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Alright, so I’ll keep this photo op story short and sweet. I absolutely loved the episode “Regarding Dean” this past season (on that note: dear show, please give Jensen more opportunity to challenge himself, he talked with so much joy about that episode today) and especially the bunny moment, so when I stumbled upon this pillow a few weeks back, I couldn’t resist to buy it thinking of using it for my Jensen op. And needless to say, I did use it and I do really love the outcome, though I am not entirely happy with my mouth, but shhhh, just ignore that! ;)

Anyway, so I walk up to Jensen and probably speak wayyyy too fast due to nervousness and he looks at me intently while I try and tell him in ultra speed that “I absolutely loved the episode and the bunny scene and that I wondered if we can take a picture together all cuddly” and he just goes: “DONE!”, smiles at me and pulls me into a hug. The picture is taken and while I go back he smiles once more and I say thank you so much and he says “thank you”. And I’m just thinking what on earth would you need to thank me for? :’) But it was very sweet and probably made me blush quite a bit.

The OUAT fandom
  • Swan Queen shippers: So, we ship Swan Queen. Isn't it an awesome, beautiful ship? Too bad the writers are still queerbaiting.
  • Rumbelle shippers: We feel you. They screwed up our ship too. We see the chemistry btw.
  • Outlaw Queen shippers: We totally respect Swan Queen, but we ship Outlaw Queen. It was nice to see Regina happy for a change. But, yeah, one of them is dead so that sucks.
  • Swanfire shippers: Sorry you guys have to go through that, our second half also died and we still miss him. :( Most of us now ship Emma/happiness, so we're with you, Swan Queeners!!
  • Snowing shippers: Hey y'all, we just want to send you some love, our ship isn't handled in the best possible way either, but at least they are both alive and canonically true love.
  • Swan Queen shippers: Group hug!!
  • *Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Swanfire and Snowing shippers join in for the hug*
  • CSers: HA!!!!!!!!!! Your ships all suck. So glad Neal is dead, Rumbelle and Snowing only steal screen time from Killy the saint and ew.. two women as mothers of a child and lovers? It's a family show for God's sake! NOW BOW DOWN TO THE GLORIOUS ONE AND ONLY SHIP!!!!
Kwami Swap AU gone dark - Part 1, Origins

Part 1 (you are here!), Part 2, Part 3

I have to warn you, this is gonna be a hella long post. I’m sorry.

So, I can’t believe how long it took me but I finally realized why I don’t particularly enjoy how the Kwami swap AU is usually portrayed. Or better, I do enjoy it, but in a highly specific setting: the “Akuma somehow gets them to swap powers" one. That, I love. It has so much comedic and character insight potential, how could I not love it? Nothing like getting to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to better understand them, right? No, what perplexed me was the other kind of Kwami Swap. The “they get the opposite Miraculous from the get go”.

So far, I’ve only seen this AU played out as something fluffy, but I’m talking past the cutesy idea of seeing our heroes in each other’s suits and roles.What could the actual implications of such an idea be, put realistically (as much as you can when talking about a fictional work) into the show’s canon? Because to me that would be a proper nightmare on so many levels that it’s actually kind of interesting. And this, really, is the whole point of this post. Brace yourself, it gets depressing.

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BTS reacts to their s/o pranking them

Requested by anon:

Since April Fools day just passed I wanted to request BTS reactions of their girlfriends pranking them.

A/N: Hi thank you so much for the request! Sorry it took me long to finally do this but here it is. Hope you like it! xx


Originally posted by jxnhyungs

Jin would probably be very gullible and think the prank is real. As he trusts you a lot he believes every word you’re saying to him. But as the prank goes into some personal territory he totally freaks out and thinks you’re pregnant. But as you reveal it’s a prank he almost feels like he’s been betrayed by you, but gets over it.  

“Ahh how dare you prank me like this y/n?? I nearly had a heart attack”


Originally posted by dreamyoongi

He wouldn’t believe at first as he knows you like to prank him, but as you continue to prank him he slowly starts to believe you due to your great acting skills. Yoongi would try act as if the prank didn’t affect him but in the inside you totally got him. 

