bow bridge

Because some people are hating on Magnus and I had some prince of hell inspiration:

Central Park had become a war zone: the only thing that remained of the once serene location, huge craters of earth, rivers turned red with spilled blood,  and half of Bow bridge; a half that was rapidly crumbling into the river than ran beneath it.

It was a bloodbath.

Magnus’ eyes drifted to the bodies that littered the ground, Shadowhunters and Downworlders and the unfortunate mundanes who had been caught in a war they hadn’t seen coming.

The warlocks who still stood were half trying to push back the demons and half keeping the wards up to drive the more curious mundanes away from the brunt of it. Keeping the glamours up so they couldn’t see the destruction behind the veil.

And right in the middle of the field, from the huge crater that was the portal to Edom, poured out more demons, by the hundreds, screeching and taking down everything and everyone in their path, bathing the ground with blood of Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike.

One came too close to a wolf that stood taller than the rest of the pack and Magnus sent out a bolt of fire, turning it to ash even before it hit the ground.

The wolf turned around and growled and Magnus rolled his eyes.

Fucking werewolves and their insistence on being able to handle themselves. Even in wolf form, Luke Garroway still liked to think he had everything handled.

He heard another wolf scream and turned sharply, keeping his arms to the side when he noticed Alexander hacking down the demon before it could cause further damage.

His eyes scanned the battlefield.

They were outnumbered. The demons were pouring out by the second, in minutes the entire field would be completely outrun by them; in hours, the entire city.

Downworlders and Shadowhunters would eventually get fatigued. But demons? Demons kept going until everyone was dead.

“Come to seal the portal warlock?”

Magnus glanced up at the circle member that was grinning at him, the black circle on his neck a stark contrast to his pale skin.

“It’s too late you know. Jonathan was the one who summoned them. Even if you are able to seal it, the damage is already done.”

Magnus’ eyes narrowed. “They might have answered his call. But they will obey my command.”

A flicker of his fingers incinerated the man and he knelt, sinking his fingers into the ground. His eyes bled till they were golden, pupils narrowed into slits as he let his power out. Felt the rush as he welcomed his father’s authority.

“Return to me!”

His words cracked like a whip; his power poured out of him in waves, rippling and sending shockwaves all over the city, pulling the demons to him like they were the puppets and he the who held their strings.

They ran. Ran from all the corners they’d burrowed into, left the downworlders and mundanes and shadowhunters they’d been attacking; his power overriding their need to render and tear; his power bringing them all to a heel.

They came in their droves, racing over each other, skittering on their claws, raced down the portal, straight down the abyss like he commanded it.

Some of them tried shaking off his call; their need for death briefly overshadowing his call for them to return.

“No!” He bellowed. “You will return. As the son of your prince I demand it. As Asmodeus’ heir, I command you!”

For a brief moment, just before the last of the demons went through, he heard it. The low chuckle of a father pleased that he’d used his power and called on his name.

Magnus blocked it out; using the last tendrils of his power to seal the portal.

Finally, he stood back up and turned around, drained of energy and power.

He met the eyes of Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike. Surprise and respect and awe and in a few Shadowhunters, fear. That did not surprise him.

His eyes found Alexander’s. He looked worn and tired, his expression slightly cautious. They hadn’t fully resolved things and it showed that he wasn’t sure how Magnus would react.

Magnus took a step towards him and staggered. His vision swarm, his knees buckled and he closed his eyes, waiting to hit the ground hard, only to sigh in relief when he instead felt himself sink against a warm lean body.

He slowly opened his eyes and met Alec’s hazel ones, concern and pride and love shining in their depths.


Alec brushed his hair back and Magnus sighed at the touch. Oh how he’d missed his touch.

Alec extended his hand. “Take my strength. Take as much as you need.”

Magnus clasped his hand and held on; taking the strength that Alec willingly gave, his head resting against Alec’s chest, finding solace and comfort in his arms.

But then he felt Alec suck in a harsh breath and he pulled away, eyes running over his face and body, searching for the source of pain. “Did something happen? Are you hurt?” When that got him nothing, he reached for Alec’s face and turned his face till Alec was looking at him. “Is something wrong?”

Alec cocked his head, throat bobbing as he pointed at the now sealed portal to Edom. “What did you mean when you said you were the son of their prince?”

Magnus swallowed.

Damn. He’d totally forgotten about that for a moment.

“Um, Alexander. There’s something I have to tell you.”


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Ties That Bind - Part 2: A Place In The Clouds

Characters: (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Harvelle), Crowley McCloud (mentioned), Castiel Novak, Claire Stanford, Pamela Barnes (mentioned), Charlie Bradbury, Chuck Shurley (mentioned), Gabriel Benedict (mentioned), Meg Masters, Ben Braeden, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte, Bela Lafitte (mentioned), DJ Lafitte (OC-mentioned), Jimmy (OC), Oscar (OC)  

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Mention of abuse, mention of rape, mention of incest, mention of phedofilia, (none of these are graphic or dwelled on but they are part of the kid’s history), language, violence, use of weapons (knife and gun)   

Word Count: 4500ish

A/N: Thanks to @blacktithe7 for betaing and helping me rework this series.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


McCloud’s was made up of 5 buildings scattered around a small piece of land up on the hill just outside of town. It wasn’t further away than the kids could ride their bikes to school or to go shopping, but it was out of the way enough for a social workers to keep some level of control over who was coming and going, which was often important when dealing with kids from abusive homes. Each of the houses were named after parts of a ship. Crowley’s idea, and you had never gotten why, just accepted it for a fact.

A week after Ben’s arrest you were walking from the parking lot, passing the Deck and Beam, like you did every day coming to work. Those were the houses where the younger kids usually lived. There were exceptions when siblings were housed at The Clouds. The Clouds was the kid’s nickname for the home, and all of the social workers had taken to using it too. The kids that were housed in the Deck were babies and toddlers, and they weren’t there for long. The kids in the Beam were around 4-10 years old, and they only stayed at The Clouds for a year tops. It was one of the state rules. Kids that age had to be placed within a foster home or a permanent group home within a year. The Clouds was not a permanent home. It was a midway house for kids and teens. You accepted kids with a 3 hour notice. One social worker picked them up at hospitals or police stations while another made rooms ready for them. Your job was ever changing, and that was how you liked it, even if saying goodbye to the kids never because easier.

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Guys I wanted to share this with you ❤️.
I’m a very happy girl these days! Yesterday my girlfriend and I got engaged on Bow Bridge Central Park NY City. It was the most perfect day and I couldn’t be more happy. After 8 wonderful years I’m going to marry the love of my life. And it all happened in our favourite city. Even if in germany the law for gay marriage is not 100 % equal yet. We are gonna fight for this. Cause love is stronger.