bout to go to bed tho

A Study in Hedgehogs

I’m just a cuddly hedgehog
Hanging in my tiny tent
Until I find a posh bloke
With an extra room to rent

I’ll say we need the second bedroom
And then Hudders I will thank
Cuz when I picture my dear otter
I go and have a secret… um…

My otter makes the world’s worst coffee
But he brews some damn fine tea
If you know how to read The Drink Code
This says a lot ‘bout him &me

We started running ‘round on cases
Til one made us share a bed
Tho he may only have played solo
He sure gives some damn fine… er…

One day we might walk down the aisle
A goldfish as my best man
I’m getting ahead of myself now
But Mycostrich has a plan

I was about to say that this is the rarest pair, but no, considering there exists fanart of them here and there. They are my guilty aesthetic-ship. And it’s @god-of-persimmons ‘s fault, that I remembered its existence. And since canon they aren’t gonna work, imagine some random AU here. I wanted to go to bed, but seeing Ulquiorra in a kimono, I had to put Grimmjow in one and I wanted something cute B( … with Gin, yes

Dating Anthony Headcanons!

A/N: This came to me and I just had to write it. Our boy Ramos doesn’t get enough love! I got a little carried away….

Warning: Nsfw under the horizontal line!!!!

  • He’s the type to flirt when you’ve been together for years
  • “Damn, baby! Lemme get yo’ number!”
  • “Anthony, we’re already together…”
  • “What the heck I gotta do to be with you?”
  • “Nerd.”


  • His nicknames for you are pretty chill
  • Baby girl, or just “baby” if you’re gender neutral!!
  • Sometimes he’ll call you “bae” to embarrass you
  • You just make up random names for him to make him blush!!!
  • “Cinnamon roll” “angel” “sweet pea” “my freckled face curly haired cutie”
  • “Curly Sue” (stolen from @hamiltonmirandaimagines)
  • Sometimes you’ll just call him “Ramos”
  • He loves to cuddle
  • It’s starting to become a problem…
  • “Ant, baby, I’m trying to work.”
  • “Cuddle me first!”
  • Like he’ll literally wrap himself around your leg like a child
  • He’ll rest his head on your thigh and look up at you with those big, brown eyes of his
  • You can’t say no
  • “Fine Ramos, but only for a minute.”
  • “A minute” turns into two hours

Code words…you’ll understand…

  • You and Anthony have code words
  • Anthony is known for dragging you to boring parties
  • When you want to leave all you have to say is…
  • “Anthony, let’s go home and play checkers.”
  • Before you know it, he’s saying goodbye to everyone and he’s ushering you out of the party
  • And then you two go home and….play checkers
  • ;)

You two love taking care of each other!!!

  • If you’re sick, he’s not leaving your side
  • “Sorry Alex, can come into the studio today. My baby’s not feeling well.”
  • You’ll drop everything for him in a heartbeat
  • Anthony’s upset, but you’re supposed to be going out with friends?
  • Oh well, you can go shopping another day.
  • “Sorry guys, my angel’s upset and needs cuddles. See you later.”
  • It’s a way of saying “I love you.” without saying the actual words


  • You two love kissing each other!!
  • Your favorite thing to do is kiss him all over and watch him blush
  • “Hey, Ramos?”
  • “Yeah, babe.”
  • “Wanna make out?”
  • He leaves hickies in noticeable places
  • “Anthony, these are bigger than last time!”
  • He just blushes and smiles at you with a big, innocent smile

  • He loves to show you off
  • “Look at my s/o, they’re way better than yours!1!1”
  • He supports everything you do 110%
  • Make him blush 101: rap his parts from Hamilton
  • You’ll be all like “How ’bout when I get back we all strip down to our socks” and make kissy faces at him
  • He’ll get all bashful and look down at the ground


  • Anthony gives no fucks
  • You’ll be visiting you parents and he’ll go down on you in your childhood bed
  • “Be quiet, we don’t wanna get caught.”
  • Fingers you at the dinner table
  • Holds your hand while he goes down on you (cute)
  • A high key switch
  • Claims he’s a Dom tho
  • “That’s not what you said last night, when you were tied down with those silk ties. Begging for me to touch you.”
the signs as things my friends have said

Aries - who is satan? cause I know many (i answer) ok, well, you have to kill her. kIL THE ANTICHRiST!  I’ll get the chikin wire. we hunt on thursday.

Taurus - i was going to say a baby’s butt

Gemini - sorry, btw, i just really wanted to be a snarky asshole … you can ignore this.

Cancer - wow i c how it is I’m am lirally crying till I’m dehydrated, im dying. (10 min later) im ded.

Leo - imma have to go soon tho, so idk if you will be hearing much of my amazing bootiful voice till tmr

Virgo - FIST DADS?  not too happy bout that

Libra - ANSWER SLUT!!!  ……. i send the nicest things.

Scorpio - shove than oh up ur “oh” so lovely ass

Sagittarius - i will queen for the rest of my life for him …….. queef*

Capricorn - you were a douchebag worthless piece of shite, but you came through.

Aquarius - just laying in bed, (other friends name) is asleep… which is strange bc we usually stay up until 5 lol.