bounces road

You don’t know passive aggression until you’ve been in Jack’s car when she’s pissed off with Geoff. Jolts and jerks and sudden brakes, hairpin turns and sickening spins, her face utterly blank as she tunes out their screaming. And there is always screaming, hardened criminals or not there is no fear like rocketing through incoming traffic at top-speed while the driver fumes in silence, no equivalent feeling to the alarm when she takes a sudden unplanned detour off road, bouncing overs hills and into ditches with reckless abandon, always right on the edge of losing control.

It’s a rare occurrence, thank the gods, Jack’s temper is usually loud and fleeting when it’s aimed at a crew-mate, but on the occasions when they really butt heads Geoff has always had a special ability to wind her up. Always had trouble admitting when he was in the wrong, refusing to just apologise, mocking any argument she comes up with rather than talking it out like an adult. So eventually Jack stops talking and Geoff, like a fool, always thinks it’s a victory.

Which eventually leads them here, crammed on top of each other and held captive by child locks and the inability to survive leaping from the speeding car, clutching at handles and handguns, at any part of each other they can reach, caught between fearing the end and praying for a speedy death. Because of course Geoff can’t help himself, has to press on open wounds even when the fight is over, has to poke the bear even when the bear is driving. Even when the bear has proven time and time again that at this point she’s prepared to drive them all straight into a grave rather than back down.

There is no pleading with Jack when she gets like that, not for the rest of the crew anyway, so when they’re caught in the crossfire it is always Geoff who catches their ire. As though sitting next to Jack in an arctic fury, being rattled around inside a little tin on wheels isn’t bad enough, Geoff inevitably finds himself dealing with a mutiny from the back seats. They make up for Jack’s silence tenfold, nauseous and unsettled their ultimatums are always particularly vicious, demanding his apology under threat of the unimaginable. Michael and Jeremy swear all kinds of bodily harm, Ryan has gotten halfway through upholding his promise to push Geoff out the window of the moving car, and once Gavin leaned forward and actually threw up on him.

When he does eventually give up, thoroughly disgruntled, legitimately worried for his life and snarling about the lack of respect in his shitty excuse for a crew, Geoff’s apology doesn’t lack sincerity. Jack, having not said a word throughout this whole exchange, lets him stew for a minute, speech rambling along with a distinct note of panic before she gives in, slows down, and laughs.  

The Best He Can

Characters: Baby, John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Y/N Y/L/N (Reader), Bobby Singer, Charlie Bradbury, Donna Hanscum, Jody Mills

Pairing: Dean x Reader, John x Mary, Sam x Amelia (briefly mentioned - only as in canon)

Warnings: Implied smut, pregnancies, cheating, nothing other than that really aside from canon deaths and angst.      

Word Count: 5800ish (woops!)

A/N: This is written for Baby’s Big 50 writing challenge hosted by @butiaintgonnaloveem and it is told from Baby’s PoV. She is still a car, but she is the one to tell the story, much like the episode Baby but done with words. I hope this worked out as well as I hoped it would.

My prompt was Allman Brothers Band - Rambling Man - I am sure I could have used it better but these were the lines that really inspired me when I wrote this fic: Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man, Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can.

This is sorta a rewrite of the entire series. Very boiled down and written through Baby’s eyes.. Headlights? Whatever :P Just read it :D

Thanks to the sweet amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me

I have been lucky in my time on Earth, even if I have been through more than most. Sal, as flawed as he was, was a good man. He tried to do the best he knew how to with the short time he was given. He wanted to save people even if he couldn’t save himself. So he drove me around, giving Bibles away to people he felt needed some guidance, right up until the day he drank himself to death.

Standing on that lot at Rainbow Motors, I missed him. He had treated me right, and I had no way of knowing if the next guy would. I feared the uncertainty then like I never have since. When he walked up, I knew where I belonged. Even if he wasn’t the guy that took me home, I felt a connection to that man I was not going to understand for years, but I knew I belonged with him.

It wasn’t just the way he talked about me. The way he admired me. He spoke as if he knew me. Like I was important. I was sad to see him go, but John Winchester gave me some good years. He took care of me, and he loved me. So did Mary. They were amazing people, but in all my 10 years with them, the nights I felt the most important were nights I only came to understand later on.

One night after being to a drive in movie, Mary and John didn’t quite make it home. They spend the night in my backseat, and I felt their love as they loved each other. They had done this before of course, but there was something special about that night. I could feel it then, and nine months later, when John was forcing me to go as fast as I could to get to the hospital in time, I knew what it had been.

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Beauty and his Beast

A/N) okay so this turned out longer than I expected. But I think it was worth it. I hope you like this, and i know I took a while, so I hope it was worth the wait.

Sirius sat in confusion as he felt the road jostle his body through the car seat. Wherever they were going, it was out of the way.

Lily was barely talking to him as she gripped excitedly at the steering wheel. Every once in a while, a giggle would escape her lips, and her eyes would drift to her passenger before returning to the road and bouncing in her seat. Lily not talking made Sirius nervous. There had to be something going on. He hadn’t seen remus all day, as he claimed he was out on Order business. At this point, Sirius wasn’t sure if he believed his boyfriend. This wouldn’t be the first time he was made to believe that Remus was gone only to have him show up randomly somewhere. It made Sirius uncomfortable. He hated being surprised but he loved surprises. If anyone knew that, it was Remus.

Yep. Remus was definitely behind this.

There were so many trees in this part of London. He wasn’t even positive where they were, and the darkening sky didn’t help. His sense of direction didn’t need any assistance in confusing itself.

“Lilyyyy,” Sirius drawled. Lily shot her eyes from him to the road, so quick you’d think it didn’t happen. “Where are we?”

Lily smiled a little, but looked as if she was trying to suppress it from what Sirius could tell. Her long, red hair was dressed elegantly in gold ribbons and pulled away from her face, aside from a single strand, which lied over the corner of her lip in Sirius’ side, skewing his view of her face.

“We’ll be there soon,” she said in a strained voice. “Just a couple of minutes.” Sirius flipped against the seat, groaning impatiently. “You didn’t answer my question!”

Lily smirked. “We’ll be there soon,” she repeated. Sirius curled his lip into a growl, but turned to face the window, pouting.

Until he saw the outline of a castle in the distance. Just the top tiers raising above the skyline, a clash of black silhouetted against the pale pink sky. “What the fuck…” he trailed off. Lily made a sort of squeaking noise, seemingly unable to hide her excitement.

Sirius’ eyes stayed glued to the castle as it grew closer, more coming into view. The walls, the windows, and suddenly the door.

Lily stopped the car in front of the looming structure. Sirius turned to her, pointing behind him with wide eyes. “There?” He asked weakly. “There,” Lily replied with a nod. Sirius gulped, almost comically, his Adam’s apple dancing up and down his throat. Lily laughed. “Don’t worry! I’ll see you inside,” she promised.

When Sirius had maneuvered his way out of the car, he made his way up the front steps of the castle, staring in awe at the grand stone building, looking somehow fortuitous and graceful at the same time.

Sirius pulled his short shorts down farther on his thighs before raising his hand to knock on the door.

It creaked open with an air of intimidation. Sirius narrowed his eyes and began walking in. Familiar…. why was it so familiar?

The castle lit up, candles in every corner illuminating with a suddenness that startled a squeak out of Sirius. He covered his mouth, turning to watch as the fire lighting each candle made its way around the room, before his eyes came to rest on the two figures that had appeared in front of him.

Sirius sighed almost audibly when he figured out it was James and peter.

“Monsieur Sirius, we’ve come to see you to your room,” Peter said, pulling the ruffles at his collar. Sirius’ eyebrows disappeared into his hair as he took in what they were wearing. Each man was adorned in a black tux with ruffled collars and cuffs, looking exceptionally hilarious due to their height differences. Peter, who smiled brightly, held out his hand as if to guide Sirius in the right direction. James, on the other hand, glared at Sirius, mouthing “don’t you dare” at him before spreading his hand in a way to mock peter.

