bourbon beer



  • 6-8 tablespoons butterscotch sauce (depending how sweet you like it)
  • 3 cups apple cider
  • 1 cup bourbon whiskey (optional)
  • 2 cups ginger beer
  • Whipped cream, for garnish


  1. Heat cider, bourbon and butterscotch syrup in a medium saucepan until the butterscotch dissolves and the mixture is steaming hot. Remove from heat and stir in the ginger beer. Ladle into mugs and serve with loads of whipped cream on top.

Kent wakes with a sour stomach and a foul taste in his mouth. He can’t tell if the feeling in his belly is nausea or nerves.

He sits up carefully. His head feels as fragile as an eggshell, the ghost of a headache lurking.

The person next to him snuffles in their sleep and curls into the pillow.

Kent shakes his shoulder, lightly. “Hey, asshole. I’m going running.” Kent recognizes the triangle of freckles at the top of the other man’s right shoulder. Jeff. Swoops.

Teammate, Kent thinks. I went to bed with a teammate.

Swoops holds up one hand, middle finger extended, and doesn’t open his eyes.

Right, well. That answers that.

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Captain’s treat - Sidney Crosby

Requested by anon: Can you do an imagine where you are a bartender in a trendy night club and Sidney Crosby awkward-flirts with you when he and the teams come to celebrate after a win and the rest of the team just chirps at him? Thaaaanks

A/N: Hello! I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope it is good enough. Thanks for requesting it!

Word count: 1043

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol. Swearing.

Master list

Originally posted by ehghtysevenarchive

Whiskey sour… margarita… sex on the bitch… bourbon on the rocks… vodka martini… bloody Mary? Who the hell has a bloody Mary at midnight? Tonight has been frantic so far and I have three hours until close.

“C’mon girl, we are almost there” Luke yells at me from the really far end of the bar while he pours a drink for a pretty blonde.

“If by almost there you mean another three hours then yeah, we are almost there” I laugh, leaning on the bar to ask for a man’s order.

His arm is resting on the bar, but he is turned and looking at a large group of guys that have just arrived in the bar. They probable have waited forever to get in, since the line to get in is extraordinary long.

“Hey, what can I get you?” I ask him and he turns around. I know who he is, everyone in Pittsburgh does, but I try to keep my cool as good as I can.

“Um hey, can I have fifteen beers, eleven bourbons on the rocks and a diet coke” he says and I grab a coaster to write it down.

“Bud light? Jack Daniels? Eh… I’d say if diet pepsi was ok, but we actually have coke” I joke around, walking towards the big beer fridge.

“Sure and sure, but not diet pepsi, Phil wouldn’t be happy” he responds and I give him a quick nod.

I open up the door of the refrigerator and grabbing four bottles on each one of my hands and bringing them to him, repeating the trip until all of the bottles are in front of him. I pop up all the bottle caps and push them in front of him.

“Guys, just come grab them” he yells and suddenly fifteen men are reaching for the glass bottles, taking them and palming the other man’s back.

I wait until all of them are gone and start setting short glasses for the bourbon.

“Do you want me to separate bills?” I inquire and he laughs.

“What kind of captain would I be?” he asks.

“I don’t know, Crosby. I have never been anyone’s captain” I answer and he just shrugs.

“It’s their lucky day, I’m feeling quite splendid today” and I just smile and nod.


“Big win” he assures me.

I have been working during our short conversation and I have ice in every single glass and I’m reaching for the bottle of Jack Daniels on the display behind me. I push the glasses together and start pouring the liquor. I love pouring drinks straight to the glasses, waiting for one to fill up and moving over to the next one.

“You are good at this” he affirms and I shrug.

“It is easy, it isn’t like hockey” I brush it off, filling up the last glass.

“Hockey is a team sport, you rock it all by yourself” he compliments and my cheek heat up.

“Diet coke and you are good to go” I say, grabbing a taller glass and filling it with ice and a slice of lime, “glass bottle or can?”

“Coke is always better from a glass bottle” he says and I can’t help but agree, getting it for him.

“Phil doesn’t drink?” I wonder, working on our register.

“He wanted a margarita” he confesses and I raise an eyebrow in confusion, “he wanted a margarita, but we love messing up with the Stanley Cup champion”

“You are a Stanley Cup champion” I say, handing him the bill.

“Touché” he reaches to the inside pocket on his jacket and pulling of his wallet, handing me a credit card.

I work on the little machine, swapping his card and turning it around so he can punch his pin code. The machine beeps and a bunch on receives come from it.

“There you go” I give them to him, keeping the copy that is supposed to be for the bar, “I’ll help you bring all of these to your booth”

I pull a tray from one of the cabinets and start getting all the drinks on it. I walk around and get on the side of the bar, standing next to him. I give him his drink and pick up the tray, heading straight to the booth, Sidney following me.

“There you go, guys” I start handing over drinks to the guys who don’t have one in his hands, leaving the coke for last, “and a diet coke for the Stanley Cup champion”

“Pretty and funny, no wonder why it took you so damn long, Kid” Evgeni Malkin chirps at Sidney and I look down so they don’t see the smirk playing on my lips.

“Fuck off, Geno” Sid just says and the rest of the team howl and whistle, “fuck all of you, I’m never buying you drinks again”

I rest the tray on my hip and turn around, ready to come back to my place on the bar. The club is packed and I’ve spent way too much time on the Penguins so my coworkers have had to work a hell of a lot faster to serve everyone. I’m about to get to work again when I feel a hand wrapping around my wrist.

“Hey… I just…” I turn around and see Sidney, stumbling upon his words, “you never told me your name”

“(y/n)” I just answer.

“(y/n)” the way he says my name makes me shiver, “this is going to sound extremely inappropriate, but the assholes were right. You are stunning and funny and nice, and I would love to get to know you a little more”

I think about it for a second, trying to figure out if it was worth it for me to get to have my life exposed to the public eye for just a guy. Sure, he was extremely good looking, and good at hockey, and he seems nice and charming.

“Some risks are worth taking” I murmur to myself, before grabbing another coaster and writing down my number, “don’t be stranger, Crosby”

I give it to him and just turn around, back to work, but I can’t help it but to smile when I hear the chirping his teammates are putting him through.


