bow and arrow stunt

The Northmann in Winterfell

Just an idea that I had. I went along with the ages of how the characters looked in the show so, like, Robb is 18. *Working Title By the Way* O.G characters and places aren’t mine.

You stood behind one of the posts in the training yard waiting with Arya to shoot her arrow. Arya and you had gotten bored from watching Bran miss arrow after arrow, bless his little heart, he was trying he just was not good at it. “Wait…wait…”you told Arya. “Fire,” you silently screamed and laughed along with Robb and Jon when she saw Bran’s face when he recognized his sister was a better bowman than him.

You dodged Bran and Arya as they chased each other around you and walked to Jon and Robb. “What are you laughing at,” Robb provoked. “You think you could do as well as Arya,” he raised his eyebrows friendly egging you one. You picked up Bran’s fallen bow and grabbed the arrow Jon was now twirling around. “Thank you,” you said stealing it. Lining up where you were standing you released the arrow, leaving it right next to Arya’s arrow in the center. Robb fell silent and Jon just laughed harder. “Do you guys forget that I spent most of my childhood training with you guys?”

“And most of your childhood beating us at training and making my Father yell at us,” Robb commented. “Come on,” Robb said grabbing your arm in his, “let’s go take a walk.”

“See you around,” Jon yelled as the two walked away.

“Where are we going?”

“I figured we could take a stroll through the Godswoods before we leave for our ride.”

“This would be a beautiful place to get married, you know that? It’s where we played as children and where we spent all our times relaxing between lessons.”

“Anywhere we get married will be a great place,” he kissed your cheek.

Nedd Stark and your father, Lord Allard Northmann, had been friends since they were young. So, while growing up, Winterfell was like a second home to you. You grew up alongside Robb and Jon and thought of the other Starks as your own siblings. Your own six siblings, although friends with the Starks, were never as close with the kids as you were with all of them. Though you had been informally courting for 2 years Robb finally asked your father for your hand in marriage on his last visit to your home.

You and Robb made their way around the Godswoods and to the stables in Winterfell. “Y/N nice stunt with the bow and arrow,” Nedd chuckled.

“You taught me the best Nedd.”

“That I did my girl. Are you sure you don’t want to accompany us on this ride?”

“Yes M’Lord. I promised Sansa I’d stitch with her this afternoon; thank you for the invite though.” You smiled over to Robb, “Have fun on your ride my love,” you said kissing his cheek.

“As you command M’Lady.” you smiled to yourself as you watched the Stark boys and Theon, your second family, ride off out of Winterfell.

You sat in a rocking chair with Sansa doing some nettle point. “Y/N,” she spoke up, “what’s it like to be in love?”

“What do you mean, Sansa,” you chuckled at her question.

“I know you are in love with my brother but I’ve never been in love with anybody. What’s it like…being in love?”

You smiled greatly, “It cannot be explained my little sister. Being in love is like looking at the sun every time you see him. It’s smiling so much that your face hurts but you don’t mind. It’s something that everyone in the world should experience.”

She smiled at your answer and lost herself in her thoughts. She perked up suddenly, “Another question. Can I help you pick out your outfit for your wedding?”

“Of course!” You and Sansa held casual conversation as you stitched until one of the servants knocked on you door.

“M’ladies, pardon. Lady Y/N, Lord Robb has requested your presence down by the stables.”

You thanked the servant and walked downstairs. “You requested my presence M’Lord,” you jokingly curtsied.

“I brought you a present.” He walked over to his saddlebag and pulled out two pups. “This one is yours,” he handed you an all red puppy.”They’re direwolves,” he smiled as he told you.

“Where on earth did you find this beautiful babies?”

“Their mother was killed in the forest while hunting a stag. There was one for each Stark child, one for Jon, and there was this little extra one we found on the trail. Jon figured it was meant for you, a future Stark.”

“What shall I name her?”

“I’m naming mine Grey Wind,” Robb decided.

You thought for a moment. “I’m going to name mine…Blaze.”


“Blaze. Like a fire; she’s bright red. It just seems right.”

“Wonderful choice M’Lady. Let’s get the pups situated and head to the dining hall.”

“Nervous,” you asked Robb.

“Anxious. The Baratheons visiting is costing so much and from what I heard of the Queen she is easily offended and…” you cut him off, “Stop worrying about so much Robb. Their trip will be over before you know it and life will move on.”

“Promise me we can marry as quickly as possible after this visit is completed,” he held you while you waited in line for the King and his family.

smoakandarrow  asked:

I know Arrow get a lot of flak re romance, but there a great article from The Week (Where's The Love? Why superhero TV shows are so reluctant to include romance by Alice Walker) that gave CW/Arrow major kudos for understanding *why* romance is important to story, characters & viewers. I love Arrow's action, but w/o romantic connections, would we can as much? Love is just as important on Arrow as stunts or bows & arrows. So THANK YOU for understanding its value & including it, esp with Olicity.

Thank YOU!


Watch 0:52-0:54 that’s nasty lol but cool