“Okay, what the fuck? This must have been your idea, James,” Sirius laughed as he began following them down the hall, one on either side of him. “So, I gotta ask. Who held him down, who stripped him, and who forced the outfit on him?” He continued, jumping when James elbowed him in the ribs. Peter reached across Sirius to slap James’ hand. “No elbowing the guest!” He hissed before continuing to mosey down the hallway. James nearly turned purple.

The boys led him up a set of stairs and his down a dimly lit hall. The stone of the walls peeked out from behind the paintings and pictures that hung from it. The carpet beneath their feet was luxurious and red, leading them down the twisting hallway. Sirius continued his jokes the entire time, feeling the need to take advantage of the fact that James couldn’t get him back.

When Sirius’ guides stopped, they pointed him to the door of a room off the hall. James leaned moodily against the wall as sirius opened the door. “Bye bye, Ruffles,” Sirius jeered as he disappeared behind the door.

The new room was almost overwhelming to his senses. The floor was a dark wood, differing almost suddenly when it met the pale blue walls, which were covered in paintings of beautiful woman and strong men. Sirius began estimating the age of the castle then, deciding it was well over 100 years old.

His eyes continued around the room to find a bed and a dresser on one side, and a vanity on the other side. It’s table top was covered in eye shadows and hair devices that sirius was frightened at the sight of. But before he could turn around to question them, Peter and James slammed the door behind him and he was alone.

Until two figures emerged from the bathroom. Sirius nearly screamed when Lily and Marlene appeared in full-length blue gowns, both looking stunningly gorgeous. Sirius caught sight of the same gold ribbons he had seen in Lily’s hair decorating Marlene’s hair, gently contrasting with the chestnut color of her locks.

“Okay will someone explain what the actual fuck is going on?” Sirius exclaimed. “Sit down, ass face,” Marlene demanded. “No!” Sirius shouted. “Not until someone explains-”

“Sirius,” lily cut him off threateningly. Sirius hesitated before slumping moodily into the chair in front of the vanity.

Suddenly, their hands were upon him; in his hair and on his face, sweeping and brushing and applying. He didn’t even know what was happening due to the flurry of movement. He could barely tell where one girl ended and another began. But and hour later, they stopped. They both moved back, staring at Sirius with satisfaction on their faces. Sirius didn’t understand until he looked into the mirror.

He almost didn’t recognize himself. His hair was pulled gently away from his face, the top half restrained in a braid while the rest of it flowed down his shoulders in wispy waves. His cheekbones were illuminated with a dusty gold color, and his eyes were almost a new shade of grey. On his lids, a light shade of gold darkened as it traveled out to the edge of his brow bone and fizzled into black when it reached the end. And then there were his lashes. Miles long, so it seemed. They were deep black and long enough to touch his eye brow. It was a strange feminine look, but he was no woman. He looked somehow even more like a man, but like a softer version of one.

“Whoa,” he whispered. He didn’t even know what to say. He just stared at what he was pretty sure was his reflection. Behind him, he could see Marlene and Lily grinning. Marlene took a deep breath, eyes never leaving Sirius. “I have to get out there for a minute. Still some things to do,” she said before disappearing behind the door and out of the room.

“Theres more,” Lily informed him. He looked back at her with questioning eyes. Without a word, Lily disappeared behind the bathroom door and reappeared with a bag holding what looked like a suit. Lily unwrapped the bag as Sirius rose from his seat. He gasped.

The suit was gold.

Suddenly, he knew. He covered his mouth with his hands. He knew what was happening. Lily smiled at him, aware of the enlightenment that had just happened. “He did this?” Sirius said weakly. She nodded. “Well? Go put it on!” She instructed him and he took off with a giggly smile.

He pulled the suit on after stripping out of his short shorts and tank top. He looked in the bathroom mirror with excitement dancing in his eyes.

When he emerged from the bathroom, he bit his lip to hold in his excited laughter. Lily was doing the same, pressing her lips together to hold it in. “You look incredible, Sirius,” she told him, a certain pride in her voice. “I think you’re ready to go.”

Without questioning it, he followed Lily out the door. They walked down the hall in silence, sirius’ mind racing. What the hell was going to happen next? He thought he knew, but dreaded the idea of getting his hopes up.

They came to a stop in front of two gigantic oak doors. “Are you ready?” Lily asked quietly. Sirius nodded, but he was lying. He didn’t even know what he was meant to be ready for.

But lily pushed open the great doors anyways, and Sirius felt the breath leave him.

A set of grand golden stairs split two ways stood before him, a balcony between them. He traveled out to it, glancing out over the room beneath him. Magnificent golden sheer curtains hung from the walls, which were so high up that the nearly two, story stairs didn’t even reach the tops of them. The walls were a deep blue color, white pillars stretching up their lengths from ceiling to floor. The floor was a delight gold color with darker gold accents depicting a beautiful scene of dancing angels.

And at the end of the room, standing regally with a giant smile on his face, was Remus.

Sirius laughed out loud and began racing down the stairs, praying he wouldn’t fall, because that would be very like him. And very mood ruining. But he got to the bottom without tripping and ran straight for Remus, coming to a stop in front of him to admire the view.

The tall man was dressed in a royal blue suit with gold details, his hair swept to the side and groomed back. His eyes were not hidden beneath it for once, giving Sirius a full on view of the deep chocolate brown that he wished he could swim in.

Remus, whose arms had been folded behind him, reached out to him. “Care for a dance, my love?” He asked, smirking at the wonder in Sirius’ eyes. Sirius nodded numbly with a smile plastered on his face. And he was swept away in remus’ arms. They paused in the middle of the floor, almost like they were waiting for something. After a minute of standing there, Remus furrowed his brow and looked up while Sirius tried not to pass out from how attractive he looked when he did that.

The patter of footsteps brought his eyes to where Remus had stationed his. Peter suddenly appeared on the balcony of the stairs. “Sorry!” He called. “Technical issues! Give us a minute,” he disappeared behind the giant doors again and Remus laughed. Sirius stared up at him, about to open his mouth to ask the question no one had answered all night.

Until a familiar tune struck the hall, widening Sirius’ eyes and pulling at his heart. He knew it. He knew it. He was right.

Tale as old as time…

The voice rang out over the speakers, and Sirius was twirled around Remus.

Just a little change…

Remus smiled down at Sirius with adoration in his eyes. “What is this?” Sirius asked.

Beauty and the beast…

“I’m giving you the ending you wanted,” remus told him.

The chorus kicked up, as did Sirius’ heart beat.

“But-” Sirius began. “Shut up and dance, Beauty,” remus demanded. Sirius laughed gently and began to step with Remus, a delicacy he had never seen before in the way Remus moved.

They spun gently around the floor. The music took Sirius as far as Remus’ eyes did. He kept his feet as steady as he could, but Remus kept him from faltering.

By the time the music faded out, Sirius was pressed to Remus’ chest. He was breathing deep and clear, and his mind was still dancing.

Remus took his hand, pulling him to the terrace. “Come on, then,” he encouraged. He felt his excitement kick up. He also noticed that this was the longest period he had been so quiet in a very long time.

He followed Remus, gripping his hand tightly in his own. Remus turned to smile at him when they reached the door, pushing it open with one graceful stroke.

Sirius stepped into the cool air of the night, looking over the woods with wonder in his eyes. “Remus, this is incredible,” he said, looking back at his boyfriend, who was standing in the doorway watching him. Sirius turned, resting his back against the terrace fence. “What?” He asked with a smirk. Remus shrugged. “Just thinking I’m doing the right thing,” he replied. Sirius looked confused. “What decision is that?”

Remus didn’t answer. He just stepped a little closer and took one of Sirius’ hands, pressing it to his lips before releasing it.

And the he moved down.

It startled Sirius at first.

But that was nothing compared to the shock that ruptured his heart when Remus dropped to one knee.

Sirius felt his mouth drop open. “Remus, what-” remus looked up at him. “Hold on before I loose my nerve,” he said, reaching into his back pocket and producing a small leather box. Sirius gripped the fence as the box popped open to produce a small silver band with golden details, though Sirius wasn’t close enough to see what was carved into it.