George Thorogood ~ One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Alpha pt. 9

Originally posted by alataleir

“Shut the fuck up, Peter. You messed with Scott’s head tried to get him to sleep with me. Is this because I wouldn’t do what you wanted?”
“Did you two kiss?”
Y/N grabbed me by the shirt, slamming me into the wall. She lifted me up with brute strength, a growl emitting from her throat.
Such a bad girl.
Bad girls get punished.
The door opened and a soft voice called out, “Y/N?”


Sometimes, you don’t need enhanced hearing to hear a pin drop or when something shatters. Something like a heart. Stiles stepped out of the room to see what the commotion was in the hallway. What he saw was a video that can never be erased from his mind. You held Peter by the shirt, high against the wall. Unless you were a steroid junkie, it could only mean one thing in Beacon Hills. You were a werewolf.
His voice was unsteady, his hands were shaking, but a small part of him knew it was too good to be true.
You let go of Peter and took a few steps back.
“Stiles, I know this looks bad but–”
Stiles whipped on his heel and headed toward any exit. You finally caught up to him before he could dip inside an elevator. You placed a hand on his shoulder but he quickly retreated from your touch.
“What are you?”
“I’m a werewolf”
“For how long?”
You saw how tragic Stiles was in this moment. He suffered a broken heart from your abuse. A part of you wanted him to hear you out and listen to what you had to say, another part of you was glad that there were no more secrets between the two of you.
“A couple of months, I guess”
“A couple of…”
Stiles’ breath hitched and he started pacing back and forth.
“You lied to me”
“I never lied to you”
“You didn’t tell me about it either”
“Look at the way you’re reacting now, would you have accepted me as one”
“I could’ve tried! Wait, why were you yelling at Peter? Is he your–”
“Alpha? Yes, regrettably”
“This whole time…I can’t believe I almost slept with you”
The gears changed and turned about in your head. His voice sounded like he was in utter disgust. Is that really how he felt?
“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Now that you know I’m a werewolf, I’m what? A mangy mutt?”
Stiles sighed and shook his head, “No, I didn’t mean it like th–”
“You know what? Fuck you, Stilinski. I may be a werewolf, but at least I have the fucking courtesy to treat people like they’re a human being”
Under his breath, you could hear him mutter something that fueled the anger in your chest.
“Except you’re not”

Scott spotted his mom and ran over to her. She ushered him to a room. Inside was his best friend, bloody and bruised. As he remembered what he did earlier, the guilt began to set in.
“What happened to you?”
Stiles didn’t speak. He struggled to sit up, wincing at his wounds.
“Was this Gerard?”
“Part of it”
“And the other part?”
Scott didn’t know how to react. Why would she beat him up for something that he did? If anything, Scott felt like he should have gotten the crap for it.
“Why did she do that?”
Stiles looked away from Scott to stare out the window. This night was never supposed to happen. He should’ve been with the girl that he cared about but instead, he screwed it up like he always did and drove a wedge between the both of them. Tears streamed down his face, seeping into the cut under his eye made by Y/N’s ring.
“Stiles? What happened?”

You walked along the road because you ran here on foot to make sure Stiles was okay but you now realized that he wasn’t the sweet boy you thought he was. A car drove next to you. You looked to see it was a red Porsche; Jackson’s Porsche. He rolled the window down and called your name but you ignored him. He sped up, the tires screeching as he blocked your way.
“Get in the car”
You crossed your arms and gave him a dirty look.
What was the worse that could happen?
You dropped your pride and opened the door to slide in the passenger seat. It was a while before any of you talked. The tension was so awkward that a simple shuffle in the seat was uncomfortable.
“Why were you walking out here by yourself?”
“Why are you so concerned?”
“During the blackout, I tried to look for you but I couldn’t find you”
“You were looking for me?”
Jackson scoffed as if what you said was stupid.
“Of course I was looking for you, Y/N”
“What do you want from me, Jackson Whittemore?”
“You didn’t read my letter?”
“What letter?”
His tightened around the wheel and he could feel himself imploding.
“Let me out of the car, I’ll walk myself home”
“Why is it so freaking hard for you to see that I love you?”
“Because I don’t. Now, let me out of this car, so help me God”
“What if I don’t?”
“Didn’t you hear? I’m a werewolf, meaning I’m more than capable of punching your lights in”
Jackson quickly pressed on the brakes, nearly sending your head off your body.
“You’re a werewolf? H-how–”
“Oh don’t worry, I have you to thank for this lovely gift. Now that you know, leave me the hell alone”
Before you could leave, the doors locked, making you growl in anger.
“I still don’t want you out here by yourself. Where do you want to go?”

I peeled off my jacket and hung it on the coat rack near the door. A tune came to mind as I carelessly whistled while walking toward the dresser in the living room. Bourbon had an authenticity to it. It didn’t matter if it was cold or warm, Bourbon was key to everything. Even dealing with a pissed off female Beta named Y/N. She sat in the recliner, my vision glued to the back of the seat.
“Nice performance back at the hospital. I tried to warn you, puppy. Although, I will have to thank you. This turned out so much better than I thought it would”
Y/N stood up from the chair and walked into the light, she wore a thin silk robe, black pumps, and tights. Her hair was curled like fancy wisps and a bottle of beer in hand. I could feel my stomach flip at the sight of the beautiful creature before me.
Don’t think like that.
“It’s like you always say, you’re the Alpha; My Alpha. So whatever I say is wrong, and whatever you say is right”
Her tone was purposely low and seductive, a part of me twitched to the sound of her honey laced voice.
“Glad to see you’re coming to your senses”
Y/N smiled and with one flick of her thumb, she handed me the beer.
Forget about the Bourbon, the beer would have to do tonight. She watched as I gulped down half of the bottle, the fizzy feeling cleared my throat from any further obstruction.
“I hope after tonight, you’ll see that disobedience will not be handled lightly”
She took the drink from me and wrapped her sexy, plump lips around the tip of the bottle. The way her throat moved while she swallowed made me wish it was something else going down her throat—what?
Peter, this isn’t you, snap out of it.
Just when she put it down on the dresser, she took a step back to pull the string on her robe. The silky slip stopped at her upper thighs to reveal the garter that came with her thigh-high tights. The slip didn’t reveal her form but her curves were naturally implied. What truly gave me arousal was the enticing image of how beautiful her body was shaped and how hot and bothered she could be because of me.
Jesus, get a grip.
“What is this?”
“I’ve been a bad puppy. I need severe punishment and as my Alpha, I want you to train me to be the good pet I know I can be”
By this time, Y/N had bent over a table and wiggled her ass from side to side while biting her lip.
I could see the road to her candy land right between her legs and all signs read “Enter.”
The Alpha in me just clawed my insides and howled for me to take immediate action.
“Y/N, stop it”
“Stop what? Isn’t this what a good puppy does for its master? Am I not good enough?”
She hiked up the slip to give me a better view of her golden globes.
“Is this better?”
There are multiple ways this could go.
1. I could fuck her right here and right now like a savage beast
2. Pretend like it’s not bothering me until she gets completely naked and drag her to the nearest bed and roughly fuck her until she passes out
3. Grab her neck with my claws and force her to stop
4. Give up and leave

