bound bow


“The crimson bird took in the sight of his blackened, frostbitten body and cried. He heard its musical lament and saw the sorrow in the depth of its obsidian eyes for the loss of its master, a loss that it would carry for the rest of its immortal life, and for the first time the Dark Lord understood empathy. He would grant it mercy. 

They say it is a great sin, to slay a unicorn. They say it is an atrocity, to kill something so pure, so innocent… That to drink its blood will save you from the brink of death, but that the moment the liquid touches your lips, you will live a half-life…a cursed life…They say nothing of what it means to kill a phoenix.

To take the life of the eternal. No one has ever accomplished such an impossible feat, would even think to try. But the ability of Lord Voldemort knows no bounds, bows to no laws, conforms to no boundaries… He drank its tears and drained it of its blood. He consumed its heart. …Such power. Such ancient, pure magic. It ignited in him. It was the healing fire. It brought his frozen limbs back to life in a burning, scorching pyre.”  Hauntingly


Current obsession is a collaboration between Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano called “FLY ART” which they describe as “The best marriage on the internet: hip hop and art”. The pair combines a few of my favourite things: matching lyrics from different hip hop songs with pieces of art, ranging from the Renaissance to Post-Modernism, and the result is amazing. Changing the context of the song and the piece introduce a really unexpected perspective, and I can’t get enough. These are a few of standouts (I am clearly drawn to Kanye and Beyoncé lyrics)

From Top: The Starry Night of Sierra Leone; Milkmaid Rollin That Body; Four N****s of the Apocalypse; One Good Venus; Princess Tarakanova In a Swimming Pool (Drank); The Paranoia; Get Lucky on a Summer Evening; Dont Kill Phaedra’s Vibe; H(eaven) Town Vicious; Bound 2 the Kiss


More defaults ^_^ These are all the basegame child and toddler hairs. Poppet’s v2 colors and textures, except for Myos25, Natrobo’s braids and ModTwist 3t2, those are recolors rather than retextures. 

CFhairBun replaced with MTcakestore’s hair6 (all ages by trapping). This one is ridiculously high-poly.. I did a mesh edit to get rid of some strands but it’s still over 19000. Use with care ^^

CFhairPigTails Replaced with Raon’s Little Sister

CFhairFormal replaced with Bound Up Bow 3t2

PUhairPuff replaced with NAtroboo’s little braids for PF and Mod Twist 3t2 for PM. Mesh fix for the little braids by Kayleigh. 

PFhairMod replaced with Raon’s 53 - alpha edited

PUhairSimple replaced with Myos25

PUhairBaldSwirl replaced with Romanza Pixie Bow 3t2 (and Bowless for boys)

Download All 

Credits: Poppet, Trapping, Raon, Natroboo, SAU, Rented-Space, theseredshoes

Royai Alphabet Series: C

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get this up. That’s the problem with not having any internet, not to mention my living situation has been difficult as of late. I’ll probably continue to be more sporadic with my postings and with my replying to people, but fear not, I haven’t stopped writing! With no internet means more time to write with less distraction. That being said, I had fun with this one, and it’s the first time I’ve written Ling, so let’s have some fun!

C is for Children

There looked to be enough food to feed a small village on the table before him. Roy was pretty damn hungry and had found a love for traditional Xingese food, but he did not think that they would be able to eat all of what was in front of them. He couldn’t name most of the stuff that was on the table, except for picking out a protein and some vegetables here and there. It had been decades since he’d ever wanted for food, but this would have possibly fed the entire orphanage that he’d lived in for a few months of his childhood and the staff.

“It really wasn’t necessary to go to such lengths, Alphonse,” Roy finally managed, still gaping at the spread.

Princess May strolled around the table to place the last bit of silverware down. “You haven’t eaten with my half brother yet, have you?”

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On the Steps of the Tower - Part 5 (Steve Rogers x Reader)


A/N: In which the reader is a little shit and has fun with stickers. Also I feel like this is slowly not becoming a drabble series but hopefully I can reign it in next chapter lol. Also let’s pretend Civil War didn’t happen in this~

Word Count: 1337 (lol. edit: finally have internet again so they’re all properly fixed up now lol)

Warnings: one swear word again and mentions of scarring

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Time slowed to a stuttering crawl around you as soon as you burst through the vent into the bank. Situations like this were best dealt with all at once rather than in fits and starts. It kept the most amount of people from getting hurt. Blinking was for people who actually deserved a fight.

