witchy wife aesthetics

me: rests under the open sky and whispers magic in my sleep, uses astral projection to explore and learn and play with ghosts, elaborate and detailed journal, deep understanding of astrology, somehow already knows what you’re going to say, mysterious and soft but only on the surface, a knower of secrets, sleepy eyes, lives in a tree in a misty forest and makes friends with the plants and spirits there. Hoards blankets. Clinging, moody, possessive, indecisive, over-emotional. Caring, sensitive, nurturing, intuitive, shrewd, cautious, protective, sympathetic, feeling, contemplative, imaginative. 

my wife: storm witch, runs barefoot through the rain and dances with lightning and shouts thunder, her laughter sounds like God, keeps trinkets and mementos in small jars around our bathroom, asks favors and learns from the clouds, bright and blazing as a flare and always ready to act, soft as a summer rain and cold as hail, hair is full of leaves and wind, feet are dirty but her mind is clean and sharp. Unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, chaotic, detached, opinionated, absent-minded. Independent, individualistic, humanitarian, original, intellectual, inventive, idealistic, assertive, honest, loyal, friendly. And beloved.

inspiration from astroloasks


Beautiful Christine chicks: Christine/Christina Nilsson who is the model for Christine Daae in the Leroux novel. She was born in 1843 in a small cottage, the youngest of several brothers and one sister. She came from very humble origins and started playing the violin and singing at fairs and inns at a very young age. The first pic of her in the scarf was drawn when she was about eleven years old and published in a Stockholm newspaper.

Christina was discovered while singing at the fair in Ljungby, by district judge Tornerhielm. He decided that he would provide for her education. She took singing lessons for Adelaide Valerius Leuhusen, moved to Gothenburg and Stockholm and kind of started to move away from her peasant background into a more bourgoise environment. Eventually she moved to Paris to continue her singing education.

In 1864 she made her debut at Theatre Lyrique as Violetta in La Traviata. Other roles she sang were The Queen of the Night, Ophelia in Thomas’ Hamlet and of course Marguerite in Gounod’s Faust.

Christina died in Växjö, her hometown in 1921 as the countess di Casa Miranda. She is buried in a mausoleum in Växjö.

You can visit the graveyard in Växjö where she is buried. You can also visit her childhood home, the small cottage Snugge just outside Växjö. And you can have lunch at Villa Vik which is where the rich singer/countess Christina stayed when she visted Växjö in her olden years.

you don’t have to have read a book to have an opinion on it… i don’t read novels, i prefer good literary criticism

omg I love this!! Behind the footage of Being Human UK - Aidan Turner’s video footage. Absolutely love it!!

Russel - “We need to set down some rules… about guests… Don’t kill them.”

Aidan - “So bourgoise”