“Babe you need to stop pranking me, it’s not working”

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Idol Crush - Kang Daniel Requested Scenario


Summary: you, an idol, appear on Broduce 101 only to discover that someone named Kang Daniel is crushing on you

Genre: fluff

Message?: no

I walked into the building, a bodyguard on either side of me and BoA in front of me.

“Hello,” BoA said, bowing as she walked into the dance studio.

Everyone froze before bowing at 90 degree angles.

I laughed as BoA introduced me.

“Now quickly,” she said, “go gather everyone.”

All the boys in the room ran out as me and BoA sat at the front, arranging the blankets on our legs and before we knew it, 60 boys were through the door, bowing and greeting us.

“Hello,” I said, bowing, “nice to meet you.”

They all bowed before sitting down.

“Now Y/N is here to just spend some time with you and answer any questions you might have about idol life or training or anything like that,” BoA explained, “will you be nice to her?!”

“Yes!” all the boys shouted as me and BoA laughed.

“So that marks my time to go,” BoA said, smiling at me, “good luck!”

She left as all the boys bowed at her and left me with the camera crew and 60 boys.

“Any questions?” I asked, nothing, “anyone wanna show me round?”

Everyone threw there hands up and I laughed, “umm, how about… You!”

I pointed at Jisung, one I recognised from episode 1.

“Yoon Jisung, right?” I asked.

He looked at me in disbelief, making me laugh, before nodding.

“Right then, you and your team can show me round can’t you? Everyone back to work, yes?!”

“Yes!” They all shouted, standing up and clapping.

I looked for Jisung, a pink haired boy was talking to him. Ah! They’re from the same agency aren’t they.

“Jisung!” I exclaimed as most of the boys had left the hall.

The pink haired boy jogged to catch up with his team as Jisung and his team who I learnt were Hyunbin, Minhyun, Jaehwan and Sungwoon.

“Where are we going first then?” I asked.

“To the singing studios! Because that is where I left my jumper and it’s cold,” Jisung explained, making me laugh, “and then dance because Daniel really wants to see you.”

Minhyun nodded, “he didn’t shut up about you during Sorry Sorry because apparently you said that that was one of your favourite songs.”

I laughed, “it is actually.”

“He’s obsessed I swear,” Jisung said, rolling his eyes.

“Is Daniel the pink haired one?” I asked.

Jisung nodded. Hey, having him as a fan isn’t so bad, it’s not like he’s bad looking.

“What? He caught your eye?” Hyunbin smirked.

“No!” I laughed, “I just saw him talking to Jisung earlier.”

“Anyway!” Jisung exclaimed, “these are the singing rooms though we usually go in the ones out there, the small ones.”

I peered round and saw 4 boys with a piano cramped into one room.

“So this team are doing Playing With Fire by Blackpink,” Jisung explained, motioning to Dongho and Minki from Nu'est and two other boys.

“And that is my jacket,” he continued, running in to grab it.

As soon as the four boys saw me they stopped and bowed.

“Hello!” I said, bowing, “work hard! Fighting!”

They bowed once again as I left the room.

“Shall we see dance or stay with singing?” Jisung asked.

“Maybe dance and then come back here at the end?” I said, sounding like a question.

“Then we can rehearse,” Hyunbin said.

“Exactly!” I exclaimed.

Hyunbin smiled and I giggled, “how cute.”

“Hey look Daniel’s at the door,” Jisung laughed but as soon as we were there he disappeared.

“Why don’t you guys get back to rehearsing, I’ll get some of the dances to take me to rap, yeah?” I asked, “thank you so much though!”

They all bowed and walked off, waving.

I walked into the dance room and everyone bowed except Daniel who was frozen.

“Hello!” I said bowing, “how’s it going?”

“Good,” Seongwoo said, “we’re doing it to Get Ugly by Jason Derulo.”

I gasped, “oh I love that song!”

They all nodded, I looked along their ranks and they were all high.

“Looks like a good team,” I complimented.

