boundless spirit


For @brightly-painted-canvas. I chose this prompt:  . Canon, estabilished relationship. America forgets his smartphone at England’s and England, before giving it back at their next meeting, ‘plays’ with it. Hope it’s okay!


America’s young—much younger than England, and it’s evident.

The lad’s perpetually effervescent with energy, sparkling and bursting with boundless spirit and enthusiasm, quite unlike England who prefers life to turn over at a much slower pace nowadays, quiet and undisturbed as still water, since conquering and ruling and losing reign over a large portion of the world will do that to a person.

He can scarcely keep up with America.

England’s already experienced his eventful rise to power, the prime of his life has eclipsed, and he seriously doubts he’ll ever be able to obtain the same hunger for supremacy as he once had, he’s mostly content with the gentler outlook he’s acquired since his youth.

America, however… he’s strong-willed and boisterous and strong.

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sagittarians imagine all the possibilities and illuminate new pathways to which the rest of the zodiac follows. their boundless enthusiasm and fiery spirit acts as a cosmic light bulb where intuition comes with action. they are quick to act on their impulses and so the world is forced to respond quickly to their movement