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Legend of Zelda Weapons association

If anyone can’t tell I am a HUUUUGE Legend of Zelda fangirl and I incorporate a lot of pop culture into my practice especially Zelda so here are some of the association’s I have for the original items found in the game. I mostly do visualization with the items but if you artistically inclined you can always draw and meditate on the tool that you need. So here we go!

Stop Watch: A pause, moment of rest, center and focus

Fairy: Healing, a need for replenishment

Rupees: Wants, finances, resources

Health Potion: Sound body, healing

Bomb: Anger, aggression, watching your frayed temper, forceful removal of blocks

Lantern: Illumination, reveal what is hidden

Red Ring: Protection of the highest level, invulnerable, able to take hits

Blue Ring: Moderate protection, breathe easier

Power Bracelet: Strength, pushing through

Ladder: Versitility, reaching for goals, bridging gaps

Triforce: Wisdom, Courage and Power, self actualize

Compass: Need for direction, finding a way, orienting

Raft: Travel, movement, moving forward

Magic Shield: Blocking, barrier from harm

Whistle: Transport, new way of seeing the landscape

Bow: Base, working towards completion of a tool (because you need arrows to use a bow effectively IMO)

Arrow: Pierce through issues, swiftness, going for the kill

Silver Arrow: Banishing, purification, pushing back darkness

Boomerang: Seeing cycles, getting back to the point of origin

Key: Unlocking mysteries, progress

Lion Key: All doors opening, infinite possibilities, releasing blocks

Map: Plotting the course, navigation, knowing the path and taking it

Letter: Gaining assistance, gaining allies

Book of Magic: Unlocking potential, magical workings, rituals

Magical Rod: Conduits, attention to magical flow

Wooden Sword: Bluntness, keep trying, forging ahead and hacking away

White Sword: Honing edges, increasing efficiency, being more straightforward

Master Sword: Maximum results, realization of effort, achievement

*Compiled from my own grimoire and notes*

Have fun storming the dungeon!!!!
Kittensplaypen’s In-stock Handmades!


After they put up their newest selection of “in-stock handmades” I was excited to see that they had put up another candy cane like tail and so as in impulse buy I purchased it and got somewhat similar ears to match since they didn’t have exact matching ones (which is no big deal to me). And of course, I had to get a Christmas collar to match.

Shipping & Delivery

I ordered the items on the 27th of November, and didn’t ship until the 10th of December. Which really isn’t all that bad since they did state on their website that it takes a week or two until it ships. Then about a week later I got it in the mail which made me so happy. I got the tracked shipping just because I did not want to chance anything bad happening like it getting lost in the mail or something, so paying the extra $10 was worth it to me. I had invested so much money already ten dollars wasn’t bad at all. **would recommend tracked shipping if you can afford it** 


Since this wasn’t my first order from KPP I already knew that to expect when my packaged arrived. And, yet to my surprise it was cuter than ever with Christmas stickers on the outside. Also, for those worried about the package being discreet there are definitely no worries with that because they have the contents marked as “costume”. Which is really nice because when I first ordered from KPP I was really worried about everyone knowing what I was getting. Just as last time, the boxes content was still marked as “costume”.

 The Ears

The ears I got were white fur with wine velvet in the inside because I wanted to get somewhat close to the colors of my tail. And since they were pre-made I didn’t get to choose how I wanted to have my ears attach (headband and/or clips) I was stuck with just the headband. Though now, I’m glad that is how I got them because they stay a lot better than the ones that I had that were clips. I guess things just happen for a reason because now I think that’s how I’m always going to get my ears. The headband itself is much more comfortable now that they have the little grips on the end, and don’t really feel tight on my head to the point where it’d hurt wearing it all day.

The Tail

I absolutely love this tail, it’s a 22" Red & White Striped Big Cat Tail (Red Ties). I will admit I’m a little upset that it only had the ties and not a pin-on as well, but that’s not too much of a big deal to make me think any less of it. The tail is completely and utterly fluffy, and I love it so much. After thoroughly looking over the tail I don’t see anything wrong with it. No loose strands, no dirty spots, just nice and perfect. Though, every tail I’ve gotten so far has been well made. 

The Collar

Of course, we can’t forget about the collar. There’s no way I was going to get Christmas kitten stuff without getting a collar to go along with it. The one I got is a Christmas like one with a bell attached, which I’m in love with. I keep moving around just so that I can hear the bell jingle. I didn’t really think anything of finding the right inch size for my neck just because I’m careless and don’t worry about stuff like that. So I just picked 12 inch and it fits perfectly with some room to spare. Sine it has the ribbons to tie it I like having the size I do, so I don’t’ have to worry about an extensive amount of ribbon being tied in a bow cause IMO I feel that long giant bows are too much for me. All-in-all, the collar was beautifully made and just perfect.


In the box, along with everything else I received, I got the little care sheets and the “thank you” cards, but the one thing that I received that I really liked was the little “birth certificate” that has the checklist of being examined. It’s more reassuring knowing it was all checked and seeing the checklist along with it. Though I am a little upset because I didn’t get a candy in this package :P but I’ll live.

Overall, I’d give my experience with kittensplaypen a 10 out of 10