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Replace VI Novel Ch 2 “THE NEXT GENERATION” English Translation Parts 1-2

Here it is! Parts 1-2 of the Seirin New Generation chapter! The first two parts were short so I combined them. For those wondering why Seirin only has two new members, well, we get some insight of that. 

Next translation post will be Teiko’s Hawaii Trip Part 2! Part 2 is longer than part 1 so it might take a bit longer for me to get that out but I’ll try to work as fast as I can!

Now who wants to strip for Riko again?

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Here’s the full set of drawings from Mario Week 5, in which I drew a different Mario character each day for seven nine days. They are, in left/right/top/down order:

  • Dry Bowser (New Super Mario Bros.)
  • Mini-Yoshi (Paper Mario: TTYD)
  • Mario & Snapjaws (Donkey Kong Jr.)
  • King Croacus IV (Super Paper Mario)
  • Wart (Super Mario Bros. 2)
  • Honey Queen (Mario Kart 7)
  • Lady Bow (Paper Mario)
  • Rawk Hawk (Paper Mario: TTYD)
  • Shop Manager Iwata (WarioWare: Smooth Moves)