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Forgive me for I had to make this, it was too good-

{I just had to do this with OCs i apologize}

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Devil Cake: Did you have a good time? If you did, sMAASH that like button!

Bourbon: CAN WE HIT ONE BILLION LIKES! *smashes his gingerbread house*

Devil Cake: You have to build that!! What have you done? What have you done?!

Velvet: WHY?

Bourbon: This is the start of stage two, I have to live with it!


Devil Cake: *Smashes Bourbon’s house again*

Devil Cake: RIGHT NOW?!

*Devil Cake’s house falls down and apart*

Devil Cake: *SCREAMS*

Velvet: *Protects his gingerbread house*

Bourbon: CAN WE HIT 115 MILLION LIKES?! *Smashes Devil Cake’s house*



southie forbidden food gothic
  • just fuckin., rice with ghee nothing else
  • spoonful of turmeric, dry
  • packets and packets of parle g straight up
  • raw maggi noodles. cronch
  • camphor
  • scraping off the sugary bits off bourbon cookies
  • idli/dosai batter
  • ketchup. litres of ketchup. why am i covered in all this GODDam ketchu
  • the efuckign pani puri but no puri just pani 
  • eating horlicks powder out ur hand like a horse eating fremsh oats

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“Please tell me that is not a bourbon cookie.”

Jesse laughed and shook his head. “Gingerbread, sweetheart,” he said as he mixed everything together with his left hand. 

One of the perks to having a prosthetic is that the damn thing didn’t get tired from repetitive movement. Hanzo gave him a flat look before dipping his finger carefully into the mixture. He popped the batter into his mouth and nodded, confirming that the mixture was, in fact, gingerbread.

“Glad you decided to join me,” Jesse said as he set the bowl down and started searching for the rolling pin. “Gets kinda lonely when everyone takes off home for the holidays.”

“I…thought you would appreciate it,” Hanzo murmured as he brushed his shoulder against Jesse’s.

“Reinhardt showed you some old family videos?” Jesse asked. “Don’t feel like you gotta replace the old men, Hanz. I love you no matter what.”

“I know,” Hanzo murmured as he shifted some of the cookie-cutters around. “I just…I know how much Jack and Gabriel meant to you. I…Christmas is not celebrated the same way in Japan. I do not…have the same magical,” he waved a hand as he struggled for words. “Wonder that you have for the season. I can appreciate spending time with people that I have come to care about but these traditions you have….”

“Hanzo,” Jesse smiled as he pulled his boyfriend close and kissed him. “Mmm, that’s the fun part about traditions; they change dependin’ on who’s makin’ them with you.”

“That is not how traditions work,” Hanzo grumbled around Jesse’s lips, but he didn’t pull away.

“Maybe not to the stuck up conservatives,” Jesse winked as he pulled away and started rolling out the cookie dough. “But to young, fresh-faced boys like us? Traditions were made fer changin’.”

Hanzo smiled slightly before he slipped under Jesse’s arm to start pressing the cookie-cutters into the rolled out dough. Jesse nuzzled the side of his buzzcut just above his ear before he joined Hanzo in slowly making Christmas cookies. 



Cookie Shot Glasses with a Spiked Milk Punch! It’s easy to make to super tasty. Click on the link in my bio to watch us make this one. Featuring: @skyyjohn @kitchykitchen

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This past month we were happy to unveil the first ever EsianMall subscription box with our Snack Box. While many

of you might have missed out on getting our June boxes, you will be glad to hear that you still have plenty of time to

subscribe to our boxes in time for the July Box. Our June boxes included many goodies to try out that came from

places all over Asia. Down below are short little reviews of all the products you could’ve received in the June box.

Upon opening the box, you will come upon a beautifully wrapped paper with a sticker in the middle

to keep it all together.

After unraveling the decorative paper, you’re welcomed by a couple of informative cards that rest above the products.

Once flipping through the cards, you’re welcomed with the many faces on each of the delectable products.

These are all 15 of the products you would receive in your June Box.

The Potato flavored crisps are crunchy, potato flavored crisps with a nice texture that tastes great,

perfect for any potato chip lover and movie goer.

These delicious rectangular little banana chews from the Hi-Chew Gum Pack tastes like a whole bunch of bananas packed into one little bite size piece.

While the Watering KissMint is a pack of gum, it has a juicy fruity flavor that will keep you chewing and chewing for hours.

These Bourbon Petit Cookies are bite sized crispy cookies that have a delicious chocolate filling.

While These Small Baked Rice Crackers are small little crackers, they’re packed with a sweet and savory flavor that has an amazing crunch sound when you bite into one.

These Peko Crunch Milk Candy (Left) are a delicious chocolate from japan that is made with milk.

The Fujiya Look 24C Snack (Right) are small little individually wrapped chocolate bites

perfect for any chocolate lover to indulge upon.

These Panda Chocolate Cookies are cute little cookies that is covered on one side with milk chocolate and has the face of a Panda on the other.

The Koala Matcha Cookies (Left) are small little crunchy biscuits with a nice creamy matcha (Green Tea) filling.

The Doraemon ChocoSnacks (Right) are airy, crispy wafer balls that is covered in a layer of

delicious chocolate.

The Maeil Coffee drink is a creamy, yet smooth coffee beverage made with fresh milk to

start you off on the right foot for the long day ahead.

The Pokemon Rice Seasoning is a Pokemon themed seasoning that adds some flavor and fun

to your favorite rice and noodle dishes. Tastes great with ramen too!

The Jagabee Potato Crisps (Right)  are lightly season potato crisps with a hint of savory Soy sauce, that are just perfect

for the everyday snacker.

These are Crispy Olive Oil Seaweed which is seaweed glazed in olive oil which has a

great texture and is satisfyingly crunchy.

Last in the box is the Shin Instant Ramen which are soft noodles that are rich and spicy accompanied by a beef and mushroom broth to make any lunch or dinner a great one.  

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I'm late to the party, but I have milk and cookies (and bourbon) if you need comforting and all my serial killer tools if you're looking for revenge. Let's go, I got your back Shannon.

we can just ignore the haters and enjoy iron dad even more :)

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Still being kind of new, Leopard Gecko looked around as he walked, spotting BB. He mouthed a silent 'OH' and nervously waved. (foureyesmanyspots)

⌎ ▸  Bourbon catches the unusual cookie from the corner of his eye, he smiles and waves back.

⌎ ▸   Don’t be shy! ❞