“Sirius,” remus began, bringing Sirius’ eyes to his boyfriend. “I have known you for so long that I can’t remember what life was like without you. And then I realized that I didn’t want to remember. I don’t want to remember and I don’t want to forget what it’s been like to have you in my life. Even before I realized how much I love you, I knew that you were something I would never want to loose. You got me through everything. All the nights I thought I was a monster, and you were there to remind me I was still human. I know how cheesy this speech is, and I also know how true it is. I love you so much, Sirius. And I want nothing more in my life than to be your prince. Because, with you, I’m no longer a beast. Sirius Black,” remus paused and took a deep breath. “Will you marry me?”

Sirius was speechless. He knew there were tears running down his cheeks. He knew that his heart was thrumming wildly in his chest. And he knew his answer.

“Yes!” He shouted, all his adrenaline finally erupting. “Yes! Of course!”

Remus laughed before gathering Sirius in his arms and burying his face into his neck. Sirius felt himself being picked up and spun. When he was placed back on the ground, Remus took his hand again, this time to place the ring on his finger. Sirius held it up and gasped for about the eighteenth hundred time that night.

The gold in the ring was carved in the shape of two figures dancing. Writing around the rest of the ring spelled out the word beauty. Sirius looked up at Remus, more tears spilling from his eyes. Standing in his tip toes, he pressed his lips to Remus’. And they stood there o the terrace, just feeling and smelling and knowing each other.

Until they heard a squeal and the tapping of tiny feet. They let each other go, and Sirius’ face turned from confusion to amusement very quickly. A tiny figure, round and toddling, hurried across the floor. It looked like a tea cup, and in the middle flopped a head of messy black hair.

The door opened behind the cup and Lily and James came running in. “Harry!” they called after the boy as he ran to the terrace. “Harry, not now!”

But it was too late. Sirius bent down and pulled the little boy into his arms. Harry let out squeals of laughter as sirius did the same. The tiny boy was dressed as Chip from beauty and the beast. Sirius smiled fondly at the adorable boy. He was flapping his arms around, seeming to be unable to put them down all the way in the costume. Sirius placed a kiss on his head as Lily and James came to a stop in the door way.

“MATE?!” James yelled, pointing to Sirius’ hand. Remus smiled and nodded before wrapping his arms around Sirius’ waist and looking over his shoulder at harry.

Lily’s eyes were welling up with tears. “You didn’t tell us that, you jerk!” She said, no real venom in her words. Remus shrugged. “I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone,” he stated. “Also, I wasn’t going to tell any of you if he said no.”

They laughed. Sirius turned his head to look at Remus. “As if I would ever say no to you!”

Sirius put Harry down as music once again overtook the ball room. Peter was standing once again on the terrace, smiling down at them. “Nice ring!” He called. Sirius sent him a wink. “Thanks, Peter!”

He heard Lily laugh and turned to see James spinning her around him. Sirius turned to Remus. “My turn to ask you for a dance, fiancé dearest.” Remus’ face lit up. “Anything for you, my fiancé.”

And they were all dancing again. A happy feeling washed over everyone in the room. Even harry, who was struggling to escape the confines of his costume.

“By the way, have I mentioned how perfect you look tonight?” Remus asked. “No,” sirius said in consideration. “But the fact that your eyes never left me is a good sign.”

“Well there is nothing in the world that could compare to your perfection, just so you know,” remus said, kissing Sirius’ forehead as if it would ensure the message got to his brain. Sirius beamed before he narrowed his eyes.

“Really quick question. Where the hell did you get this castle?” Sirius questioned. Remus chuckled. “Oh yeah. Peter has people in high places,” he said. Sirius raised an eyebrow. “It’s his rich uncle’s,” he filled in. Sirius nodded in comprehension. “See, that makes sense,” he muttered.

Eventually, everyone was dancing with a partner, Peter and Marlene joining each other on the floor while the other two couples danced away. There was nothing but laughter, even Harry freed himself from his costume and began running around in his underwear. He was having fun, so no one was complaining.

By the end of the night, James and Lily picked their son up and said goodbye, beginning to leave. “Where are they going?” Sirius asked. “Home,” remus answered. Sirius’ face fell. “Do we have to go home too?” Remus shook his head. “Peter gave us free reign of the place for tonight,” he said. “After all, it is a special occasion.”

After Peter and Marlene left as well, the place fell quiet. Remus and Sirius were left standing in the middle of the floor, and Sirius was glad for the silence. It gave him the opportunity to take in Remus’ features.

“Just so you know,” he spoke, his voice echoing off the walls, “you’re no beast.” Remus smiled. “Thanks to you, I actually believe that.”

Sirius gently touched Remus’ face. “I love you,” he whispered. “I love you, too,” remus replied.

The night faded in s hurry after that. They rushed to their room after a few more dances, and when Sirius awoke the next morning, he remembered. A soft smile lightened his face as Remus slept on next to him.

He remembered. And he didn’t think he would ever forget.

anonymous asked:

If it appeals to you at all, would you consider writing something for the fugitive phase? Like the highs and lows or something along those lines?

Day 1

“What are we going to do?” Scully asked once the rain had stopped.  Mulder had thought she was asleep.  He was barely clinging to consciousness himself, but still clinging to her.

“There’s a contingency plan,” he mumbled against her shoulder.  “The gunmen-”

“The gunmen are dead.”

“I know.  We worked it out before…everything.  I-we have IDs, passports, papers…money to disappear with.”

“We do?”

“There’s a safe deposit in San Francisco.  That’s what we’re going to do.”

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Hotel Pool

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 1,418
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. Nudity. Rough sex. Masturbation. Public Sex.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @badsongwinchester Prompt: Skinny Dipping / Quote: “I know you’re here you might as well show yourself”

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Jackson was all over you that day. Not sexually, but just in a Jackson way. He kept making you laugh, bothering you, and talking about the other members to you.

Mark on the other hand was so jealous at this. He couldn’t take it. His insides were twisting and turning at the sight of you two.

Jackson was a loud handsome funny guy and that was his biggest asset: making girls laugh.

Mark didn’t have that he was shy and quiet. He didn’t talk much. He wasn’t funny and he hated attention on him. So how could he compete again the Jackson Wang?

You were laughing at Jackson. He was so funny and you didn’t know why or how it was even possible for a human to be this funny.

“OK so why is Youngjae doing that? He is such a follower, don’t you know? He thinks it’s cute. It’s not cute girl.” he said talking to you like a girl.

You look over at Youngjae with JR and JB, well-being Youngjae: which was an absolute mess.

“Look at him such an ugly one.” Jackson joked. “I can’t stand him.” he continued. “Isn’t that how you girls talk?” he said now in his regular voice.

You tried to would you hand over your mouth without looking like a retarded, but you couldn’t help it. It just wasn’t possible. It wasn’t possible with Jackson. He was just way too funny.

at this point your face became red and your cheeks hurt.

“Are you alright? are you going to die?” Jackson asked with a serious face which made you laugh at him more.

You started hitting him on the shoulder.

“Ow ow. ” he said laughing. “What have I done?” he said playing still.

“Jackson St…” you tried to get out. But only started laughing at him some more.

Mark continues to watch from a far. Jealousy still rising. You happened to make eye contact with him from across the room. He was getting his makeup done because they we about to get on stage. He quickly looked away annoyed.

Your heart jerked at his coldness. What was wrong?

After the unnie got done with his makeup, you found yourself going over there. He played on his phone as if he didn’t know you were there. But he clearly knew you were.

“Oppa Wae geurdae?” you asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing” he said in English.“

"Then why are you sad looking.” you said the same in English.

Finally looking up from his phone he looked you straight in the eyes. “I don’t know but I’m not sad.”

“Oh.” you had no Choice but to say.

“Okay got 7 five minutes!” a stage manager said.

“Well I got to go.” he said getting up. You grabbed his hand and mark heart started being fast.

He quickly snatched it away.

You felt your eyes water up.

You watched him walk away.

What did you do?




Back at the dorm you were by yourself. You decided to let them have their day to them self after you heard they had their first win for A. so the boys would be out for a while.

Your dorm was above theirs but you had a key. You didn’t know why you were here but you were.

You walked around seeing pictures of them everywhere in their dorms. They were big stars now. you had been with them since day one. And you were so proud of them at this point. They were like the honest band in Korea.