They all bowed and I looked at Daniel.

“Hey team leader,” I chuckled, “you all right? I heard from Jisung you talk about me a lot.”

His cheeks went the same shade as his hair as he stuttered out an excuse.

“It’s okay,” I laughed, “but I think you should show me why I should be your fan.”

He looked at me daringly as the rest of his team cheered.

“Personal talents?” he asked.

I nodded, “right now.”

Seongwoo turned on some music and Daniel started nodding his head to the beat but before I knew it was b-boying all the place.

I laughed, shocked at what I saw.

He stopped, looking at me breathlessly.

“Wow that was good,” I laughed, still in disbelief, “let me see your team, see how you stand out.”

They all nodded as I sat against the mirror. The music started and they all started, slow at first but gradually getting better and better. When they finished, I stood up, clapping.

“That was so good guys!” I exclaimed, “who choreographed this?”

Seongwoo raised his hand. “I had help though.”

I nodded, “it was really good.”

He bowed.

“Oh Noona!” Samuel said, immediately bowing afterwards, “sorry, can I call you noona?”

I laughed, “if you want.”

“Well noona, how do you deal with the audience if they don’t like what you’re doing?” Samuel asked, obviously self-conscious.

“Well your audience is going to be a load of teenage girls and if you, as a teenage boy, are not making them scream your probably doing it wrong,” I chuckled, “but I’d say just carry on. Maybe add a bit more fan service but that’s the most you can do and for the amount of people who don’t like it they’ll be just as many who do, yeah?”

He nodded.

“Any other questions?” I asked, smiling.

Daniel raised his hand.

“Yeah, Daniel?”

“Would you like to go on a date?”

Musical!Matsu Profiles: Todomatsu Matsuno

Name: Todomatsu Matsuno

Age: 15

Average Grades: A+ (He definitely didn’t pay me.)

Future Senior Quote: I really couldn’t give a shit about this school,I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to show everyone that world domination can be achieved by 1 determined 15 yr old. Now bow down to me peasants. Eh? Why aren’t you at my service?

Teacher comments:

“Perfect student! Matsuno always pays attention in class and participates well! He’ll surely make it through this big wide world!” - Anonymous

All the other comments are just saying how perfect he is..

Peer comments:

“He always wants my lunch money.” - Atsushi (???)

“I hate him, the little prick. He thinks he’s better then everyone else and he only wants to be perfect and noticed by everyone, he’s always judging and getting pissed off at his own brothers the little shit god.”- Osomatsu Matsuno

Hello Counsellor - Im Youngmin Requested Scenario

@bornhateo (it wont let me tag you im sorry)

Summary: in which you are an idol and an interviewer starts teasing you and your idol rookie boyfriend, Youngmin.

Genre: fluff

Message?: Youngmin acc deserves the world


“With us we have charismatic Wanna One’s Youngmin and Woojin!” Chanwoo exclaimed, “and sexy idol singer Y/N!”

The audience clapped as Chanwoo introduced us.

“Our Y/N!” Youngja exclaimed, “what have you been up to these days?!”

“Our Youngja!” I exclaimed, laughing, “I’ve just released my new song! It’s called ‘My Heart’.”

“Can we hear a bit?” he asked.

“Of course! I’ll sing the killing part, Youngmin, count,” I said.

Youngmin nodded as the MC’s laughed, “is this what you have to live with Youngmin?!”

Youngmin laughed, nodding sadly before counting 3, 2, 1.

I began singing, clapping the beat as I did.

When I finished, Youngja was the first one to clap, cheering as she did.

I bowed, “thank you! Thank you!”

“Now, our Wanna One boys, winners of Produce 101,” Dongyup said, making the audience cheer, “want to perform a song from Produce?”

The boys nodded, “we’ll do Nayana.”

“Ah, the original,” Youngja said.

They nodded, standing up and performing Nayana.

We all cheered as they sat back down, bowing.

“Now,” Chanwoo continued, “our concerns for today are…”

I zoned out as Youngmin, beside me, reached for his water.

“You alright?” I whispered.

