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Hey scotch, could a 20 year old who have shaky hands and isn't that great of a drawer still have a chance to be a great of an artist like you? or is it too late for lil old me?

i myself am a 20 yr old who have shaky hands and isnt that great of a drawer, so u definitely stand a pretty good chance

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yooo how bout some uhhh,,,, high school richie hcs,,? bc thats some good shit tbh (also sorry about your parents, ik how you feel 🙁)

here you are :) some are a little angsty, but most are just…idek what lol hope you like them!

- richie and ben, first of all, are a lot closer then anybody seems to recognize. they bond further in high school — richie likes reading comics with ben, and ben likes watching movies with richie. but sometimes, richie will get really fucked up. ben’s who he calls. ben picks him up, drives him somewhere quiet, and lets him sob and rant and make sure he sleeps on his side and stays the night. nobody knows, and nobody has to know.

- richie is a big dweeb for the first three and a half years of high school. he’s got a clusterfuck of acne that he can’t quite wash away (and doesn’t really care to), still wears his crooked coke-bottle lenses, has no fashion sense for shit, and really can’t make his hair look…not greasy. when bev goes punk, richie starts out by practically tripping over his feet for her, but when the second semester of junior year starts, he asks her to make him over. when he starts showing up to school with big safety pin piercings like hers and spiked hair, most people think it’s a joke. it’s not. he looks like an utter dork, but he feels less insecure, and that’s what’s important.

- richie starts spending a lot of time at mike’s house. mike’s parents love to have extra help around the farm, and richie can be surprisingly helpful. truthfully, he’s looking for a family, and the hanlons can sense it. he helps mike’s mom cook dinners and mike’s dad with feeding times. he and mike haul around the heavy stuff (well, mike does. richie entertains him while he does it and spots him throughout). it becomes a second home.

- richie gets on school announcements in junior year, and starts every morning with a new and exciting Voice. they don’t suck as much as they used to. he also does stand-up comedy acts for the talent show every year. people laugh, which is a new feeling. his jokes didn’t used to be very funny, after all.

- stan and richie start dating sophomore year, and it’s the best relationship richie thinks he’ll ever have. it’s the first of many, at least, and for a long time, it’s very good. he and stan try things they’ve never done before (stan likes being praised, and richie likes being humiliated). but in the end, richie gets fed up with stan being,,, good to him. the concept is almost alien, at some points. their relationship ends in a huge fight, and yet, they’re back on track soon…sometimes, they still hook up. the feelings never really die.

- bev and richie get high after school quite often. hotboxing is a favorite of theirs. they’re doing it to keep out of the house, and sometimes, to have an excuse to make out. richie can’t fathom why he loves stan and bev both so much, but when he and bev are high, they usually get it on. it’s shameful, to them. it’s a secret that’s never really been a secret. they seek each other out for physical comfort often, but they know where the boundaries are. they’re extremely close. they like to go on spontaneous road trips (and occasional benders, but those usually end in tears and fights and blaming and /you turned me into this/, when really, they’ve turned themselves into whatever they are). their relationship teeters between incredibly beneficial and healthy, and rather unhealthy. it depends. it sucks, sometimes.

- richie starts working at the aladdin. it becomes home away from home. he honestly loves the work. yeah, he’s been beat up there (for many, many reasons), but it still feels like a safe haven. he lets ben in for free, and they hide in the back to watch movies sometimes. this is why he gets fired a year later. it devastates him.


what’s that? you want MORE erotic horse dating videos? okay! let’s see how deep this game goes - My Horse Prince #3 CHOKE ME HORSEY 🍆🐴

If you don’t send your significant other nudes, inappropriate pictures, sexual texts, or aren’t very sexual in real life, you still don’t deserve to be cheated on.

If you don’t send your significant other nudes, inappropriate pictures, sexual texts, or aren’t very sexual in real life, you still don’t deserve to be cheated on.

I repeat

If you don’t send your significant other nudes, inappropriate pictures, sexual texts, or aren’t very sexual in real life, you still don’t deserve to be cheated on.

A loving partner will respect you and your boundaries. Don’t ever settle for less.

During the morgue cutscene in Arkham Asylum, the player has to investigate three body bags. It doesn’t actually matter what order you open them in, all three contain the same character until interacted with. The first bag will always be Tomas Wayne, followed by Martha Wayne. Finally, you’ll be greeted with jump scare when the Scarecrow pops out of the third body bag.

But you want to know the best part of all this? For just one single frame while opening Martha’s bag, Scarecrow’s model pops into the scene standing completely vertical with his head spilling out like twinkie filling.

Oh, and Batman is headless. 
I love videogames.


Ask Ethan: What does the edge of the Universe look like?

“If the universe is finite in volume, then is there a boundary? Is it approachable? And what might the view in that direction be?”

When we look at the nearby Universe, it looks a lot like we, ourselves, appear. Nearby galaxies are similar in structure to our own; the stars inside them have the same properties, masses, ages and distributions as our own. But as we look to greater and greater cosmic distances, we find that more distant galaxies appear younger, bluer, smaller, and less evolved. If we go back beyond a certain point, there are no more galaxies at all. What’s going on? Does this mean that, if we go back far enough, there’s an edge to the Universe? And if so, what does that mean? What lies beyond it? And what would someone living on that edge see and perceive? It turns out that there is a boundary to our Universe, but not in space.

Instead, there’s a boundary in time, and once we understand that, we can finally understand what the true answer is. Come find out what it’s all about on this week’s Ask Ethan!