Little underrated Perc’ahlia detail from last week:

Percy initiates The Treasury Moment by calling Vex “little elf girl.” Vex chuckles in response, because she knew it was a joke, but then warns him about “the danger zone.” To which he responds by immediately dropping the gag and moving on to his much more enjoyable proposition. 

It’s such a nice “show don’t tell” moment. That little exchange is really all you need to see to know that they’ve talked about their relationship and boundaries and how to let each other know what’s Too Far and how Too Far it is without using more than a few words.



Papyrus’ concept of personal space is….peculiar.

If you set a boundary and someone else is disappointed or angry or upset, that reaction does not mean you’re not allowed to set boundaries or that it was wrong of you to do that.

If you ask someone for something and they say no, that does not mean you shouldn’t ask for things or that it was wrong of you to ask.

There will be times in every good relationship where one person says no to what the other person wants. And there will be times when that answer feels bad to the other person.

That can be uncomfortable, but it’s healthy and good to be able to say no to each other. It’s healthy and good to ask each other for things and give the other person the chance to say yes or no. It’s healthy and good for each of you to hear “no” and accept it even when it’s disappointing.

It’s healthy and good to own your emotional reaction and make sure you both agree that being upset is a normal and manageable feeling, not a crisis that requires someone to give up their boundaries.

Se eu me deitar aqui, se eu simplesmente me deitar aqui, você deitaria comigo e esqueceria do mundo lá fora? Eu não sei  dizer como me sinto, aquelas três palavras que são ditas em excesso não parecem suficiente. Esqueça o que nos disseram e me mostre o seu jardim que está florescendo. Vamos perder tempo, preciso da sua graça para recordar onde esta a minha. Tudo que eu sou, tudo que um dia já fui, está diante dos seus olhos perfeitos, e seus olhos são tudo que eu vejo. Eu não sei onde e também não sei como, só sei que as coisas jamais mudarão para nós.

INTP Boundaries

INTP: Welp, here it is. The boundary of science. Past this is unethical experimentation and dangerous cataclysmic technology. I so much desire to see what’s behind this, I have to know. We’ll do this carefully and logically.

ENTP: *Leaps over the line like a majestic gazelle.*