bound 2gether

hm ive most definitely told this story before especially considering it happened on tumblr but when i had my 1st gf at like 15 i was also very close with her best friend and we shared our tumblr passwords, so i ended up stumbling upon a msg that my gf had sent her that said something along the lines of “i don’t think im in love with jacinda..” and i called my mom at work literally fucken screaming and crying. i dont think either of them even go on here anymore so i can talk abt it since im the pathetic fucker still on this dumb site 

sometimes i just think abt how wild that relationship was 4 me like i don’t have a clue what the other human thought but young jacinda thought we were literally soulmates bound 2gether even tho we only talked once a week and it usually was cuz i had a breakdown in their ask box asking why they kept ignoring me while they reblogged supernatural gifsets