Those options were all horrible. So I came up with a new one. I threw the robe at her and scoffed as I went to throw away the bottle.
“Have some decency, Y/N. Begging is pretty pathetic”
Y/N furrowed her brows, “Pathetic? Isn’t this what you wanted? Complete obedience”
“You know where the exit is, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It can be a little tricky”
She stomped her way over to me but her face was still poised with grace.
“I’m shocked, I thought it might take a little to win you over. It seems Peter Hale is smarter than the lesser”
“It’s true”
“Yet you can’t admit it”
“Admit what?”
“My boldness turns you on. There has never been another girl who can challenge you the way I do”
“I think someone’s ego is a bit too high”
“Are you frightened of me, Peter? Does my resilience scare you so much that you have to meddle your way into my life?”
“Watch yourself, Y/N”
“I’m right, aren’t I? You’re so used to controlling people but I am the one thing in your life that you can’t control. That must infuriate you. But then again, you couldn’t exactly control Scott so does that really make you an Alpha?”

Peter snarled and shone his blue eyes down on you. His claws and fangs extended into clear view, a sign that you were pissing him off.

“Oh, I think I made someone mad. Face it, Hale. In the end, everyone leaves you because you are incapable of keeping your own and your always fling for power but it always manages to slip through your fingers”
Peter swung for your face.
You ducked down quick enough to back up away from him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be something that you won’t have to cling onto anymore. Our deal has ended. You failed to keep me entertained so I’m going to pleasure myself elsewhere”
You closed the robe back up before leaving out the front door, “do you ever wonder why Scott keeps rejecting your offer? He doesn’t need you. He has a pack of his own in which he is the leader”
Peter huffed his chest and dug his claws into the wall to prevent himself from tearing you in half.
You gave him a sly smirk and stuck the middle finger before zipping away on your motorcycle.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Request: Hi Kristi! I adore your blog! It’s so amazing! Could you please please please make a one shot with Damon where he says “Baby it’s cold outside” and you end up having sex in front of the fireplace? Thank you!!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: smut

Word Count: 2701

Christmas is around the corner so… oh, and, I kinda changed it so you’re the one saying “Baby, it’s cold outside” since he does’t really get that cold anyway.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“Damon, baby, let’s decorate please it’s December 1st.” You pouted as you rolled around the bed, looking up at him. “Okay, why don’t you ask your lady friends to do that?” He asked. You pouted. “Please don’t give me that look.” He said and knelt down. You hung your head to the edge of the bed and pouted even more. “Pwease.” You murmured and he sighed, nodding. He kissed you and stood up again.

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Night Moves

Night Moves by evansrogerskitten

Dean Winchester x Heather the Hunter, Sam Winchester x Piper the Waitress. Based on“Baby” Season 11, Episode 4. What happened while Dean was at the Roadhouse and met up with Heather the Hunter? And what happened when Sam went to the Diner and met Piper the Waitress? This is the night we never saw.

This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s “Do It Like Dean” challenge. Congrats on 500K!. My prompt is in bold. 

Warnings: Season 11 Spoilers, Smut, language, alcohol, technically driving drunk over the alcohol limit (Do not drink and drive. Ever.) Creative freedom with usual bar hours, a lil fluff. Gifs aren’t mine, thanks to those peeps. 

Word Count: 6106 | On AO3 | Happy Smut Day!

The 1967 Chevy Impala was a beauty, treasured by a family that was always broken but also always had a home in that classic car. Baby knew and saw all, and if she could talk, she’d have years of great stories to tell. Especially about her devoted owner and his partner in crime.

Baby pulled into the parking light, the rain droplets running across her immaculate paint job. Her engine purred as she found her way to a parking spot, her owner parking mid-way across the lot. The bright lights of the Roadhouse’s sign bounced off the shiny black hood.The car’s engine turned off and Baby rested as her occupants turned to each other.

“Are you serious?” Sam asked, looking out the windshield at the bar looming in front of them. His brother responded with a silent smirk.

“Dean, it’s late.” Sam whined. “I’m exhausted and…and… starving. And this place…” Sam motioned to the bar. “I mean, even Swayze wouldn’t come to this roadhouse.”

Dean leaned back in his seat and pointed at his brother. “Okay, first of all, never use Swayze’s name in vain. Okay? Ever.”

Sam laughed under his breath, rolling his eyes.

“Second, you don’t remember this place?” Dean continued. “You don’t remember Heather? The hunter that we worked a wendigo case with a couple years ago?”

“Oh, yeah.” Sam responded, remembering the hot brunette who’d saved their asses in Nebraska.

“Yeah, exactly.” Dean grinned.

“What, she’s here tonight?” Sam asked surprised.

Dean nodded. “I texted her. She’s working a rugaru case in Texas.”

He paused, the smirk on his face fading as he waved away truth. “Actually, she never texted me back. That’s not the point. The point is, is that we have a ton of driving left to do just to go to a town where there’s probably not a case.”

Dean pointed to the fluorescent lights. “But in there…good times. And time heals all wounds, Sam, especially good times. What do you say?”

Sam looked at the bar skeptically. “I say, knock yourself out.”

Dean rolled his eyes at his brother.

“I’m gonna find a diner, dig into the lore like Cas did, see if anything’s ever happened where we’re headed.” Sam added with a small smile.

“Oh, man, you really gotta learn to have fun. Seriously, it’s pathetic.” Dean responded as they climbed out of the car and went their separate ways.

Dean’s leg lengths crossed the driveway as he sauntered into the bar, his shoulders wide under his olive green jacket. Top 40 was playing from the stereo system, and he could see what looked like a group of girls celebrating a birthday in the corner. He observed the few patrons that were sitting at the bar as he stepped up to it. He nodded at the pretty bartender as she walked over.

