boundary waters canoe area

Hegman Lake Pictograph

The Hegman Lake Pictographs are a well-preserved example of a Native American pictograph, located on North Hegman Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota, USA. The rock art is considered “perhaps the most visited and photogenic pictograph within the State of Minnesota.” The rock wall overlooking the lake has a panel of images as described below.

From “Interpreting the Pictographs of North Hegman Lake”, Kevin L. Callahan:

The panel shows a human figure in an outstretched arms posture standing near a quadruped animal with a long tail, possibly a dog or wolf, and a remarkably well drawn bull moose with splayed hooves and dew claws. (A dew claw on a moose is a reduced hind toe or the false rudimentary hoof above the true hoof .) Beneath these figures is a long horizontal line, probably representing the ground or horizon, and above the human figure are two vertical rows of short horizontal lines or dashes. One set has 4 lines and next to it are 3 lines. Above and to the right are what look like three canoes. The top two canoes have two paddlers and the third has a faint single one in the middle. Above the moose’s rack is a single mark. Above all of these figures is a large cross like a “plus” sign.

Spring is finally here...but it's MN so you never can be sure.

After the most brutal winter of my life this past season, I’m extremely glad that, weather wise, this week is shaping up to be beautiful.  That also means it’s time for me to start thinking about heading up to the wonderful Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  This means scoping out potential routes, revisit or new, maybe adding to my gear stash, penciling in dates, and mostly just fantasizing about being in my favorite place on earth again for a few days.  

The following are all pictures i have taken on previous trips.

Looking out at a scene like this.

Or having this view while traveling to our campsite.

And just views like these.

And a stop to overlook Lake Superior on the way home is always nice too.

I’m heading to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) again this spring to clear trails.  This year I’m planning to head to Brule Lake and the newly established Fishhook Lake Campsite.  It’s 247 miles from Bemidji, MN to Brule Lake in the Superior National Forest.  How should I get there?  Bicycle maybe…  

My bicycle route would take me through the Chippewa National Forest, pass just south of George Washington State Forest and Superior National Forest (at this leg of the trip), through Cloquet Valley State Forest and Finland State Forest, and eventually end up in Superior National Forest - the destination of our trail clearing adventure in the BWCA.

Nearby towns on my journey would include: Cass Lake, Deer River, Hibbing, Chisholm, Eveleth, and Murphy City.

Are there any bicyclists out there that would like to join me for a leg of this trip?

I’m due in the BWCA on Thursday, May 12th.

Happy Trails!

- Natalie