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Hello! Do you have any resources for writing a character who is a bounty hunter?

Hey there! I couldn’t find too much on writing a bounty hunter character in general (you’ll find one good resource below), but I did find quite a lot on what it’s like to be a bounty hunter. As long as you know what the job description is and the required skill set, your character can of course have any personality you’d like–a bounty hunter doesn’t have to be tough and intimidating with no feelings; they can be bubbly and love pink and puppies but just happen to tackle criminals on the weekend. I know you’ve probably heard it before, but I recommend writing your character exactly how you want them to be; as long as the actual job is accurate (see links below), and you take into account the requirements, you should be good to go. (For example, you might have a very scrawny character with no muscle mass who can’t run without getting winded after only a few seconds become a bounty hunter, but if so you should definitely write their difficulties into the story–if this is your physical description, don’t defy logic and have your character sprinting a mile after a criminal without wheezing.)

Facts and Figures For Bounty Hunting Careers:

Character Traits of Being a Bounty Hunter: