"Bounty" (3 way roleplay w Zarafinn and Verdanda)

Deep within the cellar of the Varrock Bank, A group of rough looking organized thugs that look outlandish sat around the table dim within the darkness of candle light to keep them company as they go through their documents.

“Gentlemen, our business is almost done here.” The man was dressed in fancy purple clothing with white breeches with dark raven hair and slanted brutish eyes. “There’s just one problem though, some little brat bumped into one of my servants outside of this here city, causing him to drop my precious Tokoko wine and shattering it into those filthy streets. Therefore, I want this woman dead to show no one messes with us”

“You got it, Glenn” one of the thugs replied. “This woman’s death will bring fear into everyone’s hearts” He stabbed a knife of a picture what looks like a wanted poster of Zarafinn on the table for 750k coins.

The posters are everywhere wihtin Varrock City

“the BLUE island” becomes “THE ISLAND”

In November 2014 the exclusive digital edition of iamamiwhoami’s third audiovisual album “BLUE” was released in shape of the site “the BLUE island“, functioning as a site and community home for users to connect, share, stream and download the album in musical and visual format on To whom it may concern.

The site is continuously updated, existing beyond the release of the BLUE album and is on July 1 2015 evolving into a site and community home for all iamamiwhoami releases.

By launch, “THE ISLAND” will be giving users full access to stream, download and share all of iamamiwhoami’s releases in the highest possible resolution : “bounty” (2010), “in concert” (2010), “kin” (2012) , “BLUE” (2014), as well the upcoming release of the live performance “CONCERT IN BLUE” (Sep 2 2015). All material released on the island is free from advertisement.

“THE ISLAND” will also have it’s own currency giving islanders a lower rate when purchasing all To whom it may concern. releases and products in the ISLAND SHOP.

The new islanders full access pass costs €30 (stream, download, share)
New limited access visitors pass costs €18 (stream, share)

Available from May 27 with direct access.
THE ISLAND will launch in full on July 1.
All passes purchased and active remains do not need to upgrade to the islanders pass.