bow down to u u r great

Who else agrees with me that killian has been beaten down and kicked while he's been down last couple eps. He deserves to have sumthing good happen for him next ep like a possible captain swan tlk or sumthing else that kills us with feels!!! Seriously he can't catch a break at the moment.

So reblog or like that killian needs a break and to have sumthing great happen for him next ep and captain swan to have a epic scene finally! Cuz I’m dying for one how about u???

Ps rumbelle fans I’m really hoping for your sake as well that rumple and belle get a reunion and finally rumple will not be controlled by fucking zelena by end of ep cuz seriously u guys deserve that!!! U r amazing for dealing with this the whole second half wow I salute u and bow down. Be strong cuz hoping u get a rumbelle reunion