bow down in the presence of

I know it’s easy to keep stereotyping Yoongi as cold/lazy/cut off kind of person but sometimes i think it gets to a point where it’s wrong and hurtful in the fandom. And so here’s a list of reasons Min Yoongi is a warm, hard working individual with a personality that is multi-faceted and beautiful.

  • was a member of the student council when he was in school and was always helping people who approached him and writing them encouraging messages, contrary to popular ‘bad boy’ image belief.
  • works into late hours of the night, even goes without sleeping when he’s concentrating on composing a new song/lyrics and spends hours on end in the studio
  • on that note, it is said he recorded the way he said ‘bulteorune’ about 200 times before he was satisfied with how it sounded
  • despite not being the lead dancer, is almost never criticized for his dance skills because he clearly works hard on it, whether or not he’s the best
  • again, a side note that he spent his birthday with hoseok practicing dance that hoseok taught him
  • his stage presence is full of energy and he even kneeled down and bowed for a good minute of stage when he knew his parents were in the crowd, and otherwise also displays emotions on stage, including crying
  • gets shy and touched when members throw him a surprise birthday party
  • extremely considerate of what fans think/feel, unlike a lot of other idols. he’s responsible enough to know the effect his words have on fans and therefore constantly promotes a healthy body image, saying he doesn’t have ideal an outfit/weight/height/personality type
  • that time he spent his own money to buy personal gifts/write different messages for 300+ fans on his birthday, and then did it again the next year too
  • branching off to the time when he got asked on a radio interview what he’d do with the royalties of the songs he produced (jump/tomorrow) and he replied that he’d take the band and stuff out for lunch with his own money
  • that time he bought all the kids in bts ice cream without asking and won them toys in AHL and they were so happy about it
  • that time hoseok wasn’t eating because he lost and yoongi said he couldn’t eat if his dongsaegs weren’t eating and that he was full just watching him eat, giving him his share of food
  • doesn’t care that he’s not a good singer and sings loudly and shamelessly when he’s in the mood
  • the new years day yoongi didn’t spend with own family just because hoseok was lonely in the dorms
  • that one time jungkook jumped on yoongi and hugged him and yoongi looked like he might just die from happiness
  • when he laughs when something is too funny and no noise comes out and he claps around like a seal and it’s so so adorable
  • said he likes smart girls who he could have long conversations with/hear her stories and she was good with computers
  • actually gets super flattered and smug when people find his sass funny
  • that time they were on running man and had to run for boxes and ran so fast he was far ahead of even jungkook
  • that time namjoon was supposed to perform on stage and yoongi was deadpan the whole performance until it was namjoon’s turn, and then he has laughing and singing and screaming and being super supportive
  • once when the members were just annoying jungkook a little and yoongi sensed jungkook felt a little sad so he wordlessly reached out to him and petted him and said ‘I think he’s adorable’
  • on that note, always sensing the members discomfort/sadness and being a silent supporter and saying encouraging things to make them feel better
  • never holds back of compliments. ever.
  • he is a wonderful, multi-faceted man with emotions other than being ‘dead inside’ and loves the people around him so much and is full of appreciation and support for them and endlessly a source of strength for them.
Rising sign Vibrations

Every rising sign has a reason to celebrate. Each of you has a distinct look that is beautiful in the eyes of another. Inspired by an anon on @disneystrologie account who mentioned that “the risings aren’t really appearance. It’s more so the vibe that you give out that enhances your genes”. I think, whoever you are, that was a very sagacious observation on your part. Hope you don’t mind me elaborating some more.

Aries | Loud and proud, you won’t miss these individuals in a room. They ooze life out of them as if the next big race is about to begin. When you look at them you see someone who knows where they are trying to go. Direction and drive is thrilling to watch. It’s beautiful to be a part of so there’s no shortage of individuals clamoring for an Aries rising’s attention.

Taurus | Old school beauty in a new package. What is old school depends on your heritage. Taurus rising’s know where they’ve come from and have the willpower to expand on the comforts of their past. You see it in how they carry themselves. It’s as if royalty from all walks of life have graced you with their presence. Make sure not to hit your head as you bow down.

Gemini | Lively individuals with a fairy like disposition. Lithe, young movements. It’s like watching your childhood crush race you to the river. It’s like watching your brother’s older friend tease you mercilessly. Gemini rising have a youthful beauty that makes you think anything is possible. 

Cancer | The watery vibe of cancer risings is like a siren call. Coy is what you think of when you see a cancer rising. There is something beneath the surface with them. The changeable nature of a cancer rising lends itself well to human nature’s constantly fluctuating desires.

Leo | It’s hard to deal with the voluptuous quality of a Leo rising, but thankfully we all manage. Something about them is bigger and better. Each Leo rising works that quality like there’s no tomorrow. They are larger than life. A cinema masterpiece you are willing to watch over and over.

Virgo | Where Gemini rising is youthful and lively, Virgo risings are youthful and somber. There is an energy about them that is contradictory. You know they are calm, yet a restless spirit hides within them. A knowing smirk is a common characteristic for these rising signs and they wear it so well. It could make the most hardened minds curious as to what they know.

Libra | So charming, it’s honestly hard to be around them. You feel like you would do anything for them. In fact you truly want them to like you! If a beautiful creature such as this likes you, surely you’ve done something right. Lovely, full features.

Scorpio | It doesn’t matter if you consider them cute, sexy, beautiful. Hell you could actually think they might be ugly, but the enticing nature of a Scorpio rising is hard to miss. Their actual genetics are enhance by pluto’s glow and penetrating stare. You really can’t help but look at them. You won’t ever want to look away once they are done with you.

Sagittarius |  Nothing can go wrong with these individuals around. Didn’t you know that Jupiter watches out for his own? They are brass and loud and so much fun from a single glance. You know that you’re in for a good time when you encounter a Sagittarius rising.  Do it big or go home and that includes their appearances. They take up space with their shining light

Capricorn | Sharp or strong features are common with this rising.  Even without the features they are known for, there’s something commanding in the way that they move. Something about that screams power to those around them. Power is beauty in the eyes of many.

Aquarius | Trendsetters who know no bounds. Aren’t we lucky we have them? There’s something about them that’s different. Different is good because who else would we base our art off of? Who else would inspire us. An Aquarius rising knows and understands this. Even if they aren’t conventional, they certainly have a way of making us fall for them.

Pisces| A soothing wave over your soul, you’ll feel like you’re drowing in the touch of a Pisces. It is hard to get them out of your head. Their energy is elusive, yet endearing. We as humans want to figure out what makes other works which is why Pisces risings cause so much obsession. What is going on with that beautiful vibe?

The more I know about Qui-Gon Jinn the more I realise he didn’t just annoy the Jedi Council, he was quite literally the bane of their existence

He was a master diplomat to the point that Obi-Wan spent more of his padawan years off-planet jumping wars and disputes with Qui-Gon than most other padawans, but at the same time, Qui-Gon apparently “looks like a bantha and smells like a Rodian.”

So let’s say a smushy Core planet puts in a request for Jedi presence at their planetary elections, and instead of a well-groomed, masterly Jedi (were they expecting something like 30-year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi? They probably were) they get a 1.93 metre giant with uncombed hair hanging down to his waist, wearing tunics that seem to be clean but don’t seem to be at the same time, smelling like he just climbed out of an outer-rim catina, who bows perfectly and then starts cracking their governmental system open one flaw at a time, like a - well - bantha in a china shop-

-with a perfectly-groomed, not-one-hair-out-of-place tiny padawan by his side. Said padawan’s dimples solve nearly as many problems as his master’s diplomatic skills do.

But we only wanted someone to oversee our elections! They cry. We didn’t ask for this!

Could we have sent someone else, the Council deliberates.

Then we would have to have kept the Jinn-Kenobi pair here, someone points out.

Oh, good point, Mace Windu says. Everything’s perfect the way it is.

do y’all want to hear my favorite concept

some prissy, stuck-up visiting noble trying to negotiate with percy about trade agreements during a meeting because of course he’s negotiating with the lord, even though cassandra is technically the head of the house and right there. and percy’s just incredibly frustrated with this asshole and noncommittal the entire time

and when the noble finally asks what’s up, percy tells him that that his wife is in charge of trade negotiations in whitestone now. and the noble’s just like fine, sure, whatever. at least this will be easier then, now that he knows he’ll just be negotiating with some lord’s wife.

except then the doors to the meeting open and in comes lady vex’ahlia de rolo, in a long white fur cloak with the hood down that trails behind her, still wearing her hunting gear and smelling of the forest, her writhing bow of vines and leaves in hand, and– perhaps the most unnerving part– still with her hunting face paint on (because i will die on the hill that is bec’s warpaint!vex)

and everybody in the room is just instantly at attention once she strides in, an air of confidence about her, and even the noble is shaken by her presence. and she just takes her place between percy and cassandra and sets her strange bow on the table in front of her and looks the noble over with a critical eye.

“sorry i was late, dear,” she says, except she’s clearly talking to cassandra.

“oh, it’s fine.” cassandra waves her off. “how was your hunt?”

“ran a bit long, as you can see. what did i miss?”

“oh, nothing,” percy says, a slow smirk forming on his face as he looks at the shaken noble, a smirk that his sister echoes. “i believe you’re just in time for the fun part.”

“excellent, darling. now,” and she folds her hands in front of her, looking the noble dead in the eye and making him wince, “let’s make a deal.”

Degrade(Yoongi Smut)

Trigger Warning:

The chandelier above your head shined a bright radiant gold as it hung low over the heads in the crowds.  The golden dressed that hugged your waist and dipped low in the front matched the hanging sculpted light. Your hair was pinned up in loose curls some strands framing the sides of your face as you laughed and indulged in minor chatter between you and the men you were around. Your arm was placed on hip of a male who wanted your attention tonight like you wanted his. His hands were currently drawing a patterned X on your lower black, the tips of his fingers brushing against the top of your ass. The thin fabric of the dress clung to your body, your weight shifting as you moved to press down on your left heel looking around once more at the crowd in front of you, your hand reached out to grab a drink and bring it to your lips.

“How about we get out of here?” Your guest whispered, and you nodded your head smirking up at him.

“I would like that. Give me time to freshen up yes?” You asked as you made your way towards the bathroom letting him go. Gliding through the crowds of people, your eyes sought out one familiar person. Min Yoongi. Seeing the male dressed up in a dark blue tux with a black button down shirt under it you couldn’t help but move to stand beside him.

“Good evening all of you, I hope you are all having a good night.” You stated letting your eyes linger on everyone.

“We were doing fine until you came.” Yoongi countered looking at you with slight irritation. Who told you to where such a revealing dress? It burned him up to the core.

“Well then you can keep your mouth shut while I talk to the rest.” You smirked as the men around Yoongi laughed.

“In that case if my presence is no longer needed my date and I will leave.” Yoongi bowed respectfully to the elders walking off to fetch his date. Your eyes wandered down his body and back up, frowning deeply you moved to fill the little gap he left in but you wanted to talk him and find out his deal.

Ever since you were younger Yoongi always spited you for everything you did. And you never understood why he didn’t like you. It wasn’t like you weren’t attractive apparently, you were a hot commodity because every male and female wanted a piece of you. And you were never one to let anyone down. Your parents were important people, an actor and a classical composer meaning they were never around at home leaving you to your lonesome. One thing lead to another and before you knew it you were joking with a guy in high school about him giving you fifty bucks for a blow job. You could say you were very surprised when you were wiping the cum off your lips and he was handing you a crisp fifty-dollar bill to add to your savings. And you thought to yourself if you could get that from one guy, imagine what you could get from a whole population. That’s how you started it, bribing men to give you thing in exchange for your body and your time. It was a beautiful life that you created for yourself one where you worked and upheld a decent name for yourself as well as keep attention that you wanted. And you didn’t always have to sleep around, sometimes a video of your fingers buried deep in your pussy or your pierced breast pressed together was enough to get them off. Of course, sometimes you felt bad going after many people, you had married men who would always want to buy you things and or just spend time with you, have someone to listen to. Everyone had given you what you wanted, attention and gifts like the true princess you were with her pretty little head held high. But there was just one man who acted as if the very sight of you repulsed him. You had known Yoongi and his parents as long as you could remember. His family owning their own business both his mother and father were the CEO’s of the company. Yoongi was just as wealthy and privileged as you but for some reason he didn’t appear to be as lonely. He had a few girls that he kept with him but it was always the same few and they never changed. You always questioned why he kept people close to him that weren’t gorgeous like yourself. It never truly dawned on you that you were jealous, because you could have whoever you wanted! But for some reason you wanted him, he was just so sexy and masculine. He kept himself subtle but the look in his eyes held a dark secret. You sighed to yourself, feeling the ache between your legs just thinking about those plump lips pressing against your lower ones, his tongue how it would flutter and grind against your clit. You almost released an audible groan, not aware that your breast was becoming pert nubs or the fact that your piercings were starting to show through.

“Y/N are you ready?” Your date asked wrapping an arm around your lower back and pulling you as flush close to his body as he could. He was a bit jealous watching how oblivious you were with that dazzling smile and how everyone else eye fucked you.

“Yes my love, I’m ready.” You smiled up at the male grateful for him coming along. Following him outside and eventually ending up tangled in his bed sheets, you shut your eyes and imagined that he was none other than the dark haired deep eyed male letting you control him for just once in your lifetime.

It had been a few weeks since your last run in with Yoongi. But you knew without a doubt that he would be at this social gathering at a close colleague’s house, you could almost say she invited him for you. Standing in the mirror you put on something casual, a zip up body suit with lace over your breast and ripped skinny jeans. Your hair flowing down straight and loose, makeup on your face with prominent but nothing overboard. Grabbing at your ankle heels you placed them on your feet and made your way to your friend’s house.

Standing around, your eyes danced around the room, your body becoming nervous as you waited for Yoongi to come. You hated yourself because you wanted him so bad and he didn’t give a damn about you. But it didn’t matter as soon as you saw Yoongi stepping into the space you were in with a black turtle neck on and skinny jeans you wanted to melt on the spot. On his arm was one of his favorite girls, a pretty brunette with a heart shaped face and an innocent aura about her. Going for just watching him today you wanted to stay back from him but your date decided you two should go talk to him.

“Love he is busy leave him be.” You tried to reason as you were tugged by an older gentleman towards Yoongi and his group of friends.

“Nonsense we are all here to talk and have a fun time.” The male explained as you all walked up. Yoongi’s happy smile was replaced with a grimace as he saw you and for the first time your cocky exterior was cracking. Shifting nervously, you pressed against your date and his comforting hand strokes down your lower back made you calm down.

“Y/N you look a little pale. Would you like something to drink?” Yoongi asked idly. You nodded your head about to leave but your date stopped you saying he would handle it. “So, what’s the old man giving you?” Yoongi asked and you shrugged your shoulders crossing your arms over your chest.

“It’s none of your business what I get from the deal.” You snarled at him and you could see the anger growing in his face.

“Of course, it is. Everything you do is since it effects both of our families but you’re going around acting like a typical whore on the street.” Yoongi growled as he pressed his hands together in a hard line in front of him.