“Just nervous,” he whispered back, taking a sip.

“Our first concern comes from a 22 year old woman who has just announced to everyone about her new boyfriend,” Youngja explained.

“Your dream,” Chanwoo said cheekily making us laugh and Youngja hit him with a pillow.

“It also sounds a lot like our Y/N here,” Youngja laughed, “you and Youngmin?”

The audience cheered as Youngmin took my hand.

Youngja and Dongyup began singing the romance BGM while me and Youngmin blushed furiously.

“So do you two live together?” Chanwoo asked.

I shook my head, squeezing Youngmin’s hand as I said, “no Youngmin lives in a dorm with the other members of Wanna One while I live in a house.”

“Youngmin practically lives at Y/N’s house though,” Woojin laughed.

Youngja nodded, laughing as she continued, “yes. But she regrets announcing him to everyone now as everyone wants her boyfriend.”

I nodded, listening carefully as Youngmin let go of my hand and I smiled at him.

“Woojin, help me read this,” Youngja said, showing him the card.

Woojin nodded, looking nervously at Youngja.

“Unnie! Want to come to Han River with me?!” Youngja said.

“Is Shinwon going to be there?” Woojin said, putting on a female voice.

Youngja laughed, “ya! Unnie! It’s suppose to be a family trip!”

“Yes but maybe I have a chance with Shinwon!” Woojin exclaimed, making me and Youngmin laugh hysterically.

“And the worst thing,” Youngja continued as Woojin collapsed into Youngmin from embarrassment, “he goes along with it!”

I gasped.

“He flirts with my sister and all my cousins!” Youngja continued, “hello counsellor, please help my stressful heart.”

We all clapped as she finished and put the card to the side.

“Woman who is suffering from an unfaithful boyfriend, please come out!” Youngja exclaimed as the Hello Counsellor theme started playing and a woman around my age slid down the slide and Woojin helped her.

She took her shoes off before sitting down.

“Yes, please introduce yourself,” Chanwoo said, motioning to the camera.

She bowed, “hello, I am 22-year-old Chaeyoung.”

After meeting the boyfriend and me and Youngmin whispering a lot, Youngja finally took notice of us.

“Look!” Chanwoo exclaimed, “you two should be more like Youngmin and Y/N! They’re whispering sweet words to each other every other second!”

“No! No!” I laughed as Youngmin shook his hands, “we’re discussing!”

“Okay, so obviously you two are so attached you have the same thoughts, so what do you two think?” Youngja asked.

Me and Youngmin laughed, me responding, “well when me and Youngmin announced, it was obviously bigger but I understand in a similar way because they’re’s many girls screaming over Youngmin and obviously he has to give back fan service and sometimes I too get jealous like you, Chaeyoung.”

Everyone nodded.

“Any advice? As you two are in a similar place,” Dongyup asked.

“Well by the sound of it, although you go through all of this with the jealousy and stuff, there is still thoughts of staying with him for whatever reason, for me it’s because I believe I am a better person when I am with Youngmin.”

I stopped and looked at Youngmin who was laughing, embarrassed, while his face was in his hands.

“Well it’s true! And there’s many things he does which make me kind of think better than to leave and it must be the same with you so I think you two should work around some of the patches of your relationship that you’re lacking and really strengthen the patched that are really strong. And of course, no relationship is perfect but as long as you’re happy it’s a good relationship, isn’t it?”

Chaeyoung and the MC’s nodded as Youngmin looked at me and winked as a sign of recognition.

I smiled back at him and Youngja cooed, “aigoo! You two! Always be together you two!”

Me and Youngmin looked at each other, laughing in embarrassment as the MC’s complimented our relationship and Chaeyoung and Woojin laughed.

After the filming, we got hurried backstage. Just as I was about to go into my dressing room I felt my arm being tugged at.

“Y/N,” Youngmin said, his Busan accent coming through as he spoke while pulling me into a hug, “thank you. I was at ease while you were there.”

“I was just doing my job,” I laughed, “as both idol and girlfriend.”

He laughed, coming out the hug and kissing me forehead.

