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Palazzo Fendi and Fendi Private Suites, Rome.

The Italian fashion house Fendi restored its Palace in Rome and opened there its first luxury hotel-Fendi Private Suites- and a roof restaurant. Downstairs, the 17th-century palazzo was completely refurbished by French architect Gwenael Nicolasseven and includes an atelier where clients can even watch the artisans at work. Designed by DimoreStudio, the second floor features the privee Fendi VIP Apartment, a luxurious private and exclusive space to welcome and host FENDI’s top clients. According to DimoreStudio aesthetics, its style turns out dramatically sophisticated, with a highly curated mix of vintage classics, contemporary design and art pieces: pastel sage and dove colored lacquered walls, baby green paint and dark blue silk fabric wall-coverings, the striking bookcase made from lacquered metal and colored cathedral glass, brass touches, the soaring ceilings and the molded boiserie set a refined yet warm and intimate mood. The 7 room hotel is hidden discreetly on the third floor of this brand’s flagship store Palace and was designed by Italian architect Marco Costanzi, who created a stylish but subtle ambience, using  blood-red Lepanto marble and white travertine, custom-designed furnishings from Fendi Casa, Jan Kath carpets and Giò Ponti mirrors. Up above on the fourth floor Rainer Becker‘s upscale Japanese restaurant chain, Zuma, has opened its first Italian location.

Namjoon Scenario: Slipped Away.

Request: Hi hello~ Can I ask for a scenario where you get to spend time with RM in Seoul but you have to go back home and the goodbye is heartbreaking for both of you? And maybe on the plane you find a little gift from him? Is it too much? lol (lots of love)

Genre: Romance.

You had met thanks to the privacy of your hotel, that and the ridiculous amount of time you spent alone waiting for your mom to go out of her conferences. You were in Seoul because of her work, you liked to travel and South Korea in general so for you it was a great opportunity, but getting to know the city by yourself wasn’t as fun as it was with someone else. You were going to be in town for two weeks and after going alone you thought it was best to wait for your mom and just go around together, the hotel was pretty nice so you also didn’t mind just staying in enjoying the commodities.

You never thought you’d meet Namjoon there, but you had bumped into each other almost theatrically, he was coming walking as he read a book and you were distracted playing with your phone, you smashed your head against his chest and lost your balance, almost falling to the pool with phone in hand. Luckily he took your forearm and helped you to stay on your feet. You had apologized as you were really embarrassed about what had happened, you hadn’t even noticed that it was Kim Namjoon in front of you, all you could think was that you had screwed up, more so when you saw the book he was reading floating in the water.

At the end of the day you had gone out to buy a new book for him even when he insisted it had been an accident and you didn’t need to, but the next time you saw him you were both at the comfy pool area again and you gave Namjoon a new copy of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Namjoon didn’t know if he could call this vacation, at first he had wanted nothing but get back to the company and continue working with the rest of the boys, he had wanted that but at the same time he knew he needed the time off. His stress levels had been incredibly high the past few months, the process of his mixtape had stuck, his writing had stuck, he couldn’t learn any of the new dance moves and he couldn’t focus on the planning of the projects ahead. His head hurt thinking about it, even if a part of him wanted to be up his neck with work at Big Hit. 

It had been taking a toll on him to the point were it was affecting his health, and thus the managers and the CEO decided to give him a few days off so he could clear his head and relax. Only that Namjoon hadn’t chosen to go back to his parent’s house, instead, he chose to stay in Seoul, but the manager didn’t allow him to just stay in the dorm since that wouldn’t be clearing out his head and then the whole thing would be pointless, so right now he was in a really nice hotel in Seoul, completely alone and comfortable since it was a luxury boutique hotel that offered great privacy for their guests. 

Well he wasn’t completely alone, not anymore. It was only two days ago that Namjoon had met you, by accident, he didn’t mean to meet anyone new, even less a girl, risking himself to be seen and be part of an unnecessary scandal. Namjoon didn’t plan on making a new friendship, but talking to you was so refreshing, it had an effect in him that the pool and the great luxury of the hotel didn’t achieve. It wasn’t that he had instantly and magically fallen in love with you, it was just chemistry, the way everything in life started, a spark of something in his brain that made him feel interested and made him push himself to not run out of conversation with you.

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