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Shit Tumblr History Nerds Say to Each Other

Below are quotes - actual quotes - from a Skype chat me and a bunch of tumblr history nerds are in. Yes, we use Skype. We’re losers. Also here’s a disclaimer: it’s a private conversation where messages are typically sent without passing through our brains first. Do not take anything seriously. Also, reading this might will cause cancer.


Fuji, @fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode
Gideon, @tanks-a-lot
Shiggy, @uss-edsall
Joey, @british-eevee
Zach, @supermarketsecurity

Part 1 of ?: Sections 0 - 99

This post contains sections 0-99: 25 AUGUST 2015 to 12 OCTOBER 2015. Joey and Zach were not a part of the chat group yet.

Section 0

Off to a good start,

“you’d think that the friendship between tumblrs two Pacific War historians would be a little intellectual, but nope” - Fuji

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Artemis -Roy Harper 《Arrow》

Summary: Your mother was Paula Crock and she had recently died of cancer. You were still 17 meaning you needed to have a legal guardian till you did turn 18. Moira Queen had been best friends with your mother since high school so she decided to take care of you. While there you became good friends with both Oliver and Thea. You forced Oliver to make you a part of the team. You had expected it, because back in Gotham you were great friends with Dick Grayson, and he was able to tell you the secret that his family had. So to you it was pretty obvious that Oliver was Arrow. You chose to call yourself Artemis because that was the name of your best friend. Your sister.


“You ready?"You asked Diggle."I’m ready."Right when he finished you swung for his face, easily knocking him back and yelling in agony."You said you were ready!"You shouted at Diggle."I wasn’t expecting a punch to the face so quickly.” “Which is why I chose to punch you in face so quickly!"You shouted back, laughing at the end."You know she has a….point."Felicity said from the computer."Thank you, Felicity."You smiled and began to take off your kickboxing gloves.

"Well get back to training, just-just let me recover."Diggle said with a towel pressed to his nose. You giggled and shrugged."Fine with me."You said and took a water bottle from the mini fridge.
You quickly chugged it down, and jumped up to sit on a cot, that held all the arrows and all.

"You know, when I used to come down here I’d never expect a half naked lady to be sitting next to deadly weapons."Roy joked as he came down the stairs."Who’s nak-and you meant Y/N. Awesome."Felicity said, like always being herself. She always managed to make you laugh and you loved her for that.

"Roy, my uniform is a sports bra and pants. Only difference now are the shorts. And please! I’ve handled way more arrows than you."You said rolling your eyes."But you cant aim better!"Roy said."Bet!"You challenged and got down to grab your bow and your carrier.

Roy went to grab his red ones and you guys walked out to the shooting range Oliver had for you two."Let’s see how good you are Arsenal."You said teasing him. He gave you an appointed look and than smirked, getting his arrow ready.

You winked before turning on the tennis ball machine. It was on high, shooting three every second."What was that!?"Roy shouted as you shot three arrows from you bow, claiming all three balls. Roy went back to shooting when she saw you weren’t listening and just aiming.

"Alright no wasting the arrows or balls."Oliver’s voice said, and the balls stopped shooting out."15, 16, 17, 18……I win!!"You shouted and started to do a happy dance."14, 15…Dammit!"Roy shouted.

You laughed and rushed out behind Oliver. You grabbed your bag and went to change. You sighed walking back out and sat in a chair."You can go home, Y/N. I’ll have Felicity call you when you’re needed."Oliver said.

"Thank you."You smiled and reached up to give Oliver a kiss on the cheek before leaving. You were homeschooled but the work still frustrated you, it seems harder than it did when you were in Gotham Academy."Hey, Y/N! Wait up!"You turned and waited for Roy to catch up."I’ll take you home."He said smiling."Thanks Roy."You smiled and followed him to his car.

The ride was filled with laughter and you two reminding each other who’s a better vigilante."Come on, girls are falling for the red, hot, hero under the mask."Roy said. You laughed and opened the door to get off."Well guess what. I have both guys and girls, so suck it Harper."You laughed and quickly shut the door to his car.

He stuck the middle finger up as he drove off, but you just laughed it off. "Oh, Y/N. You’re home."Moira said coming down the stairs."Thea is in her room, I have a meeting to go to, but you’ll both be fine, correct?"She asked."Of course Moira. I think I’m going to just shower than have a talk with some friends back home."You smiled.