“Hey, what can I get ya?”

Dean opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted by someone on his left.

“We’ll have two glasses of the nicest bourbon you got. His treat.” The curvy brunette winked as she settled into the barstool next to Dean.

Dean’s heart rate sped up as his charming smile stretched ear to ear. “Hey Heather, how you doin?”

He leaned in and wrapped his arm around the fellow hunter, squeezing her arm as he let go. She was still as beautiful as the last time he saw her. Brown almost black hair, dark brown eyes, olive skin, and a set of voluptuous breasts that Dean had not forgotten. Heather was a badass hunter bitch and sexy as hell. Dean regretted that he hadn’t fucked her all those years ago.

“I’m good. I was surprised to hear from you.” Heather replied, brushing her long hair back as she picked up her glass. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked into his green eyes, remembering how gorgeous they were.

“Yeah, I…Well, I’m sure you don’t want to hear from an asshat like me.” Dean brushed off his embarrassment as he fiddled with his cardboard coaster.

Heather smiled, and then clinked her glass against his. “Good to see ya, Dean.”

Dean grinned and then drank, relishing in the few seconds he needed to gather his composure.

“You were hunting nearby?” Dean asked her, their arms close on the bar top. Music and conversations fluttered around them, but all Dean could see was her. Eye on the prize.

“Yep. Vamps. I got ‘em.” Heather replied with a smile. “So when I got your message I figured, why the hell not? A little fun never hurt.”

“Amen to that.” Dean grinned and waved over the waitress, and their evening really began. The clock behind the bar ticked to 12:30AM as they downed their first round of shots.

Sam crossed Main Street and pushed open the door of the Daisy Diner. There were only two other customers, which Sam thought was strange until he remembered it was 12:30AM.

He settled into a yellow leather bucket seat at a booth to his right, and set his laptop and books on the shiny table. He smirked when he saw the multiple pies on display on the counter. Dean’s going to regret he didn’t come with , Sam thought. He was interrupted as the waitress walked over.

“Coffee?” She asked, brandishing the decanter in one hand and rearranging silverware in her other.

“Yes please. Thanks.” Sam replied, smiling at the waitress dressed in a 60’s style uniform. Her blond hair was pulled up, soft wisps falling at her temples. She smiled and pointed to the end of the booth where a plastic menu was standing.

“If you want to order something, just let me know.” The waitress turned her shoulder away, then turned back to Sam. Wow, this guy is equally adorable and hot as hell, she thought to herself.

“I’m Piper.”

“Hi. Sam.” He smiled, and then felt like an idiot when he stuck his hand out, pulling it back and nervously putting it back in his lap.

“Hi Sam.” Piper grinned. “I’ll check on you in awhile.”

Sam nodded, and then looked to his laptop self-consciously. But he couldn’t help himself from looking up as she walked away. Her plump ass was tight under her skirt and her hips swayed as she walked. As she turned to go behind the counter Sam looked away, clicking on his keys to launch the local medical examiner’s database.

Piper chatted with Sam through the couple of hours he was there, “checking in” on him often. At first Sam told himself she was just giving him attention as a waitress, and then as a really good waitress, and then happily realized it was more than that.

He cleared his throat as she came over with his check.

“You need anything more, Sam?”

Sam bit his lip to keep from replying with ‘ you’ . And instead shook his head silently.

“Okay. Well, ummm I get off at 3AM.” Piper shuffled the bill through her fingers.

Sam looked up to the wall clock to see it was 2:45AM then back to her with a grin.

“You wanna hang out?”

Piper nodded, picking up his coffee mug and plate. “Sounds good.”

Sam watched her as she walked away again, adrenaline pumping through his body as he thanked god he was finally going to get laid.

Dean and Heather were two Bourbons and 3 beers in by 2:45AM. It hadn’t taken long for Dean to kiss her, shielding her from the busy bar with his body as he leaned over her, his hands holding him up by the chair handles as he leaned in and caught her lips with his.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since we first met, sweetheart.” Dean stood back, his tongue circling his lower lip as he stared at her. Heather smiled, stretching her arms up around his neck.

“Have I ever told you that you have the most beautiful big dark eyes?” Dean whispered against her ear, wrapping his arms around her.


“Yeah. Gorgeous.” Dean pulled away with a wink and picked up his beer.

Heather smirked. “So I gotta ask you, Dean. Why’d you leave last time without a goodbye? I didn’t know if you were dead, or…”

Dean didn’t respond for a second, weighing his options- take a chance and tell the truth. Or make up some bullshit and hope it still works. He decided to go with the former and be honest.

“Or if I was a total asshole? Yeah probably. Thing is- and this is no excuse for being a dick- but I wasn’t myself when we met. I couldn’t see much good in the world. Including you.” Dean spoke earnestly, and she could see he didn’t mean to hurt her. “I fucked up.”

She patted the back of his hand, hovering over it and then giving her hand as his palm met hers. She watched their fingers intertwined and then looked into his beautiful eyes.

“I forgive you, Dean Winchester. But you may have to make it up to me.” She teased, grabbing her beer.

“Hmmm, really?” His grin grew even more mischievous and his tongue played between his teeth. “What do you have in mind?”

“Well, at least a next round.” She flirted, pulling him towards her for a kiss.

Dean laughed against her lips, then pushed his chair back as he stood to go to the bar. “Baby, it’s only 3:00AM. Be got plenty of time. And we’re playing pool when I’m back.”

Heather nodded as he walked away. She couldn’t help but stare at his ass in his scruffy blue jeans. She noticed other women admiring him in the bar as well. Heather looked down with a little smile. Tough shit, ladies. I’ll be the one fucking Dean Winchester tonight.

Piper and Sam talked for an hour, laughing about stupid jokes and bonding over Harry Potter and Tolkien. At 4:00AM Sam unconsciously yawned, and Piper sat back in the booth.

“Ummm it’s getting late. And I have to find a bus that’s going home this time of night.” She remarked, her fingers snaking off the table to grab her purse.

Sam reached out and gently squeezed Piper’s other hand that was resting on the table.

“Let’s go somewhere.” Sam suggested, his voice low and seductive. “My car is close, wanna go there for a little while?”

Piper laughed. “How very high school of you, Sam.”

He grinned as he shoved his stuff into his backpack. “It’s a really nice car.”

“It better be.” She replied with a laugh, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the booth and through the restaurant doors.