There were three guys decked out in tactical gear, machine guns raised toward the ceiling as they yelled orders to the patrons still inside the bank. Half of the people were in the middle of dropping to the ground while others were desperately trying to scramble out of the building. You jogged past a few frantic almost-hostages to the guy on top of the counter yelling at the bank tellers. The poor woman was in the middle of stuffing thousands of dollars into a duffel bag provided by the would-be crooks.

You knocked the guy down onto the ground with a heavy thud then got to work on his buddies. You disarmed all of them, emptying the clips of their guns and turning the safeties back on. Those got placed in a neat pile on the counter to be collected later by the police. You quickly gathered up their bodies in a circle, making sure they were back to back for the next bit.

The thing you loved about tac-suits was the sheer amount of buckles and snaps to keep things together. You took a few borrowed minutes painstakingly attaching all of their buckles to the person next to them and vice versa. Then you pulled the thin parachute cord and zip ties from your pack. The cord was lightweight but super strong so it was great for keeping in your pack. You wrapped it around them a few times, taking the time to tie a pretty bow. You bound their wrists together with zip ties then carefully pulled up all of their ski masks so everyone would know their faces.

Eugh, gross. That last guy was not in good shape. All covered in burn scars and his face was like half melted or something.

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ask thing ignore
  • 1. race to play as? breton or dunmer
  • 2. class (ie rogue, mage, warrior, etc) to play as? nightblade or bard (illusion heavy) or spellsword
  • 3. heavy armor set? vanilla would be the skaal armor in dragonborn, modwise would be the Battle Mage armor set
  • 4. light armor set? strictly talking about the appearance would be the thieves guild set, favorite modded light armor would be the hedge mage set
  • 5. one-handed weapon? i never use vanilla weapons bc they’re ugly but the blade of woe is dope. modded would probably be one of the jaysus swords
  • 6. two-handed weapon? idk probably the one in the mephala quest but even when i do make a warrior, i use sword and board
  • 7. bow/type of arrows? bound bow obviously lmao (with mods so it’s less shitty and dmg increases as your conjure/marksmanship skills increase) 
  • 8. Daedric quest? DEFINITELY NOT MERIDIA’S. Probably Boethiah’s because I can sacrifice the vanilla followers I never ever use
  • 9. Daedric artifact? Mehrune’s Razor
  • 10. Daedric prince? gotta hand it to Azura
  • 11. City? Markarth or Riften (but Anvil is my favorite in all of Tamriel)
  • 12. Town/Village? Helgen never forget
  • 13. Hold? The Reach or The Rift
  • 14. Jarl? Idgrod
  • 15. Court wizard? that really stupid one in Riften
  • 16. Purchasable home? Honeyside <3333333
  • 17. school of magic? destruction
  • 18. spell? do mods count because I almost never use vanilla magic. The Eldritch Bolt (I think from Midas Magic) is great
  • 19. magic staff? ew
  • 20. armor enchantment? fortify magicka
  • 21. weapon enchantment? does skyrim have frenzy enchantments? i have been playing oblivion constantly
  • 22. NPC that can be a follower? Rumarin from the Interesting NPC’s mod or Marcurio because he’s voiced by the same guy that did Zevran and he’s overpowered
  • 23. NPC that can’t be a follower? vanilla NPC’s are horrible after playing with INPCs, Astaria from that mod or Brynjolf prior to the end of the questline
  • 24. apothecary? The hag’s cure
  • 25. inn/tavern? Old Hroldan and The Bee and Barb
  • 26. forge/armory? Warmaiden’s because it’s right inside the gates lol
  • 27. general store? does the marketplace in Windhelm count because I hate loading screens
  • 28. standing stone? atronach? idk that’s what my current playthrough of oblivion has so I’ll go with that
  • 29. cave/dungeon/ruin? what were those weird vampire filled ones near Falkreath? idk but those were pretty cool. but the sleeping tree place is soooo pretty even though it doesn’t count
  • 30. faction/questline? thieves guild best guild
A Hard Bargain - Ch. 4

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Summary: After Kylo’s sentence is given, he is taken away to a holding cell in Coruscant. Seeing how distraught you are over the whole matter, Leia finds a way to get you to him, in order to see him at least one last time. 

