In Honor of the new Zelda Game that came out, Breath of the Wild…. AAAHHHFHIWHCIWEHCFEIWCHFW

I’m super tired and dead a little, but honestly, I’m incredibly happy with how this sketch came out! Link for some reason has always been a HUGE challenge for me in the past, I could never get his face right, like he never looked like “Link” whenever I would try to draw him, just someone in his clothes. Where in this WIP, HE ACTUALLY ‘LOOKS’ LIKE ’LINK’! I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT!!!!

It’s gonna be fun to paint tomorrow after I get some sleep lol.

I’m gonna keep my painting spoiler FREE! So that way I don’t ruin anything for anyone. So, sorry for the rather generic “Link with is bow and arrow” piece like what so many artists have done, (I hope you guys will like it anyways) I just don’t want to give spoilers to anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to play the game. So no spoilers please! 

Chances are I’ll draw another Breath of the Wild Piece after I get to play the game, and the game has been out a while so that spoilers won’t be an issue, One that has more of a significance regarding something important/cool to the game, but for now, I hope you like what’s coming up. XD 

Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about archery

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Don’t watch Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games, or Avatar. At least, not for the archery. Hollywood is stock full of misinformation and misrepresentation about archery. Sadly, not a lot of writers have the opportunity to really delve into the practice. So here is my all you wanted to know primer from how bows are constructed, to lining up and releasing the shot, to treating your friend’s nasty broadhead wound.

Edit: expanded the debunking section. 

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Some slightly less silly pics of me with a bow!

Archery has been difficult. I’ve become very comfortable with close combat, and am super happy with my skill level. Archery, though? I’m horrible. To make matters worse, everyone seems to expect me to be automatically good at it, and there’s lots of laughter when I make a bad shot/ obviously have no idea what I’m doing.

It’s getting better every week, but it’s sure been a little bit of humble pie. 

Luckily, I have photographer friends who manage to make me look good!