bow down to the troll king

Rants: Why iz he the hotel king anyway?

From the title and the first episode, we thought Hotel King is supposed to be a drama mainly about hotel management, business and inheritance. The male lead would have a long bumpy journey to become a real hotel king. 

He would fight for his plans. He would be beaten badly by people. He would face many crazy obstacles. He would be insanely struggling to gain the king’s throne. 

But we were trolled badly by the scriptwriters. Because in the middle of the story, this drama suddenly turned into a cheesy makjang drama that keeps circling around finding the real parents of the male lead aka the hotel general manager. 

The hotel stuff start becoming a second matter since then. Even more worse, the male lead keeps being a general manager until the drama ends. 

and until the end, he keeps bowing down to the heiress…