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‘Morwenna looked around to see if there was anyone about who might have observed him. Among the bluebells were pink ragged robin and white milkmaid. Having regard to the speed with with it had been done it was a pretty bouquet . Morwenna knew from his eyes that it was meant as a bouquet. She resented the impertinence, coming as it did from one of his station. But he had gone running and hopping back into the wood.’ - The Black Moon: A Novel of Cornwall 1794-1795


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“I can’t believe Fullmetal told you before he told me,” Roy huffed, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at the informal wedding invitation his captain had dropped on his desk. The golden letters read, “formal invitation to follow.”

A rare teasing smile touched Riza’s lips. “Are you really surprised, sir? You always were at odds with him. If I didn’t know you two better I’d be shocked he invited you at all.”

Roy stood and crossed the office to the window, staring absently at the rapidly darkening street below. He was silent for a time, the quiet permeating the otherwise empty office, until: “How long ago did he tell you,” he asked pointedly. 

Riza watched his back warily, knowing that he’d be offended if he knew the truth. Still, it wasn’t in her to lie to him. “He told me during his layover in the West, on his way out of Amestris last year.”

Roy whipped around to stare at her wide-eyed. “He proposed to her last year,” he yelped indignantly. “But that means,” Roy counted back mentally, “he was barely eighteen!”

“Yes, sir. I’m glad you can still count,” she replied dryly.

He shook his head in disbelief before returning to his chair with an irritated sigh. He ran his fingers through his hair, then laughed hollowly. “How is it that Fullmetal is getting married when I was still in the military academy at his age?”

A trickle of sadness slid down Riza’s spine as she watched the subtle shift in her General’s expression. The disgruntled pinch in his brow gave way to something softer, more akin to regret, and the shimmer in his onyx eyes dulled.

“If it’s any consolation, sir, you were somewhat deprived of the opportunity before the war,” she offered. Right away she knew the words were a mistake as anguish flashed across Roy’s face. He shot her an affronted look, not bothering to mask his emotions in the absence of their other subordinates, but did not reply.

Riza wanted to tear herself away, to snatch her words back from the air and shove them in the trash along with every other thing she wished she could say to him. Instead, she stood by the desk with her spine ramrod straight, feeling the weight of the silence that wedged itself into the narrow space that separated her from the General. It settled on her shoulders and curled up in her lungs as she exhaled every unspoken promise that laid beside her each night.

It was a rapping on the office door that broke Riza’s destructive train of thought. She refocused on the general as his head snapped up from its resting place in his hands. He straightened in his seat and jerked his chin towards the door.

Riza strode stiffly across the room and poked her head into the outer office. A mousy sergeant saluted her, a stack of letters tucked under her left arm. Riza took the papers and thanked her quietly before withdrawing back into the room.

As she sifted through the new mail, Edward’s surprisingly neat handwriting caught her eye, and she frowned at the words staring back at her:

Brigadier General Roy Mustang and Captain Riza Hawkeye
Office #379
East City Headquarters

Riza’s brow furrowed at the oddness of the addressee line as she opened the letter and read. She gasped as her eyes slid across the paper and by the end of the letter her stomach was bubbling with apprehension and excitement.

“Captain, what is it?” Riza looked up and smiled broadly at Roy’s confused expression.

“Edward has requested that we participate in the wedding proceedings,” she said, feeling pride welling up in her chest. “He would be honored if you would walk Winry down the aisle, sir.” Roy’s black eyes widened, his jaw going slack as he stared at her in shock.

“He wants me to act as the father of the bride,” he said incredulously.

“Yes, sir. He said it was Winry’s request.” She hesitated before continuing, heat beginning to rise in her cheeks. “She also requested that I fill the role of mother of the bride.”

Roy started laughing then, his shoulders shaking with amusement. When he caught his breath he leaned forward in his chair, a mischievous glint in his eye, and said, “Write him back that we accept his offer. Tomorrow you and I will need to pick up a chess set; Fullmetal seems to have taken an interest.”

My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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I mean…Whatever you do, don’t think about attending a friend’s wedding with Harry. And definitely don’t think about him lining up for the bouquet toss because he’s had a few too many and is in that silly mood topical drinks always get him in. And you certainly can’t think about him catching the bouquet and then making eye contact with you across the dance floor, mouthing, “Catch,” as he lobs it your way. And for the love of God, don’t think about him hanging over you, both sweaty and hot from the humidity and festivities, as you stumble back to your room for the evening, bouquet tucked safely under your arm. And please don’t think about the silly smile he’d wear as he points at the bouquet sitting on the nightstand as you undress and says with full sincerity, “Guess it’s your turn now.”

