bow bells

Little Space: Ideas

Sometimes it’s rather hard to get into little space, but here are just some ideas! They are not meant to be directed towards one gender over another, nor are they everyone’s cup of tea!


You can change different aspects of your physical appearance to feel little.


~Done by Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Pig tails
~Pony tail


~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Button down
~Graphic (with cartoons, quotes, photos, etc.)
~Pastel colored


~Pull up

Full body:

~Any clothes belonging to Dommy/~Mommy/Daddy


~Blanket cape
~Clips (hair)
~Clips (paci)
~Glitter ;)
~Pet gear (ears, tail, collar, leach, etc.)
~Socks (animal, fuzzy, knee high, lace, patterned, ruffled, striped, etc.)


Here are active things to do to put or keep you in little space!

~Action figures
~App games (I will make a list of cute apps)
~Bake (with supervision and or help)
~Bath (bubbles, color tablets, paint toys, etc.)
~Beads (bead animals, charms, jewelry, key chain, etc.)
~Blanket fort
~Cinema (movie theater)
~Coloring (general)
~Coloring books/pages
~Cuddling (blankets, Dommy, pets, pillows, stuffed animals)
~DIYs (any you want!)
~Dress up
~Finger painting
~Help with a meal
~House (playing as mommy, daddy, pet, etc.)
~Instruments (play or learn to play)
~Jewelry making (bracelets, neckless etc.)
~Make believe
~Meals (chicken fingers/nuggets, dino nuggets, fries, Mac and cheese, anything else that makes you feel little)
~Movies (animated, Disney, ect.)
~Music (listen to, or create your own)
~Pet play
~Picture books
~Pillow for
~Prince/Princess (pretending to be in a castle etc.)
~Put on a show (for Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, stuffies, toys) with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, Little friend, friend (movie/tv/YouTube/video streaming)
~Reading (to someone else, stuffies, Dommy/Mommy/Daddy, or having some one read to you)
~Rolling on the floor (pretending to be a crumb)
~Snacks (candy, crackers, cupcake, fruit, fruit snacks, ice cream, goldfish, gummies, pie, Popsicle, sprinkles, yogurt, etc.)
~Speaking with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Stories (Making up your own, reading some)
~Stuffies (cuddling, playing with, watching movies/tv with)
~Sticker books
~Sucking on paci
~Tea party
~Toy store
~Tv shows (Cartoon Network, cartoons, ~Disney Jr., PBS kids, Sprout, etc.)
~Video call with Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Video games

Legally Blonde the Musical
  • Omigod You Guys: sisters before misters
  • Serious: probably the douchiest breakup ever
  • Daughter of Delta Nu: sisters before misters reprise
  • What You Want: with a bit of hard work and peer pressure you can get whatever you want
  • The Harvard Variations: emmett is the only person here who isn't privileged
  • Blood in the Water: let the 75th annual hunger games begin
  • Positive: win back your man with the power of a greek chorus and a hot bod
  • Ireland: i listen to foreign music to drown out my troubles
  • Ireland (Reprise): it's not a... perfect metaphor
  • Serious (Reprise): warner is a real douche
  • Chip On My Shoulder: let's get down to business to defeat the huns
  • So Much Better: the empowering "i can do anything" act one finale
  • Whipped Into Shape: holy crap how is she singing with that choreo
  • Delta Nu Nu Nu: sisters before misters reprise reprise
  • Take It Like A Man: legally blonde + ratty corduroy 5ever
  • Bend and Snap: if you did this in real life it wouldn't work at all but this is a musical so let's run with it and try not to break any noses in the process
  • There! Right! There!: gay or european (i bet you thought that was already the title)
  • Legally Blonde: legally blonde + ratty corduroy reprise feat intense empathetic crying
  • Legally Blonde Remix: warner may be a douche but his (ex)girlfriend sure isn't
  • Scene Of The Crime: something to do with showers and perms i think at this point we all kinda stopped paying attention
  • Find My Way/Finale: forgiveness also sisters before misters reprise reprise reprise and legally blonde + ratty corduroy reprise reprise


2-piece orchid satin brocaded with large-scale floral stems in white, back-lacing boned bodice having blue satin and lace cap sleeve and neckline trim, decorated with a pattern of metallic cord bows having prong-set pastes, tiny sequins and clear beads, blue satin bows at shoulder, trained skirt having large pleats, the front appliqued with three diamante bow forms to either side of divided center.

Pajarita (bow tie) de 1900.

Lo que mas me gusta de la ropa femenina de 1900 son los toques masculinos que puedes introducir en ella a través de complementos como las pajaritas.

                              + Xcm (messure around neck) + 2 o 3cm  

Estas son las medidas que he usado para hacer una pajarita de un tamaño grande. Solo queda añadir la tira recta que abraza el cuello. Esta tiene que ser de larga como la medida de alrededor de tu cuello mas 2 o 3 cm para que quede un poco holgada. 

De forma que al anudarla (tutorial; how to tie a bow tie) queda así:

Fun lil history lesson: This emerald clad beauty was what ultimately got me into Samurai Jack about 9 years ago. My love for puffy dresses, frills, bows and southern belles with a feisty personality made me instantly attached to Josephine! 💚