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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.15.17

DAY TWO: floral wedding finds
featuring: dried flower country wedding accents by theflowerpatch


Here is my submission for @meredithannebull‘s Strange Magic contest. I re-watched the movie for ideas of what all to put on the wreath and had a lot of fun making each piece and putting it all together. Still love this movie with all my heart <3


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.15.17

DAY TWO: floral wedding finds
featuring: everlasting silk boutonniere styles by blueorchidcreations


Oh So Succulent

I thought it might be time for a little wedding planning update. While scouring this scary-overwhelming place known as Pinterest, I discovered that I have a thing for succulents. I’ve never been one for flowers (I know, I must be evil right?) so I was looking for something different to add to a bridal bouquet. I don’t want to have a set color scheme for the wedding but I do want to see lots of white with gold accents. I love how succulents look super fresh and simple when combined with white flowers and leafy greens. Some of them come in this beautiful shade of dusty lilac which I also love! They’re pretty versatile in that they fit a rustic look yet still look very rich and polished.



the days grow longer and the air sings with life, and even the sunsets seem more vibrant. colors of all shades and hues of the spectrum beckon you out to be among them, among the gentle kiss of the suns rays and the ubiquitous floral fragrance that reminds you of a simpler time. what better cause could there be to gather among the blossoms and signs of spring to celebrate the end of winter and the dawn of new beginnings with song, dance, and the best of company?

Hello! Tori here, and I am proud to present Stella City’s second mini-event, The Vernal Ball! This event will run from Friday, May 12th through Sunday, May 14th. This event will focus on on-dash threading. All are welcome to attend – in fact, they are encouraged to! The more, the merrier.

The ball’s host, Margaery Tyrell, is pleased to offer the following activities to all those who attend the ball.

  • Margaery has hired DJ Baaled, a sheep well-versed in music from the classical era all the way to modern music, providing a wide enough range of musical selections that everybody should be able to find something they can dance to.
  • Starlight Garden has graciously allowed us the use of their facilities for this even. There will (obviously) be a dancefloor available for those who feel the urge to show off their moves, but if you find yourself in need of a moment to rest (or perhaps a quiet moment with a special someone), the gardens are at your disposal. This is all about celebrating the coming of spring, after all!
  • Several very dapper-looking butler sheep will be in attendance to offer food and refreshments to the attendants. It wouldn’t be much of a party otherwise, now would it?
  • Margaery’s flower shop is working around the clock to prepare and provide corsages, boutonnieres, and, of course, flower crowns to help you look your very best on the day of the ball. There will be a stand set up where you can get one of your very own.

Excited for the ball? Here are a few fun ways you can prepare in advance!

  • Post (or draw!) a picture of what you are planning to wear! You can use the tag ‘#steci vernal ball’ to show it off to others.
  • Have a special someone? Had your eye on a special someone, but haven’t had the courage to make that move yet? No better chance than now! Ask them to accompany you!
  • Or, plan with your friends to attend together! Sometimes that can be even more fun than having a date. A lot less worrying about if there’s something in your teeth or if you snorted while you were laughing.

etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.18.15

DAY SIX: wedding extras
featured: varied flower/plant/fern accessories by bohemianbouquets

tap into etsy sellers for your wedding florals, too! these bad boys are made from fresh and dried flowers, plants, and herbs — there are bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and more in all KINDS of designs! love the succulents, obvi.

anonymous asked:

What's weird is Jughead wearing a boutonniere (the flower the groom wears).

Groomsmen can wear boutonnieres too, it’s not just exclusive to the groom. (KJ probably wasn’t wearing his ‘cause in some shots Cole didn’t have it on either) And it doesn’t really make sense for Jughead to be marrying Veronica when there was no hint of a romantic relationship between them last season. Plus, Jughead’s tie matches the bridesmaids’ dresses while Archie’s wearing a red bowtie

Inversions and Role-Reversals

Bog and Marianne have almost the same relationship arc as Roland and Marianne do, but backwards. Hear me out.

Bog and Marianne meet when she punches him in the face for threatening her sister. Later, they have a cute moment where he gives her a flower, followed immediately by him thinking she betrayed his trust. At the end of the movie, they adore each other, hold hands, and have a big lavish musical number.

Roland and Marianne, at the start of the movie, appear to adore each other. He holds her hand, they have a big lavish musical number … then she goes to give him a flower (boutonniere) and catches him betraying her trust. Later, he threatens her sister, and their final interaction is her punching him in the face.

I’m not sure how much of that was deliberate, but I’m still going to call it genius.



I just renewed some listings on etsy including a number of doughnut earrings, my Strange Magic boutonniere and flower soap, my gcbc badge, and my Ice King crown hat. I also have a lot of similar things that aren’t up on etsy right now that you can request and I’ll post a listing for. I’ll post some pictures of some of them.

I’m in pretty desperate need of cash right now so please consider buying something or at least spread this post. My prices are all very reasonable.


Here are some fantastic fall florals. If it were me I’d avoid the maroon, orange, brown color scheme and go with some other things like the lavenders and greens shown here. BERRIES. Load these babies up with berries. and PINECONES! Of all kinds. Like seed pods. Dried flowers and LEAVES are a great way to go in autumn!