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 18

Summary: The aftermath of knowing the truth. 

Author: sleepywinchester {prev; deanwinchester-af}

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev = Faceclaim)

Words: 3.4k+

Warnings: Fluff.


Note: Sorry for the late-ish update guys! Moved and have a new job, life it’s taking it’s course lol Anyway, hope y’all like this one as much as I do. xoxox

Title: Our life back. 


“Who does shit like that?” Jensen said.

You shrugged, “Messed up people… Crazy people… Psychopaths?”

Jensen huffed a laugh and shook his head, then he sat down and scratched his beard. He hasn’t been sleeping much, there were dark circles under his green eyes. But he looked at you differently, the guilt in his eyes gone, now there was hope.

“What are we going to do?” Jensen said quietly.

You swallowed down, “I-,” you shrugged not sure of what to say. “I don’t know.”

“Y/N… Jensen…” Shay’s concerned voice prompted both to turn around in her direction.

She stepped into the living room with her iPad on hand. You breathed in heavily, preparing yourself for what you were about to see. Your actions playing in the back of your head gave you an idea of what Shay had to show. Once she was in front of you and Jensen, she turned for you guys to see the screen clearly.

“Supernatural’s actress Y/N Hobbs throws wines on fellow co-star Claudia Myers. Reasons behind this cat fight? We’re betting is for Jensen Ackles. Whom a friendly source says, fans favorite couple been separated all this time.”

“Claudia Myers embarrassed after her co-star Y/N Hobb’s actions.”

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EXO’s Reaction to Their Girlfriend Crying After They Forgot Their Special Date


Feeling more angry at himself than sad, he’d have to take some time to walk off his anger, not wanting you to misinterpret it and think he’s angry at you. When he came back he’d quietly apologize, promising to make it up to you any way he could.


A bit stunned at himself for forgetting such an important thing, Chen wouldn’t know where to begin to ask for forgiveness. He’d stay silent instead, watching you cry as tears of frustration at himself welled up in his eyes.


Almost always smiling, Baekhyun’s expression would be stone cold when he realized what he had done. “I am so sorry,” he’d say, gingerly taking your hand in his. For the next week he’d constantly be apologizing and doing absolutely anything he could to make you forgive him.


Chanyeol’s very romantic, so forgetting these things was not common. He couldn’t believe it when he did, going into somewhat of a state of shock. “Jagi..I…” he’d stutter, staring down at you. He’d end up having to fight back tears as well as he hugged you and stammered out an apology.


Like Chanyeol, Lay was very romantic and couldn’t believe himself when he realized what he had done. He’d have to leave for some alone time, reflecting on his mistake. He’d come back with a small bouquet of flowers and puffy eyes–it was obvious he was just as upset at himself as you were.


D.O wouldn’t bother trying to apologize with words, sitting silently next to you and listening to what you had to say through your tears. For the next couple of weeks he’d do his best to reconcile with you, sincerely apologizing in his own quiet, tender way.


Suho would be absolutely heartbroken when he found you crying because of him. A flood of apologies would come out of him as he fought to find the right words to express how terrible he felt about his error.  Eventually you’d tell him you forgave him, but he’d never forget what he did.


Kai would be at a loss of what to do in this situation. He’d let you cry on your own, leaving to walk off his anger at himself. When he came back he’d pull you into a hug, whispering into your ear how awful it was of him to forget and how he’d make it up to you.


Surprised at how you were reacting to him forgetting, Sehun would have to take a step back to reflect on what he’s done.  “I had no idea it was this important to you. I’m so, so sorry. Really,” he’d say quietly, avoiding eye contact with you and chewing on his lip to stop himself from crying as well.

In The Shadows

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story itself. Please do not copy or credit this as your work. Photo above is not mine.

Pairing: Connor Kenway x reader

Requested by Elly: You’ve made it a habit to watch the strange hooded figure that hangs around the markets near you, until one day, you realize you’re not the only one doing the watching (Connor & his crush, basically 😂)

Warnings: none

Words: 861

A/N: Apologies for any potential OOCness and off-promptness…

Tagging: @writingsofawaywardnerd @bunnyyumyum @freedomaboveallelse @romancingthecreed @rooks-and-blighters @kebeo @thepandadrawer @crazyfangirlinabluebox @scarlet-marionette @imakemyownblog @amarabliss @sailingalongchampagneshores

It was a warm summer day when you first see him.

Sellers yelled out deals from their stalls along the pier and streets as the market sprung back to life. You wander into your favorite flower shop as you search for that one bouquet you were eyeing the day before.