Going towards the rooms you stopped in fruit of Jackson’s and marks. Twisting the nob you went in. this was the first time being in their room without one of them. You went to marks side of the room to be noisy. He had pictures on his desk from his family back home in America. then you see a journal. Forgetting about his privacy you opened it without thought.

Before looking at it properly you scanned the words to see if any words in particular popped off the page, and they did. Your name. Before you could read it to see why….

“What are you doing.” and the book was snatched out your hand.

Mark stood there angry at you for being in his stuff without his permission.

“Oppa…” you lost your next words.

“I said what are you doing. "His voice was stern and scary and it made you want to cry. Your eyes started to water.

"I was just looking.”

“Did you ask permission to view someone’s privet things or do you just think you’re something special and it is okay.”

Ouch. That one hurt. And tears came rolling down your eyes. Marks face relaxed and he became guilty for marking you cry.

Dropping the journal, he grabbed you in a hug.

“Listen, I’m sorry I’m just not myself today.” he admitted.

Instead of replying you cried harder. You haven’t said anything but mark has been cold to you lately for a while now and it had gotten to you. It was hurting you in a way you didn’t expect and you just missed his smile.

“Mark.” you stuttered in his chest.


“Why are you not with the members?”

“Because, I’m not in the mood.”

And that was basically every day. Him not being in the mood, taking it out on you.

“But why?”

He sighed and let go of you and tried to walk out but you grabbed his hand.

“Mark why do you treat me like crap?”

You were bold and confident and you pray to god he didn’t break you down with one of his cold comments when you had gotten the courage to finally ask him about his current actions.

Turning around and looking you straight in the eye he said.“ I don’t.”

It was like a slap in the face because clearly, he did.

“Yes, yes you do, you did today! You treat me like trash, when I’m nice to you why have I done?” staring at you he stood there no emotion at all and it pissed you off you wanted to smack him. You wanted the old mark back. The one with the smiles, the one who knew how to laugh, the one who treated you good.

“Mark why do you do this. Where is the mark I know?! why-” you sobbed getting more upset.

And with that you were pushed on the bed being kissed by the cold Mark Tuan. This wasn’t the answer you asked for but you were not going to Complain. No not at all.

Breaking the kiss.“ want to know why I’m like this I’ll show you.” and he kissed you again. Breaking it again.“ It’s because I want you I’m so frustrated I need you baby.” he kissed your neck.“ and I’m sorry I’m so cold I’m just so jealous when I see you with him.”

you looked at him confused.“ who.”


Now it all made sense and you wanted to smack you self for not seeing it a long time ago. Mark tuan was in love with you and you were too blind to see.

He had ripped you close off in a matter of second and shoved himself In you.

You moaned with every thrust.

“Say my name.”

You tried but you couldn’t get it out through the screams.

“Say it.” he growl in your ear.“

"Ma-Ahh” you tried but ended up moaning instead.

He picked you up so you were on top of him and bounced you up and down his shaft. The sound of skin smacking filling through room. he smacked your pretty little ass as you road him.

Mark liked the way you breast bounced when you road him. FYI. It made him smile.

Mark sat up and continued to bounce you up and down his veiny cock.

“Ahh baby does it feel good.” you could hardly reply but you nodded a Yes as you bounce on that meaty cock.

Getting back on top of you he pounded you with force and he sucked on your breast.

You definitely knew that after this you were done. You were going to be sore for days.

“Stop making me jealous it frustrates me.” he growled in your ear pounding you harder. “I know we haven’t made it official but your mine.”

There was no response from you but you did have a chain of screaming out his name and to mark that was enough.

And then it happened like a ball of electricity forming in side you.

“Mark I’m Cumming.”

Mark started to pound harder and there in went. The electricity shot through your body making you scream.

“Mark fuck me harder.” you screamed at him.

After you came mark came a few after.

He laid on top of you feeling better and less frustrated.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so cold lately.” he looked into your eyes.“ I just wanted you to myself and not the other guys because I love you.” he confessed.

You smiled at him. “I love you too.”

“So will you be my girlfriend?”

“I think it’s already too late to ask that.” you laughed.

“Right” he said eying your naked body. Which he found so beautiful.

A second passed and you thought about that journal.

“Hey mark why was in the journal? It had my name in it.”

Mark looked at you alarmed. He scoffs “what journal I don’t know what you talking about.”

“no.” you looked at his stiff face. “Why what did you have in there pervert?” and with that you got up. But mark grabbed it before you could.

You chased him and chased him around the house naked till you heard a door jiggle. Mark pushed your naked body towards the bathroom.

Mark tried to move from the living room but before he could all 6 boys walked through the door.

Mark quickly put the notebook over his penis. He looked at the members and the members looked at him. and vice versa.

The silence seems to last forever. As the boys tried to figure out what they were exactly seeing.

Jackson was the first to speak. “EWWWWWW IT SMELLS LIKE SEX!” he said scrounging up his nose. The other members laugh at the naked Mark.

“Mwoyah! ” JB and BamBam said

Yougeum looked at his hyung. “Hyung gwen cha na?

"MARK NOT AGAIN DON’T TELL ME YOU JACKING OFF TO ___________ AGAIN.” Jackson continued. he looked at his note book which was hiding the large tool that made you sore. “mark is this why you came straight home? Mark go write in your journal about it instead, I mean you done it before.” He said teasing him.

Jackson basically indicated that he read marks journal. And without hesitation mark chased him in his naked glory. Jackson tried to hide in the room and mark started hitting him on his bed.

“ewwwwwwww someone help I think I touched it. "He said talking about marks penis.

"Good I bet you won’t touch my shit anymore.” Mark laughed.

You had herd everything and you were laughing your ass off. You loved these got 7 boys and you most definitely loved mark.

Finally mark got off him. And put boxers on.

“Yes, keep those on matter of fact glue them all I need want to see you naked again.” Jackson said feeling butt hurt.

Mark came in the bathroom to give you some cloths.

“Come on Babe let’s go hang with the boys jb started a movie.

Yes you loved them very much. And with that you kissed mark and joined the boys.

Mark was about to sit next to Jackson” Andwae ANDWAE! Eww don’t sit by me.“

Everyone laughed.

And Jackson just eyed mark.

But then he looked at you.

"Wait, you two….” He said realizing.

Everyone started laughing.

“eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww.” Jackson screamed once again.

 @iluvexo12 from wattpad and aff aka bangmebangtanstyle on tumblr

Come Back To You Part 3

Part One Part Two

Warnings: two swear words?

Daryl’s arms had long since lost the feeling of the heavy weight of the crossbow that sat patiently in his grip. He’d been tracking the deer for a while now. It was barely light, but he couldn’t sleep, and had stumbled upon the fresh tracks of what appeared to be a nice sized doe. And a catch like that was rare if not unheard of in the current state of the world. 

