bouncing patrick


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Your eyes roam his body as you approach. You had to be 100% sure if you were going to go forth with your plan and it didn’t seem that he was wearing any green. You continued to sneak up to Cas and when you were in arms reach, you stuck your hand out and pinched him on his butt. Cas jumped a little before turning to face you, the confusion clear in his eyes, but you smiled and let out a couple of giggles.

“Why did you pinch me?”

“You’re not wearing green!” You exclaimed.

“I don’t understand. Is my clothing inappropriate?”

“It’s St. Patrick’s Day, Cas. It’s tradition that if someone is not wearing green, you’re supposed to pinch them.”


“You know, I don’t really know why. I think it’s for good luck or something.”

“Oh,” he said.

“Well, happy St. Patrick’s Day, Cas!”

“To you as well, Y/N.”

The next time you saw Cas, it was before dinner when you heard Dean exclaim, “What the hell, man?”

“You are not wearing green, Dean. It is tradition to pinch someone who is not wearing green,” you heard Castiel reply.

Your curiosity got the better of you and you stood up to peak into the other room at the two boys. You saw Dean standing and rubbing his ass, where you assumed he got pinched, and you saw Castiel facing him in a totally green outfit including a St. Patrick’s Day headband and sunglasses. Your peals of laughter gave you away to the two boys as they turned to face you.

“Is this your doing?” Dean asked.

“It is tradition, Dean,” Cas told him.

“Yeah, Dean, it’s tradition,” you agreed.

“You shouldn’t have said that,” Dean said, “What goes around, comes around.”

Dean started to take off after you, but you started to race away letting your laughter bounce around the walls of the bunker.