“Y/N? Are you looking for these?” The shopkeeper, Emmaline, asks and you turn to see her hold the bouquet you were looking at.

“Yes, thank you Emmaline. Did you save these for me?” You joke and she laughs but shakes her head.

“I would’ve had this man not come in and paid for it himself.” Emmaline replies and you look up in confusion.

“What man? What did he look like? What was his name?” You question but Emmaline shakes her head again.

“Never got his name. All I remember is that he looked like one of the members of the local Native American tribe and he was wearing a white hood. Oh! He was also carrying weapons on his body.” She answers and you frown. Emmaline looks out the main window and nods out towards the opposite side. “There he is.”

You face the window and catch a glimpse of a hulking man wearing what seemed like an axe on his back as he gazes at you before heading into the alleyway.

You see him again as you’re buying fish at the docks.

As you finish paying the stall owner, you lift your head slightly to see the man you saw standing in front of Emmaline’s flower shop walking and talking with another man that you recognized to be Paul Revere.

The man you saw was wearing what appeared to be white robes with a hood shielding his face with a belt made of blue and red fabric. A tomahawk, you could see clearly now, hung at his side as a full quiver and bow were strapped across his back making an x and you could see the outline of what appeared to be a bracer of sorts on his right forearm.

Paul looks over in your direction and waves and you wave back only out of courtesy with a somewhat forced smile on your face. Paul motions towards you and presumably tells the mysterious man your name and you immediately duck into the bustling crowd as you catch a glimpse of the mystery man turn to face you before you fully blend into the crowd and dash back towards your home.

“You like him.” Emmaline states as she hands you a cup of tea.

“I do not, Emmaline. I barely know the man anyways.” You say as you sip on the hot drink before setting it on the table next to your elbow.

“But he clearly likes you! Why don’t you try to talk to the man?” She exclaims and you almost want to spit out the tea you were currently swallowing.

“Talk to him? If anything, he should be the one trying to. He’s the one who should be talking. The bloody man is following me around like a dog for God’s sake.” You argue as you manage to force the tea down your throat.

“Oh please. With the way the two of you are acting, he won’t even think about coming within close range of you. Well any closer than he is now.” Emmaline snorts and the sinking feeling in your gut agrees.

There was a certain appeal to him in a way. Mysterious to a fault with a sense of intrigue about him but most definitely influential from what you could only assume with his affiliation with Paul Revere himself. There was a revolution brewing in America and you were more than sure that this mystery suitor of yours was a part of it.

All you had to do now was figure out what role he played in this entire political mess. 

As you walk back home as the shops begin to close, you look all around the main market area and shop streets for the man and you were near ready to give up when you felt someone tap your shoulder.

You spin around to see a tall Native American man dressed in white with weapons all over his body and you want to drop your purse in surprise. It’s him.

It’s you.’ You say to yourself but not to him.

“Y/N L/N?” He asks somewhat hesitantly and you nod.

“That would be me, yes.” You say and you swear a faint smile is spreading across his face.

“It’s good to meet you.” The man replies and you fully smile at him.

“It’s good to meet you to…” You trail off, unsure of what to call him.

“Connor.” He tells you.

Connor.’ You think and it rolls off your tongue better than you expected. Not that you were expecting anything honestly.

“It’s good to meet you too Connor.” You reply as the sun begins to set.

“May I accompany you to your home? It is getting dark now.” Connor asks and you hold your arm out for him to take as the two of you set off on a beautiful new relationship.


All Is Beautiful - Part 2 of 2

Read Part One Here

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Word Count: 4,000

Summary: Part Two. After saving you from a violent attack, Sam keeps in touch and you grow closer. This ended up being pretty smutty. It really took on a life it’s own. I’m not sorry. 

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, language and an animal death (briefly mentioned).

Tags: @impalaimagining @spontaneousam​  

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Sherlock x vegetarian!Reader

Anon asked: Heyy, I have a request:) Sherlock x reader where Sherlock finds out she’s a vegetarian and they have a little argument about it. Maybe because Sherlock doesn’t understand why is vegetarian so she’s made at him. In the end Sherlock apologizes with a vegetarian dinner he made? Maybe some fluff?

Word count: 855

Warnings: slightly suggestive ending

No tags

Enjoy reading! I hope you like it.

“I mean, seriously, it’s simply stupid,” Sherlock said as he flopped on his beloved leather chair, rolling his eyes.

