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Uberhood: Pleasantview
330 Main Street
[ before ]

(AKA the most makeover’d lot in the history of TS2)
Pleasantview’s most stylish boutique has been bought up by SimCity H&M and fully renovated to its hip and modern standards. However, the board of the Pleasantview Exterior Aesthetic Association (or the PVEAA, if you will), with Mortimer Goth at the helm, insisted that the exterior of the lot stayed in line with the feel of Pleasantview’s other facades. H&M responded by removing the parking lot.
The upstairs area of the boutique now sports a fashionable 50s diner and coffee bar: perfect for any busy shopper on the go. H&M released a statement to the general public announcing that they removed all toilets from the boutique because when has anyone ever used the bathroom at H&M?

Delicate Design: 👍🏻
🚘 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C SS Berlinetta by Zagato
💯 One of approximately 39 Zagato Berlinettas built
📰 @RMSothebys Arizona Sale
💰 Est. $TBA
📚 Claiming race-bred engineering, exquisite aesthetic design, and rarity, the Zagato-bodied 1900C is simply one of the most dynamic post-war coachbuilt sports cars ever created, and it continues to draw the fascination and respect of Italian design connoisseurs. This Super Sprint Zagato claims a magnificent restoration to factory standards and a fascinating early life associated with one of Italy’s lesser known (but best connected) racing concerns, the Scuderia Madunina. According to the records of Alfa Romeo, as well as the research of 1900 authority Peter Marshall and Italian car expert John de Boer, chassis number 01909 was completed on July 29, 1954. Michele Marchiano’s seminal book on the coachbuilder, Le Zagato – Fiat 8V, Alfa 1900 SSZ, clarifies that 01909 is the 16th example of the 39 cars bodied as coupes. Now offered for the first time in 15 years, this outstanding 1900C Super Sport Zagato has become an exemplar for the restoration of other SSZ coupes. It is a highly authentic and rare example of one of the most prized boutique sports cars from the post-war period. From the Pebble Beach–level restoration to its intriguing history as part of the Scuderia Madunina Venezuela, this exquisite Alfa Romeo claims rarity, beauty, and fascinating provenance. As one of the most expertly restored examples offered in many years, 01909 should be warmly welcomed at important concours d’elegance and will constitute an important addition to any collection 😎
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