A/N: Angsty feels. This chapter is literally almost nothing other than feels and angst haha, I also changed the timing of his sentence in this chapter and the last one, kinda last minute but the timeline worked better. I hope you all enjoy!

As the men took Kylo off of the main walkway, you found yourself trying to suppress the sound of your crying. The sight of him with his head bowed, hands bound behind him, broke your heart. Of course you knew neither Kylo or yourself were saints, you weren’t necessarily worthy of being spared, but you so desperately wish you could be. At least right now. There couldn’t possibly be a worse case scenario for when the galaxy decided Kylo needed to be served justice. 

Sensing your distress from down below, Kylo looked up to where you were seated. The second his eyes met yours you could see the pain within them, his lip just barely quivering. From where you were seated you could feel his heart ache within him, the sight of you crying, your son on your lap and aloof as to what was happening, only made it harder for him carry on down that walkway. He wanted nothing more than to rip himself from these men’s grip and run to you, take you and his son into his arms and never let go. 

His solemn gaze disappeared from your sight, but through your mind you could hear his voice echo.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry for everything.”

Feeling your tears try to push even harder you took a deep and painful breath in. He had said those very words hundreds of times to you, but they had never carried as much weight as they did now. Now it was as if the mere two words he started with were driving a dagger into your chest.

You had to at least hold it together for (Y/S/N). His force sensitivity would already clue him in to the fact that your heart was breaking, but if you could manage, you would assure he had no idea why. At least not yet. You couldn’t bare to be the one explaining why you were in this court, why when he finally saw his father it would have to be a timed and overwhelmingly emotional moment. 

Finally looking over to your right you saw Leia hunched over in her seat, a hanckerchief held to her chin as she just stared into the space in front of you both. Her expression may have been blank but by the extra glisten that her eyes held you could see that she had shed tears of her own. 

Holding your own son in your lap, you could only imagine what Leia was thinking at this moment, what she was feeling. Despite your force sensitivity, the overwhelming melancholy present in your booth was all melding together, no one energy was distinguishable from the other. She knew who her son was within the Order, yet, unlike those that held him to trial, they did not know he was before and without it. You and Leia were the only souls in the galaxy that held such a privilege. A privilege in this moment that felt more like a curse.

Feeling a light tug at the sleeve of your gown you peered down to meet the inquistive doe eyes of (Y/S/N).

“Where did daddy go?”

“…He um…he went to a special room honey.”

You could feel the disappointment within him as his little heart sank. 

“But I want to see him.”

Feeling as though your own heart was being plunged deeper down into your gut you sighed as you gently ran a hand over his raven locks.

“I know, I want to see him too.”

Seeing his tears start again, your faint smile disappeared. Pulling him closer to yourself as you closed your eyes and released a sigh. There was nothing you wanted more than for this to just be some horrible nightmare. Maybe, if you were so lucky, Kylo would shake you awake and you’d realize you were still at the base, with (Y/S/N) sleeping peacefully between you both. The force however, had other plans for you and Kylo. Ones that in this moment, with the child in your lap as well as the ones yet to enter the world in your stomach, seemed unnaturally cruel. 


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Steve Rogers x reader

Request: Steve x reader where you are part of the Avengers and he is overprotective with you because he loves you in secret and one day you get hurt in battle and confess you his feelings being cute and fluffy? 💜💜 love your blog so much!!!

A/n: sorry this is a little bit later than expected.  Aw thank you so much. I hope you don’t mind me making the reader Clint’s sister and just like him only she’s called ‘Phoenix’ (ik there is already a superhero called this but fuck them. You’re awesome.)

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Rated: everyone

Warning: swearing, injured reader, fluff

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You bounded along the rooftops, bow shooting at the many HYDRA agents that bounded after you. You saw your brother struggling and jumped on a lower roof and took aim at the three enemies. You shot all three of them after notching three arrows expertly. Clint looked over at you and gave you a smile. You smirked but then cried out when someone shot you. You growled and shot them in the eye before looking at your arm. You shook your head and spied Steve looking up at you. You nodded towards him and then started running along the rooftops, Clint following at the same pace, looking over at you occasionally. You dropped to a lower roof, rolling and fell to the ground. Steve caught you and you gave him a smirk.

