the time is not good for you.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Open And Close Fingers
–Wrist Stretches
–Scorpion Pose
–Pigeon Pose
–Cobra Pose
–50 open and close hands
–40 sitting twists
–20 clench and relax guard
–40 knee to elbow sit ups
–30 bridges
–30 finger taps
–20 windshield wipers
–10 thumb roll and taps
–10 plank arm raises
–elbow plank until failure
~Cool Down

Wednesdays are dedicated to Hunk. He’s super strong in the upper body, but as a leg of Voltron he also needs to be sturdy and stable, so his is an all around workout, working on both the upper and lower body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bow Fold
–Child’s Pose
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior Side Lotus
–Forward Wide Bend
–30 jump knee tucks
–10 plank leg raises
–4 raised leg push ups
–20 side jack knives
–20 lunge punches
–20 squat kicks
–10 air bike crunches
–20 Turkish get-ups
–10 plank jump-ins
–diver push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Thursday’s are dedicated to Lance. He’s also a leg of Voltron, but he had some miiiighty fine legs, and really, who wouldn’t want them? And you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t want all of us to have nice tone butts, so today is leg and glute workouts.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior I
–Reverse Warrior
–Camel Pose
–40 side leg raises
–10 reverse crunches
–10 jumping lunges
–30 high knees
–20 long arm crunches
–25 sumo death squats
–20 roundhouse kicks
–15 hop heel clicks
–20 balance side lunges
–crunch kicks until failure
~Cool Down

Fridays are dedicated to Shiro. Mmmmmm boy, does he have some NICE biceps. So today we gotta be able to one up him with ours by doing some arm and upper body workouts.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Half Lotus
–Butterfly Fold
–Bicep Stretch
–Tricep Stretch
–20 side lunge chops
–40 raised arm circles
–20 bridge taps
–10 plank shoulder taps
–10 raised leg push ups
–30 wood choppers
–10 sit up punches
–40 punches
–10 thigh taps
–wide grip push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Saturday is dedicated to Coran. He wouldn’t want us to push ourselves too hard, so today is yoga. Thanks Uncle Coran!!

~Moon Salutation
–Down Dog
–Three Legged Dog
–Warrior I
–Warrior II
–Reverse Warrior
–Reverse Plank
–Bridge Pose
–Locust Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Sunday is dedicated to Allura. Not only should we work on our physical strength, but our mental as well, so today is also yoga.

~Sun Salutation
–Half Moon
–Tree Pose
–Eagle Pose
–Wheel Pose
–Extended Triangle Pose
–Bow Pose
–Fish Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Don’t forget that some of the most important parts of being fit, is eating heathly, drinking lots of water, and knowing your limits. You won’t see results right away, keep in mind that it’s okay if you can’t do the until failure things for long. This is a hard workout and it’s meant to push you as far as you can go. Don’t overwork yourself, okay guys?


Hello all! I was asked by the lovely undisclosed-free-spirit to recommend some shoulder opening poses that will increase flexibility in order to perform reverse prayer pose (as shown above). This really got me thinking about how often neglected stretching out the shoulders and arms really is! Most people love to focus on leg and back flexibility, but we have to remember to give our upper body a good stretch–especially if you incorporate a lot of inversions in your practice! So here are a few poses I figured could really help aid in increased shoulder flexibility, and ultimately a wider range of motion :) 

The snow may be beautiful, but trudging around in it with the added freezing temperatures makes your body tight and feel out of whack. So join me this weekend in Williamsburg or Greenpoint to realign, let go of workweek stress and perhaps burn some extra calories in advance of the upcoming Valentines’s Day chocolate onslaught. Times and studios listed below.
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala


Storybooksimblr’s 300 Follower Gift!

So, I’ve recently broken 300 followers! I’ve been working on this for a while, and finally finished it up, and prepared it for releasing. I learned a lot with this piece, and hopefully this is the first step in more, and better, cc to come. But, more importantly, I wanted to thank you all so much for following me, supporting me, and giving me a place to express my creativity in a way that is fun, and rewarding. Simblr means so much to me, and I hope that this most humble of gifts can pay that goodwill forward a little.


  • 2 Cello Playing Poses
  • Bow Accessory (*New Mesh* 6k poly)
  • Deco Bow (*New Mesh* 6k poly)
  • Deco Cello (*New Mesh* 10k poly)

All cc has custom thumbnails and all LODs. Bow accessory found under the bracelet category.

(The two different cellos WILL conflict, so only download from one of these links. Download the first link if you intend to use the poses; download the second if you just want the deco cello and bow.) 

Download Cello, Bow & Posepack | Simfileshare

Download Cello & Bow with No Poses | Simfileshare

Download PSDs for Recoloring | Simfileshare

All cc (except the model’s shoes) is from the game: the only cc you need is, as usual, Andrew/Scumbumbo’s Teleport Any Sim & Pose Player mods.

TermsofService: Do whatever you want! Have fun, and happy simming.

If you @ me, I’ll 1.) love you forever and 2.) reblog your post. I love to see what you guys do with my stuff! It’s the best part of making things. (:

Setup and instructions under the cut. Thanks again for 300! :D

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