bound 2 fall in love

I really like the idea that the gang’s offspring are all friends. It should have ended with Marvin, Daisy (there’s no 3rd Erikson child), Luke, Leia (not Penny), and Barney and Robin’s son/daughter (whether they actually had a child or adopted), all hanging out at McLaren’s sitting around the booth. They are drinking beer and laughing. 2 of them are bound to fall in love…

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Jungkook Angst - Oblivious Ch.2

Ch.1 ~ Ch. 2

Summary - When someone’s oblivious, they’re bound to fall in love with the wrong person

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Your hands were shaking, your body unable to keep still. Maybe you could just skip out, or pretend you were sick. That would work right? Identifying your fakeness was one thing Jungkook aced from Bestie 101. It’s been five months since he told you about Nari, surely you were over him. Nari shouldn’t affect you anymore; yet your uneasiness still increased.

You walked through the cafe you promised to meet them, and waited for their arrival. Jungkook’s familiar face appeared through the glass, deep in conversation with the feminine figure by his side. They approached you, requiring the need to stand up and greet them. Your knees felt like buckling under you, or that you would stumble causing a fool of yourself. Does Nari still remember the past? Or were you just one of many fans she would forget.

“Hi, my name is y/n. Nice to meet you” you reached out to shake Nari’s hand, only to be left in open air when she retracted.

“Um, I don’t like to touch people. You should know that, Jungkook told me you were a fan” she still held that passive-aggressive aura you remembered.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize” You turned to Jungkook and offered a smile, happy to see it was returned. 

“So y/n, what have you been doing these past months?” he led you to a small table, silently sitting down next to Nari while you were in the awkward third wheel position.

“I received honors in all my classes, and also an internship at a local company! I’ve been doing well, thanks for asking” you talked animatedly, happy to tell your achievements. 

“Well, Jungkook and I have recently collaborated, and now he’s joining me with my tour. Meanwhile you’ve been doing whatever, we’ve been doing some actual important stuff” she mocked your little worth, using her elegant life to degrade you. 

Jungkook noticed her behavior, but considering his oblivious personality, thought nothing of it. He excused himself to use the restroom, leaving you with the devil. Nice timing, Jungkook! Your confidence lowered greatly in front of her, leaving you a desolate person. She seemed to know your exact weakness, attacking with critical results.

“You know, you remind me of those girls I meet at fansigns” her eyes narrowed, plastering a smirk on her lips. She knew exactly this would make you crack, unable to hold in the feelings. 

“They’re so dedicated you know, always seeming to know everything. Striving on their false knowledge” she leans closer, locking her eyes with yours.

“They’re so repulsive; who wouldn’t hate them? Your nothing better than them y/n. What makes you think you have the right to hang out with people like Jungkook and I? International stars shouldn’t be talking to nothings like you!” her figure seemed to tower over you, representing how much power she had. If there was one thing you learned from those 5 independent months, it was the skill to use your strength you never knew you possessed.

Jungkook POV

You walked back from the restrooms, only to find y/n and Nari engaged in a glaring contest.

“You’re still the same pompous and appalling person from 2 years ago, but this time I won’t let you break me” Y/n spoke eloquently, enunciating every word for Nari to understand. Your constant stare angers her even more, as if she wasn’t furious to begin with.

“Jungkook, Nari isn’t the innocent angel you think she is. Just put aside your obliviousness and for once, maybe you’ll see the true image” y/n storms out of the cafe, leaving behind a stricken-faced Nari. 

You sat down across from her, your face in an expression showing the need of answers. She looked away cowardly, not daring to speak. 

“Okay, you need some time to adjust, but I need to know soon. Secrets aren’t healthy in a maintained relationship” you exited out the door, needing fresh air to fully comprehend what just happened.

1 week later because I’m too freaking lazy

After you found out about Nari’s true personality, it disgusted you. How could you be so blind, dating a person like that. Although your mind should have focused on the recent breakup, it drifted to someone else. Y/n…she was always on your mind. The thought of her caught you off guard at the worst times. You’d been told off multiple times for messing up the choreography, or forgetting lyrics.

“Okay Jungkook, something is definitely up You’ve been pretty distracted for the past week! Is this because of Nari?” Jimin approaches you, staring at your worn-out self. You turned to him, ready to tell the truth. The denial finally caught up to you, forcing it’s way out of confinement. 

 “Jimin, how would you know if you loved a girl?” you questioned him, looking for wisdom from an elder member.

“Do you love Nari? I thought you sai-”

“Of course I don’t! I think… I think I might love y/n” your voice trails off wondering if what you said was true.

“Jungkook, we all knew you loved y/n. Only you were oblivious enough to ignore it. Actually, she loved you too. If I were you, I’d go after her before it’s too late” he gives you a pat of encouragement, and leaves. 

Y/n loved you? Thinking back on the past, you saw she really did. Her look of despair when you announced Nari was your girlfriend. How she was hesitant to meet you last week. It all made sense! Why were you so stupid to ignore her feelings; to ignore your feelings. 

You whipped out your phone and dialed her number, only to be sent straight to voice message. After multiple tries, you knew this wasn’t going to work. You needed something more direct, and sentimental.

Y/n’s POV

You declined his calls, and ignored his texts. You were in this state, weak and useless. Although your strength seemed high at the cafe, you collapsed the moment you got home. Without energy or motivation, you sat here, empty. Your routine stayed constant; sleep, eat, school. Any time in between would be spent with you staring into nothingness, or trying to forget and rebuild yourself. The process would be long, and painful; you knew this procedure well, having spent it before.

Please don’t see me

Just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies

Please see me 

Reaching out for someone I can’t see

His singing voice lured you out to the door, where he stood alone. He smiled timidly, the same one you missed so much. You were speechless, until you snapped back into reality.

“Jungkook, what are you doing here?”

“You were right. My obliviousness blinded me, and I’m here to start over. I realized I loved you, y/n. I always have. I just hope I’m not too late…” he looked awkward, his hand reaching up to rest on the back of his neck.

He loved you. You’ve been waiting your whole life to hear those three words. Relief coursed through your body, along with pure happiness. Your hand went up to your mouth, covering your obnoxiously big grin. 

Jungkook enclosed you into a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around you, and promising never to let you go. No one was perfect; Jungkook was oblivious, but you were willing to accept his one flaw.

That is the final part to oblivious! I really liked writing this scenario, and if you guys have any more you want to request send them in! - Kiwi