bout to go to bed tho

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ethan getting clingy and very attention needing (more than usual) when he gets the slightest bit sick and mark and tyler just drop everything to take care of their lil blueberry even tho eth gets hella embarrassed bout it but tyler and mark are like nope! wrap lil sick boy into a burrito with layers of blankets, cuddle said burrito and watch many many many disney movies -☁️✨

Ethan being like “nooo I have to go edit” and then sniffling because sick so it makes his point moot

He insists he’d rather watch movies than go up to bed and rest but like halfway through the second movie he falls asleep? He’s still bundled up in blankets but Mark feels Ethan’s head drop onto his shoulder, so Mark and Ty turn the volume down a little so he doesn’t wake up.