"Well alright. Take care."She kissed your forehead and headed out the door. You waited patiently for the door to shut before you dropped your bag to the ground and ran right for the kitchen.

While there you made yourself and Thea a sundae, than headed up to her room."Vanilla, hot fudge, peanut sundae. Just like you told me you loved it."You said and handed Thea her sundae."Thank you!"She smiled and took it.

"What you doing?"You asked and sat down on a fluffy chair, watching her on her laptop."Nothing."Thea shrugged. You leaned over and giggled when you saw her stalking Dick on twitter."You know I can set you up with him."You said and leaned back.

"That would be so totally awesome."Thea said and swiveled her chair around to look at you."Here’s his number, I’m going to go and take a shower."You said and got up to leave Thea to her man crush.


It was 11 when you had finally let sleep consume you after a little conversation on the phone with Dick and Damian. Just as your head was fixing to hit the pillow, the phone decides to go off. You yell and reach over to see who it was. Already having a hunch you answered, and groaned a response.

"Y/N, were you alseep?"Felicity asked, sounding worried."No I was fix-"She cut you off before you could finish."It’s Roy."You instantly felt the sleep dissolve and immediately got up.

"What about him Felicity?"You asked, trying not to sound bossy."You sound like Oliver."Felicity said."Felicity."You shouted trying to get her to talk.

By than you had already made it to the car and were on your way to Verdant. "He got shot."You hung up on Felicity and quickly shifted to sports mode on the car, and drove all the way to the open club.


Quickly jumping out, you used the back way to go downstairs and rushed down."Where is he?"You asked when you saw Diggle. He pointed to a cot and you saw Oliver stitching Roy’s shoulder."You scared me, Harper!"You shouted causing both men to look up.

"Why did you do that!? What if it wasn’t you shoulder!? Why am I talking!? I do the same thing! Omg! Shut me up!"Roy leaned over cupping your face in his hands and kissing you. You placed you hand on his thigh and lightly squeeze.

"K thank you."You said blushing when you pulled away."Next time give us time to walk out the room."Diggle joked."Agreed."Oliver spoke.

You and Roy gave him a look and he just looked confused."What?"He asked. Simultaneously you and Roy look over at Felicity. "Well nevermind than."Oliver said and began to walk out.

"I think you guys should really work it out."Felicity said as she passed you two. You gave her a smile and she gave you thumbs up back."Can I get a better kiss?"Roy asked."Whatever, Harper."You giggled and met him halfway.

veronica mars, navy!logan ficlet because i miss the vmars fandom. *sigh*

“Dude, what the fuck?”

“You’ll have to get a little more specific, Dick,” he says. He tap-tap-taps his pen against his open textbook. He has a pretty good idea what the outburst is about, but with Dick – well, you could never really, truly know.

“No, dude, don’t get all – evasive and vague and shit,” Dick says. “Brad from Alpha Kappa just told me you, like, joined the freakin’ Army. Dude.”

He sighs. “You’ll be glad to hear that I didn’t, in fact, do that then. Brad’s an asshole.”

“Soooo you didn’t…”

He lifts his shoulder into a lazy shrug, but his heart is pounding. “I talked to a recruiter. Navy.”

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The hurricane bow

Before Essex class carriers were modernized after the war they had open bows (first photo) where the corners of the flight deck hung over the hull. 3 incidents of high seas crashing over the bow and damaging the flight deck with USS Bennington (CV-20) and USS Wasp (CV-18) and USS Hornet (CV-12) was enough for the navy to consider a enclosed bow or hurricane bow which came with SCB-125 modernization (last photo) which also added the angled flight deck for some ships

I do what I can to make my workspace “cool.” But it’ll never be as cool as this guy’s desk.

PACIFIC OCEAN (July 21, 2014) Lt. Evan Werner, a Pittsburgh native assigned to the “Sidewinders” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 86, waits to be signaled toward the catapult on the bow of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Ronald Reagan is participating in Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise 2014. Twenty-two nations, more than 40 ships and six submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC exercise from June 26 to Aug. 1, in and around the Hawaiian Islands. The world’s largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain the cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s oceans. RIMPAC 2014 is the 24th exercise in the series that began in 1971. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Torrian Neeman/Released)