“Nothing I fucking do concerns you! I’m a grown ass woman who does what the fuck I want with who I want. And if you need to really know he’s giving me a new pair of kicks.” You said proudly.

“Look she’s so proud to be a slut.” Yoongi chuckled causing the people in the circle to laugh as well.

“You know what how, fuck you and go worry about those ugly girls you keep having on your shoulders.” You turned on your heels to leave not knowing why you were insulting them because they hadn’t done anything to you, Yoongi just really knew how to piss you off.

“What you call ugly I call art. At least unlike you they are faithful to me. And no thank you I’d never fuck a pussy as loose and worn out as yours.” Yoongi responded. “Besides you couldn’t even handle what I would do to you. These girls obey me.” Yoongi stated dismissing you. Turning around on your heels you glared at him, the anger raising in your face as you took minor steps forward towards him.

“Excuse me!? Loose pussy! I’m pretty sure the ones you fuck have a loose pussy or how else could your tiny dick fit inside of it? I bet it feels like a teddy bear is humping them whether they are on top or bottom. It’s funny that you think yourself is not art then because I’ve never called you ugly but maybe I should. Also, I could handle anything you gave me but no loose lips remember?” You countered back, it wasn’t the strongest attack and you felt like a child for it.

“Oh look the little baby can speak words, and she is starting to form her own sentences. I’m proud. I find it cute that you are confessing your feelings to me, I think I’m cute too. As far as I’m concerned, my size is not anything you need to know. Now run along and go ride on that dick, I know you want to.” Yoongi tilted his head towards the older male who was at the bar.

“Fuck you, you talk shit but you can’t back it up. See you around baby penis and remember I can handle whatever I want you just aren’t capable of taming me.”

“You actually think you’re tough.” Yoongi said to you rolling his neck as he took off his glasses. “But since you like indulging in child’s play so much, I’ll put you in your place right now little girl.” Yoongi gave his glasses to the girl who came with him, taking steps forward he opened his mouth to address you again. “You little slut, dirty whore. Cheap bitch.” With every word, he said to you he got closer, one hand pushing you back a bit making you stumble back until you were in the middle of the guest. “Filthy cumslut.”

“NO I’M NOT!” You shouted at him. “And I never will be any of those things. So, don’t ever call me those things again.” You didn’t realize how your voice rang or that Yoongi had set you up for failure, he gave a disappointing dry smirk.

“Exactly, which is why I would never want someone like you.” Yoongi kept his eyes on yours, and hearing the clearing of throats you looked around to see everyone look at you. You were embarrassed and upset with him. Your date who watched the whole thing go on slipped out and left you there, your plans were ruined. Turning on your heels you ran as your bottom lip quivered from anger and embarrassment. Punching a wall as you made your wall outside it created a hole that you felt in your heart.

All that night you thought about what Yoongi said and you had to admit, the way he spoke those few words to you didn’t stop playing in your head. He knew you didn’t like being dominated, you liked doing that, getting told yes and getting praises. He had basically shot you down in every area of your life and you couldn’t even handle it. But what if it felt good to be called such things as you got fucked? It couldn’t hurt too bad and if anything, Yoongi was not about to make a fool out of you. You would prove to him why you were worth it and you would make him take back his words.

All that night you thought about what Yoongi said and you had to admit, the way he spoke those few words to you didn’t stop playing in your head. He knew you didn’t like being dominated, you liked doing that, getting told yes and getting praises. He had basically shot you down in every area of your life and you couldn’t even handle it. But what if it felt good to be called such things as you got fucked? It couldn’t hurt too bad and if anything, Yoongi was not about to make a fool out of you. You would prove to him why you were worth it and you would make him take back his words.

The next morning when you got up, you laid in your bed for a while thinking on if this was really what you wanted to do and you did. You wanted to prove a point, you wanted to feel Yoongi. You were so angry with him but you wanted him at the same time and it was torture. You wanted to know why you weren’t enough for him. Getting out of your bed you threw on a pair of gray shorts and a black tank top. It didn’t take long for you to get yourself presentable enough to go and confront Yoongi. Marching up towards his door you knocked three times crossing your arms over your chest. You bit on your bottom lip when no one answered reaching forward you started to slam you fist against the door not taking the silence to well. Yoongi was shouting from the hallway and you could hear it, you were starting to become nervous as you rocked yourself back and forth on your feet. Yoongi opened the door looking down at you a mix of emotions washing over his face before a hard-tight smile was pressed onto his features.

“What do you want little girl?” He asked snarling at you. His tone made you push inside of his house past him as you glared up at him.

“We need to talk.” You said calmly.

“No, we don’t now get out.” Yoongi gripped at your wrist trying to pull you outside but you jerked away from him shaking your head.

“I’m not going any fucking where until you talk to me.” Yoongi was annoyed, cursing he slammed the door and gripped at your wrist tighter pulling you to him before his hand wrapped around your neck instead and he pressed you against the wall.

“The last thing you are going to do is bring your ass in here and tell me what to do. You need to watch your mouth and that little princess attitude. The world doesn’t owe you.” Yoongi remarked trying to be as calm as he can.

“And who’s going to make me watch it? Teddy bear?! I do what I want bitch.” You slapped Yoongi on his face trying to get him to let you go. Yoongi could feel the hand print on his face, looking back at you he slapped you back before he pulled on your hair dragging you down the hallway behind him.

“HEY LET ME GO!” You shouted out as you followed after him reluctantly.

Yoongi was quick to throw you on the bed wrestling with you to pull down your shorts and panties leaving you with just your shirt on. He slammed his room door shut and locked it. You tried to get up and dash for the door but Yoongi only caught you and kept you in his arms as he moved around his room getting things he thought he would need. Slamming you back down on the bed, he turned on his video camera. “Look at what little slut came to play with me.” Yoongi chuckled huskily his eyes growing dark as he looked down at your body. Your plump thighs on display for him as your hands tried to pull down your shirt. Yoongi could feel all his want creeping back into his body but he shook it off telling himself it would pay off it he just waited. “Here I have a few rules but the main is simple, I am the dom and you are my slave. If you can’t handle what I say or you feel it’s too hard then you might want to leave right now. You entering in this room means you gave yourself to me. Everything that I want to do to you is ok. Do you understand?” Yoongi asked pulling out his phone, he hit the audio record button repeating everything again holding out the phone to you. You didn’t know what to do until he showed you that it was recording and you understood.

“I-I understand.” You nodded your head and he smirked shutting off his phone.

“Perfect, now I know you are used to getting your way and having people baby you but you will not have that here. You are aiming to please me today, I could care less if you cum or not.” Yoongi muttered as he sat up his camera and took things out of his drawer to align along the top dresser. He turned on the camera hitting record as he watched you lay on the bed looking at him with an almost innocent expression that he wanted to wipe off your face.

“Touch yourself for me.” He commanded leaning against the dresser and you sighed.

“I can’t do that.” You frowned leaning back on your hands.

“And why not? All sluts know how to play with themselves.” He responded back looking at your figure.

“Well because I’m not turned on and I am not a slut.” You got defensive feeling your face heat up as he called you that.

“I don’t remember asking for you to speak back to me slut. Now I will say this again touch yourself of you can get the fuck out. If you can’t get horny that’s not my problem, you walk around here with your head held high and you can’t even get your own pussy wet? You’re pathetic and certainly not a sub I’d want.” Yoongi looked off unimpressed with you parts of him expecting you to leave from his harsh words, but what he got was better than what he expected.

You opened your legs for him, still very offended by what he said but if anything, it made you want to prove a point. Your hand went to cup your pussy, rubbing it up and down slowly you shut your eyes, thinking about the man in front of you that made you wet. How deep his voice was, or how long his fingers were. How it would feel to have him touching you like this, complimenting you instead of talking down on you. Your pussy got wetter, allowing you to feel like you were replacing your hand with his, stroking over your lips you pressed a finger against your clit stifling a groan.

“No. Here you will moan.” Yoongi commanded, you were never a moaner your voice bothered your own ears and you never thought anyone else would like it so you didn’t. Sliding your middle finger inside of your pussy you bit your lip again to quiet yourself shaking your head.

“I can’t.” You replied as you tried to ignore him and press your finger deeper inside of you. You heard him moving things on his desk but you didn’t think too look, slowly getting warmed up you moved your finger in and out of your dampening heat pushing it as deep as you could.

“I’ll say it again. Moan.” Yoongi commanded with a dark voice. You shook your head disobeying again and that was your mistake. Yoongi was pressing the shock wand against you causing you to yelp and jerk from the item looking to see what it was. “Did I tell you to stop?!” Yoongi asked pressing the wand against your skin causing you to cry out as you shook your head no. Your finger pressed back inside of your pussy, your hips rolling off the bed as you gave him a tiny unsure moan, he raised the shock wand to press it against your inside thigh and you moaned out his name in sheer fear of the item sending jolts through your body, it was a hard press that caused a slight pain. He moved back, watching you and you felt your heart rate calm down again. Shutting your eyes slowly you added your second finger curving them inside of your tight heat moaning for him, your legs starting to press down against the bed as you thought of this as doing it for a gift or anything that would benefit you.

“Look at me.” Yoongi commanded, your eyes slowly opened to land on his, it made you flustered how he watched you, your own eyes unsure and very flustered. You looked off and Yoongi picked up the wand from the dresser causing you to gasp and look back at him.

“Tell me, what do you want little girl? You could have all these men, and here you are my dirty slut on my bed finger fucking her pink little pussy. What can I do for you?” Yoongi asked you. Opening your mouth, you paused to think about the question before you looked at him thrusting your hips up.

“Do I really have to say it?” You asked softly your fingers slowing down inside of your pussy.

“One. If you slow your fingers down I will punish you so speed them up until I say stop. And two yes, to be a sub I need to know as your dom what you want from me. I cannot give you what I think you want. You claim you are so great, you should have no problem using that mouth.” Yoongi retorted and you frowned.

“Fuck you.” You spat out. In a flash Yoongi was standing in front of you at an angle where the camera caught everything.

“Fuck me?” He asked slamming his hands down on the insides of your thighs. “Fuck me?” He asked again slamming his hand down harder on your skin leaving imprints causing you to whine as he grabbed at your neck pushing you into the bed, holding up the shock wand he started to press it against your parted thighs and on top of your shirt causing you to whimper and squirm not wanting to feel the shocking jolts. “If I were you I would watch my mouth little girl. The only one who will get fucked here may be you if you play your cards right. And I said to move those fingers faster!” Yoongi growled as he pressed the wand down above your clit scaring you shitless. Your fingers picked up speed pressing harder into your soaked entrance, watching as he pulled back and smirked down at you letting your throat go so that he could slap at your thighs. “What do you want?” He asked after he was successful in turning your skin red, your body was throbbing every hit made you jolt, everything had you feeling very sensitive to touch.

“I want you to fuck me.” You responded as your fingers brushed against your clit, sweat starting to form against your forehead.

“That’s all? Anyone can do that.” Yoongi sighed going to grab at something else on his dresser.

“Your dirty talk sucks.” He admitted coming back up to stand in front of you.

“You may have a great pussy but you lack, and unless you can convince me before I get bored of you that I should fuck you then there is no need for you. I have my favorites.” He smirked seeing the look of slight defeat on your face mixed with irritation. “Change my mind.” He breathed out huskily, leaning down he kissed up your parted thighs causing you to whine out for him. His teeth gripping at the hems of your shirt pulling it upwards as he listened to the sounds of your fingers brushing inside of your heat. He leaned down letting his tongue flick against your pussy lips, your head rolled back as your stomach tightened up you cried out louder for him, wanting to feel more of the playful flicks he was giving to you.

“Yoongi! I’m going to cum!” You announced but he had other plans. Pulling back, he pulled at the shock wand shaking his head.

“No.” He stated simply leaning down to lick against your pussy.

“No?!” You questioned him, feeling in the back of your mind you should’ve known better.

“I said no!” Yoongi growled out hovering the wand over your pussy. “Bad girls don’t get cummies and you are far from a good little slut, you will not cum until I say so or I swear you will get me off and I will give a fuck about if you find pleasure today or not.” You groaned rolling your head back trying to move your fingers and thrust at another spot but Yoongi shocked you twice. “No cheating, fuck your spot.” Yoongi commanded. You shifted your fingers again acting as if you found your spot and though you were moaning for life Yoongi saw through your bullshit. “Untrustworthy slut.” He chuckled angrily going to his desk to grab at a purple dildo. He pried your fingers away from your heat throwing your hand away as he pressed the dildo against your entrance. “Suck on your fingers like a good girl or you get the wand.” Him saying the words alone had you shoving your fingers down your throat moaning around them as he slid the toy inside of you, turning it on low he watched your reactions as he thrust it in and out of you at different spots wanting to find where you lost your mind. You were doing good of riding the toy always trying to one up him. Yoongi gripped at your hips pushing you down against the bed, a cry erupting from your lips as the toy found your spot. Your head rolled back as the vibrations were turned to medium, Yoongi leaned down to lick up your juices that were escaping from your pussy, biting back a groan he let his tongue dance up and down your lips, soon he was pressing his tongue against your throbbing clit that wanted attention. He watched you shift your hips, his tongue making a slow languid lick up and down as he kept you pinned to the bed.

“I can’t Yoongi!” You cried out, the vibrations becoming too much. This only excited him more, he switched the knob on the bottom making sure it was on the highest settings not pulling the toy out as he watched you writhe against the bed.

“Be a good girl. Don’t cum.” Yoongi warned moving to stand over you. He let his hands start to slap at your thighs again, eliciting sweet moans from your lips that he didn’t get the first time. You just didn’t know it but you were starting to break for him piece by piece. He saw your hardened breast under your shirt and he leaned down to flick his tongue against it, feeling little balls on each side he knew you had a piercing, looking up at you with surprise he kept his mouth shut for now, pulling on the piercing with his teeth as you shook your head.

“Are you going to cum?” He teased as he saw your toes curl, your thighs lifting as your face got red. Yoongi was un merciful as he let the toy assault your spot, knowing the vibrations were killing you.

“It’s too much.” You whined, your stomach clenching as you shut your eyes from the pleasure.

“Look at me. I said look at me!” He grabbed at the shock wand pulling the dildo back as he started to shock you making you feel in a state of having an orgasm and losing it at the same time, you were frustrated that you had been denied, your juices leaked out on the bed. Yoongi smirked at the puddle you had made.

“Shirt off.” He said and you did as instructed taking off your shirt and throwing it onto the ground.

“Lick up your juices.” Yoongi pointed at his bed.

“I don’t know who’s been on this bed.” You twisted up your face. Yoongi grabbed at your hair pulling you until he was pushing your face down into the puddle of juices, his free hand reaching for a cane flogger that he slapped against your back causing your skin to mark up as you tried to yell out in pain, feeling suffocated as your face was pressed against the damp spot.