“Thanks, Cap’n.”

He nodded and let you on your feet, hovering over you as you two ran to the quinjet.  He threw his shield at your targets and you noticed how overprotective he was of you. Unfortunately, he didn’t’ notice the guy behind you and you screamed out when you got shot in the back. Clint spun around and Steve yelled out, throwing his shield at the agent and decapitated the man. You grunted when Steve kneeled beside you and picked you up. Clint was wide eyed and held your hand as Steve sat down with you, patting your cheek when your eyes started to flutter.

“Stay with me, dame. We’re gonna get you home soon.”

You nodded and coughed, squeezing Clint’s hand and Steve watched you with worried eyes. Clint walked away, saying he was gonna get some water and bandages. You looked up at Steve and whispered, holding a hand to his cheek.

“Cap’n…I fucked up.”

Steve shook his head and chuckled a bit. He whispered.

“No. You did excellent, (nickname you think Steve would give you).”

You chuckled and felt a tear escape. Steve wiped it away, his own lip quivering. You whispered.

“Steve…I-if I don’t make it…will you…will you burn my body and…s-spread my ashes…in the wind…at sunset?”

Steve cried a little and nodded, holding you close. Clint came back and helped you sit up, you wincing and Clint apologizing.

“Sorry, little bird. But I gotta patch you up…”

He trailed off and you nodded. Steve held your hands and you looked into his eyes as Clint set to work. You cried out when he picked out the four bullets and bandaged you as fast but gentle as possible. Steve rest his forehead against yours, whispering sweet nothings as you and him stared into each other’s eyes.  Steve mustered up the courage to say those three little words just so he could look back and feel proud that he got them out if you didn’t make it.

“I love you, Phoenix.”

You were to exhausted to say anything back so you brought your hands to his face. Your hands found his cheeks and you kissed his lips softly. Steve was shocked but kissed back. You fell limp as you were kissing him, the pain too much. Steve held you and Clint glared at Steve, saying.

“If you break her heart then I’m breaking your face, got it?”

Steve nodded and Clint nodded.

“Good. I trust you.”

Steve sighed and held you, rubbing your back carefully as you slept against him. If it was two cents worth, he would wish for you two to become immortal so he could spend eternity with you.


      HOURS  upon  HOURS  had she put into this particular work of art, each stitch threaded with  GREAT CARE  &&  adoration. She had made something truly  SPECIAL  for her young friend, something that she  DESPERATELY  hoped that he would enjoy. Of course, she had crafted up some armor to match as well  —  really, she had gone  ALL OUT  for his sake. Making sure that all of the final touches were in place, the seamstress practically  BEAMED  with pride as she gave her  MASTERPIECE  one last inspection before  CAREFULLY  folding everything up  &&  wrapping it neatly with a bit of decorative paper  &&  a bright red bow.

      BOUNDING  off to find the keyblade wielder, the spear fighter hummed a  HAPPY TUNE  all along the way until she finally found him.    Sora  !    Bell like voice calling out, she approached him, arms outstretched to offer him his  GIFT .    I made you something special  —  you know, so you don’t feel like you stick out like a sore thumb  !    Inside the wrapping, Sora would find a  CRIMSON  kataginu  &&  a matching pair of hakama along with the needed himo to secure them with  —  oh  &&  of course the various  ARMOR PIECES  that went with them.

        I hope you like them  —  now you can match with Hinata  &&  the others  !  ❞



A/N - I made a new oneshot imagine. It’s probably not my best work but I kinda like it plus it kept my mind of the impending doom which is my spanish oral test. Hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to the lovely @boo-ni for showing me this imagine! 
Also if something seems oddly out-of-place its because Tumblr was acting up! Just tell me and I’ll sort it! 

