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sakuralove15  asked:

I love your headcanons and writing!! There amazing!!💕 i may request a mondern au high school of code realize guys asking Cardia out on a date or to prom?

Mod S again! You’re such a sweetie, I appreciate it so much. Thank you for being so kind and for helping motivate us to continue! <3 

Mod Cheshire and a submitter did a couple high school AUs before, but never with a specific goal in mind. So I guess it’ll be my turn to do this one. I’ll do Code: Realize High School AU: The Guys Ask Cardia to Prom. And, of course, let us know if there’s anything else you wanted! 

Arséne Lupin: In order to ask Cardia to Prom, Lupin would create a smart scavenger hunt game for Cardia to follow. He’d leave a clue in her locker, and she would end up following the trail back to a small cafe; where they had their first date. Lupin offers her a bouquet of roses and formally ask her to prom. 

Abraham Van Helsing: Van would surprise Cardia buy giving her the prom tickets as a gift. She would open a small box, and then a pink envelope that held the tickets inside. Van would sheepishly say he might have been too hasty since he didn’t really ask her, but Cardia would be thrilled to tears upon seeing them. 

Impey Barbicane: Impey would build a huge sign that asked Cardia to go to prom with him outside her bedroom window. He would attempt to shoot off some fireworks, but they end up misfiring and destroy his sign while Cardia watches. Despite this, she readily accepts his invitation. No sign needed. 

Victor Frankenstein: Victor has to summon the courage to ask Cardia to prom. Sadly, every time Victor tries to ask her, he is interrupted by an unforeseen accident or circumstance. Evenutally, he gets so frustrated he shouts it in the middle of lunch where everyone can hear. Cardia happily says yes. 

Saint Germain: Saint Germain hears Cardia say she has no money for a prom dress and makes his plan. He invites her out to try some on; when she finds one she loves, he immediately buys it. Of course, he says that Cardia can repay him by allowing him to be her date. Cardia says she wanted him to ask her anyway. 

Say it with flowers.

Imagine, Corvo Attano, still soaking wet and off the boat stamping through the dusty streets of Karnaca leaving a trail of sea water and profanities in his wake, opening the door to the first flower shop he sees, depositing five large silver coins on the counter, “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flow—oh.”

Daud looks back at him from behind the counter, holding a potted orchid like he’s torn between hiding behind it or throwing it like a weapon.

Corvo breathes. Taking a moment to reach up and wiggle sea water out of his ear with his little finger. Daud still hasn’t moved, but eventually he’s puts the orchid down, slowly, like a loaded gun.

“So, there’s this witch called Delilah…”

“Oh…Outsider’s balls.”