“I told you!” Youngja shrieked from the bottom of the hallway, “together forever!”

Youngmin buried his face in my shoulder while I laughed, “Youngja!”

She waved at us while walking to her dressing room, leaving me and Youngmin in embarrassment.

“But let’s try not to be on the same show again,” Youngmin laughed.

I nodded, “agreed.”


“Now who’s the rubbee queen,you dummy?”

~Mimi the Copycat

Oooooooooooooooooooooo I have finally done!!!!!!I really enjoy drawing the more evil version of Mimi❤ This took me weeks to draw lol

我 我 我終於完成了啊啊啊啊啊!!是World 6 Mimi!!❤❤

I really want to add “Now bow down to me,you impertinent idiot!"but nah…
Faking It

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Sam, Reader (Female!Reader)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader just finished a case and gets harassed by a creepy guy and Sam comes to her rescue.

Warning: None

Notes: Yeah, its pretty short and small. Simple but effective. :)

Attachment from: Google Images

When Y/N walked into the bar, she knew she caught the attention of most of the males in there. But she didn’t care, all she wanted to do was to have a nice cold beer to get her mind off the hectic vamps nest case she just finished that nearly took her head off.

She just got back into hunting after realizing that that part of her life would always come back for her. A few years ago, she was grieving a death of an old friend who was basically a surrogate father to her. She missed Bobby a lot, he practically raised her after her mother was killed from a shapeshifter.

Y/N took a seat at the bar before looking around it, seeing she was one of the only girls in there. Geez, that’s comforting. Once she sat down the bartender started to hit on her. Using cheesy pick up lines like the alphabet and whatever.

She gave him a hard look and he luckily backed off before she could get mad. She still felt the stares of the men on her and she shifted in her seat uncomfortably. She sighed and took a sip from the beer the bartender passed to her. Now she just wants to finish the beer and leave this place as fast as she can.

Y/N was deep in her thoughts for a bit until she heard the chair move beside her and someone sit. She didn’t bother looking at them until they put their hand on her thigh that was under the bar. She harshly gabbed his hand and yanked it off if her. She turned towards him to give him a hard look but instead grimaced of how creepy the look on his face was.

She could tell the man didn’t really have a life other than the bar. He was swaying a bit in his seat, a clear sign that he was drunk. His eyes were squinting towards her like she was a piece of meat on a china plate. She rolled her eyes at his aberrant behavior and looked forward in an act of trying to ignore him.

“You’re a feisty one, aren’t ya?” The man said. She didn’t bother replying before standing up out of the chair getting ready to leave. He grabbed her wrist, restricting her from going and shoved her back on the chair she was sitting on. “I didn’t say you can leave did I?”

She tried releasing her hand from his grip but he was clearly stronger than her. Instead of letting go, his hand started clenching tighter and she winced in pain. She looked around the bar to see if anyone is noticing the small scene but it didn’t seem like it.

Y/N was about to grab a gun out of her back but the man grabbed her other wrist before she could. She gasped and kept trying to take her hands out of his grips but he was holding on tighter by the second.

“Hey, back off.” She heard behind her. She turned her head to see a tall guy with broad shoulders and long brown hair, not to mention he was cute. She sighed in relief but the man still didn’t let go of his grips. “Oh yeah, and who are you?”

“Im her boyfriend. Now let go of my girl.” The guy with the long hair puffed out his chest and stood next to her. The guy roughly let go of Y/N’s wrists and stood up from his chair.

“You see, I don’t believe that. If you were her boyfriend, then where were you when she walked into the bar alone with no one by her side, hmm?” The guy chuckled while looking at Y/N up and down. His voice made her uncomfortable and she stood up from the chair and went behind the man who was defending her.

“That’s none of you business, jackass. Now why don’t you just leave her alone alright?”

“No. Im not going to leave until I actually know that you’re her s called boyfriend.” The creepy man had a smug grin on his face thinking there was no proof to tell that they were together. The man she was standing behind of then turned around, grabbed her by the neck, and smashed his lips to hers.