“As of now, the whore that’s been on the bed is you so you shouldn’t have a problem licking up your own juices unless your pussy isn’t all that great.” Yoongi growled his fingertips brushing against your scalp as he pulled your head back, looking in your eyes he pressed his forehead against yours. “I’ll say it again. Fucking lick it up.” It was something about the darkness in his eyes that made you not want to question what would happen if you didn’t do it. Leaning down against the bed, your tongue stuck out as you started to lick at the wet spot, your cheeks burning as he let you go and went for his camera pressing it in your face. You stopped and he glared grabbing at the wand. You went back to licking the spot swirling your tongue around the silk materialled sheets that he had on his bed.

“Do you taste good slut?” He asked and you nodded your head. “That’s a good little slut.” Yoongi praised, it did something to your insides, your pussy was already a state but hearing him say good anything had you liking the sound of it, your toes curling as you wanted to hear more of it from him. Yoongi sat the camera back down looking back at you he grabbed more toys. “On your back.” He commanded and you did so, watching him. He leaned down letting his tongue glide against your nipples one by one. Soft moans echoed from your lips as you arched your back, your hands tangling into the sheets beside you.

“You’re starting to give into daddy.” Yoongi commented as he bit down onto your piercings, his tongue delighted to feel the metal balls pressed against your pert nipples. He gripped at the nipple clamps pressing them down on each of your breast. You winced wanting to take them off, to make it worse he started to pull on the chain causing you to groan wanting to be free of the things.

“Tell me what you want.” Yoongi asked again moving to take off his shirt, your eyes roamed his figure looking over his smooth flawless skin, he had one hickey on his collarbone and that made you feel jealous, looking up in his eyes you bit on your bottom lip clearing your throat.

“I want you to touch my pussy, to play with me. Use your tongue.” You said avoiding his gaze.

“You’re getting a little better. Who am I?” He asked and you lifted an eyebrow.


“Nope try again.” He said and you frowned.

“I’m not calling you daddy.” Oh but you will. He promised darkly. “On all fours. Ass up face down.” You rolled over for him, getting into position as he wanted, you heard him shift around behind you, not knowing what he grabbed but soon you felt him pour some substance on you that you took as oil or something of the sort. Yoongi rubbed it into your ass, grabbing a paddle he aligned the cool mahogany colored wood against your ass striking you once. A loud cry of pain erupted from your lips as you looked over your shoulders up at him. Yoongi winked down at you hitting your ass again watching as the flesh jiggled. He grabbed the purple vibrator sliding it back inside of your pussy, he thrust it in and out of you while he spanked your ass.

“Who am I?” He asked again as he saw your hips move, the dildo thrusting against your spot as quick as he could move his hand. Your back arched and he slammed the paddle back down onto your body, you didn’t speak thinking you could get away with it. Yoongi growled taking the toy from you and denying you any pleasure. He swung the paddle down against your ass until it was a blistering red color, the prints looking angry against your skin. He trailed his fingers across the marks disappointed that you weren’t listening to him. He dropped the paddle rolling you onto your back. Smiling sweetly, he grabbed at a small plastic bag setting it on the bed, the other hand connecting his black battery on the underside of a glue gun that he had. Yoongi walked around the bed, reaching under to get restraints to cuff your arms wrist above your head on the bed. He walked back around you undoing the tied-up plastic bag watching you.

“It’s been a while, since I’ve did this to someone, but you will break. And if you cum, you will not ever get to touch me again.” He promised looking you in your eyes. He pushed the dildo back inside of you, letting the high vibrations ring through your body. Your hands jerked on the cuffs that were around your wrist. He moved to press the hot glue gun against your chest.

“What are you-“ You couldn’t even ask because he slapped your pussy causing you to gasp as he squeezed down on the trigger, the hot liquid pressing on your skin and causing you to hiss. It was so hot that the smoke was rising from it as he slid it down in a line.

“TAKE IT OFF!” You cried out, your body turning red as Yoongi decorated a pattern on your stomach with it.

“Say the words and I will.” Yoongi responded as if it wasn’t a big deal. You grit your teeth watching you and hating him, he smirked drawing the glue down to your thighs. “Do you know why I chose glue instead of wax?” He asked and when you shook your head he smirked pulling his whip from his drawer setting the hot glue gun down over paper towel. “it’s easier to break off.” He commented as he started to whip your skin. Loud curses of pain left your lips, but strangely enough some part of you liked it, every strike that he cracked against your skin. Yoongi gripped at the shock wand with his free hand pressing it against your body, you became a mess, writhing with a dildo buried inside of your crying out, almost literally as your eyes welled up. Yoongi kept going not pausing or slowing down.

“What am I?” He urged again, letting the whip focus on your abused nipples that were already suffering from the clamps.

“Daddy!” You shouted out, anger washed over you, you were embarrassed to be giving into him, he chuckled sitting down the shock wand that had your body writhing, he gripped at the dildo pressing it against your spot fucking you with it quickly.

“Say it again.” He commanded, you looked at him but the striking of the whip caused your mind to blank and you just reacted.

“Daddy! Fuck daddy! Please.” You whimpered out feeling your hips jerk against the toy, you wanted to cum so badly.

“No.” Yoongi denied you again pulling the toy from you. You were angry with that man you wanted to get up and walk away but you couldn’t because you agreed to stay, you had wanted this all these years and now you were getting it. Yoongi gripped at the hot glue gun again, pouring more on your body but this time he was sticking little pieces of paper to it. Looking down through teared eyes you watched as he decorated your body. He gripped at your hair pulling your head up a bit so that you could see better.

“All these words on your body are what you are to me. A dirty filthy slut. A cumslut, a sperm dumpster. A rag doll whose only good for fucking.” Yoongi commented, your eyes watered up more at his words, his other hand let the glue gun go as he stroked your clit, your anger slowly being replaced by pleasure but the tears poured from your eyes.

“Say it.” Yoongi commented. He knew you hated this, the look on your face, being turned on by those words said to you but your hips moved, your body was craving his fingers to brush against you, you wanted him. He slipped two fingers inside of you stretching you out and finger fucking you. You bit on your bottom lip as he pressed his forehead against yours, moaning as he rolled his hips against one of your legs. He was intoxicating and he was indeed breaking you. “Are you going to be good for daddy?” He asked softly curling his fingers against your spot. Your mouth flew open as you let out a jagged breath. “That’s right baby, I want this pussy. I want you to feel good. But you have to give into daddy.” He said the words so sweetly almost as if it were a promise. You shut your eyes before opening them again, rolling your hips against his fingers. “What are you?” He asked licking across your bottom lip.

“I’m daddy’s little slut.” You whispered out to embarrassed to say it louder.

“What?” He asked you, his fingers picking up speed.

“I-I’m daddy’s little slut.” You said again a bit louder as his fingers continued to assault your spot.

“Yeah? You’re my dirty little fuck toy, aren’t you?” Yoongi growled biting on your bottom lip causing you to whimper as he finger fucked you harder.

“Yes I am!” You cried out as your stomach tightened but you knew you had to hold it, you just knew it.

“All mine to fuck and destroy, everything on you is mine, even this dirty little pussy.” Yoongi pulled his hand back to slap at your pussy before he shoved in three fingers inside of you soon making it four.

“Say it. Say what you are.” Yoongi worked on your slicked pussy, watching as you struggled to speak because of the pleasure. Instead of slowing down he added another finger inside of you, all his fingers and his thumb buried into your pussy. Grabbing at the shock wand he pressed it against your skin causing you to cry out.

“I’m your dirty little fuck toy! Everything is yours! Yes, daddy it’s all yours.” You cried out rolling your head back before you could feel his fist closing up inside of you. “Daddy no! Daddy please no.” You looked down at him as he started to fist you. Yoongi smirked proudly, you were the second girl he ever tried this with, sliding his fisted hand in and out of you he rubbed your clit with his hand after he sat down the wand.

“Sluts get fisted baby girl. Look at how you’re taking this fist up your pussy. You’re that loose? A fucking whore I knew it. On your knees, all the time. How many men have you let do this?” He teased causing your face to heat up as you moaned your eyes shutting as he fucked you. You were embarrassed you knew you were sight to see with all these words hot glued on your body and a man’s fist up your pussy. Your hair was starting to stick to your face, your body was having a hard time regulating breathing. Yoongi slowly removed his fist and his hand from you when he knew you wanted to cum. It hurt so bad, your pussy was throbbing with release, the juices were sliding from you and you felt empty. Looking up at Yoongi you watched as he took off his pants walking around the bed. “Open.” He commanded you.

He dropped his boxers as you looked up at him, seeing his hard cock spring out to press in the air. The tip was red and angry, his veins popping out against his skin and he looked sexually frustrated. Yoongi waited for you to open your mouth, sliding you up a bit, he made sure your head was hanging off the bed, his slipped his cock past your lips opening his legs wider to be on either side of his face. He started to roll his hips forward burying himself down your throat as much as he could. Rutting his hips forward he watched as you stretched your mouth wide trying to fit him in without choking too much. His balls were slapping you in the face causing you to become more flustered as his fingers busied themselves back on your clit.

“Mmm you’re sucking me so well. You must really like my balls in your face. Or you’re just a very cock hungry girl.” He teased as he picked up the speed of his hips. Yoongi gripped at your hips lifting you up in the air, your legs on either side of his face as you were hanging upside down. Not able to do much but place your hands on his knees due to the restraints you felt your heart pound hard in your chest at the thought of him dropping you. Yoongi started to lick at your abused pussy, shoving his tongue into your entrance he tasted all of you burying his face as much as he could. He gave you moans letting it vibrate onto your body as you moved your head up and down on his shaft, your tongue finding his most sensitive parts and attacking them, Yoongi knew you were good at head which was why he saved this, it was hard enough not giving into you. He wanted you but he had to treat you like he hated you or he would have always given in. Yoongi let his tongue swirl around your pussy, mapping out the insides of your slick heat. His tongue licked up all your juices, before he pulled back to grab at your ass cheeks and spread them wide, looking at the camera and hearing you whimper around his dick lodging it down your throat causing you to choke as he teased your asshole. He smirked proud to get the reactions out of you that he wanted.

He slowly pulled away and pressed you down into the bed before he pulled out of your mouth. Yoongi gripped at the restraints taking them off you moving back to slide the camera stand close to the bed. He pulled at your hips moving you until you had one leg pushed up and the other down, on your stomach but your upper half was twisted. He aligned himself with your heat, but he didn’t push in. “Fuck yourself on it pro.” He responded slapping at your ass cheek. You huffed, licking over your swollen lips you tried to move your position. “No, just like this, I want to capture that wet pussy taking me in on camera.” He admitted as he kept you in place. Slowly you slide down on his cock, your head rolling back as you took only half of him in. You didn’t need time adjusting thanks to him and other encounters. Bouncing yourself on his dick as much as you could your hands fisted the sheets under you as you rode him. Yoongi bit on his bottom lip knowing your game. You only took half of him in so you wouldn’t moan or get caught by the camera enjoying it or doing too much work. He gripped at the top of your thigh by your hip sliding himself forward earning a moan of pleasure from your lips. It was the first time you had bothered to take anyone in all the way and no one until now had caught your game. Yoongi leaned over your body, grinding his hips forward as your hand pressed on his lower stomach.

“Fuck Y/N. I see why you stay tight. Have you been cheating all these years’ baby girl? That’s.. Cute” Yoongi admitted slowly snapping his hips forward he pulled back to grab at the camera pressing it downwards to look at how he connected with you, your ass meeting his hips as he slipped deeper inside of you.

“Daddy don’t.” You whimpered slightly feeling full of his cock buried inside of you, becoming connected to him in ways that you had never done before. Yoongi had his own agenda staring to speed up he held the camera in place as he watched you.

“Don’t what? Fuck this little pussy until you’re cumming? Fuck you into the mattress? Or paint all of you white because you don’t know how to handle teddy bear’s dick?” Yoongi smirked as he continued to snap his hips against yours picking up speed. His impactful thrusts got harder, his lust filled eyes studied your body, Yoongi leaned down to grab at the chain pulling it causing your breast to feel sore and you whined out laying against the bed. He made sure that every thrust had you gasping for air or calling out for him in some way. He sat the camera back down keeping you in position, his free hand pulled at your hair as he turned your head to his. Kissing your lips, he wasted no time slipping his tongue into your mouth giving you a very wet and sloppy kiss, your teeth clashing with one another as he fucked you harder. He gave a pattern hitting your spot three times before he missed on purpose. He pulled back to growl against your lips, looking in your eyes as his hand moved to grab at your neck instead. He shifted his hips to land strictly against your spot, causing you to try and gasp for air as he brought you down against him, slamming you on his shaft. He bit on your jaw, his other hand pressing down into the bed as he ruined you on his sheets. Your eyes were overflowing with water, the mix between pain and pleasure, your stomach tightening up and air cutting off was too much. You were overwhelmed but it felt great and you knew soon you were going to cum.

“You want something?” Yoongi growled, rolling his hips forward pulling out until he had just the tip in and slamming back inside of you creating a faster rhythm, his hips were starting to feel sore and he had the strongest urge to cum but he had to get you off first.

“Can I cum?” You whispered as his grip got a little tighter.

“Can you cum what pet?” He asked you as he watched your eyes drop and your face form the most beautifully aroused expression he had ever seen in a slave.

“Can I cum daddy?” You asked before you looked in his eyes. “Please let me cum Yoongi.” The way you said his name, had him groaning out yours as he nodded. “Cum kitten.” He wasn’t going to last long but seeing you give into your orgasm and tighten up around his shaft, how your whole body shook and bent to his will, your essence sliding out on his cock as he released your neck was enough. Yoongi quickly picked you up, pressing your back against his chest and spreading your legs out wide he fucked you in the air pounding his hips up creating more lewd sounds of skin colliding with skin your juices dripping down to his balls. He continued slamming into you until you were a sobbing mess meeting your second orgasm. Yoongi released as soon as you did the second time, slamming you down on the bed he pinned your wrist beside your head driving into you harder, both of your legs spread as he let his shaft penetrate you. You were trying to move, the overstimulation becoming too much as he fucked your spot harder. It took a bit longer but he had you cumming for the third time pinning you in place, his hips circling against your ass, his wet balls slapping against your pussy, Yoongi pulled back feeling another wave hit him, his cum shooting out in thick ropes onto your lower back and your ass some escaping to slip down your crack. Yoongi took deep breaths combing his dark blue and black hair from his face. Letting his heart calm down he lifted you up a bit taking off the nipple clamps and going to turn off the camera. He started to clean up his stuff as you lay there soaked in cum and hot glue with letters. You rolled over on your back, slowly starting to unpeel the letters from your body. You felt sore and your eyes searched for the male that had escaped into the bathroom and turned on his shower. You got up, thinking that it was all over wanting to just go back home to bask in this and frown that it was over but at least you had more dates.

“What are you doing?” Yoongi asked you as he came from his closet with a towel around his waist going towards his bathroom.

“I’m going home.” You said as if it was obvious. “I have a date later.” You reached for your shirt but Yoongi snatched it smirking.

“No you don’t. You’re mine now. And that doesn’t mean I’m your man but when I call you, then you come running because that’s what we agreed on.” He smirked at the color drain from your face.

“It was a one-time thing!” You shouted.

“Ahh see that’s where you’re wrong. You see, I have a sex tape of you now. And that means unlike your little plan of just fucking me to say you got me, I enjoy degrading you very much and I plan to do it as many places as possible.” He winked before you opened your mouth.