Pairing - Legolas x Reader
Words - 1,876

You sat quietly beside Aragorn, watching with amusement as Gimli tried to get the fire started.
By now, you’d hoped to have been across the lake and on your way to Mordor with the hobbits. But - instead - you had to wait until nightfall to cross the lake to the Eastern shore due to the threat of orcs.
You loved Aragorn. He was one of your best friends. But his plans were terrible.
“I feel at unease. As though something is watching us in the shadows and waiting to strike,” Legolas stated, staring blankly into the forest.
You found yourself reluctantly agreeing with the stuck - up elven prince.
Something didn’t feel right here. It just felt wrong.
“Calm down Legolas. I’m sure we’ll be fine,” Aragorn said calmly, sharpening his sword.
“I’m going to go look around,” Legolas growled.
Legolas grabbed his quiver and bow before bounding off into the woods.
You watched him leave and sighed.
Aragorn watched him go with exasperation in his eyes.
Gimli didn’t look up from where he was crouched in front of the fire.
The hobbits were chatting amongst themselves and Boromir turned his attention to you.

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Where Miracles Happen- Part 1

A Miraculous Ladybug and Animal Crossing crossover. This part is really uh “this happened and then this” just cause i want to ge tto the village and write about that in detail and such. Sorry if the quality is lower then you’re used to, this one is really just for fun and something to write while I work on WTAS.

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Ya know, you're really pretty.

((Submitted by ask-writer-arthur! <33333!!!))

Ya know, you’re really pretty….

Amelia rest with her cheek flat on the low table in Alice’s room. Evening set on quickly during the winter months and the room’s only illumination was the light from the laptop. Alice sat there, tacking away at the keys with purpose, eyes focused on the screen while she finalized the essay for their group project. Amelia had come over for the weekend to work on it. Where she had been the mastermind behind a majority of the initial ideas, Alice had taken it upon herself to solidify the work and make it more presentable. The spirited American had been more than willing to relinquish the role, and now the two of them sat together in the dark, both exhausted, wavering on the edge of sleep.

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Can’t be the only one genuinely disturbed by the amount of “slutty armor for girls” and “bigger boobs mod” and “slutty makeup” stuff.

I’m sorry, but I’d rather chew off my arm than walk into battle wearing any of that bullshit.

Notice that none of those “slutty armors” exist for guys. No “sexy toned chest muscles” either, as far I’ve seen. I dunno. Maybe I just haven’t seen enough mods.

Or maybe I’m on to something.

But, I mean, I’m just a dumb girl who should go back to the kitchen, right? I don’t “really” play video games, right? I need protection, right? And I just get all this really badass armor off of guys who give it to me in exchange for seeing my boobs, right? 

I’m just horrified by the attention the loudest “species” of gamers receive, just because they flame internet boards. I was in a class with people I’d never met before, and the two guys next to me were talking about Skyrim. I asked, naturally, you know, what level are you, console or pc, what skills do you specialize in, etc. Guy number one starts telling me, level 36 conjurer. Cool. I like conjuration. I use it for bound sword/bow and some thralls. However, as soon as I have a level 60-something nightblade (previous character named Miya), guy number one and two just look at each other. Both announce that I must’ve cheated to get to such a high level. I, naturally, say that I just play a lot. They say my dad or a brother must’ve helped me out. I mention that my dad is too busy serving in the Air Force to play Skyrim and my sister doesn’t know what an rpg is. They go on and on about how it’s a game for guys, and girls shouldn’t play.

I politely told them that I could kick their ass in Skyrim any day and that they could go fuck themselves. 

As my experience in other online games has been to similar effect, the one thing I am really fearful of regarding the Elder Scrolls Online, which I can’t wait to play, is that there are a bunch of gamers who behave in this manner. If any of you have been on ESO, please let me know if this fear is legitimate or not- I hope it isn’t, but if it is, I’d like to go in mentally prepared. I love Skyrim and I love Tamriel, but I do not have the tolerance to put up with sexist little shits.


“It’s called, Bound Bow. One of the summoning skill under the Conjuration spells. Being a Conjuration user, you can summon creatures from Oblivion to fight for you but in my case, I summon ethereal weapons from soul energy to use. Aside from Bow, I can summon dagger and sword but with my limited mana, I rather use the actual weapons.

I can summon my Bow for 120 seconds with 100 arrows to use and the damage is based on my Archery skill.. (*Cough* I’m quite good with Bow and Arrows. Melee is just an alternative in case of surprise attack.) Anyway, if you wish to acquire this skill, you can purchase the Spell Tome from Court Wizards or from Gestor in the College of Winterhold… And yes.. I think I should get a new sword— After I finish looting this dragon.”