You were peacefully stirring up ingredients of what didn’t include meat into your vegetable stew. You never bothered to cook lunch at your own flat because of the hassle it was to try recipes of vegetarian food, not knowing how they will taste or if you even did it right. So, you would usually finish the work you had at the lab, go to your local vegetarian lunch supplier and go back to your flat after you ate. However, you decided to give cooking a try. After all, it saves money and you know exactly what you put in there.

But Sherlock Holmes, your (not so) lovely boyfriend, apparently didn’t agree with the lifestyle you had chosen to follow.

When you had first met at St. Barts, he immediately deduced that you were a vegetarian, but didn’t question it. However, when you started ‘hanging out’ more and eventually became lovers, he found it suitable to say his opposing opinion. Of course, this wasn’t the first time he had complained about how he found it stupid. Normally, you would just wave it off. But you needed to prove your point sooner or later

“It’s a lifestyle that I and many humans follow, a healthy one at that. Why do you find it stupid, Mr. Holmes?” you asked, slightly annoyed at his behaviour.

“Well, you obviously lack in protein, leading to a weaker body-”

“Oh, so edamame and tofu don’t exist now, or have you forgotten vegetables high in protein and fibre?” you retorted smartly.

“Either way we still have potassium-”

“Yam? Spinach?”

“There are still many supplements you lack from, (Y/N), you know that.”

“You know what? I had many arguments against yours but you’re just too damn stubborn and I don’t want to have this conversation with you right now,” you said as you picked up your handbag and coat from John’s armchair and stormed out of the flat, leaving the cooking efforts to burn.

John had just returned from work, noticing an angry you stomping down the stairs and slamming the door shut on your way out. Immediately, he knew it was the work of the high-functioning sociopath.

As soon as he walked in, John gave Sherlock a lecture and how to treat a lady. He then gave him another lecture on how to treat human beings. And surprisingly, the detective kept his mouth shut, actually listening for once, during the whole episode of stern words John spat at him.

The stew was overflowing on the stove, so Sherlock quickly waved John’s words in a second and hurried to the kitchen to stop it. He noticed that you left all his equipment neatly organised on the side of the table, which was now furnished with some unused herbs, a cutting board and a cooking book. He regretted everything he said after seeing the effort that you put into this unfinished meal and started to ponder over how hard it was to live your lifestyle on a daily basis. He knew he had to make it up to you.


You sloppily dragged your feet up the stairs to 221B, desperate to take a rest. You had lunch at the usual place you always had lunch at, then decided to take a walk after. That walk turned to a stroll in the shopping street near your flat, and that turned to a couple bags of clothing and accessories. You barely managed to open the door and get into the flat. You dropped the bags on the floor, stretching your sore hands. You were about to head to the sofa to lay down but you caught the smell of freshly made pasta sauce. Your curiosity led you to the kitchen and your eyes snapped open.

All the tiredness washed off of you as you saw the table, which was usually filled with toxic chemicals and lab equipment, now amazingly covered with a classy white cloth. A few candles were lit in the middle of it and aside them a gorgeous bouquet of red roses.

Your eyes turned slightly upwards, finally seeing the famous detective in your apron, frozen in his tracks in the middle of placing the white sauce veggie pasta you assumed he made into the plates opposite from each other.  

“You- you came earlier than I expected,” he said sheepishly.

“Sherlock, I don’t know what to say-”

“Don’t say anything. I should be apologising now. I noticed that I’ve been harsh on you regarding your lifestyle and I didn’t realise I was practically shaming you for it. I’m… sorry,” he said as he looked down.

You smirked. “Sherlock, show me your palm.”

“What? Why?”

“Just show me!” you laughed as he hid his hands behind his back. “John wrote that for you, didn’t he?”

“Maybe… but the dinner was my idea,” he said defensively.

You took a step closer to him, your face becoming inches away from his. You placed your hands on his neck as you spoke, “how about we skip right to dessert?”

Hit Me Up?

super short oneshot featuring lee daehwi as your love interest; you play hard to get; university au!

read the sequel here

“Here’s your small mocha,” you smiled at the customer, handing their drink over to them. You worked at a café on campus, and despite its busy and long yours, you enjoyed your time there.

“I need one large iced Americano!” Your co-worker Jaehwan called loudly, and you nodded at him, quickly preparing the drink in the cup that Jaehwan handed you.

“Here’s one large iced Americano for…” you quickly checked the name, and groaned when you saw it, “Daehwi.”

“Thanks, love,” Lee Daehwi, resident sweetheart and genuine pain in the ass, winked at you as he collected his drink.

“Keep walking, punk,” you rolled your eyes as he blew you a kiss, heading out. Daehwi and you had gone to the same high school together, but when you entered university, he’d suddenly gotten super hot. Most girls drooled over him, but since you’d seen the nerdy side of Lee Daehwi who danced enthusiastically to girl group songs, you really didn’t see the appeal.

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She Can’t Stop Us (Cinderella and Four Knights! Kang Hyun Min)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can you please write a Hyunmin scenario ? Something angsty and fluffy perhaps. Like Hyunmin and the reader are friends and Hyeji keeps bothering her because Hyunmin has feelings for the reader ? Thank you, your works are absolutely stunning.

Hi, can you pls write a scenario for hyunmin in cinderella and four knights. thanks

~Note: I’m making the reader shorter~

Hyunmin smiled as he watched you walk around the over priced bouquet, his eyes looked over your figure. He slowly moved closer placing his head on your shoulder “you know even in heels I can do this to you” he teases as you roll your eyes. “I think you should get that one” he said pointing to the dress in front of you “why?” you ask him as he smiles “it would look really really pretty on you that’s why” he explained as you sighed “it’s not even a good color” you tell him as he shrugs “you’ll make it work” he said calmly. 


“Are you thirsty?” you ask as you get up from the couch in Hyunmin’s room “just bring me whatever you’re drinking” he said as you nodded. Walking out you headed to the kitchen and opened the fridge picking up a bottle of water before you grabbed another closing the door. You turned and dropped both of them sending them rolling in different directions “Hyeji. I didn’t know you were here” you state as she stared at you “why are you here?” she asked as you were picking up the bottles. You could hear the annoyed tone in her voice “I’m hanging out with Hyunmin” you tell her as she stares at you more. “How comes he hasn’t gotten ride of you yet like he does with every other girl?” she asks as you laugh at her. “Because I’m his friend not his girlfriend” you tell her. “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” you ask her as you attempted to pass but she blocked. 

“You’re so obsessed with him and it’s not healthy” you continued shoving her with your shoulder “why do you get to have him and I don’t, I’ve been his friend so much longer-” “he doesn’t think you’re his friend” you stop her “he’s annoyed that you don’t get that” you tell her before you head towards Hyunmin’s room. 


You sighed as you sat back down “Hyeji is so annoying” you mumble as you throwing yourself against him “why? What did she do now?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “I can’t even get water without her coming after me” you tell him handing him his bottle. “She’s jealous” he tells you. “Of what?” you asked him as he smiled. 

His other arm went around you as he pulled you closer. “Because I like you and I don’t like her” he says as he looks you in the eyes. “I get that, I’m better company but we’re just friends” you tell him as he sighs. “I mean I like you” he tells you as you looked at him confused. “Like like like?” you ask as he nods. 

You two stared at each other for a moment before your lips linked with his. It wasn’t slow and romantic. It was sloppy and passionate as he pulled you on top of his lap. You pulled back placing one more kiss onto his lips as you peaked out of the window and smiled. “I have a fun idea” you whisper as he looked up at you “what’s that?” he asked as you pulled your top off “oh I like where this is going” he teased as you got up pulling your pants down “I’m really liking it now” he continued “give me your sweater” you tell him as he raised his brow. 

“I’m so tired of her so I want to piss her off so much she can’t even be in the same room as me anymore” you told him as he chuckled. “They’re out there then?” he asked as you nodded “You might need a few more marks to make it look more real” he tells you as he leans down to start sucking on your neck. You pull him back “no no this will piss her off more” you tell him as you bring him to the couch “how is this-oh” he cut himself off by the feeling of your lips on his neck, he chuckled “need more leverage to do this?” he asks as you make a sound against his neck before you bit down. “Don’t bite me” he whined as your mouth drifted up more.


You opened the blinds glancing out to see Jiwoon sitting your direction while Hyeji sat across from him, Jiwoon had instantly saw you and when making eye contact with Jiwoon who’s eyes widened as Hyunmin came up behind you with a large smirk. Hyunmin spun you around as he slammed his hands against the window making Hyeji turn to see. “You’re pure evil you know?” he questioned as he tugged you close to him wrapped his arms around you. “It’s sexy” he whispers before you bring him in for a passionate kiss. He pulled back and sent a wink towards them as he shut the blinds “they don’t need to see what I want to do next” he flirts as he follows the come-hither motion of your finger towards his bed. 


The difference is Ronnie thinks HE’S the spy

while Malcolm knows the REAL spy is actually all other people everywhere.

(And considering that if you watch the rest of the 404 aired scene it does look a bit like backpack guy starts to turn around once he’s gone past Malcolm, which is probably a coincidence, but is it really?) (Well, yes, almost certainly, but.)