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/Credits: Jay.

Aww tô apaixonada por essa foto, daí tive que fazer icons <3

totallynotlevi  asked:

Who's your favourite ToG guy out of Dorian, Chaol, Aedion and Rowan? (mine's Rowan i mean hot damn)

Oh my gosh, why do you do this to me?

I like all of them in their own way, they all have pros and cons. However, I honestly have to go with Aedion.

I relate a lot to Dorian in some ways, Chaol is one of the most real characters, and Rowan is part of my OTP. Yet Aedion just has my heart.

He is very similar to people I am attracted to (both romantically and in friendship) in real life, and I just LOVE his story line. His history breaks my heart and I just adore his loyalty and passion.

SO I have to go with Aedion, but barely. 

How I’m feeling about Cinderella and Four Knights...

I’m really, really liking it so far!! It has feels of You’re Beautiful and Boys Over Flowers, the two dramas that drew me into this crazy, crazy world of awesomeness!!!

every time i am in a conversation with a man and a woman who are married or dating or even just friends or family i am Painfully Aware of how often he will interrupt her, even if it’s just to say the Exact Same Thing She Is Already Saying??? awful. terrible. despicable. bad.


BTS of W and the boys are all bromancy and cute… Look at Jong Suk feeling up Tae Hwan. *grins like an idiot*