Dear Rosie,

I am sorry that I showed up drunk to the biology class you were teaching in the dream I had last night. That was out of line. You were right to call me out.




Is Math a Feature of the Universe, or a Feature of Human Creation?

Bourbonismycopilot’s post made me think of this. I know this isn’t exactly what she was talking about, but her thoughts made me remember this video. It’s a good watch. Actually a lot of this Idea Channel series is really good. 

  1. It’s life or death. You must either karaoke Total Eclipse of the Heart or Paradise by the Dashboard Lights. Which do you choose and why?
    Total Eclipse of the Heart because I probably know more of the words.
  2. Have you read the Bible? (Illustrated pictures books do not count.)
    No. I did have a multi-volume child’s bible set when I was a kid that I liked. I read about Adam and Eve all the time because it was my favorite for some reason. But as an adult, no. I’ve tried. I just have no patience for it.
  3. Disney character you most identify with?
    Belle. Bookworm who’s into conventionally unattractive dudes. I can dig it.
  4. If you were given the chance to sleep with any one famous person — living or dead — who and why?
    RDJ. Because this.

  5. What’s your burrito order?
    I rarely get them anywhere but Chipotle (don’t judge me), but I always get the same thing: White rice, black beans, steak, hot salsa, sour cream, cheese. Now I’m hungry.
  6. Finish this sentence: ‘On top of spaghetti…’
    ‘All covered with cheeeese! But hopefully also a nice marinara with a good spicy kick, otherwise what’s the poinnnnt?!’
  7. You get to be a detective on Miami Vice for a day — what do you investigate?
    Where’s all the coke from lockup disappearing to, and why aren’t they sharing? (I’m a dirty cop.)
  8. Baloney: Delicious or disgusting?
    Delicious. But I opt for veggie baloney because it tastes the same, and it lacks pig assholes and chicken lips.
  9. Favorite book?
    You, of all people, must realize what kind of unfair and impossible question this is to answer, Miss Rosemary! I will tell you the book that made me feel like it opened my eyes, that has stayed with me since I first read it, that I would recommend to absolutely anybody and everybody, regardless of their particular taste in books, and that is The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan.
  10. Person who you tell all your secrets to? (I need this for reasons.)
    Nikki and/or Sara. Sometimes I will Kik them completely random, unsolicited shit just because I have to tell SOMEBODY or I’ll fucking explode.
  11. If you were buying me a drink, what would it be and why?
    Some kind of fancy or old or whatever makes it good whiskey, neat, because that’s what you drink.

* * I reserve the right to develop and ask 11 questions at a later time. * *

Are you fun? Do you like participating in things with other people who are also fun?

It’s fantasy football time! 

There was a league last year and it was mostly super fun, so Billy and I decided since we hadn’t heard anything about reactivating last year’s we would start one. 

So right now I’m just gauging interest so I can set it up as accurately as possible. 

Experience isn’t required, it’s pretty simple to catch onto, and we can help any newbs.

We do ask that if you join, you’re actually going to participate and have fun. 

Things we would like:

  • Smack talking
  • Bet making (*ahem* I have a photo of Billy in a pink bra somewhere…)
  • Interacting in either message boards there, group text or kik, etc.

Things we would not like: 

  • Joining and then not ever checking your team.
  • Being generally unfun. 
  • Miracle Whip
  • Other unfun things

So if you think you might want to join, send me an ask


Today I read a post by one of the people I follow here.  Rosie is her name and she happens to be one of those who always reveals herself… in writing that wraps you up and sends you on a ride through her thinking… with byways and flips and turns… and spills you out feeling like you’ve learned something about life.

Today, it was about identity.  I have always said that I divorced my first husband because I had grown into a different person than I was when we married and just wanted different things in my life.  That is the truth.  But today, I saw it clearly… and saw that there is a tipping point in relationships where the change is so great and the goals and aims so different that it  would be like a death wish to your core beingness to remain together. 

