Two newest additions to the pedal family. Dunwich ODB and Damnation Audio Bass Distortion. The ODB is more or less a modified Volt Thrower and, as much as I love that pedal, I think I’m loving this guy more. The DA Distortion is an insanely good dirt pedal that packs a punch with bass. It’s very versatile in its tonal options but fits very well in the low-tuning/“heavy” music spectrum. Both are highly recommended.


Lost Queens’ Secret Garden Campaign, Brooklyn Bridge Park

On a hot Saturday morning, the last thing I’d expect any of these girls to do is model under a beaming sun.  Especially with a chatbox photographer behind the camera lol.  They all delivered, serving face and fearlessness.  We got so many stares, which let me know we were all doing something right.  These girls are magical.

Models: Ryan (IG: shesryan), Daz (IG: @dazzidazz), Chantale (IG: trapezoidmouth), Jasmine ((IG: @itsjaaay__), Simone (IG: simonemariposa)

Lighting/Set Help: Winnie (IG: @paisleydarts)

Creative Direction: Eboni (IG: ebonirm)