“I’ll sue! You can’t do this!” You yelled glaring at him because you couldn’t fathom the fact that someone could one up you or trap you especially him!

“Well I’ll tell you what. If you do sue, I have a voice audio as a verbal agreement between us. I will also let you go, but I get to show your parents. And all the men you’ve ever screwed. I know for a fact the things I’ve done to you no man hasn’t. O-Oh~ Yoongi.” Yoongi smirked faking one of your moans causing your body to become heated with rage and a deep scarlet set on your skin. You sat there rooted in place unbelieving this had happened to you.

“See, you may be smart but I am smarter. Why do you think I stayed away? Not because I didn’t want you, I just had to play your game. SO now you belong to daddy who is going to shower, and when he comes back you better be clean and waiting for me to tell you what you and I will do today. But since you had to misbehave so quickly then I won’t bother to tell you where the bathroom is. But it does take me on average ten minutes to shower.. If I was my hair.” Yoongi shut the door and you thought about escaping or even disobeying but one sound of the shocker pressing against the door had him gloating and you limping to find the nearest bathroom.


I literally redid this story four times so I hope you all really like it.

{PART 2} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; You’ve entered Jungkooks’ house, but will you be able to leave in one piece?

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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one phone call away

The loft doors click shut and Alec sags back against them, sighing deeply. It’s only around six in the evening, but it feels much, much later. The world is stuck in that liminal space between sunset and darkness, leaving just enough light to make Alec wonder whether he should turn on the lamps. Everything is bathed in sepia tones falling through the windows, washed-out and almost soothing, if only it didn’t make the flat feel more empty.

He rubs at his face, tendrils of pulsing pain climbing up the back of his neck and into his temples. The objective silence of the loft makes it worse - cars keep driving on the road below, someone is playing loud music, but up here everything is too quiet, devoid of Magnus’ usual familiar presence. It doesn’t feel like a home without him, instead only like a space to inhabit, one with a bed too big and too many coffee cups for one person.

Alec toes off his boots and sets his bow down in its usual spot, before making his way through the living room and towards the kitchen. While passing by the couch, he shrugs off his suit jacket and tosses it carelessly onto it, shoulders rolling to try and diffuse the tension in his muscles.

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red light ❖ chanyeol

anon requested: Can you make a smut where while waiting in the airport for their next flight chanyeol gets horny and goes somewhere vacant to masturbate but then gets caught by y/n and then they end up having sex?

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

2149 words | semi-public smut | velvet

✎ When a stranger approached you at the airport you surely didn’t think that you’d find yourself on your knees so quickly.

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Rising Sign Vibrations

Aries | Loud and proud, you won’t miss these individuals in a room. They ooze life out of them as if the next big race is about to begin. When you look at them you see someone who knows where they are trying to go. Direction and drive is thrilling to watch. It’s beautiful to be a part of so there’s no shortage of individuals clamoring for an Aries rising’s attention. 

Taurus | Old school beauty in a new package. What is old school depends on your heritage. Taurus rising’s know where they’ve come from and have the willpower to expand on the comforts of their past. You see it in how they carry themselves. It’s as if royalty from all walks of life have graced you with their presence. Make sure not to hit your head as you bow down.

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Memoirs of the Broken People

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Pairing: JaehyunX Reader

Genre: Soulmate Au/Angst/Fluff/Historical

Word Count: 9k

Summary: History used to be your favorite class of the day. Used to. But that was before the visions, the lashing out and the incredible, undeniable heartache that erupted every day. History was Jaehyun’s least favorite class too. 

Author’s note: Goddamn, where have I been? IT’S BEEN FOREVER! How are all of you? I’m back from hell and better than ever! Jkjk, anyways, I’ve been super obsessed with NCT lately, especially Taeyong, so ironically I write about Jaehyun apparently??? Anyways! Requests are open still, but I can’t promise I’ll get it done super fast since I’m on vacation. Anywho, Enjoy this piece of shit I just wrote!

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{PART 4} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; As Jungkook learns more about you and your life, you find yourself wondering what it would be like to date a man of his power - before asking him something you’d never thought he’d say yes to; not in a million years.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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The Ancient One, they tell me all about you

The Moon sings sweet bedtime lullabies about you, she sounds like a mother soothing a baby, the lyrics are coated in how you will be protected

Uranus rattles the world, everything shakes and spills, uranus tells me about you in captivating lightning storms and flashing neons

Neptune sends me messages in bottles about you, written by angels and dropped into the ocean, i uncork the bottle and exhale your soul perfume, i am high on your blood and wine

Venus breathes your oxygen down my neck, she draws me pictures of your heart and your beauty, she tells me how loved you truly are

Mercury wrote me books about you, they traced back centuries, he never stops speaking divinely of your mind, he showed me through your labyrinths

The Sun bellows to me that you are a god, and to bow in your presence, he tells me that it’s your light that nourishes the world, it is your body that everything circles

Mars tells me of your bravery and spirit, he tells me tales of the nights you have slept alone, felt alone, and yet kept on fighting

Pluto lead me into a dark corridor down the unconscious where there were golden carvings of your destiny. he told me that he has been preparing you for greatness

Saturn shows me your cosmic report card, he tells me how you succeed every challenge and overcome every obstacle, he tells me how proud he is, though he will never tell you

Jupiter wrote a bible about you, it’s full of symbols and myths, it’s a testimony to the archetypal power you inherited, he tells me about you during meditation


My New God

“I’m glad you made it, Sam. But the angel blade won’t work, because I’m not an angel anymore. I’m your new God. A better one. So you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord. Or I shall destroy you”.

Your mind was reeling at the news.

Your Cas, the innocent sweet Castiel, Angel of the Lord. Was…God?

“Cas, what the hell are you doing?”

He turned to you, his eyes soft, but focussed.

“You will address me as Father. Or God. Not Cas”.

You wanted to scoff, to yell at him and make him drop the stupid act.

But the power that was coming from him was terrifying.

You’d been in the presence of other angels and they scared you. 

Hell, you’d fought Lucifer, and stood in the same room as Death himself and lived another day.

But this?

This was different. 

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Colors Showing

Upon meeting Hwang Minhyun, the CEO of vampire-run company Empire, you’re intimidated by his cold nature and enormous levels of success. As the only human working at Empire, you’re bound to get yourself in a few sticky situations, but you’d never guessed that you’d be falling for your boss.

  • for anon who requested vampire!minhyun
  • in the same universe as moonstone
  • warnings for drinking blood

“Ah, no, no, no, no,” you groaned, bouncing on the balls of your feet, periodically glancing at your watch as though it would make time slow. “Today’s the worst day for this to happen.”

You were currently on the bus in morning traffic, and your job interview for the biggest shot in your life was in 10 minutes. You were half an hour away.

The bus inched slowly through the thick traffic, drawing closer and closer to your destination. By the time you were able to finally extract yourself from the crowd on the bus, you were ten minutes late to your interview. When you raced onto the elevator of the huge skyscraper that housed Empire and Co, you were fifteen minutes late. By the time you dashed to the receptionist desk, hair messy and breathing hard, you were twenty minutes late to your job interview for salesperson at Empire and Co, one of the largest corporations in the world.

“Name?” The receptionist asked, not even looking up as her perfectly manicured nails tapped away on the keyboard.

“(y/n) (y/l/n),” you said breathlessly, doing your best to smooth down your suit jacket.

The receptionist looked up sharply, nose wrinkled as she made eye contact with you. Her eyes turned a slight tinted red, as she handed you a visitor badge, her cold, elegant fingers brushing against yours.

You did your best to ignore her stare as you made your way to the conference room where the interviews were being held, pushing the door open tentatively.

“Who is it?” A male voice asked sharply, and you stumbled inside, straightening up quickly as you scanned the room. There were five males in total, four of them sitting in folding chairs, and the fifth standing in front of them. His presence was commanding, and you’d recognize those sharp cheekbones and piercing eyes anywhere—Hwang Minhyun.

“I’m (y/n), one of the applicants,” you managed to stammer out, hurrying inside to take the final seat at the back of the conference room.

“You’re late,” Minhyun drawled, eyes pinning you down as though you were a lowly bug.

“It won’t happen again,” you rushed to say, half-bowing from your seat. One of the other applicants turned in his seat and faced you, scoffing. His crimson irises made your blood run cold as you realized just what kind of situation you’d gotten yourself into. Empire was known for being an almost exclusively vampire-run corporation. You were one of the few humans brave enough to even apply for a job there, and it was honestly a miracle that you’d secured an interview at all.

“Now, as I was explaining,” Minhyun began pacing back and forth in front of the room, hands clasped behind his back, “we’re looking to expand our market. We need a salesperson who thinks quickly on their feet, is innovative, and a problem-solver.” You perked up at that—those were definitely words that you’d used on your resume. “This interview will be conducted in two segments. The first half will be the group interview—obviously, I’ll be asking you all questions. Feel free to answer them if you feel comfortable, and if you do not, I won’t pressure you. The second half will be a more hands-on project. I’ll be giving each of you an information packet, and will expect a detailed report on it. You’ll be giving those to me at the end of this interview.”

You nodded to yourself—you could totally do this. All it would take is a little concentration and hard work.

“So, first question,” Minhyun said with an eerily charming smile, eyes darting down to the paper in front of him. “What strengths do you possess that will benefit this company?”

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Suits: Part 1

New Got7 Mini Series

Genre: romance, mystery, crime, thriller

“Some people don’t change…they just find new ways to lie.”

Teaser  Part 2

The bustling sound of taxi cars speeding by and truck horns rang through your ears as you exited your townhouse. The foggy morning sky was quite the typical sight to see as you prodded down the concrete steps and onto the busy sidewalk. People were racing past, panicking to call a taxi within the crowded street as it was 8 a.m. crunch time – meaning kids had to be in school and adults had to be at work.

Fastening the last button on your peacoat, you kept yourself warm and your purse near as you made your way down the street, starting on the familiar path that you took every morning. “Excuse me,” you muttered as you would make your way through hundreds of other civilians, walking down the steps and navigating your way through the underground subway station.

You were quick to find your station number, having the digits 309 engraved in your mind after countless rides. As soon as the door opened, you made your way inside the car – quickly finding a seat and plopping down as other passengers soon began to file in.

People squashed in like sardines, packing into the cart as much as possible just as the doors closed shut and the driver announced for takeoff. Among those, multiple voices were heard. With some sounding not much friendlier than others as you caught a few high school girls pushing another girl into the corner, calling her obscene names and demanding that she get off “their” train.

It was obvious that the poor girl was being bullied – however, despite the ruckus their torment was causing, none of the other passengers said a word. You snapped your head around, shocked that people stayed on their phones and pretended like they were completely oblivious to what was going on in front of them.

A girl was being bullied right there and yet, no one did a thing to stop it.

The idea itself made you sick, not knowing how a society could be so cruel as to not even lend a hand when help was needed.

So you abruptly stood up and out of your seat, eyeing the group of girls as you stalked towards them.

“You should’ve just walked to school, seems like you could use the exercise.” You heard one of the bullies remark with a laugh while pointing at the poor girl in humiliation as the others began to follow suit and laugh. You quickly noticed this particular loud girl was like the ring leader, continuing to crack cruel insults and initiating trouble while the other three high schoolers giggled like hyenas beside her.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” The leader further demanded, instigating the situation even more as she circled the poor girl like a predator.

But as the helpless girl stayed completely silent, it only pissed off the bully even more. “You scared? Say something!” She yelled, launching forward and raising a fist at the victim before you came from behind and caught it in mid-air.

“What the hell,” the bully snapped before squealing in pain as you held her arm in a lock position. “What are you doing – let go of me bitch!”

“Now you weren’t about to hit my friend here – were you?” You smirked.

“It’s none of your business lady, now let me go!” She demanded before she swung her other fist at you.

With a bored sigh, you twisted her arm in a downward position, holding it in a way that made her yelp out and fall to her knees in pain. Her friends stayed put, not bothering to get involved as you had made their leader fall within seconds. “Apologize,” you scolded the girls.

“Fuck no,” the leader hissed before you twisted her arm once more. “Ow!!” She yelled before looking up to you, “Alright, fine. I’m sorry.”

“Not to me,” you interjected. “To her.”

She watched as your eyes diverted to the girl in the corner, “…I’m sorry.” The leader muttered, looking embarrassed as she kept her head down.

 “Good,” you approved just as the train came to a stop. “Now get out of here.”

Without another word, the bully and her friends obeyed your order – each exiting out of the subway but not without giving you dirty glares first, making sure you saw the anger on their faces before leaving.

As soon as the doors closed, you turned back to the victim, looking at her as she awkwardly stood in the corner. “You can have my seat,” you gestured, nodding in the direction of your now empty leather chair.

The girl merely nodded her head in return, almost as if nonverbally expressing her gratitude as she shot you a small smile and sat down.

“That was really cool of you,” a guy mumbled as you joined him in waiting near the door. As soon as your stop came into sight, you glanced back to him.

“It’s my job.” You answered with a grin before stepping off the train.

And indeed it was as you were an attorney – dedicating your life to defend those in need.

It was a risky job to say the least, being a part of such a prestigious firm – if you made one wrong move your head was on the chopping block. It’s a fast paced, highly intense type of work but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

But of course with power comes competition and amongst yours and the other firms in the city there were the best lawyers and attorneys otherwise known as the elites. However, despite the prestigious title, in this tight circle of people there were secrets and scandals everywhere you turned. Someone was always turning their back on someone and needless to say it was hard to trust the people amongst yourself.

But lucky for you, you found solace in someone.

A loud ding of the bell signaled your arrival as you entered through the narrow door. You were instantly greeted by the pleasant smell of comfort food as you wandered in, seeing the familiar sight of a jukebox and red and white checkered walls.

The classic tunes of Elvis boomed through the diner as you found an empty seat at the bar before being greeted by a smiling face. “Morning Y/N, you having the usual?” Your friend BamBam asked as he rolled up from the other side of the bar.

“Of course,” you grinned while removing your coat and leaving it to hang on the back of your stool. “Hey Youngjae! Y/N is here. Fix her up the usual,” BamBam shouted towards the back kitchen before tending to the other tables as the morning crowd kept the server quite busy.

“Got it,” Youngjae casually announced, grabbing some ingredients before noticing you in the front. “Hey Youngjae,” you greeted with a friendly wave as you watched him through the small open window of the kitchen door.

“Y/N!” He called with a warm smile, “Been a while since we’ve seen you.”

“Oh I know, it’s been what? A whole 12 hours?” You admitted and he laughed while finishing the final touches on your food.

It was a traditional favorite you had been eating since you were a child – homemade buttermilk waffles cooked golden to perfection. With every comforting bite you took, you felt like you were back home at your grandmother’s house - waking up every morning with a plate full of waffles just begging to be topped with maple syrup.

“So what have you been up to? Anything exciting this week?” BamBam asked, sliding across the freshly mopped floor with his leather shoes. “Nothing lately, cases have been pretty slow.” You casually answered while Youngjae came out of the kitchen and set your plate down.