He’d woken up well before the sun, crushing his pillow in a tight embrace before realizing that it was’t you in his grasp. He was letting himself slip again; days went by when he couldn’t remember what color your eyes were. The other days were worse. He’d wake up expecting you to be there; hunt, thinking you were by his side. Call out your name into the emptiness; try to hold your hand and only grasp at air.
Today was one of those days.
He shook his head to clear his thoughts of his long dead fiancee. Recently the doubt of your survival that surrounded his mind had won over the impulsive side that always swore you were there, just over that hill and he’d find you. Truth is, he’d stopped looking for you.
Times like these, however, were when he really started slipping.
He breathed out, looking down his crossbow at the doe that stood eating in the clearing. He just had to clear a few trees and his shot would be perfectly lined up with the doe’s beautifully brown eyes.
Your eyes.
He quickly shook his head, before carefully making his way closer. It was then that he saw the stag, standing protectively by his mate as she ate the grass beneath them.
A small smile lit up his face, before he turned around to tell you to look at em’! Just a happy family but you weren’t there.
He threw down his crossbow, scaring the deer off. They leapt away as he cursed, slamming the palm of is hand into a nearby tree. His left hand soon followed, trying in vain to cause anything to feel the same pain he was feeling then. He wasn’t crying, no, he’d never done that over you. You were strong, and he knew you wouldn’t want him to cry over you. He was saving those tears until he knew without a doubt that you were dead.
He slid down the trunk of that tree, his back catching painfully on the knotted bark. He placed his head in his hands, mumbling to himself about getting a grip.
He tuned his head skyward, running a hand through his dirty hair. It was long, now, after not having it cut in a while. You preferred it short, he knew that well. He thought if he’d be the opposite now as he was when you were with him, then maybe… Maybe he’d forget.
So he tried to. In that moment, he shook his head, retrieved his crossbow, and stood up, straightening his shoulders.
Rick had lost his wife, too. So he could be a strong as Rick, right?
The prison was empty. It had people in it, yes, and it was not quiet with the walkers constantly trying to get in, but it was empty.
Rick was up, his eyes red and his posture hunched over the metal table as he unenthusiastically pushed the scrambled egg on his plate to the side with his fork. Daryl sat down opposite him, roughly slamming his plate down and setting his crossbow down beside it. Rick raised his eyes to glance up at Daryl as he sat down, but didn’t make a sound.
The two sat silently, the air begging for a conversation but not receiving one as the two men ate their breakfast. Daryl was done first, having actually eaten his food instead of playing with it. As he was standing to leave, Rick broke the silence.
“Daryl,” he began slowly, “how do you manage?”
Daryl sat back down hesitantly, confused.
“Manage what?” He asked.
Rick looked up at him, then, his eyes glazed over as if he would cry if he hadn’t already done so already so much that he could no longer.
“How do you manage to live when you’re lost your world?” Rick asked, his eyes diverting back to the suddenly interesting eggs on his plate.
“Same way everybody does. We all lost everythin’ when the world went to shit.”
“No. No! How do you cope when the person you love most is dead?”
Daryl took in a shaky breath.
“I follow by example. Losin’ my fiancee was th’ same as you losin’ Lori.”
Rick shook his head, shakily running his hands though his hair.
“What was her name?” Rick looked at Daryl, who then couldn’t maintain eye contact. He opened his mouth, to say her name, before closing it again.
“Beautiful name,” Rick said, his eyes dropping back to his plate.
“Beautiful girl.” Daryl shot back, his voice nearly cracking.
After a moment, Rick whispered,
“Do you see her, sometimes?”
Daryl thought about it.
“No. Not when I’m awake. I think she’s there, though. Sometimes I find myself calling’ to ‘er, holding’ ‘er.”
Rick nodded.
Daryl stood up, slinging his crossbow over his shoulder.
“You haven’t lost everything, Rick. Neither have I. We still got family.” Daryl gestured around him.
“You still got us.”
It had been a few day since his talk with Rick. Neither of them had spoken since, but a sort of tense understanding had fallen into the air around them.
Daryl was in the watch tower. he didn’t actually have watch duty, since Maggie was opposite him in another tower watching over the grounds. He just didn’t know what to do with himself. He didn’t sleep well that night, dreaming of you. Of how he’d left that day on a hunting trip with Merle. He should never have left your side. He should never have walked out that door. He should have stayed in your warm embrace, smiling agains your lips and pulling you into him.
He pushed a shaky hand through his hair. You had been on his mind a dangerous amount recently. Maybe it was because of Judith  being around much more. Maybe the thought of family had been surrounding Daryl’s cold heart so much and he’d only ever thought of starting a family with you.
But he had a job to do, and having a family or seeing his fiancee again wasn’t likely.
So he stood, crossbow in hand, staring into the sunrise and dreaming of holding your hand.
It was the middle of the morning when Daryl heard the soft growl of a car approaching. It was Rick’s car, bouncing along the gravel road. Daryl was quick to descend from the watch tower, eager to see what they’d brought back from their trip.
“Daryl!” Rick called, causing Daryl to feel unnaturally frustrated, for a reason unknown to him. When he heard Rick’s voice, he’d think of the conversation they’d had, and then he’d think of you again.
“Get Hershel!” Rick called again.
Daryl sent a haphazard look over at Rick and Glenn before deciding that they weren’t in need of immediate medical attention.
“Get him yourself!” He called back angrily.
“I ain’t your slave.”
“Daryl! We need Hershel now!” There was a new sense of urgency in Rick’s voice, as if he was desperately attempting to get the message through Daryl’s thick skull.
Daryl rounded the base of the watch tower, his eye catching on Glenn, who was unloading something from the back seats.
“Why?” Daryl began, “I don’t see why-“
He was cut off by another figure draped over Glenn’s shoulder.
He raised his crossbow defensively.
“Who the fuck is that?”
You raised your head, your eyes wide at the sound of his voice.
As soon as your eyes met his, any angry curse that was about to be yelled from his mouth died. His arms faltered, and his crossbow began to droop, before it crashed down into the dirt beside his shoes.
Your arm dropped from around Glenn’s shoulders. You couldn’t think, couldn’t speak.
He looked you over. Your hair was shorter than he remembered, cut sloppily and longer on one side that the other. You were covered in dirt and blood and sweat and you were leaning all your weight on one leg but it was you.
A whisper came from his mouth. It was sharp and short and soft but you heard it carried on the wind like a sweet lullaby.
Rick looked between you and Daryl, before grabbing Glenn’s arm and pulling him away.
Daryl started walking towards you. It wasn’t a desperate sprint, nor a sort of magical moment that you’d seen in romance movies. He sort of stalked towards you, not being able to walk entirely straight, at an all too slow pace. When he was a few feet in front of you, he stopped.
Neither of you said anything. You looked him up and down, and he did the same to you.
His hair was long, and his eyes screamed of exhaustion, and he was still wearing that goddamned angel winged vest. You smiled, reaching out to touch the worn leather. You remember getting that for him on his birthday, as a sort of joke that you half meant. He’d loved it, unexpectedly.
And then you were in his arms. Your injured calf couldn’t support your weight so he supported it for you, letting you collapse against him. He held you in a tight embrace, his head nuzzled into your neck and yours into his. He smelled like sweat and blood and dirt but something inherently him and oh god you missed it.
The two of you sunk down onto the dirt, you half on top of him and half dragging behind into a mess of limbs and leather.
You could feel him shaking beneath you. Your shoulder was wet; he was finally crying over you.
“You came back,” he whispered, rocking you back and forth.
“You came back,” he whispered again, pulling away to look into your eyes.
You smiled a soft, tired. pained smile.
With a shaky hand, you pulled a delicate chain from around your neck under your shirt into view. On it, the simple, silver ring he’d given you along with his life swung back and forth slowly.
“Yeah,” you whispered, “You’ve still got a promise to keep.“

Swept Off My Feet (Part 7)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k 

Warnings: language, angst, mention of drugs and DUI, description of injury, threatening gestures.

A/N: I had no idea what photo to put for this, so here is a random picture of this beautiful man. Enjoy. <3

Swept Off My Feet Master List

The front corridors of the hospital rang with the sounds of the wailing ill and their sobbing families. The stench of cleaning solution and stale air flooded your senses as you desperately tried to locate the right room. The nurse at the front desk was not helpful, simply pointing down the hall you currently stood in.

ICU, Emergency, Family Waiting Area

You followed the arrows toward the ICU, where Jensen had told you he and the others were waiting. Shit. The whole fucking place was a maze. You turned another corner and peered up at the sign.

ICU and Family Waiting Area

Bingo. As you rushed down the hall, you spotted Jensen talking with a police officer. “Y/N!” he called out to you. As you approached the duo, the officer turned towards you.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N. I just have a few questions for—“

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Neighbours | GOT 7 Gang au


Her story starts when she was at the checkout at her local’s super market on a rainy Thursday afternoon. It was dull outside and the rain was so heavy, it was bouncing off the roads up onto people’s ankles like someone was standing next to them deliberately stomping in a puddle next to them.

Rose, a 17-year-old orphan was having her ear chewed off by an old checkout lady who was rambling on about her fourth divorce. Rose wasn’t one for making conversation so she just smiled, frowned and nodded her head when really all she could think about is whether she should use the beef or chicken seasoning on her ramen noodles for dinner.

Rose’s family all died tragically in a house fire when she was 14, her house went up in flames with her family in it, Rose was on a school trip half way across the world when it happened.

Her parents were wealthy sales people whom had thankfully left Rose plenty of money to live off, along with a will stating that Rose was not to go to an orphanage but to be sent to her family’s holiday house to live.