Interestingly, I think of my ex and see that perhaps I could live with him now, even be married… but that without the changes in me since him, I wouldn’t be able to do that.  I love it that I change every day, every minute.  I love it that I’m strong now and not shy.  I love it that some core part of me remains intact… the part that relishes being alone and is happy to be with myself …not lonely.  I am never lonely… ever.  I like my own company too much for that. 

This is rambling but I also think that every interface with anything on this earth.. in this universe, can and does change us… in subtle or major ways.  Being here, writing this even.. reading what Rosemary…Rosie.. wrote.  One of the hundreds or more reasons to be here on Tumblr…  it happens to be an especially good site for ‘new looks at things’. 

When the re-blog/comment notification popped up on the bottom of my screen (when did Tumblr start doing that?) I thought for a second that Rosemary was telling me she was setting ME on fire in her mind all the time. Then I realized if that were the case, given the power of her mind, I would have already spontaneously combusted. :)

There’s a smart-ass in every class, isn’t there? I’m gonna say Questlove. Yeah, that’s right, the drummer, genius and leader of The Roots. Because he’s the shit. He’s somehow made the transition from indie hip-hop darling to (soon-to-be) Tonight Show bandleader without losing his edge, which is some sort of miracle. I saw The Roots play at a free summe concert festical in Salt Lake, and they were predictably awesome. It was mega-crowded, and I could only see the odd tuba bouncing around up there, but still! Much respect.

I didn't mean it was all bad

bourbonismycopilot replied to your post: Anyone else watch Ray Don…

Dude, this show is top notch!

For me, it was an ok show… and worth watching. I am still watching it after all, lol. I just feel like in there somewhere, there’s a great show. And I don’t think they’ve found that yet.

The L.A. characters and Boston characters are all very stereotypical. Sometimes I felt like the episodes, particularly the beginning and into the middle ones rambled a little too much. These last few seem more coherent so maybe that was just the getting the wheels turning time.

I like the idea of the South Bostonians in L.A. dichotomy but if you’re going to pull off that off, there needs to be a little more depth. 

The bare bones of the premise is pretty cool, and like I said the performances have been spectacular. But take away how amazing Liev Schreiber and John Voight are at their roles and I believe it falls pretty flat for this first season. They’re getting leaned on just a tad too much. 

The exception to all of this being the Bunchy storyline. The way they handled him, making him sort of childlike and wrought with angst, but still blaming himself for his abuse was pretty much perfect.

For me, it’s a good show, completely watchable and usually entertaining, but not top notch. Not yet. There’s still some flaws.

The last two episodes have been better than the others. Maybe it’s gearing up for a season finale that will make me out to be an asshole :)

I’m glad there’s going to be another season.

dowager-countess-of-westeros replied to your postbourbonismycopilot replied to your post: So…

All I remember about Selyse is that she’s supposed to have a mustache

Oh yeah! Can you imagine being the actress they try and put that on…“It’s my big brea…….oh.”

mx-heretek replied to your postbourbonismycopilot replied to your post: So…

Shireen is described in the books as having inherited Stannis’ looks, but Selyse’s ears. So, black of hair.

Yup. Way to keep the continuity running.

bourbonismycopilot replied to your postbourbonismycopilot replied to your post: So…

I’m bringing my books home this summer, dammit! Also, I sort of feel semi-ok with the babies. Selyse always struck me as … off in the books. It felt like a way to communicate that quickly and visually. But, I’m still sort of horrified.

She was definitely off in the books, but this took it to a new level. But then the jarred babies could substitute for Edric Storm…so they could be setting up for Melisandre using the baby’s blood to kill the three false kings?

bourbonismycopilot replied to your postSo book!Stannis approached Jon Arryn about his…

Was it book!Stannis? I haven’t read the books in a bit (my dad is holding them hostage). Wasn’t Selyse blond in the books? And what was with the babies in the jars?

Yeah, in the books Stannis was well aware before Ned Stark ever tried to send ravens (which never made it). Stannis took his suspicions to Jon Arryn, but we don’t know how he got his suspicions (did someone suggest it or did he draw his own conclusions). I don’t remember any physical descriptions of Selyse, so I don’t know about her hair…

The babies were a definite departure…not sure how I feel about them.