Your eyes lit up at the sight of your food, looking more appetizing than ever while paired with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. “Thanks,” you grinned at the cook before he leaned over the counter beside BamBam. “Ah, you never let me down. These are delicious, Youngjae.” You complimented after swallowing a piece of waffle.

“Only the best for the greatest attorney in the city,” Youngjae added, pretending to bow down to you before BamBam teasingly pushed him. “Oh stop it, you’re going to make my head swell up.” You laughed before the bell chime rung again.

You kept your attention on your breakfast, not bothering to look up as BamBam greeted the newcomer. “Welcome,” he routinely greeted. “What can I get you?”

“Just a coffee, please.” The newcomer’s voice responded. From the deep tone you could tell it was a man nearby as you could feel a newfound presence to your left at the bar. While taking another bite of your waffle, you heard BamBam towards the back bustling around and pouring a fresh cup. “Cream or sugar?” The server asked before you finally decided to look up at your surroundings.

And just as you did you laid eyes on the newcomer beside you.

He was tall and handsome – donning a head full of dark hair and a classic suit. He looked like an established young business man of some sort. His features were broad and sharp, giving him a captivating look like no other as he casually stood there against the bar. He was an eye catcher, far too good to look away from before you suddenly caught his eye.

And it was at that moment he had to take a double look – eyes now off the phone and attention purely on you before BamBam asked, “Cream or sugar?” once more.

“Black,” the man simply repeated while still keeping eye contact with you. He seemed in a daze as you slowly looked away, causing him to crack a smile before his coffee arrived. The man took a few sips of his drink before his phone began to ring again, causing him to inwardly huff a little before answering the device.

“Hello?” He answered into the speaker as you rummaged through your bag to fetch your credit card – needing to quickly pay before you were late for work. However, the man’s conversation was soon tuned out as you started to panic, internally freaking out as you opened your wallet and your credit card was missing.

“Shit,” you inwardly cursed before rummaging through the tote once more. “What’s wrong?” Youngjae asked, looking over at you with a raised brow. “Umm…I can’t seem to find my card,” you admitted as soon as you remembered you left it at home.

Your words had garnered the handsome man’s attention nearby, causing him to look at you once more as both BamBam and Youngjae both told you not to worry about it this time.

“Here,” the man announced, stepping forward and coolly taking out a platinum card out of his pocket. “It’s on me,” he added – shooting you a quick smile in return. BamBam nearly gasped at the gesture, grinning between the two of you before nodding and taking the man’s credit card before he returned to his conversation on the phone.

Not wanting to interrupt his conversation, you mouthed the words thank you to the kind stranger, making sure he saw you before you bid your two friends goodbye and headed towards the door. BamBam shot you a disapproving scowl from behind, sneakily nodding his head towards the stranger as if telling you to stay and talk to him.

You shook your head, almost laughing aloud until you continued towards the exit.

The cool air hit your skin as you found yourself outside, casually running a hand through your hair before you were suddenly called from behind. “Hey!” A voice called, making you turn around and face the kind stranger from before. He was no longer on the phone but instead walking towards you.

Raising your brows, you stayed put, curiously looking until he stood in front of you. “…Hi,” you greeted - wondering why he was looking for you in the first place. “You forgot this,” he soon declared before handing you your peacoat.

Your eyes widened, mentally scolding yourself for forgetting it in the first place. “Ah, today is just not my day,” you humbly mumbled. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” he replied, holding back a grin from within as he looked down at you.

“And listen – about the food, I’ll pay you back immediately-”

“No need,” the man interjected. “Don’t worry about it.”

You blinked a few times, completely surprised by such a nice deed. “Well thank you…again.” You added with a small smile before noticing he was still eyeing at you. His gaze was intimidating at first but you noticed there was a sense of warmth within the way he looked at you. It was charming in a way, almost drawing you in as he held this sort of alluring presence about him.

You felt your cheeks heat up before tucking a chunk of hair behind your ear – quickly snapping yourself out of this trance. “Uh…well I- I’m going to be late for work so I have to get going…” you awkwardly announced. “Nice meeting you.” You added before turning to leave once more.

“Wait-” The man called, making you turn around as you were now a few feet away from him.

“Yes?” You answered.

“I never got your name,” he confessed, staying where he was as he held his coffee in one hand.

“Y/N,” you casually stated.

“Y/N,” he repeated in an appealing tone. “I like it…I’m Jaebum by the way.”

Jaebum. The name had a familiar ring to it as it sounded much more common to you than you realized. Where have I heard that name before? You mentally asked yourself – trying to uncover the mystery. However, you couldn’t put a finger to it as he didn’t look the least bit familiar.

“Well Y/N…I hope to see you again soon,” Jaebum admitted. “Maybe you can let me take you out sometime.”

“Ahh that’s nice, but I’m not too sure my fiancée would like that.” You teased before throwing up your hand and showing off your engagement ring.

Jaebum looked intrigued by the large diamond, raising his dark brows as his lips twisted into a smirk. “Fiancée you say?” He questioned before taking a sip of his coffee. “Lucky man.”

“Indeed he is,” you answered, causing Jaebum to chuckle in response. “Well I’ll see you around then Y/N.” He concluded. “Have a good rest of your day.”

“You too,” you replied before continuing on your way to your office. It was a block down from the diner but with crowded sidewalks and busy streets, you still ended up being late to work.

“You’re late,” you immediately heard as you raced down the hall towards your office – making you halt and turn towards the room you had passed. You were now faced with a demeaning glare, looking at you up and down as you entered the office.

“Sorry, I had a weird morning,” you admitted – closing the door behind you and leaving you two alone in the room. Your heart fluttered as you eyed the man in front of you, admiring how sexy he looked in the new suit you bought him.

“That’s not a good excuse,” he commented, cocking a brow at you as he leaned back in his large leather chair.

You smirked before setting down your tote and making your way towards the handsome man. “Maybe you can let me off the hook just this one time,” you suggested while coming inches closer to him and sitting at the edge of his desk.

“Hmm… I don’t know,” he playfully hummed, eyeing your legs in front of him.

You bit your lip as he slid his hands over them, caressing the smooth surface of your thighs as you spoke once more. “But Jackson, I promise I’ll be good next time.”

“I don’t think so,” he teased, looking up to you with those charming eyes you loved so much.

“I will.” You assured and a ‘tsk’ left his mouth. “How will you convince me otherwise?” Jackson asked.

“Hmm I have my ways,” you giggled before leaning down to your fiancée and grabbing him by his tie as you whispered, “Just wait till we get home.”

He showed his pearly whites as he cracked a mischievous grin, completely satisfied by your choice of words. “I look forward to it.” He purred before moving in and capturing your lips in a hot kiss. You held him close as your lips collided, quickly beginning to turn into something more if Jackson didn’t stop you when he did.

“I had one of the secretaries put a new case on your desk, it was supposed to be mine but I think it might put you out of your boredom.” He announced with a short laugh before you gave him one last peck and straightened out your pencil skirt. “Thanks babe,” you blew a kiss, earning a wink from him in return. “You’re welcome…now get to work,” Jackson ordered before you smiled and exited out of his office.

You plopped down in your seat as soon as you saw the familiar manila folders stacked onto your desk. “Let’s see what we got here,” you whispered to yourself as you opened each one, getting excited just like opening presents on your birthday.

And just as you did, you found the case you had been assigned. It was new and a high profile murder case awaiting trial soon.

But this was no ordinary murder case – no. It was one much different compared to anything you’ve ever tackled before as there, written in plain black letters was the name of the infamous Park Jinyoung.

boytranscending  asked:

I just had to deal with all this transphobic bullshit in therapy (because why should my doctors bother to actually respect me) and I cried all day and I just feel awful. If it's not too much trouble, could I get a snippet of Anakin totally destroying someone who absolutely deserves it? Verbally, physically, I don't really care, I'm just in serious need of a revenge fantasy. I don't care what universe it's in. I love all your fics and I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time. Thanks!

Posting this publicly with permission - I hope it helps! (And I hope you can get access to a therapist who will respect you.)

This is another snippet from the Jedi reformation AU. In which Anakin and a couple of Padme’s former handmaidens plot to help a group of enslaved people escape from the palace of the king of Brundia. A king who just so happens to also be Anakin’s Jedi assignment at the time. Also, at least one character has now officially migrated to this fic from Anabasis.

Takes place less than a year before AOTC. Warnings for discussion of slavery.

Anakin’s transponder goes off almost the minute they dock on Brundia. He hesitates a moment after settling the ship and powering down, just long enough that Obi-Wan looks over at him with a raised brow.

“I know you’re not excited about this mission, padawan,” he says dryly. “But I do hope I won’t have to drag you off the ship. We don’t want to keep His Majesty waiting.”

“Of course not, Master,” Anakin mutters, exaggerating his sigh just that much more than necessary. It makes Obi-Wan roll his eyes, and he misses the way Anakin taps twice against a pouch on his utility belt as he pulls himself to his feet with a groan.

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falling into you (pt. 1)

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

→scenario: Jungkook’s innocence is like a breath of fresh air in your wild life, and though you know you’re toxic for him, you just can’t seem to stay away.

→genre: college au (smut themes)

→word count: 11,249

It was during your fourth year of college that you first met Jeon Jungkook.

The moon was rising, vibrant splashes of orange and pink from the waning sunset starting to fade into the pale, royal blue that came along with the approaching night, and stars were beginning to scatter across the clear sky as the soft dusting shed some light onto the forest path through the shrouded branches of the trees surrounding you.

This was how you spent most of your nights: sitting around a rickety, wooden picnic table in the middle of a nature trail passing a blunt between your group of friends. The trail was abandoned in the forest off to the side of one of the campus buildings; you never knew which one, because you never cared to find out. Either way, it was this part of the woods that was abandoned by the environmental club after they had moved onto their next project, therefore becoming known as the stoner’s trail.

You didn’t know how you ended up living this kind of lifestyle—a lifestyle that included skipping school and engaging in illegal activities almost every night to take the edge off. As a senior at the university, you had already fallen into a routine that seemed to follow you ever since your first year as a student here.

Once upon a time you were seeing everything as exciting and new through the wide eyes of a curious freshman, but after you met the rebellious group of friends you had now, you started to spend a lot less time studying and a lot more time partying. You liked to think of it as a phase (everyone experiments in college, right?) but the longer you spent your days like this year after year, the more you began to realize that you were digging yourself into a hole you knew you wouldn’t be able to get out of.

But the worst part was, you couldn’t bring yourself to care. The crazy, wild nights that you had become so accustomed to made it hard to stop. You felt so alive when you were being daring and reckless and stupid; you felt so free. And nothing, not even fleeting worries about the near future that you would get whenever you looked at your grades, could take that feeling away from you.

It happened after one of your evening hangouts by the picnic table. You were casually strolling through campus from the trail, high off of the drugs in your system (though you all had built up a pretty high tolerance by now) and fueled by the night that seemed to put a certain spring in your step that the sunlight couldn’t. You were used to things being this way; you preferred to dance in the shadows of darkness, escaping the troubles of everyday life and living by the tides of the moon. You didn’t have a care in the world, and that was how you liked it. You were truly free.

It was during this intoxicated stupor as your body twirled through the night, enjoying the feeling of the wind in your hair and the cool breeze against your cheeks, tingeing them a light shade of pink in the crisp autumn air, that you bumped into him.

The feeling came out of nowhere—suddenly there was something that appeared out of nothing, and you were tumbling down, down, down until you felt the grass beneath your hands and your body lying on top of something that was definitely not the ground.

“Oof!” The person underneath you let out a whoosh of breath when both of you were sent toppling over, the hard impact almost knocking the wind out of you.

“Ow,” you winced in pain, pausing to get your bearings straight before slowly lifting yourself back to your feet. “Watch where you’re going, dumbass!”

The person quickly gathered their books before scrambling to their feet. “Sorry, oh my god I’m so sorry,” they stuttered frantically, and it was then that you were brought face to face with the most beautiful person you had ever seen.

Breathtaking. That was the only word you could think of to describe this boy, and even then it didn’t do him enough justice. There was no possible way he was from the same planet as you; you weren’t even sure if he was really human. His dark, raven hair hung effortlessly over his pale skin that glowed brightly beneath the moonlight, radiating the twinkle of the stars back off of him and making him appear ethereal, as if he had an everlasting halo shimmering around his body. His jawline was sharp and defined, his lips were delicate and pink, his body was tall and lean—but what really caught your attention were his big, sparkling brown eyes that were peering back at you with worry and apprehension in them. Something about them were so enchanting; the way they were full of innocence and wonder gave him this youthful, boyish charm that seemed to captivate you all at once. You had met many different types of people during your three years of adventuring here in this city, but never had you seen someone quite like him—never had someone quite literally taken your breath away the moment you laid eyes on them. He was absolutely magical.

The boy gave you a deep bow, his movements rigid and his body stiff as he clutched his books that had just been on the ground by his side. “So sorry again,” he mumbled nervously, avoiding your eyes as he stared down at the ground and chewed on his bottom lip. With that he side-stepped around you and hurried to continue his walk down the dark, desolate sidewalk.

“Wait!” You called out before you knew what you were doing, walking over to where he abruptly halted his steps. You desperately racked your brain for something, anything to say so you could continue to be in his presence, even if just for a little while longer. “Are you okay?”

When you looked up at him, you saw he had the same wide, shy expression in his eyes as if he was petrified of you. “What? Oh, y–yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me,” he managed to spit out, still staring down at the sidewalk by your feet.

You crossed your arms over your chest, the hint of a smirk playing at your lips as you raised an eyebrow and craned your neck down so your face was in his line of sight. “What are you doing out here alone so late anyways?” You inquired, straightening up with satisfaction when you saw his gaze finally flicker to you.

“I– I have a night class,” he explained, the worry still laced within his tone despite the fact that he was now making eye contact with you—albeit his head was still tilted towards the ground, so he was looking at you behind the protection of his dark eyelashes, but it was still eye contact nonetheless.

Before you could reply, he suddenly turned away, mumbling an apology and throwing you a quick bow before scurrying down the sidewalk.

“Wait!” You called out, realizing you had never gotten his name. But it was too late; he was far out of earshot now, and he wasn’t turning back around again.

It was during his first year of college that Jungkook first met Y/N.

He was on his way back to his dorm room from his second art class of the week, which was from 7-8:50 at night, so when he exited the brightly-lit building and stepped outside into the crisp September air, the sky above him was completely void of anything but twinkling stars amidst the darkness.

As a new freshman, straight out of high school only just a few months ago, Jungkook was overwhelmed to say the least. He had gotten into one of the largest universities in the area, making campus life exciting for anyone and everyone who enjoyed meeting new faces and experiencing new things.

Jeon Jungkook was not one of those people.

He had always been the shy type—an introvert, someone who kept to themselves and bottled away their feelings and emotions, only letting loose and opening up for the few people they were close to in their life. Jungkook only had four of those people: both of his parents, who loved him dearly and constantly checked up on him to see how college was going; his older brother, Junghyun, who was in the army as of late; and his best friend, Jihyuk, who graduated with him and had gone off to some prestigious law school. Other than that, Jungkook was a loner, an outcast, someone who worked hard in class and made good grades and didn’t have any time to meet new people and experience new things because he was always studying. When he didn’t have anything to study, Jungkook would find other ways to occupy his time—reading, playing video games, watching anime, even drawing or dancing or singing. Yet there was one thing all of his hobbies had in common: none of them involved spending time with others. And that was exactly the way he liked it.

