bounty hunter optimus prime


So the Bounty Bots cover is done! Took a little while because I wasn’t sure on the color scheme, but hopefully this holds up. 

I will say, I’m already got ideas for a second chapter for Bounty Bots if this first one goes well. Might involve some certain Decepticon warlords and Autobots jazzy bots, and maybe a swerve here to there. :)

Stay tuned. 



The inks are almost done! I’m only 11 pages away from finishing the inks and then all that is left is tones and word balloons. 

Keep in mind that the black and white version will available in the RED HEAD DRAWS Sketchbook first, then will be available online later in the year. 

HOWEVER - the COLORED version will be available at TF Con this year, and the fabulous @dcjosh has joined the team to color it! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend TF Con this year due to my already scheduled bookings at another con, but I’ll make sure to send minis to Josh so he will definitely have some copies at his table! :)

Welp its been a while since I’ve drawn this nerd. This was a warm up that went a little too far. I had some inspiration from Sean Murphy’s Tokyo Ghost pinups and covers he’s been doing. Transformers Bounty Bots for the new year. :)

Stay tuned.

So I’ll be starting a Kickstarter soon!

So you all know I have a sketchbook, however we don’t have enough copies available! D:

SO there will be a Kickstarter for the sketchbook so I can have it available online 

The new sketchbook will include all the mini comics I’ve made, as well as in progress stages for a lot of pics and all the comics I’ve made, and a lot of sketches that I was not able to put into the smaller sketchbook.  Also a never been posted Bounty Hunter Optimus Prime mini comic! 

So guys keep a look out for Kickstarter link because I’ll be posting it soon! I hope you guys will support! It’ll be my first solo Kickstarter! :)

Stay tuned.