bouquet of eyes


The difference is Ronnie thinks HE’S the spy

while Malcolm knows the REAL spy is actually all other people everywhere.

(And considering that if you watch the rest of the 404 aired scene it does look a bit like backpack guy starts to turn around once he’s gone past Malcolm, which is probably a coincidence, but is it really?) (Well, yes, almost certainly, but.)

Jeffayette #6

((I’m going to try make this one short, because this isn’t a massive idea, just a little thing that popped into my head that I wanted to share with you)) So, let’s move this whole thing from college to a flower shop AU. Despite the personalities of the two, I imagine Thomas being the one to own a flower shop on a busy corner of New-York, a little family business that has been around for decades. He would be one of the two or three employees, taking care of the place himself most of the time, and gently singing to the flowers before opening and after closing the store. And I would imagine Gilbert being one of the few usuals, to be the one to come window shopping often, and to bulk-buy potted plants every few months because he loves to be surrounded by fresh air and pretty flowers, and see the handsome man at the register chuckle every time he sees him eyeing bouquets outside the window. Half his friends think it’s an obsession and that maybe Gil needs to stop spending money on plants, but no one can deny the fact that visiting the Frenchman’s apartment is a very nice change from the stuffy city air, and often come by for an hour breather, spending time with Gilbert and relaxing in the clean atmosphere of his home. I also imagine Gilbert being a stress plant shopper, so on terribly bad days that actually affect his usual bounciness, he would visit the flower store straight after work. Since those days are really rare, Thomas always picks up on them, considering that Gilbert not only looks absolutely tired when buying the plants, but he also buys them completely out of his regular schedule. So, when one of those days rolls around, Thomas finally decides to ask about it, casually dropping the “long day?” conversation started when scanning the six small cacti that Gil brought to the till. He nods, kind of surprised that this guy cared to notice. Not having anyone to talk his stress out with, Gilbert kind of, breaks, quietly telling Thomas about his horrible day at work. And Thomas listens, nodding along and occasionally offering soothing squeezes on Gil’s arm. After that, Thomas starts asking about the Frenchman’s day every other time he comes round, then every second time, then Gilbert makes appearances in the flower shop every day after work, and they spend the afternoons talking to each other until Thomas has to lock up. Gilbert finds Tom’s slightly cocky and self-assured attitude endearing, and Thomas loves the light and the energy that Gil brings into his store every time he walks through the door. And Thomas ends up asking Gil out to grab a coffee sometime, and Gil agrees immediately. Before they know it, they walk each other home most nights after the closing of the shop, and go on dates every other weekend. And just, are cute together (((I said this was going to be short, but it accidentally turned out almost as long as the other ones, sorry)))

This is so beautiful I’m crying

Things Emerald did while Mercury played with Coco and Yatsuhashi

Picked a bouquet

-eyes red wildflowers critically-
Emerald: Well, you’re not roses, but you’ll do

Carved her and Ruby’s initials on aaaalll the trees

Coco: wtf
Coco: ER? With a heart around it?
Coco: is she threatening me again, that stylish brat

Daydreamed while watching Ruby watch the fight

Emerald: My fake girlfriend might be one of the goodguys but at least she’s criminally cute
Emerald: …huh, it feels like I’m forgetting something

Remembered she supposed to be in a fight 


Emerald: ah