The sun was just starting to rise, the edges of the sky barely yellow as the light approached. Sam pulled Piper against him, lifting her face towards his.

It was a good kiss. Soft and gentle at first, deepening as they let their guards down and relaxed against each other. After a minute Piper pulled away giggling.

“Yeah, we probably shouldn’t stand outside my work and make out.”

Sam laughed and took her hand, leading her towards the Impala.

Heather could hold her own and then some when it came to drinking. Even at 5:00AM. So she didn’t back down as she and Dean got progressively drunker, making out and squabbling about pool scores, eating bar nuts and dancing to 90’s hip hop.

“I beat you again.” Heather preened as she picked up the cash they’d been betting back and forth all night. She placed the pool queue on the green felt, and walked over to a smiling Dean who was reclining against the pool table side.

“Seems you did, sweetheart.”

“See. The thing is, Dean…I don’t want your money.” Heather’s fingers trailed the buttons on his blue button down.

“What do you want, baby?” Dean’s hands grasped her hips and pulled her between his outstretched legs.

Heather smiled, her hand resting on his chest. “You.”

Dean groaned, his arms wrapping around her. “I hoped you’d say that.”

Their passionate alcohol-fueled kiss was totally inappropriate PDA but the bar was nearly empty. Their kiss grew more passionate and Dean groaned as their lust was interrupted by the bartender kicking a loud, drunk person out of the bar.

“Where you want to do this?” Dean asked in Heather’s ear, his lips kissing down her neck.

“Come on.” Heather took Dean’s hand in hers and dragged him towards the restrooms. But rather than going into the women’s bathroom door in front of them, Heather turned and they hurried to a locked door. Dean had it open in a few seconds.

They stepped into the room to find a very small office. Most of the room was taken up by a desk, four huge silver kegs, and boxes of miscellaneous bar supplies. Dean sat down on the edge of the desk and folded his hands, watching Heather as she locked the door and turned out the lights.

Heather stepped between Dean’s knees and kissed him. The deeper the kiss, the harder they grabbed at each other. Dean reached his hands under her shirt, his fingers skillfully unclasping her bra. The bra fell by its straps to rest over her elbows as Dean’s fingers circled her nipples. Heather bit her lip to stay quiet, a low groan vibrating in her chest.

Heather pulled at the end of Dean’s leather belt, her hands scrambling to undo his pants.

“Strip.” Heather demanded as she pulled her denim shirt over her head.

“What, is this like a Magic Mike moment?”

“Shut up, Dean.” Heather whispered, reaching for his zipper. “Take your pants off and fuck me already.”

His urgency matched hers as he helped her pull her pants over her hips. Dean’s boxers and pants fell to the ground as Heather took his spot on top of the desk. She grabbed at him, kissing his neck as she stroked his hardening cock.

As Dean groaned, relishing in the physical contact he’d been missing. He had a sobering thought- he was drunk. What if he couldn’t get it and keep it up? But it quickly became obvious that was not going to be a problem. He pulled a condom from his wallet and rolled it on. He leaned forward and rubbed his dick along her folds, teasing her with kisses as he spread her wet up and down his length.

“Dean!” Heather whispered urgently, grabbing at his shoulders to pull him closer.

Dean groaned and placed her arms around his shoulders.

“You’re so beautiful.” Dean whispered as he thrusted into her. Heather dropped her forehead to his shoulder as she tried to stay quiet to keep the whole bar from knowing. She got off on the risk of getting caught fucking Dean Winchester in the back office of this roadside bar.

They gasped and breathed against each other’s mouths as their motions increased, Dean taking his time to tease her. But all she wanted was to get good and properly fucked, and then go crash.

Through their drunken haze the pleasure built, spurring them to grip each other harder, bite and claw, kiss and moan, thrust and grind, until they were both coming. Dean dropped his head as Heather’s as they both let go, her nails scratching along his scalp. For a moment they just held each other, tremors running back and forth. Dean slowly pulled out and tossed the condom in a nearby garbage basket.

“Wow.” Heather remarked as she fixed her bra.

“Good wow, or bad wow?” Dean asked with his charming sly smile as they dressed.

“Uhhh…very good wow.”

Dean leaned in for a kiss, replying in his deep voice, “Mmmmm very good wow.”

They quickly tiptoed out of the office door. Returning to their table, they saw everyone in the bar had left.

“Time to go, guys.” The bartender noticed them emerge from the hallway with a questioning look.

Heather grabbed her jacket as Dean handed the bartender some cash. He turned to take her hand and leave out the door.

“Actually Dean, my car’s parked out back.” She didn’t want to leave. But a nagging feeling told her saying goodbye was better than waiting for the awkward one-night stand goodbye.

“Oh, okay.” Dean’s voice dropped. He was disappointed to see her go. He at least wanted to buy her breakfast. “It was good to see you.”

Heather smiled, leaning in to kiss him once more. “Call me if you’re ever in Wyoming again.”

Dean nodded as they parted, pushing open the front door to the bar. “Yes Ma'am.”

As he stumbled out of the bar the sunlight hit him, his impending hangover hitting him at the same time. Dean put his hand up to his head to calm the throbbing for a moment and groaned as he stumbled across the parking lot towards the Impala. A dog barked from a nearby house as the bar’s neon signs shut off with a zap at 6:00AM.

Sam dropped Piper’s hand when they reached the Impala. He casually looked at his watch, seeing it was 4:30AM, a relieved breath leaving his chest as he knew Dean wouldn’t be around until at least 8:00AM when he’d drag his ass off some girl’s couch. Sam opened the back driver’s side door and slid across the backseat, Piper following behind him and closing the door.

After looking at each other for a few seconds, Sam took the lead by pulling her up onto his lap. Piper straddled him, leaning forward in pleasure as Sam kissed her neck. His lips traveled south and he slowly began to unbutton her uniform. She smelled like lavender and vanilla, so delicious that Sam would’ve been content to just rest his nose in her hair and grind against her.

Piper tugged on Sam’s hair, and his mouth left her body to smash his lips against hers. Quickly Sam finished unbuttoning Piper’s dress and pulled it off over her shoulders. Piper quickly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing beautiful skin and a taut 6-pack.

“You’re gorgeous.” Piper teased, running her hands across his chest.

“Mmmm, that’s my line.” Sam lips traced her ear, their hips grinding against each other. Sam pulled her hair pin out carefully, releasing her long waves of blonde. Heat and steam from their breaths spread across the back window of the car.

