I take deep offense to this shit right here.

If you can’t skate well in fishnets and booty shorts, you must not be much of a skater. How my outfit does or does not reflect my athletic prowess is your perception issue, not mine.

There are people out there who will judge you just as much for wearing skin tight yoga pants, so why are you putting that on other skaters?

Derby is supposed to be about acceptance, not being a bunch of catty bitches. 

So what if a skater wants to wear booty shorts, fishnets AND a tutu? What business of that is yours? 

None. It is exactly NONE of your damn business.

Derby is fun and if a girl feels like she’s having more fun in a “boutfit” than in yoga pants, you should be cheering her on.

Most of us joined this sport to have fun and feel like we can be ourselves. Keep the judgement to your damn selves.

If you feel that strongly that everyone should dress like you, maybe you should consider another athletic activity.

Material World

Today I bought a red skirt.

It’s a nice skirt. A good, solid red colour, ends above the knee and has a pleated style for extra flounce. But it’s not just a skirt. With this skirt, another piece of my boutfit is complete and another part of my derby persona falls into place.

When I started really getting into derby, I realised some time and effort needed to go into the outfit. As different as the finished product is, I think all rollergirls look for the same things with their outfits. Trying to find a balance between aesthetic and ease of movement, with a consideration for team colours.

I think what I wear looks kind of weird, but in fact, all roller girls look kind of weird, especially out of context. I think the most important thing is we look how we want to look.

So now my outfit is complete. Except my trousers aren’t quite the right shade of khaki, and my headscarf (which I ‘made’ myself, you know) is a bit small.

But aside from that, perfect.