Fortunately, her holiday house was close to where their original house was so Rose could still go to school and live somewhat close to where she used too. Keep in mind that this will was written for Rose and her 2 older brothers however they are now with their parents, who are up with the big man upstairs.

Rose, a sarcastic, witty, somewhat rude and brutally honest 17-year-old girl is now living in that holiday house, on her own. She bought herself a cat after her family passed away and named him Smithers and for her 17th birthday, decided to gift herself with a great dane puppy, his name ironically, is Tiny.

After finally getting away from the cashier, she begins to walk outside in the rain to her car. She doesn’t mind the rain so she casually walked to her car while everyone around her were running frantically trying to get out of the rain. Once she reaches her car, she puts the bags in the front seat and starts her car and begins to drive herself to the enormous, 7 bedroom, 13 bathroom mansion she now calls home.

As she pulls into her driveway she looks to the house beside hers that has been up for sale for some time now and notices a big truck and a bunch of shirtless guys outside moving boxes. They don’t notice her but she sure as hell noticed them, I mean, who wouldn’t, 7 or so shirtless, toned, hot as fuck humans of the male species in about their 20’s, sweating, moving boxes right next to her house.

All her life, Rose has loved a good flirt and has never ever in her lift, feared confronting boys. Regardless of the hot shirtless boys in the driveway next to hers, she was still going to go for her daily run and she is still going to do her stretches on her driveway beforehand.

She jumps out of her car with her bags of groceries in her hands and walks inside and puts them away and greets her animals before running up the stairs to her wardrobe room. What? She has 7 rooms in this house and one person, why not renovate one room into her wardrobe.

She goes over to her workout closes and changes into a black sports bra and black gym shorts with a Fluro yellow stripe down the side before putting her hair into high pony, letting little fly away’s frame her face and putting on her black pair of Nike roshe’s.

She gives herself a final check before looking outside the window noticing the guys were still out there standing talking, still shirtless. This is what she wears every day when she goes to run, it’s just a coincidence that there are hot guys watching.

She walks down the steps and grabs Tiny’s leash.

“TINY?” WANNA GO FOR A RUN WITH ME BABY?” she yells through the house as it echoes. She then begins to count;

“Three” she whispers


Before she could even hit one she hears frantic panting and then hears the sound of Tiny’s paws on the floor boards until he is sitting right in front of her with his head held high waiting for her to attach his leash to his colour.

She laughs as she clips it on and begins to walk him out the door, leaving her phone on the counter, as she’d prefer to listen to the crashing waves from the beach hear her house the music.

As she closes the door, she hears laughs coming from next door. She turns to lock the door but accidently let go of Tiny’s leash, setting him free.
“TINY” she yells as she watches him run, of course, to the guys next door.
“fucking dog” she mutters to herself before running after him.

Once she crosses over to their driveway she stops, seeing 6 boys crowded around her dog patting him and cooing whilst another is standing up on the platform of the truck screaming.

“AWH he’s adorable” one says


“Hyung, can we get one? PLEASE?”

“Bambam I’ve already got 6 dogs to take care of why would I want to get another?” the older one says

“because it’s cute then us” BamBam I’m assuming reply’s back as I laugh

“You make a fair point boy” he laughs as he continues to pat the dog.

She lowkey admires how they are acting around her dog because when most people see him, she back away or turn the other way, or, kinda like that one guy is now, jumps up on a truck away from him. She decides to speak up.

“Hey sorry I didn’t mean to let him go, sorry if he’s being a hassle or stopping you from moving your stuff” she speaks up from behind them. One by one they all turn and stare at the beauty before them. Rose laughed as they all stopped patting Tiny and now he’s looking at them for more attention.

With the guys still frozen she decides to call Tiny to come to her.

“Tiny, come here boy” she speaks loudly as the guy on the truck jumps down and questions her.

“Tiny? Dumb name, The dog is fucking huge” he exclaims earning a nudge from one of the guys. Rose smirks.

“Wish I could say the same about your biceps babe” she retorts earning snickers from the other 6 and a growl from Mr Negative.

“I’m Rose by the way” she says as she waves. the one who seems to looks as though he is in charge speaks up.

“I’m JB” he says with a smile, he looks next to him waiting for them to introduce themselves and surely enough, one speaks up.

“I’m in love” the younger boy next to him says before earning a smack over the head by JB.

“That’s BamBam, he’s a bit out of it at the moment” he awkwardly laughs and Rose just giggles. JB continues after noticing that none of the other guys are in any condition to introduce themselves.

“This is Mark” he says pointing to the guy at the very end of the line who looks up and waves as Rose waved back.

“Youngjae” he says pointing to the boy next to Mark, Rose Waves and he just blushes and looks away

“Jinyoung” he points to the boy next to himself, letting him wave before moving onto the 6 other boys on the other side of him

“You’ve met BamBam” he says before Rose waves at him before moving on.

“this is Jackson, you guys just met before” he says with a laugh and Jackson pouts but Rose smiles and waves, Jackson looks behind him before realising that Rose was waving at him before waving back with a goofy smile on his face”

“and at the end, that’s Yugyeom, he’s the youngest” Rose’s eye sight follows JBs arm before her eyes land on him.

now there is no doubt that they are all extremely attractive, but Yugyeom is the one that really catches her eye. He winks at her and she blushes, something she hasn’t done, ever when talking to a boy.

“Well it was nice to meet you all but I’m going to go for a run now” she says as she waves and begins to walk off. She hears goodbyes behind her and a wolf whistle, she turns back to see JB hitting Yugyeom over the head, she laughs and winks at her as he smiles and begins to wrestle JB.
“oh boy” she whispers to herself as she begins to run.

romancoin’s Prompt: Part Three: Lallybroch

Premise of the Prompt: Claire goes back in time with the help of old war friends to bust Jamie out of Ardsmuir. 

The full prompt is here. You can find part one here and part two here.

1756; Lallybroch, Scotland.

The wagon bounced along the rutted road that led up to the gate of Lallybroch. My heart lurched along with it, wondering what, and who, I’d find.

A familiar chorus of dogs barking greeted us, followed by a command for quiet in Gaelic. The speaker came around the corner of the house and froze in his tracks.

“Mi’lady?” the young man asked in a thick French accent.

I leapt over the side of the cart and ran towards Fergus, gathering him into a hug. He hesitantly returned it, then held me at arm’s length, just staring at me. “Mi’lord… il a dit que vous étiez mort.”

My smile fell at the mention of Jamie. Of course, he would have told them I was dead.

“It’s… complicated,” I hesitated, unsure of what to tell him. We had created a cover story for each of us before we left the future, but I didn’t want to lie to him if I didn’t have to.

Fergus’ face fell, “But he is not here, mi’lady. He–”

“I know. That’s why I’m here.” I reached to take his hand and froze. “Fergus?!”

He shrugged, giving me a half smile. “Don’t worry. Mi’lord did promise to provide for me, should I lose a hand in his service, no?”

“Mama?” Bree’s voice trembled as she spoke. I turned back to the wagon and helped her down, keeping her hand in mine once she was on the ground. She clung to me fiercely, face buried in the back of my dress.

I squeezed her hand, “Bree, I’d like you to meet a very good friend of mine. This is Fergus.”

She peered at him from around my arm, red hair falling over her face.

Mon Dieu,” Fergus murmured in astonishment as he stared at Jamie’s daughter, “comment vous lui ressemblez!”

“Yes, she does.” I whispered.

Heavy boots sounded in the hallway, followed by Murtagh’s deep voice. My shoulders relaxed a little as he walked thru the door of the parlor. Simply the sight of my husband’s godfather was enough to give me assurance that we would succeed.

“I didna believe the lad” He grabbed hold of door frame for support, swaying slightly as he stared at Brianna and I in turn. “But here ye be.”

Murtagh closed the distance between us after a moment and stood trembling before Brianna. Kneeling, he took out his dirk and murmured an oath to her in Gaelic, kissing the holy iron in salute before sheathing it again.

His eyes were moist as he spoke, “Ye are the image of yer father, lass, an’ yer grandmother before him.”

“Ye canna jest snatch him oot o’ prison an’ return to the life ye left, Claire.” Murtagh reproached me, as gently as he knew how.