Quickly Piper shimmied out of her panties and slipped them off her ankle. Sam lifted his hips and pushed down his boxer briefs and jeans. They were both relieved this was happening, each having their own reasons why.

Sam rustled through his pockets, finding a magnum condom.  Piper smiled and took it from him, ripping it with her pink lips, moving back to rest her legs on Sam’s knees so she could roll the condom on.

She straddled Sam again, careful not to hit her head on the roof of the car.  Sam’s hands caressed her naked hips as he slowly helped her ease onto him. They both groaned when he was completely inside. Sam held her there for a second, Piper moaning into his chest as her walls convulsed around him. They tightened their arms around each other as Sam moved, his breath hot against her neck.

Piper rode Sam there in the backseat, his hands on her ass as he set the rhythm. Both of them groaning and falling into it as they moved together. Piper’s legs started to shake as her orgasm built. Sam pulled her to him, his mouth covering hers. Her face was flushed as she half whimpered half moaned against his lips. Sam bucked his hips up more roughly, both of them trembling now as their pleasure peaked.

Piper sucked her lower lip into her mouth to stop from screaming. Sam grabbed her head, running his tongue along her lower lip and then taking her lip between his teeth. Piper writhed against him, smacking her hips down against his as her orgasm built.

“Are you gonna come, baby?” Sam gasped, knowing his own orgasm was seconds away.

“Yes,” Piper dropped her head to his shoulder and groaned. “Sam.”

Her body followed the motions of his as the pleasure took over, her hands on his shoulders as she thrusted her hips against him again. Two more thrusts and Sam was coming with a loud groan, his big hands holding her tight as he finished. Their loud moans grew quieter as the car stilled.

The two rested for a moment, breathing against each other. Piper lifted up on her toes and fell into the seat next to Sam, her face flushed as she caught her breath.


“Yeah. Wow.” Sam responded with a smile. He rooted around in his backpack and found a biodegradable plastic bag to toss the condom. After tucking the bag away Sam sat back and looked over at Piper, who smiled as she scooted towards him.

Sam kissed her and then pulled his jeans on. “Just a sec, babe.”

Sam pushed open the car door and ran to the trunk barefoot, pulling out a beige blanket he’d snagged from the bunker. He shut the trunk, and tossed one end of the blanket to Piper. She lifted her ass up to tuck the blanket under and across the seat. Sam got back in the Impala and closed the door, pulling her towards him as they laid down across the backseat.

“The sun is rising.” Piper whispered before falling asleep. Sam responded with an indecipherable grunt of agreement, and they slept as the sunrise grew to a blend of pastel at 5:00AM.

The driver’s door wrenched open and an intoxicated, grumpy Dean threw himself into the Impala’s front seat. He crossed his arms and leaned his head back against the seat. The old clock on the Impala ticked to 6:01AM.

“Mistakes were made. Mm-hmm.” Dean grumbled, closing his eyes. He really was going to take Heather to breakfast. Aww what the fuck ever . He just needed his four hours.

Piper stirred when she heard the door open. She looked up to see the back of a man’s head. Clearly he’d had a long night. She wondered if Sam knew this guy.

PIper sat up, leaning towards Dean. “Who are you?” Her voice purred.

“Oh!” Dean turned in surprise, looking at the pretty blond and then averting his eyes from her naked body and his half naked brother.

“Ah, good morning. That’s, uh, my brother Dean.” Sam awkwardly looked up at the two, cringing because he knew how much shit he was gonna get from Dean later.

Dean chuckled, looking away as Heather fixed her messy hair.

“Sorry, Sam, I didn’t…I didn’t realize you had company.” Dean said, the awkwardness of the situation growing thicker by the minute. Dean turned and smiled at Piper, who in turn smiled guiltily. “Hi.”

“Yeah, uh, could you give us a minute?” Sam asked.

Piper was quickly dressing, pulling her dress over her shoulders. Sam’s brother had already seen everything but the awkward obviousness of their one night stand felt like they’d gotten busted like teenagers out too late.

“Well, I’ll just, uh … Just won’t be here anymore. So you kids take your time.” Dean nodded his head and smiled proudly as he slid out of the car.

Piper finished getting dressed, pulling her hair back and looking around for her hairpin.

As Dean walked away he stared into the car, his eyes peering inside with curiosity and admiration as he appreciated Sam’s date.

Sam apologized as they dressed.

“Have you seen my hairpin?” Piper asked him, pulling her messy hair behind her ear..

“No, I don’t.” Sam replied. They got out of the car and shook the blanket, looked at the baseboards and in the front seat, but no hairpin.

“Ah it’s alright.” Piper gave up looking. She was too damn tired.

Standing next to the car, Sam rested his hand on her cheek and then leaned down and kissed her.

“Umm…I travel a lot. But if you want, you can call me and we could try to meet up…” Sam stumbled on his words, not sure what to say.

“It’s okay Sam, you don’t have to do this.” Piper interrupted with a smile, gently placing her hand over his heart. “Tonight was great. But…you’re the kind of guy that will break my heart. And I don’t need that.”

She leaned in for one last kiss. “Bye Sam.”

He gave a small wave and watched her walk away, surprised by her goodbye. But her ass still beautiful in her wrinkled yellow uniform. He went back to the car and texted Dean that it was time get out of town.

Dean appeared minutes later with coffees and breakfast sandwiches. Sam pulled his day old shirt off over his head and started to button up a new one.

With the car rumbling to life, Dean smirked as pushed his favorite cassette into the tape player.

“Dean, I can explain what was going on…” Sam says as he adjusted his clean shirt.

“No, no, no. no.” Dean kept time in the air as the first beats of a familiar rock anthem filled the car.

“Don’t Night Moves me.” Sam responding incredulously as he stared at his brother.

“Shhh. Just let it wash over you.” Dean instructed Sam, motioning for Sam to just listen.

“Let …” Sam interrupted.

“Just take it in.” Dean said, putting the Impala into drive and circling the wheel out of the parking spot. Sam smirked, adjusting his shirt and giving his brother a weird look.

Dean began to lip sync along with a charming smile, his eyes still showing the exhaustion from the entire run that night.

I was a little too tall

Could’ve used a few pounds

Tight Pants point hardly reknown

She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes

“This is ridiculous.” Sam said as he rolled up his sleeves. Dean grinned, happy to be behind the wheel of his favorite car, with his favorite person, listening to his favorite singer. And getting laid hadn’t hurt either.