That being said, Jungkook wasn’t a total social hermit; he knew many of the rumors floating around campus and had heard his new classmates talk about all the different crowds and which people were in them. Though the masses were too mingled and skewed to be split up into specific cliques, he still had a pretty good idea of the different types of people that went to his university. And he didn’t like the sound of any one of them.

He knew good and well that he had chosen a ‘party’ school to spend four years at to get his degree; he knew good and well of all the fraternities and sororities that were on campus, knew that there was a different party on each floor of the dorms every night. Jungkook knew good and well that his high values and ideals and morals would be outnumbered here. But did he care?

Not one single bit.

He just needed to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science so he could begin his career as a video game designer and make his family the fortune that he always promised them. His trivial desires such as performing and art were just pipe-dreams; they weren’t ever going to get him anywhere in life or pay his family’s bills. He just needed to get into the easiest university he could find, get out, and make his loved ones proud. Things like meeting people and experiencing new things weren’t important to Jungkook. He wasn’t at college for himself; he was here for his family.

That being said, Jungkook didn’t particularly enjoy being out at 9 o'clock on a Wednesday night. He much preferred the isolation and seclusion of his room. There was nobody around in his room; his roommate was always out, and even when he wasn’t, it’s not like the two of them ever talked. Jungkook didn’t know a single thing about him, and that’s exactly how he wanted it. There was nobody for him to meet, nobody to peer-pressure him into partying or drinking or smoking or any of the other bad things his fellow colleagues partook in.

So that’s why when Jungkook found himself face to face with the same girl he had ran into just two nights prior, he was more than perturbed to say the least.

Though he hated to admit it, everything about the girl had intrigued him. She was absolutely breathtaking, with her eyes glazed over in a sparkling daze and the scent of something that reminded him of smoked honey and vanilla wafting from her body as the wind whipped through her hair. She had stood in front of him that unorthodox Monday night, her form exuding confidence as her hand rested comfortably on her hip, and Jungkook had been rendered completely speechless.

Not only was he not used to being spoken to, but he wasn’t used to being spoken to by a girl—a pretty girl, at that. Though nothing about this girl put her in the realm of simply “pretty”; she was more, so much more than that, and Jungkook was sure he had made a complete fool of himself by bumping into her and knocking them both onto the pavement.

Not to mention, she had then chased after him and hounded him with questions afterwards. Jungkook had already been distressed enough; he didn’t need someone who was obviously older and more superior than him to give him a hard time about it. He just wanted to shrink away and hide within the warm blankets of his bed in his dorm room, away from nerve-wracking situations such as girls or social interactions. He didn’t need to open his mouth and make an even bigger fool of himself than he already had.

Therefore, seeing her standing effortlessly in front of him on the sidewalk right now, her posture stoic against the wind and rather intimidating to the skittish freshman, was enough to make him want to shrivel up and die of fear.

“Hi,” her soft voice spoke to him, causing his heart to hammer relentlessly in his chest and his feet to slow to a stop no matter how hard he tried to make them speed up. “I thought I would see you here again.”

Before he knew it his feet were starting back up again, seeming to have a mind of their own as he hurried past her. He was desperate to get away from this girl who put him out of his comfort zone, wanting nothing more than to retreat back to safety before he had an actual heart attack.

“Wait!” He heard her lovely voice flittering through the air, practically rendering him with deja vu from the first time they had met, and he felt himself slow back down again and turn around.

He couldn’t help but avoid the eyes that had enraptured him the first night, instead choosing to stare at her beat-up combat boots as his mind worked a mile a minute. The fact that she was even in front of him right now was mind-blowing enough—much less talking to him. She was actually giving him the time of day, someone who he knew absolutely nothing about and who knew absolutely nothing about him. And yet, there was only one question that came to mind no matter how many times he wracked the depths of his brain for something clever or interesting or charming to say: why?

“W–why are you here?” He gulped, finally feeling his feet start to move as he backed away from her. “What do you want from me?”

He couldn’t see her face—only her shoes as she took a tentative step towards him. “Want from you?” She asked, her sweet voice sounding puzzled. “I… I don’t want anything from you. I just wanted to say hi.”

Now that perplexed him. He found himself unable to keep from looking up at her once the words fell from her lips, noticing the way the corners of them were turned down in a frown as she watched him with concern. Why was she putting this kind of pressure on him right now? What had he done to deserve this?

“Hi?” He repeated, not caring how pathetic he must’ve sounded as he stared at her with wide, confused eyes. “Why do you want to say hi to me?”

It was now the girl’s turn to pause with hesitation. He watched in pure fascination as she looked down at the ground, nibbling on her bottom lip nervously before she seemed to suddenly gather her courage and look back up at him.

“What’s your name?” She asked with conviction.

Jungkook continued to eye her warily, still skeptical about her interest in him. This girl was beautiful—a spectacle to the eye far greater than he had ever seen. He could tell she was better than he would ever be just by the way she carried herself; what did she want with him?

“Jungkook…” He reluctantly told her, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

“Jungkook,” she repeated, more to herself than to him, and he swore he had never heard his name sound so divine in his life. Suddenly she was extending her hand to him, the gesture filling him with anxiety. “I’m Y/N.”

Y/N. Jungkook had heard that name before, floating between the mouths of his classmates as he eavesdropped on the gossip they were discussing during the lesson. He knew he had heard it; it was on the tip of his tongue, but no matter how hard he thought, he just couldn’t remember what they had been saying about her.

He stared down at her hand as if it was a foreign object, fear lodging its way into his throat as he thought about touching her skin. It’s just a handshake, he mentally scolded himself for his irrational stupidity. Just do it already!

He then reached out his hand, forming it into a fist before flexing his fingers to mask the shakiness that teemed his buzzing nerves. And then she was taking his hand, her’s smaller and fitting perfectly into his, and sending a jolt of electricity up his arm and down his spine.

This was too much.

Suddenly Jungkook was pulling away, stuffing the feeling away in his pocket and shuffling back before scurrying down the sidewalk towards the dorms. He didn’t want to be out of his comfort zone; he didn’t want to feel these weird feelings in his stomach and meet new people and experience new things. He wanted to escape into solitude—to put his earbuds in his ears and listen to his music while he studied until sleep slowly overcame him and drifted him off into the abyss of his dreams.

He didn’t want to learn anything about the intriguing girl named Y/N, no matter how much his fluttering heart told him otherwise. Not then, not now, and not ever.

Jungkook had pushed the girl out of his head, overdosing on textbooks and lecture notes that were online as a way to pass the time so he could spend less of it thinking about her. The only time he couldn’t shut his mind off from her was at night while he was laying in bed, swallowed by the darkness and consumed by the loud thoughts in his head that contrasted with the absolute silence of his room. Even then, he had to keep himself occupied by turning on his phone to play games or reading until he physically couldn’t hold his eyes open anymore, exhaustion hitting him like a ton of bricks and knocking him out before she had time to squeeze her way into his dreams.

He didn’t know why she was affecting him so much; they had only seen each other twice, and even then, only for a minute or two. He wanted to believe it was just because she was a girl who had spoken to him—something that didn’t happen quite often—but he knew that wasn’t the case. Even when girls had talked to him before, it never felt like this. The acceleration of his heartbeat and the fluttering of his stomach were pleasant feelings this time, rather than only being built off of anxiety and dread like usual. He didn’t know why he let it get to him so much when she probably wasn’t wasting an ounce of her energy thinking about him; she’d probably forgotten about him entirely, in fact. After all, she seemed radiant and courageous and charming and everything that Jungkook wasn’t. What would someone like her want to do with someone like him, who was too pathetic to even shake her hand?

That’s why the next time Jungkook walked out of his art class, he was absolutely stunned to see Y/N waiting for him on the sidewalk once again.

He knew he probably shouldn’t have been—after all, this was the place they’d seen each other the last two times he’d left class. One of the reasons it surprised him, though, was because it was a Friday night. Weren’t most students out partying at this hour? He didn’t know anything about Y/N, but judging from her beauty, her confidence, and the faint smell of smoke that usually lingered under her sweet fragrance, he suspected that she was probably the partying type.

“Hello, Jungkook,” she smiled calmly and stepped forward as he approached.

He hadn’t been ready for that. He felt his breath hitch at the sound of her voice; did she really just say his name? She actually remembered it?

“Um,” he managed to squeak out, avoiding her enrapturing gaze by looking at her shoes again. Beat-up combat boots, same as before. “H–hi?” He stuttered, the word sounding more like a question than a greeting.

“You know, I really do wish you’d look at me while you spoke,” he heard her say, her tone light and playful.

Heat started to prickle in his palms as his nerves jolted up to form a lump in his throat. She always insisted that he make eye contact with her—why?! Didn’t she know that just being in her mere presence was enough to make him almost shit his pants?

He gulped, swallowing his anxiety and closing his eyes before opening them back up on her. He felt the air whoosh from his lungs when he did; she was breathtaking, as always. He watched as she peered up at him with a small smile, her eyes twinkling in the moonlight and her hair dancing in wisps around her face in the light breeze, making her appear absolutely enchanting in front of him.

“Why?” He heard himself ask before he could second-guess his decision to speak.

He watched as the girl’s seemingly-unwavering confidence vanished like a deflating balloon, the smile faltering from her lips and a rosy-pink blush dusting over her cheeks—a sight that made his heart pound even heavier in his chest.

There was a second’s pause that he was sure was going to be the death of him; the air around them had grown thick with tension, silence echoing in their ears louder than any noise ever could—or maybe he was just imagining things.

Not even a second later she was blinking as if she had just woken from a trance, the confidence returning to her at once as she cleared her throat and looked at him with the same mischievous glint in her eye.

“I’d like to go on a date with you, Jungkook.”

The abrupt statement caused the air in Jungkook’s lungs to catch in his throat, completing halting his breathing and ultimately choking him. He sputtered out a relentless cough. “You—you what?!” He gasped as he tried to regain control of his breath.

“A date,” Y/N looked at him fixedly, her mouth curving upwards in a smirk as she folded her arms across her chest. “You and me. What do you say?”

“N–no! What?” He spat in bewilderment, his mind still reeling as he tried to wrap his brain around what was happening right now. Why would she want to go on a date with him—was this a prank? “What are you talking about?”

He watched as her eyebrows furrowed together in a frown. She took a step forward before seeming to second-guess herself and deciding to plant her feet where she stood instead of moving any closer. “Look, I know it might sound weird since we don’t know each other at all, but I’d like that to change. We could go out tonight or some other time this weekend, that part is up to you. I’d just like to go on a date.”

The resolution in her tone and the determination on her face had his thoughts all over the place, theory and logic and reason all skewed in the whirlwind of emotions that were going through his head right now. Her proposition still boggled him, but he tried to push that aside for now as he scrambled for something to say, feeling the pressure of her eyes on him while she waited for an answer.

On one hand, he wanted to say yes; oh, who was he kidding. Of course he wanted to say yes. She was the most fascinating girl he had ever seen, her beauty and aura and everything about her puzzling him to the point of teetering insanity. It was only in his dreams did he ever think someone like her would ask him out, and he found himself getting lost in his head as he thought about what they would do on their date if they went. He imagined a little restaurant where people normally spent their first dates, him pulling out the chair for her and getting to look upon her smiling face for as long as he wanted until they had to leave. Then they would walk hand in hand on the pier by the lake, discussing their lives and thoughts and ideas, their biggest fears and their plans for the future and their views on the world. He would learn what made her tick, learn the way her mind worked and how the enthralling girl lived her life so differently from his. Jungkook would love to sit there for hours on the end of the dock with their legs dangling over edge, his arm around her waist and her body leaning into his as they talked about anything and everything that sprung into their minds until the sun came up.

But on the other hand, he knew what was holding him back: fear. Fear had lodged its way into his heart, scaring him out of doing a task as simple as looking at her. How could he expect to go out on a date if he couldn’t even make eye contact with her? How could he expect to hold her hand, talk to her for hours and hours with her nuzzled into his embrace if he couldn’t even approach her without getting tongue-tied? Not to mention the security he would sacrifice if he accepted her offer. All his life, Jungkook had been a loner. He’d always been quiet, always kept to himself and never spoke unless spoken to. He liked his space and he liked his solitude; being around people made him anxious and antsy. That, along with the unadulterated fear that struck him to his very core at the thought, was enough for him to know what he had to do.

Without another word he spun around on his heel, not giving her so much as a second glance as he did what he did best when things were out of his comfort zone: he ran.

The next time you saw Jeon Jungkook, it was a complete accident, unlike your previous attempts.

It was at a student mixer, one that was deemed mandatory for all the students to attend at some point throughout the day before 6 pm. It was a cookout held in the pecan tree field on the outskirts of the campus, turning what normally was a nice and quiet park where people could find some solitude into a meeting place for students to mingle at the start of the new year. And since it was a school-funded event but not technically on campus, it was basically turned into a low-grade party.

Parties were your speciality; in fact, it was your group of friends who were the ones to transform the otherwise nerdy gathering into the wild festivity that it was right now. Hey, if something was going to be mandatory, might as well make it fun for everybody, right?

People had brought small things of alcohol to spike their drinks with, fooling the few teachers that stood watch into thinking there was nothing more than ice and soda in their cups. The music was loud and blasting whatever hot songs were currently on the radio through the speakers, the food was surprisingly good and had been covering the picnic tables that were scattered throughout the area for students to sit and eat, and the company was even better, filling the usually quiet park with familiar faces and jovial entertainment.

You were currently being pushed up against the trunk of one of the pecan trees, sucking face with some guy who you hit it off with at a party last week. You were just picking back up where you left off, because last time he had to leave before you could fuck him like you usually would’ve.

You were careful when engaging in intercourse; you always used a condom, were always on birth control, and always made sure you didn’t have any diseases that could’ve been spread around from person to person. But other than that, you were pretty easy, and you knew it. It wasn’t something you were ashamed about; what can you say, you liked sex. You didn’t believe anyone, regardless of their gender, should be criticized for their promiscuity. Sex was a healthy thing, and if it made people feel good, then what was the big deal? The only reason it was looked down upon was because society said so, and that was exactly what you had been trying to work against all along.

It was nearing 6 o'clock, almost time for the mixer to end—but that didn’t mean that your night had to. You would probably end up going back to this guy’s apartment, fucking him until he fell asleep, and then sneaking out before he woke up. It was a routine of yours, and you had no rules to abide by except for one: never sleep over. Then it became an unknown, weird territory where guys suddenly became clingy and wanted something more, which you definitely weren’t willing to give them. You rarely had sex with the same guy twice; you liked to explore, test drive all the cars without ever actually buying one. It was easier that way, and life was short. Why waste it on just one person? You lived by your own terms, anyways. You couldn’t be expected to be tied down.

