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Hunters Prey - Chapter 1


Theme: Action and Angst

Words Count: 1,562

Warnings- Mentions of Blood, Needles, Medication (Pills)

Kit- Omg this is such a mess XD Glad I got it out though! I’m surprised I was able to since I have college courses to finish >~< Evil Baekhyun is BEST Baekhyun lemme just say, I love making him sassy sweet yet mean. (If that even makes sense lol) Also yes the beginning doesn’t make sense rn but later on it will trust me.  But any way, thank you for reading. I hope to continue this fic, and develop both the plot and characters as I go. Have a wonderful week you guys~

PrologueChapter 2

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anonymous asked:

That could actually be interesting, the 7 daughters meeting him and after hearing their whole lives how great he is, how they were born to serve him, how he will probably reward them or something, meeting him and then realizing he didnt even know they existed and he values or places no more faith in their efforts than he would a common bountyhunter. The suffering and words they were raised on, meaningless. Everyone seems to think they are Aku's top hunter. They are no different.

I can see that happening. Also thanks for these feelings you’re making me experience about the daughters ;_;

Everyone seems to think they are Aku’s top hunter.

This is so true though?? We’ve seen so many bounty hunters who thought they were the best, while in reality not only were they not that good (against Jack at least), Aku didn’t seem to pay much attention to them. Or at least wasn’t very concerned once they failed. I’m still not over how casually he disposed of Demongo. 

Hunters Prey - Prologue


Theme: Action, Angst

Word Count: 458

Kit- Sorry if this was short, its just a prologue thing to get it started (sorta XD)  Gosh I have way to many ideas for this story. I really hope to work on this as well as my other one (which you can find here). I definitely have a ton of routes I could go with this story so choosing will be a challenge ^^” To the people who follow me, read, and like my stuff, thank you so much. I deeply appreciate it~

 - Chapter 1

The night sky, filled with clouds threatened to drop a heavy downpour of rain  Thunder erupted throughout the forest causing the ground and trees to shake.

You ran through the forest as fast as your injured feet would let you. Rain began to pour down in sheets, the ground losing density making it hard to walk through. Your feet, bare, scratched up, and cold, started to sink into the mud making it more difficult for you to run.

The rain continued to pour down heavily as you ran to a nearby tree, hopelessly knowing that you wouldn’t be able to go on without running out of breath.

 Curling up under the tree, you brought your knees to your chest.

“Please tell me this is just a dream.”
You began to repeat over and over again, heavily breathing.  

Lightning struck making another loud crash of thunder.

The tree suddenly vibrated.

Your eyes widened.

You covered your mouth with both hands trying to keep yourself from having a panic attack.

“Come on sweetheart,” a voice said in a soft, yet amused way.

“I won’t bite.”

You bit your tongue holding back tears.

“I know you’re under there.”

His feet were right in front of you now.

Your heart stopped, body tensing up.

“You know F/n, you’re too cute”   Hands suddenly grabbed both of your legs.

Dragging you out from under the tree, you screamed and kicked at the two men who grabbed your legs, then gripping onto them tighter.

“Screaming isn’t going to do one bit of good sweetheart.

“W-What do you want from me you ass?”  Scoffing, you spit at his feet.

“Wow you really are too cute” he bends down next to you grabbing your hair to force you to look up at him. “But listen here missy, do that again and I’ll have my friends here make your life a living hell.”

You glared at him not saying a word.
He gave you a small grin releasing his grip then standing up.

“Take her to the base for testing.”

Your head hung low continuing to stay silent as the two men dragged you to a black van.  

You were then thrown into the back of the van when the man with dark red hair came back.
“Oh also, one more thing”

You looked up giving him little to no emotion.

“Don’t try escaping, you’ll just fail again. We have the perimeter filled with guards.” He chuckled setting a hand on the car door. “ But other than that, have a lovely ride cutie.”

The corner of your mouth raised a bit as you started to laugh.

“Go to hell Baekhyun”

“Oh how I missed your mean spirit” Baekhyun chuckled slamming the car doors shut.