And points all her own sitting way up high

“One of the greatest rock writers of all time, Samuel.” Dean instructed Sam as he looked ahead to the road.

“It’s Sam.” Sam shot back, which made Dean smile.

Way up firm and high

Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy

Dean revved the engine, the song symbolic of not just about the brothers’ one night stands that night, but also about their own black beauty, their car Baby. The song filtered through the classic car and out her windows, a soundtrack she’d driven to many times. A song which Baby’s engine and her boys’ voices would sing their way to the freeway.

“Out in the back seat of my brother’s ’67 Chevy. ” Sam sang, improvising the lyrics.

Out in the back seat of my ‘60 Chevy

Workin’ on mysteries without any clues

“Yeah, you started this. You started this.” Sam smiled, pointing to his brother.

“Here we go. Come on now.” Dean instructed with one hand across the wheel.

Sam and Dean sang along to the chorus, a huge grin on Sam’s face as Dean played air guitar on Baby’s wheel.

Workin’ on our night moves

Tryin’ to make some front page drive-in news

Workin’ on our night moves

In the summertime

In the sweet summertime, summertime

At 6:30AM Heather knocked on the apartment door, shading the bright sunlight with her hand when she looked back across the street. Her headache was in full force and she cursed Dean under her breath for ordering so many drinks. She looked around, always aware of her surroundings. But she knew is was a safe place to crash after days spent there sporadically.

A curtain by the window fluttered as someone peeped out. A deadbolt flipped and the door opened to reveal Heather’s cousin, wearing a cotton nightgown down to her knees with hair wrapped up in a white bath towel.

“Heather! Hi!” She allowed the dark haired woman into her apartment and shut the door.

“Sorry, I just got out of the shower.” The girl dropped the towel and bent over to shake out her blond locks.

“No worries, I just need to crash.” Heather replied, exhaustion deepening her voice.

“Long night?”

Heather nodded as she smiled wistfully, her elated grin giving away her escapade that morning. “A good night.”

“Me too!”

Both women laughed, and Heather turned to the guest room door as she dragged her backpack behind her. She paused as she got to the door and looked over her shoulder.

“Thanks for letting me crash. Let’s catch up later when we’re not exhausted.”

Piper nodded her head in agreement. “Definitely. Sleep well, cous.”

“‘Digging into the lore.’ Is that what the kids are calling it these days?” Dean asked as the boys drove through the rainy night on their way to Oregon.

Sam laughed under his breath and smiled. “Man, I needed that.”

Dean grinned at his brother. “And hey, look at that, you’re finally not a virgin anymore. But you know what? I think it was time. I respect the fact that you, uh, you know, you wanted to stay true and pure and waited.”

“ Yeah, you know what? You – you’re an idiot.” Sam scoffed.

Dean looked behind them into the backseat. “Even put a blanket down. Buddy, classy and thoughtful as always.”

“I tried to give her my number. You know what she said?” Sam said, looking ahead of the windshield.

“We got tonight. Who needs tomorrow”? Dean suggested in his low voice.

“Is everything a Bob Seger song to you?” Sam asked.

“Yes.” Dean replied matter of factly.

Sam looked into the backseat, “Well, uh…it was nice knowing you, Piper.”

“Piper?” Dean smiled and laughed. “That’s awesome. Heather. One-night wonders, man. Shoot, we’re lucky we still get that at all.”

“Really? You don’t … Ever want something more?” Sam asked skeptically, his own desire for a real relationship still in his heart.

Dean looked at Sam incredulously. “I’m sorry, have you met us? We’re batting a whopping zero in domestic life, man. Goose eggs.”

“You don’t ever think about something? Not marriage or whatever. But … Something? You know, with a hunter? Somebody who understands the life?” Sam asked.

“Have you not heard a single word Bob’s been singing about?” Dean motioned towards the radio. “You’re tired. I can tell. You’re exhausted. Well, I’m still wired, so I’m gonna pull over, get some gas. You hop in the back, get some Z’s ‘cause, buddy, you earned ‘em. Proud of ya! Piper. Mmm. Man, she smelled good, too.”

Heather stirred when she heard Piper singing in the kitchen. She grabbed her watch and groaned when she saw it was already 5:00PM. She smiled and pulled her chestnut hair into a ponytail.

“Hey,” Piper greeted her cousin as the door opened. She was wondering when Heather would wake.

“Ugh, yes.” Heather responded comically, going to the cabinet to grab a glass and run the tap.

Piper laughed. “Long night?”

Heather grinned and sat down at the small table. “I think it was technically a long morning.”

“Thatta girl.” Piper replied, clinking her coffee cup against Heather’s glass.

“Do you want a sandwich?”

Heather nodded in agreement. “Yes. Food is probably a good idea.”

“So what happened to you last night? You seemed extra cheery this morning.” Heather raised her eyebrows, giving her younger cousin a knowing smile.

“Yeah, well…it was a good night. I met a great guy at work and we hung out after, and yeah…” Piper was smitten. She giggled as she put a box of crackers on the table. Heather ripped open the box, needed something to calm her hungover stomach.

“Yeah?” Heather quizzed. “Cute?”

“Very cute. So sweet. Funny.” Piper’s smile turning to a small frown. “He travels a lot though, so I don’t think I’ll see him again.”

“Huh,” Heather replied, suspicious that some dude had used Piper. “What does he do?”


Heather nearly spit out her water. “Are you serious?”

Piper placed their plates on the table.“Yeah. Why?”

“Was his name Sam?”

Piper nodded, her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to catch on. “Yeah. How’d you know that?”

Heather started to laugh, which hurt her head. But she couldn’t help but smack her hand on the table top.

“Oh my god, I was with his brother last night!” Heather exclaimed. “They’re hunters too!”

“Oh my god! That’s so weird!” Piper exclaimed. Both women laughed hard at the coincidence.

“Wow.” Heather held her hand across her stomach, rubbing away the ache of laughing so hard.

“So they know you’re a hunter?” Piper asked,

Heather nodded as she bit into her sandwich. “We worked together once before. Sam is very cute from what I remember. Although he had some serious issues four years ago.”

“Huh,” Piper responded again as she picked at her sandwich. “And his brother?”

