bouvier sisters

The Bouvier Sisters (1926). Albert Herter (American, 1871-1950). Oil on masonite.

The Bouviers of East Hampton granted Herter the opportunity to paint their striking twins Maude and Michelle. Herter would take no fee provided he could take the painting on an exhibition tour. Today Maude and Michelle are most often associated with their celebrated and well-loved niece Jacqueline, wife of John F. Kennedy. Herter used soft tones and warm colors contrasted by his trademark turquoise blue to emphasize the red hues of the young sitters’ hair, creating a dreamy interlude for the twins.

Jacqueline and Lee Bouvier in 1951
English Fashion and Portrait photographer Cecil Beaton photographed the Bouvier sisters as debutantes for a feature in American Vogue.

In the same year Jacqueline started working for The Washington Times-Herald and it was whilst working for this newspaper that she was introduced to John F. Kennedy.