“I know,” I admitted, taking a piece of paper from my pocket and handing it to him.

His bushy brows rose in surprise as he studied it. Jenny snatched it from him when he looked up at me, “How did ye get this?”

“It’s a forgery, but a good one.” I answered and silently thanked my lucky stars once again for Walt’s connections.

Jenny’s voice was strained as she read the document aloud, “James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser is hereby released into the custody of one Lord Henry Beauchamp, to whom he will serve the rest of his life as an indentured servant. Signed Lord John Gray, Governor of Ardsmuir prison.”

“Who the hell is Lord Henry Beauchamp?” Ian asked from his place on the settee.

I answered with a hint of a smile, “My father… or whomever you like, should someone wish to speak to him. Walt has agreed to play the part when we go to Ardsmuir.”

“How do we know this will hold once the Redcoats find out he’s back?” Jenny waved the paper at me, “An’ why would an English gentleman have his indentured servant in the Highlands wi’out bein’ here himself?”

I nodded, having expected the question. “Jamie would be accompanying Lord Beauchamp’s granddaughter, Ellen Randall, who is traveling to visit a cousin in Inverness. Walt has correspondence to back it up, should any official wish to see it.”

Jenny sank down beside Ian, looking from the paper to her husband and back. Her hand trembled as it rose to cover her mouth. Ian’s arm came around her as a small sob escaped her lips.

“Wha’ can we do to help?” Ian asked, his eyes bright with hope.

so my brother and my dad are living some Final Destination shit

you know these things?

maybe not exactly looking like these but same concept they’re long reinforcement steel rods that get bundled and stacked on top of each other

well a truck ahead of them on the road IS CARRYING THESE and has its back OPEN and one of these rods starts coming loose!!!! 

my dad sees it and he thinks how i would think: this steel rod is gonna come right through the windshield and kill either him or my brother. the only other people on the road is a motorcyclist and a woman behind my dad’s car

he looks in the rearview mirror and sees this woman’s face is PANICKED shes flipping out because she sees it too and WHAM! the steel road flies off. it starts BOUNCING upright like completely VERTICAL bouncing on the road towards them and starts going horizontal and aiming for my brother’s passenger side like this fucker could crash right through the glass and pin him to death

the motorcyclist has no idea where its going and pulls back his speed and hugs close to my dad’s car and my dad grabs my brother’s head and thrusts him down towards the floor of the car and the woman swerves and they swerve AND BY SOME MIRACLE the steel rod bounces and clatters away


i get told this story 5 days later and im like listen…………………. literally only shit like this happens in Final Destination holy fuck

Cars Fandom Questions

Yaaay, here are my answers! 

For the Cars films, what is your… 

Favorite male character: I love and appreciate so many of them, but I am really fond of Fillmore. Like him, I’m usually chill and I love the classics lel, music and car-wise. I even have this little plush of him that I’ve owned since the start of my Cars obsession, which was way back in November of 2011.

Favorite female character: Sally undoubtedly. She’s so level-headed, kind, and confident, traits I highly admire. Flo falls in second place. I love how upbeat she is :3 

(Fritter is slowly crawling up the list tho…)

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anonymous asked:

I found this prompt and I was wondering if you could write shikasaku? With a happy ending? And maybe Shika wearing the sweatshirt? btw I really love your stories! “yes, i know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy okay. i totally don’t wear it because like it still smells like you or is the only thing that even remotely feels like home since i moved out. pfft. absolutely not.”

This took me so long and I am so sorry, nonnie! But I finally finished it and hope it’s all that you were wanting! Thank you for the prompt!

A Sweatshirt

Also on ao3 and ffn

“I still can’t believe that you guys are like…over,” Ino mumbled as she looked down at her food one day at lunch.

Sakura sighed, having had this discussion probably a dozen times already. She didn’t even offer a reply and just angrily stabbed at her salad with a fork. Ino obviously didn’t seem to mind as she continued, “I mean like you guys were perfect for each other and you finally got together after all this time. None of us had expected it but then you were so good together!” Ino looked at her with an intense worry and waved her hand at her. “And now you’re eating a salad!”

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Call ended (Tracer X reader)

A/n: Did somebody order a big pile of angst? A certain anon did requesting some tracer angst! I hope you like it!

Oh btw, no blood or jazz like that in this one, different approach to get some angst going :)

Edited 12/22/16 by @shadowbolt64


A cold shiver went down Tracer’s spine as she exited the Overwatch base. She looked over her shoulder to give her last goodbyes before walking onto the street sidewalk.

Tracer zipped up her jacket to preserve the little body heat she had, her shoes echoed on the ground as she continued to walk down the street to meet y/n.

The dark evening didn’t help Tracer’s situation, for the absence of the sun’s light drained her of any heat she had. She shivered as she pulled out her phone to make a phone call.

Tracer waited patiently holding the phone to her cheek, waiting for y/n to pick up.

“Hi this is y/n, I am unavailable right now so please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.”

Tracer tilted her head ever at the sound of the phone directing her to leave a message. She blanked out for a few seconds before actually speaking.

“O-oh! Sorry luv! I uh… Just wanted to say I am off work and was wondering when you were going to pick me up its… uhm” -Tracer quickly pulled her phone away from her face too see the time.- “10:30 now and ahh… Just call me when you get this! Ok I love you! Bye!”

Tracer pressed the red end the call button and leaned against the wall. She continued to look at the light source in front of her and went into deep thought.

Y/n was usually on time when they picked up Tracer, and if they were ever late they immediately called and told her that they were on their way. It wasn’t like them to not call and to not pick up the phone…. They weren’t at work at this time either.

A sudden boom above cause Tracer to blink instinctively. She pulled out her guns as she recovered to see who was attacking her.

However, when she looked up she was only greeted by a little droplet of water touching her face. Before it had a chance to slide down her cheek another one fell on her forehead. A light sprinkle started to cover Tracer and the dry concrete, making the sidewalk even darker.

Tracer swore under her breath as she quickly stowed her pistols and blinked left and right to find some cover. Her chronal accelerator could handle rain, but who wanted to wait for a ride in the cold?

She squinted her eyes at a bus stop that was on the corner of the downtown block. It had an overhang that covered a rusty, black metal bench, and the small surrounding area. She blinked to the stop and quickly sat down on the bench. Drops of water were trickling down from the overhang and getting on her jacket. It wasn’t the driest place to be but it was better than standing out in the rain.

Tracer had one hand across her chest gripping her forearm as she held her phone with the other. The cold was starting to get to her fingers as she visibly noticed they were reacting slower to every movement they made. When she finally put in y/n’s number she held it to her face again, this time crossing her fingers that they would pick up.


Tracer impatiently tapped her foot on the cold concrete as the ringing continued.



“Call ended.”

Tracer pulled her phone away from her face in shock as she looked at the bright screen. The light source clearly showed that y/n purposefully picked up the phone and hug up.

“Wait… What?”

Tracer didn’t want to believe what just happened, she quickly hit redial and waited.

“Call ended.”

Tracer furrowed her brows in frustration as she looked down at it once more. And sure enough, y/n had hung up.

Tracer delicately set her phone face down on the metal bench and wrapped her arms around herself, she didn’t know what to do or say after that. Y/n … Hung up on her. Why?

The blue glow from her accelerator lit up the area in front of her like a car headlight, illuminating the pouring rain just inches from where she was sitting. She watched it bounce off the asphalt road and trickle into a nearby steam, heading toward the drain.

Tracer finally pushed herself up from the bench and started to walk again, she dragged her feet on the sidewalk as she started to head home. Her once spiked up hair was now plastered on her head, completely wet. It allowed for the water that fell on her head to trickle behind her and down her neck into the now wet clothing.

After the slow 20-minute walk home, Tracer used her numb hands to fish out her keys to unlock the door.

A dangling paper caught her eye as she was opening the door. She quickly looked up to see a yellow lined piece of paper tapped to the door, waiting for her to read it.

Tracer quickly grabbed the note from the door and started to read it, she didn’t bother going inside, for this was far more important.