It was with this mindset that you were able to give yourself to any guy that you wanted—like the one you were with now, who was pushing your hips harder and harder into the tree trunk as you ravaged each other’s lips. You ignored the sharp pain of the bark digging into your back, wrapping your arms around his neck instead. The kiss was sloppy (he used a little too much tongue and tasted of grilled hamburgers from the cook out), but hey, not everybody could be a good kisser. You just tried to push the thought out of your head, focusing only on the promised future you would spend between his sheets tonight.

As he pushed you farther and farther against the trunk, you lost your footing and tripped over the tall roots that were peeking beneath the ground. Your lips broke as you stumbled before quickly looking down and grabbing ahold of his arms to steady yourself. You let out a breathy laugh at your clumsiness, watching as your feet moved to balance atop the roots. He was still on you, kissing at your neck now that your lips were currently unavailable, but when you looked up and absentmindedly gazed at the people around the two of you, your breath caught in your throat when your eyes froze on one person in the distance.


The name had been on your mind ever since it left the heavenly boy’s mouth, evading your thoughts and filling your senses until all you knew was him.

I wonder what he’s doing right now.

I wonder who he’s talking to.

I wonder if he’s thinking about me as much as I’m thinking about him.

Thoughts plagued your brain like a disease, growing larger and larger in size until you felt like you were going to burst. You weren’t able to get the boy out of your mind no matter how hard you tried.

Ever since he left you on the sidewalk that very first night, the rest of your friends nowhere in sight, something inside of you had sparked like the flickering flame that was soon to ignite into a growing forest fire. You couldn’t figure it out—you had only seen him for what, a minute? Two, tops?—but when you pictured his unique, breathtakingly-beautiful face and his wide doe-eyes that had you hypnotized, you couldn’t help but feel your heart warm in your chest at the memory. Sure, he had seemed terribly nervous and didn’t say much, but there was something refreshingly sweet about that. One look at him, and you knew you needed to know more about this mysterious boy.

So you had decided to keep visiting him at the same place every time he got out of class. Since you had been here for going on four years now, you already knew the repetitive time of each class, so it wasn’t hard to figure out he had it scheduled the same time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It had taken a lot of strength to appear more confident than you were actually feeling inside; normally you were exuding confidence, but around him, you became this nervous person you weren’t used to being. Which in itself was mind-blowing—you didn’t get nervous, ever. But there was something about this boy, the boy who never looked you in the eyes and always ran away whenever you pried too much, that made him different from all the rest. There was something that made him special.

You’re not gonna lie, your ego had taken a huge hit when he literally fled after you mustered up the courage to ask him out on a date. Usually you had guys lining up down the block, practically throwing themselves on you in order to get their turn, but this doe-eyed boy would simply ignore your words altogether. If it weren’t for the fact that he had captivated you the moment you laid eyes on him, it probably wouldn’t have bothered you so much—you would’ve just moved on to the next one. But Jungkook was the most beautiful person you’d ever seen, and you couldn’t let someone like that slip through your fingers.

You hadn’t seen him since the rejection last Friday, and while back then you wanted nothing more than to see him again, now you just wanted to become invisible so you couldn’t be seen at all.

He was staring straight at you, his eyes locking yours in a stare that you couldn’t break even if you wanted to, no matter how hard the boy on top of you sucked at your neck. You felt goosebumps rise on your skin as you knitted your eyebrows in distress, but you soon realized that to Jungkook, the facial expression you were making probably just looked like you were feeling pleasured by your current activities.

And suddenly, you wanted to be as far away from this random guy on top of you as possible.

You let out a stop, but it ended up sounding more like a moan since you hadn’t used your voice in a while. You cleared your throat before trying again. “Stop,” you managed to say more clearly this time, placing both of your hands on the guy’s chest and gently shoving him off of you.

He broke away from your neck with bruised lips, his chest panting heavily and his face scrunched together in confusion. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked as he kept a steady hold on your hips.

You gulped before shooting a glance over to Jungkook. He was still looking at you, his gaze hard and unwavering as he fixated on the sight in front of him. A tingle of heated nerves ran through you from knowing that you were being watched by him, and suddenly you were self-conscious about everything that you were doing. How did you look? Had your hair gotten all tangled in the wind? Oh who were you kidding, he wasn’t paying attention to your physical appearance after you just got done shoving your tongue down some guy’s throat.

“Nothing’s wrong,” you spoke, trying to keep your voice from faltering as you turned back to look up at the boy standing over you. He was so dull in comparison, so boring and lifeless after looking at Jungkook. You couldn’t believe you were even kissing this guy, much less considering sleeping with him. He was disgusting.

The boy just grinned, taking your words as a sign to continue as he swooped back in to mash his mouth against yours again.

“No,” you stated louder this time, pressing your hands against his chest and shoving him off.

“What the fuck?” He spat after he stumbled back, looking at you like you were insane.

You kept your eyes steady on him, staring him down with a look that told him you were serious. “Sorry,” you apologized, only because you understood that your sudden change in attitude would be confusing to anyone, “but I’m leaving now.”

As you started to walk away, you felt a hand snake around your waist. “Well why didn’t you just say so, sweetheart?” The guy snickered, starting to walk along with you.

You stopped in your tracks and whipped your head around to face him. “That wasn’t an invitation,” you snapped, prying his fingers off of you before swatting his hand away. “Don’t follow me.”

The boy just scrunched up his nose. “You’re crazy,” he scoffed, giving you a quick once over with the shake of his head before disappearing in the other direction.

You instantly let out a sigh of relief, fixing your disheveled clothes and tucking your hair behind your ear before shooting a glance in Jungkook’s direction.

He was nowhere to be seen.

It was a miracle that Jungkook was even out of his dorm room in the first place.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this student mixer was mandatory, then he would’ve been wrapped up in his comforter like usual, mashing away at the buttons on his xbox controller. But no, thanks to his university he was dragged against his will from the confinement of his safe haven and forced into this… this sex ring. Or that’s what it might as well have been, given the way these girls were gyrating their asses on guys’ crotches as if they hadn’t had proper home training. Jungkook couldn’t stop thinking that these were people’s children, and he shook his head at the thought of what their parents would do if they saw this.

Just as he was about to turn and leave, his eye caught a flash of something, something familiar, which peaked Jungkook’s interest because no one at this school should be familiar enough for him to pick them out of a crowd. But he was soon proven wrong because sure enough, there up against a tree and underneath the clutches of some lust-driven douchebag, was the one person who could make his heart pound a mile a minute just by the mere thought of her:


And if Jungkook didn’t think he was going insane before, he suddenly did something that for sure secured him a spot in the nearest mental institution.

He spoke to someone.

“Who is that girl over there?” He mumbled aloud, not even aware if anyone had heard him until the body next to his shifted towards the direction he was looking in before turning back to him.

“The one against the tree? That’s Y/N.” The person seemed to study his facial expression then, watching as he eyed the couple go at it like wild animals under his cold gaze. “…she’s always kissing a different guy everyday,” they continued. “That sort of thing is normal. I’m surprised, this is actually somewhat tame for her. I guess it is technically still a school event, after all.”

But Jungkook had already stopped listening, his stomach so deep in his gut that he felt like he could throw up on the spot. He didn’t like this feeling one bit—how could his emotions trigger a physical illness in him? If this was the type of power Y/N would have over him, then he didn’t want any part of it. Especially if she was the type of girl that everyone claimed she was.

Though as he spoke these words to himself, he suddenly saw her break away from the guy’s lips, and he couldn’t bring himself to leave. It was like his eyes were glued to her, the rest of the world blurring out around him until she was all that existed. And when he watched her eyes meet his own for the very first time that night, it seemed that she had him transfixed under her spell instantaneously.

Jealously flared up within him as he watched the man ravage her neck, though he didn’t know why. She wasn’t his to get jealous over, and she never would be. Though the longer she continued to stare at him, her gaze never wavering once from their interlocked eyes, the more the palms of his hands started to heat up in a sweat that spread all over his entire body. Why did she always insist on subjecting him to this torture? Did she get pleasure out of watching him in pain, squirming under the scrutiny of her gaze? Did she enjoy preying on the young and weak?

But then she was pushing the guy off of her, and Jungkook could’ve sworn his heart stopped beating altogether as he watched it all transpire: the shove of her hands against his chest, the grip of his fingers around her wrist, the stomping of her feet atop the ground. She was walking now, escaping the man’s clutches, but before she had a chance to see Jungkook again, he had already slipped through the crowd and ran home without a word.

You’d be lying if you said you changed your ways after that day.

After all, Jungkook was a stranger, and you were a girl with a bunch of friends and a reputation to uphold. You had been stuck in your ways for so long, it wasn’t hard at all to get some alcohol in your system and forget the night of the student mixer ever happened. The dull thrusting of your hips against the mattress was a feeling you’d grown accustom to, and if anything, it was like being brought back into reality for you. Out of sight, out of mind was your philosophy, and you hadn’t seen the intriguing boy in weeks.

Though the next time you did, everything would change.

It was in one of the school buildings, a place where you were rarely seen visiting. This, though, was indeed a rare occasion. You had been called down to the dean’s office for a “mandatory meeting”; in other words, if you didn’t go, you were going to be kicked out of school.

Once inside, he told you that if you didn’t pull up your grade point average this semester, you were going to be just that: kicked out of school. At first the news didn’t faze you; you had grown to not care, learned how to put a wall up between yourself and your teachers so that you didn’t let their words strike fear into you. This, however, was different.

“Expelled.” The word was deafening coming from the dean’s mouth, draining all color from your face as the severity of what he was saying suddenly dawned on you.

“What?” You spat, your voice shaky and no where near as strong as you wanted it to sound. “N–no, there has to be some mistake. I’m on academic probation–”

“You were on academic suspension, and now you’re expelled,” he corrected you, an authoritative tone to his already-strict voice. “You were given a chance to pull your grades up last semester, and you did not. This school doesn’t just keep handing out free passes, Miss Y/N.”

“Please,” you begged for the first time in your life, grappling at his hands that were folded neatly on the dark, oak desk in between you. “I can’t be expelled; I have no where else to go. And it’s my last year—I really did think I was only on probation, I swear!”

The dean didn’t appear moved by your pleading. “You should have thought about that before it was too late. Whether it be probation or suspension, you still knew you needed to improve your academic performance. The school will review your files one last time to see if there’s anything we can do, but until then, I would plan on leaving the university if I were you.”

His words sat like a bomb in your stomach, just ticking and ticking and holding off the inevitable that you knew was bound to happen eventually: an explosion. You would be forced to leave the school and put out on your own. No money, no job, no family—there was no where for you to go.

Tears sprung to your eyes as you left the office, and you knew you couldn’t be seen like this; you never cried, never showed any signs of weakness, always coming across as strong and care-free and independent. So when you passed a nook in the stairwell that provided a ledge large enough for you to sit under the vast window, you knew there was no other choice.

You squeezed into the small space, your body encased between the railing of the stairs and the glass of the window, and in that uncomfortably dark moment, you let yourself cry. Years and years of pent-up emotions ran down your face, memories dating back to even your childhood tainting your thoughts and driving the tears forward. You were always the screw up, and your parents knew that, which was why they left you. You were abandoned and alone, and you knew you deserved it. Maybe you deserved to be expelled from school and kicked out onto the streets as well. It wouldn’t be the first time something bad had happened to you; maybe now, you could finally experience what it meant to be truly free.

It was the sound of heavy footsteps on the concrete stairs that caught your attention, halting the moment of self-pity you were having and instead sparking the fear of being seen into your heart, but as you heard the shoes squeak to an abrupt stop right in front of you, you knew it was too late.

You emitted a loud sniffle before lifting your watery eyes to the figure, and it was then that you saw Jungkook for the fifth time.

Except this time, it was different; he was staring at you, his doe-eyes boring into yours with a mix of fright, curiosity, and concern adorning his features. Even in your distraught state, you still couldn’t help the breath that audibly hitched in your throat as you were taken aback by his raw, natural beauty. Was it even possible for this boy to look human?

You sniffled again, afraid that if you didn’t, you would be a gross, leaking mess in front of this anomaly. “What do you want?” You asked, though your voice sounded tired and weak.

Jungkook just continued to stare at you; he was like a deer, a creature too docile and ethereal to be caught in the headlights of this disgusting world. “Are you okay?” He finally spoke, and you could’ve sworn it was like the angels themselves opened up the heavens above and sang their euphonious music in your ears.

You tried to mask your vulnerability by wiping at the tears in your eyes. “Yeah, I’m fine,” you lied, straightening up your posture. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

There was a slight pause, and for a fleeting moment you were worried you’d scared the skittish boy off again, despite being under the impression that that had been your plan all along… apparently your subconscious felt differently.

“Do you always cry in the windowsills of stairwells?” He asked, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

It was a fleeting sound, so light and delicate and joyful that it had Jungkook’s heart soaring in his chest the moment he heard it, stunning him speechless right where he stood.

Her laughter. It was the most beautiful, enticing thing he’d ever heard in all of his 18 years of living, and he couldn’t believe that he’d been the one to cause the magical sound to fall from her lips. This had to be another one of his dreams.

“You got me there,” she breathed through waning giggles, and he still couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to be graced with this girl’s presence right now. “It’s really nothing, don’t worry. Thank you, though.”

The intensity of her gaze was too much, her eyes on him sparkling as if there was a supernatural aura to them, and suddenly Jungkook realized who did he think he was to approach her so casually like this? He was lowering his head and spinning away from her before she spoke again.

“Jungkook, wait,” she called out to him, and who was he kidding—he didn’t stand a chance.

He turned back to look at her with wide, questioning eyes, desperately trying to hide the fact that he felt his heart could give out at any moment.

“I’ve been seeing you a lot recently,” she curved her lips into a teasing grin, and he resisted the urge to point out that the majority of those times were her doing. “Please, sit down.”

Maybe it was the way she tried to make the offer seem casual, but he could still hear the silent plea deep down under all the strength and confidence she tried to exude. Or maybe it was just because he was weak and under her spell. Either way, he was hiding his hands that were shaking with fear in his pockets and taking a seat on the other end of the windowsill, as far from her as he could get.

Y/N chuckled at that, and as he felt his heart lurch in his chest again, he swore up and down in that moment that he would do anything to hear that fleeting sound for the rest of his life. “What year are you in? I’ve never seen you before,” her voice was surprisingly small, shy, not as powerful as he would expect it to be. Then again, he did just walk in on her crying.

“I–I’m a freshman,” he spoke timidly, as if he was speaking to a professor, careful to avoid her eyes by keeping his head low.

“Oh,” her voice echoed in the otherwise silent staircase. “I’m a senior.”

His vision tunneled at her words. A senior. So he had been right—she was older than him. Of course she would want nothing to do with a measly freshman like him. As if they needed yet another invisible barrier to keep them apart, now age was thrown into the mix. Jungkook felt as if he could die right there on the spot.

Once it was clear that he wasn’t going to be the one to make conversation, Y/N spoke again. “What are you majoring in?” She asked.

Why do you care? He wanted to snap, suddenly outraged by the inner turmoil she was putting him through. Couldn’t she tell he was uncomfortable with the interaction? Couldn’t she tell she made him more nervous than he’d ever been in his entire life?

