I bought Repo! on DVD finally and it came in the mail today and I didn’t even know there was audio commentary with Ogre (AND Bill Mosely and Alexa Vega and Darren Lynn Bousman) and I’m like….. crying this is the best thing I’ve ever listened to in my life every single word out of Nivek’s mouth is making me lose my goddamn mind he’s the best person to ever walk on this planet I love him so much I love this…….

How director Darren Lynn Bousman created The Tension Experience
Last year in Los Angeles, a mysterious cult began recruiting people through emails, phone calls, and one-on-one consultations. The Tension Experience represented a key moment in the evolution of immersive entertainment. Combining alternate reality gaming, haunted house techniques, and a two-hour immersive theater show, it created what essentially amounted to a mini-Westworld: a persistent, fictional universe where the participant’s choices determined what happened next, and the line between reality and fantasy became so blurred it barely even existed at all. Read more