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I’m so tired of saying goodbyes. Please don’t make me say it to you too.” She murmured sleepily.
“Would it hurt less if you don’t say it?” I asked.
She shook her head. “No.” She shook her head again. “It will be always the same. Sometimes worse.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #43
I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. What you’ll look like. How we will meet. And every time I think about you I get really excited, because I know once I meet you and have you in my life all the bad things will seem non-existent. I hope, my love, that we meet very soon. Cause I am sincerely dying without you.
—  Me//Thinking of You//

what happens
when you’ve thought
too far ahead
pictured you out
on dates together 
or asleep
in her bed
how it would be
for her to meet
your friends
but then you remember
you barely know her
you’ve only been talking
for three weeks
but your mind
is already
three months ahead

- or do you not think so far ahead? // cxw

Why doesn’t anyone ever mention the fact that Ragnor had a crush on Raphael or the fact that Raphael left a voicemail on Magnus’s phone saying that Maureen is a fan of Yaoi manga and how he doesn’t understand what that means, or the fact that Magnus has Alec in his phone as “sweet cheeks” ? Because I feel like those are very important facts.

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i requested the steve and pony headcanons and i just meant them as friends

Okokokokokokok let’s get it

-they wouldn’t tell a single soul
- Pony is the type to pick off something from his burger he doesn’t like and put it on Steves plate
-“Fine put ‘em ‘ere kid.”
- Steve gives Pony rides to school a lot more than he likes to admit
- Pony admires Steve for his passion about cars and how smart he really is
- once asked Steve to teach him bout cars
- once asked Pony to teach him bout books and authors and shit Pony is good at
- Steve gets very protective of the kid, in like a 'I can do it cuz he’s my little brother’ type of way
- “Aye who you thing ur socy ass is pickin on Pony here huh?”
- “Pony you’re a dumbass”
- “Steve you’re a brainless imbecile.”
- “Jesus Pony shorter words please.”
- secretlyPony sometimes stops by the DX to help Steve with cars and Soda saw them once but didn’t say anything.

“Here’s what I know about Dean Winchester”

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