She didn’t kiss back until the final second he pulled back and turned back around to the other man. His faced changed to annoyed and walked away to the other side of the bar.

Y/N was still shocked at the recent action the man in front of her pulled by the time he turned around to look at her again. “Im sorry. I just didn’t think he would leave you alone if we didn’t fake being in a relationship.”

Her eyes were wide and she shook her head out of the trance she was in. Wow, he was a good kisser. “Um, Its no problem….”

“Sam. Name’s Sam.” He finished her sentence.

“Sam. Nice name. Im Y/N.” They both sat down on stools at the bar calming down from the recent situation.

“Well Y/N, would you like a drink? Seemed like you finished yours already.” She nodded in response and smiled at him. He smiled back and chuckled at her blushing cheeks.

“You have a nice smile.” She blushed even harder at what he said and bowed her head down. “Thanks.”

“Now tell me, what is a hunter like you doing in a place filled with strange men like this?” She raised her eyebrows in surprise and was about to question him but he beat her to it. “You didn’t cover your gun with your shirt enough when you tucked it in your pants. So I thought your either a hunter or a cop. But if you were the latter, the guy that was bothering you would’ve ran away once you would have mentioned it but he didn’t so, I went with the first one.”

“Hmmmm. Smart and cute. And the hair is just a bonus.” She giggled when he ran a hand through his hair. Jesus, those hands are huge. I would love them in my-


“Huh? Oh, sorry. I was thinking.”

“Its fine. I was just asking again what were you doing in this place.”

“Well that’s a long story. Do you think you have time?”

“Plenty. Now shoot.” He smiled.

Once she finished, she was surprised again at the fact that he was Sam Winchester, one of the best hunters out there. And that he was Bobby’s friend too. At the end of the night, he gave her his number and left the bar after kissing her cheek.

Once he left, she was wondering why Bobby himself never told anything about those two, specifically Sam.


Characters: Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Reader (no pairing)

Word Count: 2,432

Warnings: Nothing but fluff. Maybe angst if you squint

Request:  But if you did end up doing one could it be where Lucifer and Cas are starting to get along and be brothers again? Like maybe Lucifer is inspired/angry because the Winchesters have something he doesn’t and he wants it back; family?

Author’s Note: For the Anon who asked for this one, I didn’t make them dating but I hope you enjoy it! As always, please send in requests and if you would like to be tagged, let me know and I will add you! I am starting a Series Rewrite son so keep a lookout for that!

Originally posted by codestielckles

All your life, you had your family. You had your real parents until you were 18 when they both died from a demon. That is when you met Sam and Dean Winchester and from there on, it was like you had another family right off the bat.

They took you in and cared for you. They told you about the Supernatural and taught you how to take care of yourself. You met their father a few years after you met them and at first, John was a little skeptical about you hunting with him and his sons but you grew on him.

In no time at all, it was like you had a family again. Then came along Bobby, Ellen and Jo, and eventually Castiel. Now, at first, you hated the son of a bitch for how he was treating humans. Then as time went on, he became more and more friendlier and you helped him with emotions and how humans dealt with all sorts of things.

Cas fit right in with the Winchesters after that and you told him all about how they took you in and made you apart of their family. Inside, you knew you were a Winchester and you were not ashamed about it at all. You and the brothers have been through hell and back.

You made friends, you made enemies but one thing was always constant: family. There was nothing you wouldn’t do for them and Castiel. So, when Castiel was having trouble with his family, you tried to help in any way that you could.

You’ve heard of his brothers and sisters before but one stood out to you the most: Lucifer. Most people hated him and thought of him as a bad man but you couldn’t help but think the opposite. He wasn’t bad but hurt. Everyone casted him out and even his own father sent him away, locked in a cage for centuries.

You’ve only seen the Devil a few times and you had to admit, he was attractive as hell. All throughout your life, people thought you were either with Cas, Sam or Dean but you didn’t seem them in that way. Sam and Dean were like older brothers to you and Cas as one of their best friends. You couldn’t ever see yourself dating one of them but Lucifer… he was a different story.

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