Heather grinned. Her face flushed as she thought about his strong bowlegs holding her between his knees in the little office. His lips sucking on her earlobe until she moaned. His green, green eyes.

“Oh, Dean Winchester is a whole nother kind of animal.”

“Well, how very nice.” Piper laughed. “They’d never believe that we knew each other.”

The girls were quiet for a moment as they ate.

“But you know…now that I’m working with you sometimes, maybe we’ll run into them again.” Piper suggested, wanting Heather to affirm her hope.

Heather smiled at her sweet cousin. “Hun, Sam Winchester will break your heart. And you don’t need that guy.” She patted the girl’s hand and then picked up the rest of her sandwich.

“That’s what I told him!” Piper exclaimed. “What about you and Dean?”

Heather shook her head with a smile. “I don’t know. We’re probably too much alike. It’s hard to have a serious relationship as a hunter, I know that from experience.”

But Heather wanted to see Dean again. Even if it was just for a night.

“Well what a small world.” drawled Piper.

Heather smiled, and carried their dishes to the sink. “Thanks for letting me crash by the way. And helping with the vamps.”

“Of course, anytime.” Piper replied. “And I gotta tell you- I loved it.”

Heather nodded, getting up the refill her glass. She leaned against the kitchen counter and hummed along to an old Bob Seger song playing on a small radio.

“Staying the night?” Piper asked as she put food away. “I gotta go to work in a few, but you’re welcome to stay.”

Heather nodded, “I’ll probably take off tomorrow. I need some R & R.”

“Great, well I’ll be home at 1:00AM.” Piper shuffled through her purse to find her phone. “Oh, and there’s pie if you want some.”

“Ah, perfect.” Heather replied, greedily cutting a piece and settling onto the couch. Sugar and carbs, she’d be back to normal soon.

“Love ya cous.” Piper said from the front door.

“Love ya too, Piper.” Heather waved her fork as a sign of goodbye, and then nestled into the couch. Piper’s excitement over meeting Sam encouraged Heather that it was okay to have a little crush on Dean. And maybe they would run into the Winchester boys again someday.

She could only hope. She hummed along as Night Moves ended, a smile on her face.

Dean smirked as he looked over his shoulder at his snoring brother. Out on the road with some time to think, Dean mulled over everything that was happening with The Darkness. He was afraid. Terrified. He just had to hold onto whatever little faith he had left. They’d saved everyone from the apocalypse before, they’d do it again if they had to. Somehow he and Sam would save the world.

Dean rewound the Bob Seger tape, Night Moves quietly filling the car again. The Impala cruised towards Quaker Valley, Oregon, a town where there probably wasn’t a case. 

But if you’d asked Baby- it was always something and it was always a case. And she was proud to be their ride, their escape, and the only real home they’d ever had.

We weren’t in love, oh no, far from it

We weren’t searchin’ for some pie in the sky summit

We were just young and restless and bored

Livin’ by the sword

And we’d steal away every chance we could To the backroom, to the alley or the trusty woods

I used her, she used me

But neither one cared

We were gettin’ our share

Workin’ on our night moves

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Those three words now, are home

So this isn’t a prompt, but I watched this STUNNING video and fell in love with the song, so this is a little (or long ish) song fic based on the song, which is Four Walls by Broods.

Alex pulls open the fridge door a little too forcefully, wiping the sweat off her forehead; she definitely shouldn’t have gone for a run; it was too hot to run comfortably even late in the evening, but she’d needed to go. To clear her head, to stop the tears from falling, to stop her mind from remembering everything. Remembering the way Maggie’s skin felt soft against her own late at night, the way her eyes sparkled, first thing in the morning albeit full of sleep, the way she tasted like mint and fresh air, the way her hair smelt like the ocean, reminded Alex of home. And where was she now? What did she have now? Her apartment didn’t feel like home anymore because home had stopped becoming a place a long time ago. Home had become the way Maggie would walk up behind her, place her chin on her shoulder, and kiss her softly on her neck. Home had become the steady feel of Maggie’s breath against her as she slept. Home had become that smile, those dimples, and the promise that Alex could be herself now, that Alex didn’t have to pretend. Maggie had become her home, and now Alex realises that that was foolish, to make a person a home. Because homes were permanent, solid fixtures, and people were not. People leave, people leave and never return and you can’t make a home out of a heartbeat. She knew that now. She knew that too well.

Alex sighs, more to steady her breath than anything else, opening her beer, the condensation cool and damp against her skin. She takes a gulp as she opens her laptop, clicking on a random Spotify playlist for something, anything to distract her mind because this apartment was becoming too much to bear. The walls seemed to close in on her and everything reminder her of Maggie; her well stocked fridge, the amount of cooking utensils she’d collected, the pine body wash Maggie used in the shower, the leather jacket she’d left behind when she’d rushed out the door, tears in both of their eyes and too many words left unsaid.

Alex knows she should shower, should make some food and not drink herself to sleep like she’d been doing most nights since Maggie left, since Maggie said- well since Maggie hadn’t said anything really. Since Maggie had shaken her head lightly all those nights ago and Alex had known. Alex had known from the look in her eyes, and the way her lips didn’t curl upwards more to the left when she smiled, that nothing was going to be the same anymore. That perhaps she wouldn’t get her happy ever after after all.

She heard some upbeat song fade and another take its place, knowing from the soft voice and the melancholy piano undertones that she should get up, switch it over but she doesn’t because she wants to feel and she wants to cry, so she sits down, swigging the last of her beer and closing her eyes, letting the music fill her senses.

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Bravo Brown is a American #BrownAle style #beer brewed by @firestonewalker. in Paso Robles, #california with a 95 out of 100 on @beeradvocate. Pineapple for scale .
Firestone Walker brews the 2017 Vintage of Bravo, an Imperial #BrownAle aged in retired American oak bourbon barrels. A single-hopped strong brown ale brewed using the hop variety Bravo. This beer is then aged for up to a year in circa 1990’s used Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.
Deep cherry brown which has a very thin creamy head with a good carbonation. Aroma of coconut and bourbon. Tastes similar to the nose. Mouthfeel is smooth with a lot of alcohol warmth. Overall it’s a good bourbon barrel aged beer.

41 flavors (jane/kurt fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 14. food/drinks


41 flavors

They were simple questions. Some of many he had been asking her over those first few days they had spent together.

He asked them as they lay in bed, as they walked down the street hand in hand, as they sat on the balcony drinking coffee.

Her favorites.

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