“Computer science,” he heard himself tell her, though he wasn’t quite sure why. He hadn’t been planning on disclosing that information to her, since the only other person on the campus that knew was his roommate, and even then that was only because the textbooks were sitting out in the open on his desk.

“That’s interesting,” she chirped, and his heart fluttered in his chest at the small compliment. “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.”

He lifted his head at her blunt words, knitting his eyebrows in confusion and turning to look at her for the first time since he’d sat down. “You don’t know? Aren’t you a senior?”

She smiled meekly, now her turn to look away from him and off into the distance. “I know, I’m supposed to be graduating this year. My transcript says fine arts, but truthfully, I still don’t have a clue.”

This puzzled Jungkook; as someone who always had everything together, knowing what he had to do to make his family proud since the day he was born, he had never experienced or even talked to someone with this level of uncertainty before. Sure he knew there were people like this out there, who didn’t have a grasp on life, but they’ve always been a distant trouble, something that he never needed to think about because it never directly affected him. He’d always looked down on those types of people because he never understood them—but now, being face to face with someone as enchanting as Y/N, he never imagined it being like this.

“I’m sorry,” was all he could think to mumble, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw her turn her head towards him and smile.

“Don’t be,” she said, and before he knew it he was standing up to walk away again.

“Jungkook,” she stopped him one last time, and despite the reluctant slowing of his feet as if she was a burden, he would never admit the joy he felt each time she called his name to keep him in her presence for even a second longer.

He spun around, forcing himself to stare into her eyes and hold her gaze no matter how much the mystery of what she could be thinking shook him to his core.

“Thank you,” she simply said, and whether it was for stopping to make sure she was okay, or agreeing to sit down and talk to her, he didn’t know. But the impact of her words almost knocked the wind out of him.

He nodded his head once before turning to leave again, noting with a hint of disappointment how she didn’t call out for him to stop as he disappeared through the heavy metal doors.

And it was in that moment that Jungkook realized, maybe there was more to this girl than meets the eye.

“Y/N!” There was a sharp pain in your shin, and you realized that you were quite literally being kicked out of your thoughts by one of your friends, Lynn. “Pass it!”

You frowned as you blinked back into reality, staring down at the fully packed bowl and light blue lighter in your hands. Suddenly not in the smoking mood, you gratefully passed the items to her.

“What’s with you lately?” She furrowed her eyebrows before holding the ceramic piece up to her lips and lighting the contents before taking a drag. She held the smoke in her lungs for a few seconds before exhaling it through her nose. “You seem kind of out of it.”

“Yeah, like you’re not really here with us,” Suzy chimed in from her spot next to Lynn. They both looked at you with expectant expressions, as if they were waiting for you to fill them in on the latest gossip.

You looked down at your shoe as you kicked at the dirt around the fire pit your group of friends were sitting at. The other six were lost in their own conversation, but the two girls had their eyes fixed on you.

“Do you ever wonder if there’s something… more, out there?” You asked, your eyes wandering up to the night sky while you spoke.

“Like extraterrestrial? Fuck yes. It’s self-centered of us to think that we’re the only things in this universe,” Lynn answered without a moment’s hesitation.

“No, not aliens,” you quickly brushed her off. “Like something more here, to life. On this planet—on this campus, even.” You hurried to explain yourself when you saw them scrunch up their noses. “Like we’re always doing things our way, and this campus is just so big, and I don’t know—there could be tons of different types of people that we don’t even know about, and that we’ll never get to know because we’re doing things our way.”

“But our way is how you get to know the most people,” Suzy pointed out, puzzled. “We’ve been to more parties over the years with so many different types of people that–”

“That’s just it though: parties,” you interrupted her. “What about the people who don’t party? What about people who stay inside and study, who already have their life together and know what they’re going to do?”

“Y/N, where are you going with this?” Lynn asked you in a wary tone.

There was a moment of silence before you let out a sigh. “I met someone,” you put your hands on your thighs as you turned to them.

“What is this I hear?” Kate suddenly entered the conversation on the other side of Suzy, leaving the rest of the five boys to talk on their own.

“Shh, Y/N met someone,” Suzy slapped her arm a few times, all the while never looking away from your face.

“I don’t understand,” Lynn started, her usual husky voice thick with smoke as she passed the bowl across the circle. “You meet people all the time; what do you mean you met someone?”

“This… boy,” you said, suddenly shy under their scrutiny now that you were talking about him out loud for the first time. “He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met before, and I don’t know…”

“Did you stay the night with him?” Kate asked, referring back to your number one rule.

“I… we haven’t had sex,” you told them.

“Oh. Well is he a really good kisser or something?” Kate cocked her head.

“Those are always keepers,” Suzy nodded in agreement.

“N–no, no guys I haven’t kissed him. We’ve never even spent longer than ten minutes together.”

“Ten minutes? He really only lasts that long?”

“Oh my god, no!” You cried out in frustration. “I’ve never touched the guy before. He’s just someone I’ve seen in passing around campus!”

The three girls were stunned by your outburst. “Oh,” one of them said, though you weren’t quite sure who. “Oh.”

“It’s pathetic, I know,” you shook your head, starting to feel yourself close off again. “I don’t even know why I told you.”

“No, Y/N, stop,” Suzy protested, exchanging a glance with the other two. “It’s not pathetic, it’s just… different. We’ve never seen you act this way before.”

You sighed at the truth in her words. “I know.” You ran an exhausted hand across your face. “I don’t know what’s gotten into me.”

“Why don’t you invite him to the party this Friday?” Kate offered.

“He doesn’t go to parties,” you stated, “I can tell. I’m telling you guys, he’s different. Really different. Like, straight-edged if I had to assume.”

“Really?” Lynn’s eyebrows raised in perplexity. “And what made you interested in someone so goody two-shoed?”

“I don’t know!” You told them for what felt like the millionth time—or maybe you just felt on-edge more when you were talking about him. “Like I said, it’s pathetic. If I knew then I wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

“Well you could still invite him,” Kate shrugged, leaning back in her seat. “The party this Friday is going to be one of the more tamer ones we’ve been to, so it’d probably be good for beginners. You never know.”

Though the absurdity of her statement had you shunning it immediately, you couldn’t help but take a pause, frozen on the idea and letting it meld in your imagination. Jungkook couldn’t even stay in the same vicinity as you for longer than a minute, much less at a party filled with people he didn’t know. Maybe he could bring a friend, you thought to yourself as you pondered all the ways you could make this work in your mind. Surely that would make him feel more comfortable.

And suddenly, the impossible suggestion didn’t really seem that impossible after all.

Jungkook slid his hand over this crotch, absentmindedly cupping the bunched fabric in his hand as he let his brain drift off to where it always seemed to go whenever it had the chance: her.

He felt his member twitch slightly beneath his touch before he gripped its growing size. As embarrassing as it was for him to admit, he always got hard when he thought of Y/N. It was strange—this had never happened to him before. Sure he used to pop random boners at the worst of times when he was growing up, but he had never been able to think of someone while he was completely flaccid and then immediately get an erection. This fact alone scared him; what was she doing to him? How could this girl who he barely knew, save for all of the nasty rumors he had heard surrounding her, have this much of an effect on him? For all he knew, she was just a no-good, dirty, rotten partier. How could he let someone like that crack his pristine shell? How could someone like that be making him do such sinful things to himself beneath the sheets of his bed?

For someone who never had any experience in, well, life—the thought was definitely unsettling, to say the least. Especially now that he found his length had grown to its full size and rock solid, just in a matter of seconds.

“God damn it,” he quietly cursed to himself under his breath, finally giving in to his temptations and slowly gliding his hand along his shaft as his eyelids fluttered shut.

Instantly his mind was flooded with images of her, the way her hair always flew in wispy strands around her face and made her appear delicate and ethereal in her surroundings. He thought about the way her eyes would light up when she would look at him—or, he liked to think it was because she was looking at him. The fact of the matter is, Y/N had this infectiously charming personality people seemed to be drawn to that would take little to no effort on her part. As an extreme introvert, Jungkook couldn’t fathom it: how could someone be so friendly, so carefree and fearless and ready to take on the world? She was a mystery, an intriguing puzzle that he found himself wanting to figure out. At least, that’s what he told himself—that he was feeling this way because of analytical reasons. Trivial things such as love and romance couldn’t have any control over his logical thoughts and weave its way into his emotions.

Could it?

Jungkook quickly shook the thought from his mind, resuming the light back-and-forth tug on his dick. Now was not the time to be questioning existential crises such as whether or not he had actually developed feelings for a girl who was three years older than him with a bad reputation. He had other matters to attend to.

The next thing that popped into his mind were her lips, the way they would form while she was talking to him. They would pull open across her teeth, displaying a beautiful smile that would make Jungkook’s heart pound and heart flutter every time he saw it—though he would never admit that to her. He would never admit any of this to her, actually. Especially not that the mere mental image of her was coaxing him to his climax, making him speed up his ministrations. He pictured her everywhere he had seen her—outside on the sidewalk, inside the school building, at the student mixer. Even though he had seen her kissing another guy (as a stranger all-too-willingly told him that Y/N was always kissing someone new everyday), he ignored the sinking feeling in his stomach and still imagined her touch, the way her soft, plush lips moved so effortlessly against the other’s. He imagined that instead of that guy, it was him—that he was the one she had her hands wrapped around and he was the one she was kissing.

He let out an involuntary sigh, feeling the familiar heat build in his core as he took his bottom lip between his teeth. His cock throbbed as he felt a drop of pre-cum slide down his shaft and land on his quickly-moving hand, aiding in the motions of him gliding over his taut skin with ease.

He then imagined her voice, the way every word would dance through the air and mingle with the wind as she spoke. Her laugh, which he rarely got to hear while she was talking to him (since those had mostly been awkward, nervous encounters), was one of his favorites. The first time he’d witnessed it, he had been floored, completely awe-struck in his spot as the magical melody made its way into his ears. Ever since then, the sound of happiness had made his heart melt just the same, filling him with the same type of happiness that only she could produce in him.

But best of all was the way Y/N said his name.

Jungkook. Nothing had ever sounded so sweet, and no one had ever done his name such an honor as she. The way it fell from her lips made it sound so poetic, so graceful—as if he could actually let go, live his life to the fullest and be free, just like her. And as afraid as he was to admit it, he knew he wanted to; she brought out a side in him that he never knew existed, but he wanted to change, wanted to try for her.

Jungkook, he heard her say, the sound flittering through the chills of autumn as if it had belonged there all along. Jungkook, he heard her laugh, tilting her head back to expose the expanse of her neck as the innocence that had once been lost soon returned on her features, even if just for a moment. Jungkook, he heard her moan, her eyes screwed shut and her mouth hung sensually agape as she panted beneath his form, sucking him in and out again in time to the current movement of his hand over his dick with her soaking wet, perfectly throbbing pussy—

“Fuck!” Jungkook hissed as his hips bucked, all of his senses crashing down on him at once as the hot, white cum sprayed out all over his bare chest. He stilled momentarily, his soul seeming to leave his body before he was rocking again, squeezing his fist tightly around his cock and rubbing back and forth one last time to ride out his climax.

His orgasms were always the best when he thought of her. Never had he had such a euphoric high, such an effervescent experience while masturbating. He wasn’t a fool. He knew what she had done to him.

And he didn’t like it one bit.

Young Justice - Batfam x Batsis

Prompt: Fluffy imagine about batboys babysitting their little sister when Alfred and Bruce are away? Like they would go out from ice cream and stuff and it’s funny bc they all look intimidating and then the sister is just there looking cute?? (requested by anon)

“Do any of even know how to take care of a child?” Jason asked staring down at his toddler sister. She brightly smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around his legs in a tight hug.

“Jay!” She laughed pressing her cheek to his leg. Jason awkwardly patted the top of her head.

“Uh … good girl?” He said, really unsure of how to act in this sort of situation.

“Clearly not.” Damian retorted dryly in response to Jason’s initial question.

“Beats me.” Tim said.

“I babysit you guys all the time! How hard could it be?” Dick shrugged. The others looked offended and were prepared to argue with that underhanded dig but the small child released Jason’s leg and ran over to Dick and tugged on his sweater. Dick smiled down at her and crouched down to her level.

“What is it little bird?” He asked.

“Can we go to the park?” She asked sweetly.

“That sounds like a great idea!” Dick praised. “Let’s go!” He said excitedly. He scooped up his little sister into his arms and ran towards the door.

“Look Dick! I’m Wonder Woman!” She giggled extending her hands out as if she was in mid-flight. Dick let out a gasp of shock and set her down before getting down on his knees. He dramatically bowed down before her.

“I had no idea we were in the presence of royalty. My apologies Princess. Can you ever forgive us?” Dick asked.

“Only if you help me save the day! To the park, Superman!” She cried, heroically extending her fist while she ran towards the car with her brothers trailing behind her.

“Why do you get to be Superman?” Jason grumbled.

“Because I’m her favorite, that’s why.” Dick retorted. When their sister got impatient with how slow they were being she ran back to them and pulled on Jason’s hand to hurry them up.

“Come on Batman! The city’s in danger!”

“Wait. Why am I Batman?” Jason asked. She huffed and sighed as if it were the most obvious thing ever.

Because Jay! You’re always grumpy and never smile!” She explained. Dick had to bite back a laugh and thought to himself that he couldn’t wait to tell Bruce that one. Jason wanted to argue with her and say he was nothing like Batman but he just couldn’t say no to that face. God damn it he was going to be the best Batman possible for this kid.

“Then who are we?” Damian asked.

“You’re Green Arrow because you wear that silly hood all the time.” She said pointing at that very same green hoodie that she was referring to that he was currently wearing. Point taken. “And you’re the Flash because you’re really smart and wear red a lot!” She reasoned. Tim couldn’t argue with that logic. He could have done much worse.

With their roles now filled they raced to the park in the ‘Batmobile’ where they entertained their little sister with her game for a while. Dick taught her a few circus tricks when she grew bored of ‘Superheros’. Park goers eyed the group of intimidating looking men and teenagers but gave them a wide berth as they played with the clearly delighted child.

When they were getting ready to go back to the manor Jason suggested that they stop at the ice cream place on the way home.

“I don’t know Jay. Bruce probably wouldn’t like it.” Dick said hesitantly.

“Well I say we should. You know why?”

“Don’t.” The boys warned simultaneously.

“Because I’m Batmaaaaan.”

A Mess (Lams)

AN: this is a mess and way longer than I thought it would be. Enjoy. 

Request: @ash-the-shadowhunter - Hello! So I love your writing and I would absolutely love to see a lams fic where someone starts flirting with John (or Alexander) and then Alexander (or John) gets all possessive/Jealous. Maybe even John has to calm Alex down possibly? Thanks again! I really love your writing

Warning: fighting 

Word Count: 4,405 

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @megabooklover18


John and Alexander were at the reception after Aaron Burr’s wedding. Neither of them particularly wanted to go, but Alexander and Aaron were colleagues and it would have come of as rude if they hadn’t attended. John had spent the evening trying to get Alexander to enjoy himself at least a little, without much success. Now, he was going to hope that dancing would loosen him up.

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