bout awards


I was reffing at the Wirral Whipiteres intraleague bout yesterday. At all the bouts I’d been to, I’d only ever seen certificates handed out as bout awards for best jammer, blocker and MVP. These are great but I thought it would be better to have something that you could stick on your mantel piece for everyone to see. I came up with these and they seem to have gone down very well. 

I used a very soft, light weight wood for them which, on reflection, wasn’t a great choice as it was very hard to get a smooth finish for painting. If I made them again, I’d use a harder wood so the paint finish wasn’t so fluffy. Pretty happy with them, tho! Derby <3 

Here are the winners for my blog awards that I started a month ago! I will put links for them on my blog shortly. Thanks for participating, guys!

I’m also adding the runners up in parentheses, but I don’t have any prizes for you, sorry

Best Tyler blog

tylerslittleshit (tyleroakleyismyqueen)

Best Troye blog:

troyesbooty (troyesivanismyqueen)

Best Troyler blog

i3troyler (dailytroyler)

Best theme

misslukerazzi (tyler-oakslay)

Best Holy Trinity blog

dailyharts (tie between youtubersrunmylife and trinitymemes)

Best Youtber blog

awkward-lee (theyoutubefangirl)

Best Zalfie blog

awzoella (pointless-zoella)

Best url

frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack (troyesquiff)

Best gifs/edits

twinkbottomsivan (i3troyler)

Nicest blogger

i3troyler (narrywhales)

Bout Awards

After much deliberation by both teams, the awards were decided over a wee drink in the pub! 

Team Dwarf Awards
Best Jammer Little Myy 40 
Best blocker Fugugazi 21
MVP Xtina Aggroroller 0
Best Newcomer Vicky
Queen of the Sin Bin Fugugazi 21

Team Fright Awards
Best Jammer H'Aardvark 8
Best Blocker Fearne Rotton 22
MVP Kandi Corpsegrinder 333
Best Newcomer Cerys Smashews 91
Queen of the Sin Bin Lady Loco 5150