If you haven’t yet been to BOUNCE, get yo shit together and get in on that. It was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well. 2 hours of trampolining fun - I didn’t realise how unfit I actually am :( But I NAILED FRONTFLIP AND BACKFLIP WOOOH! I also managed to get eaten by the landing airbag thingy and had to be rescued - as in the dude had to come and drag me out because I couldnt move sigh. Only me :/


I’m still mad about this.

Such a good dance… with such a bad song.


 1. <i>(v.)</i> To bounce and launch at the same time. 

2. <i>(v.)</i> To walk in an extremely cheerful manner. Extremely. 

Takuya bounched Miku. Miku was done throwing up. 

Saga bounched into the room and almost killed Miyavi. 

Spongebob often bounches when he walks to work. 

Augh! Oil!

Glomp, Happy Stuff, Man Sex


To Tackle, hug, Kiss and Snuggle a specific item or personI’m gonna smiggleworth you!

Glomp, Hug, Kiss, Tackle, Nuzzle