bout to lose some followers

I love the fact that we live in a more LGBT accepting America but I'm getting annoyed with how obsessed that we've gotten with the culture...

…ESPECIALLY on Tumblr. You can’t even go into certain tags anymore without seeing THE most unneccessary slash fiction everywhere. Remember when bromance was actually bromance? There was a time when two characters/two guys could be friends with one another without everyone screaming SEXUAL TENSIONS! OMG MY FEELS! SHIPSHIPSHIPSK wopejfdiwefhiff! but now apparantly everyone’s secretly gay. And to make matters worse, if you voice you irritation for this trend you’re suddenly a homophobe -_-. It’s like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t out here.

God I hate the internet sometimes.

don’t you say that fat people can’t feel good about themselves because it’s “unhealthy” or some shit. same with really skinny people. 

don’t you act like you are in a position to criticize someone’s body under the guise of “it’s bad for your health” when chances are, you know nothing of their lifestyle and if it is an unhealthy lifestyle after all, they probably know that already

you don’t actually care about the health of these people, you just need to get off that high horse