Dear Lena,

I don’t really know how to say this so I’ll just say it right here on this note. The past few years have been wonderful but… I think it is time we go our separate ways, our lines of work contradict with our behavior towards each other and have caused us to argue more and more. In order to save my sanity I have chosen to leave, and leave you this note to read. Don’t call me once you get this. I won’t answer.

- Y/n


Tracer was visibly shaking. Her hands gripped the paper harder and harder with every sharp breath she took. Her eyes started to get puffy as warm streams of tears went down her face and stopping at the rim of her goggles.

Without saying a word Tracer opened the door as fast as she could and started to blink around the house.


She ran from room to room just hoping to see y/n’s face again.

“Y/n! Come on! L-love this isn’t funny I need you to come out now! Please!”

Tracer opened closets, look behind furniture and under beds. She was looking in crazy places just hoping that this was all a trick.


She was pleading that this was all fake.

“Y/n! Please! No!”

She didn’t want to loose them, not like this.

“Y/n this isn’t funny! Please come out and tell me it’s all going to be ok!”

Her screams echoed throughout the house until the sound trailed off leaving Tracer in dead silence. She quickly pulled out her phone again and dialed y/n’s number.


“Call ended.”

Tracer started to shake again as she tried over and over just to hear y/n’s voice again. She didn’t want it to end, not like this.


“Call ended”

Tracer couldn’t take it anymore, she let the phone in her hand slide out and fall screen first onto the floor below. She started to feel numb from the swirling emotions that were flowing through her body. Tracer’s knees buckled, bringing her to the floor. Wrapping her arms around her legs, Tracer began to sob. In-between breaths she called out to her love once more.

“Y-y/n… Please… ”

Tracer squeezed her legs tighter as the reality sunk in that they were never coming back, that she would never see them again. She will never get to hold them again.

“Y/n please not like this.”

Tracer continued to cry and call out to y/n in the now empty house.

“Please no… I- I love you.”

bounce back


the road to new york

Took yesterday off from running, still felt pretty beat up from Sunday’s half, the right toe that had been bothering me for a while was sore again, needed to stay off the feet, played couch potato, had a nice brunch with my son.  

Yesterday’s rest day must’ve helped, the body felt much better today, the soreness lessened in the right toe, got out on a beautiful day for a sweet 10 miler in the park.  Had some bounce in the strides.  

Looking over the local running calendar, planning the next couple months for some 5k’s along with a 4 miler, 10k, and a 15k.  Looking forward to taking a break from marathon training for a couple months.  And to a trip to Boston with son to visit family and friends later this summer.  Will be a fun summer.

Author’s Note: This is part two of “Shocked”, which I am glad to say that people seem to have enjoyed. I really liked writing both parts, so I really hope you guys like reading it.

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Recap: (in part one) the reader and the rest of the Avengers are sent to a small town to put down a violent mutant rebellion, but it turns out the mutants are stronger. With most of the team injured or out of sorts, they all (except the reader) have gathered in the local church, awaiting their deaths. What the rest of the Avengers don’t know is that the reader had a hidden ability, one that may destroy everyone if she can not control it. The reader has just gotten permission from Fury to use it.


“Shocked” (Part Two)

“Sir,” you piped up. “I can…”

Fury knew exactly what you were talking about. “Yes, Y/N. We’re out of options.”

You closed you eyes and clenched your fists together, that was exactly what you needed to hear, but also what you never wanted to hear. For as long as you had known about them, your powers had been a burden. You would have done anything to be human. But now, at least you could use them to do at least one thing right.

It was perfect, really. The Avengers were all on one place, which in turn drew all of the mutants together. Maybe, just maybe, if you could keep your calm and get rid of the mutants fast, you could reseal your powers and not level the rest of the town. But, it was very unlikely. You had only ever used your powers a few times, and each time had been more detrimental than the last.

You made your way to the church where Natasha had said that they were hiding out, and sure enough, both Pietro and Vision were still fighting. You could see that Pietro was a lot slower than normal and that his punches were beginning to be borderline ineffective, but he still fought on. Vision was doing okay, but the number of mutants around him was too many and he couldn’t fight them all off. You saw Tony’s suit laying on the ground in scraps, so you assumed that he gave up on fighting once his suit became useless and fled inside the church.

“Pietro, Vision, get inside the church.”

Pietro looked up at you, his icy blue eyes widened in shock, and then in horror. “No, Y/N! I told you to stay where I left you! Get away from here!”

You laughed a bitter, humorless laugh. Everything was falling apart and all he could worry about was you?

“Pietro, get inside. You too Vision.”

Neither of them budged.

“Do what agent Y/N says, now.” Fury’s voice boomed through the head sets, and Pietro looked at you with tears in his eyes.

“Y/N, what could you possibly do?” I came up next to you, forgetting about the mutants that wanted his blood on their hands. “If you die…”

You want to assure him that you wont, but you can’t. You have no idea what will happen.

You look up at Vision with a desperate look etched onto your face. “Please, get him inside and safe.”

Vision nodded and took Pietro by the arm, dragging him away from you. Pietro fought back; punching Vision, screaming words in a language you didn’t know, and giving you the most scared set of eyes that you had ever seen.

You held back your tears, you didn’t have time to cry. The mutants were on you faster than lightning hitting the ground. Jumping at you, clawing at your skin.

“Stop this!” You pleaded, hoping that maybe they would listen to you. “You don’t have to kill to make the humans notice you! This will only show them that you are exactly the same monsters that they think you are!”

They weren’t listening to you, they were past the point of coming a back to a rational thought.

Between the bodies of mutants that were on top of you, you could see the entire team watching you in horror, yet still staying loyal to Fury’s orders about staying inside the church. It was the only way that they would even have a chance of walking away from this town alive.

“It’s time.” Fury said into your earpiece.

You swallowed and shut your eyes as tightly as you possibly could, then shot out your hands. You felt your fingers begin to shimmer and shake, you felt the raw energy coming through your veins.

You snapped your eyes open and let go of all the seal that you had put on your powers.

Bolts of lightning shot out of your fingers and hit every mutant around you, sending them flying through the air. The lighting kept coming, hitting buildings, cars, and anything else that was within a mile radius of you. You heard the windows of the church shatter, and you prayed that your team wasn’t hit.

All of the mutants were down and out, yet you couldn’t stop. The lighting grew larger and larger, hitting almost everything around it with extreme power. The bolts themselves grew larger in size and in energy. Fires erupted all around you, buildings crumbled to the ground.

So, You thought, I couldn’t control it after all.

The lightning was getting to be too much even for you, it began to bounce off roads and building at shoot back in your direction.

Eventually, you were going to get hit. You were going to die. You were glad that you had been able to put down the rebellion, but at what cost?

You were shaking violently, you were completely out of control. Every time you opened your eyes all you saw the destruction that you caused, which only fueled your panic, making it harder and harder to stop.

“Someone, stop me before I level this entire town!” You screamed in the air, hoping that one of the Avengers could hear you over the crackling lightning. You were in so much pain from your own powers that you couldn’t even stand anymore, you sank your knees, lightning still shooting in every direction.

You felt strong arms wrap around your back and hold you tight, rocking you back and forth whilst another hand rubbed your back soothingly. “I am right here, listen to my voice. Only focus on my voice.”

Every once and a while Pietro would quickly leave you to doge a bolt of lightning that was coming at him, but he always came back and continued to calm you down. Eventually, after what felt like years, the lightning vanished and was concealed yet again inside you.

You were breathing heavily, as was Pietro.

“It is okay, I love you…” He whispered in your ear. “I love you…I love you…”

Once you were stable enough, you opened your eyes to see all of the avengers watching you with amazement. They hadn’t known that such a fire resided in you, and honestly, you hadn’t either.

Clint put his bow on the ground and looked at you with wide eyes. “Well, that was…shocking.”

If you're feeling some affection

Title:  If you’re feeling some affection - Modern!AU

Rating: T+

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Poker Pair | Tyki Mikk/Allen Walker, Road Kamelot

Summary: Allen blinked weary eyes open, rolling over and burying his face into his pillow. He sat up with a lurch when he found himself burrowing into the lingering scent of cigarette smoke and heady cologne, feeling sick to his stomach. He was alone.

Notes: Written for this ask by @tsukana and published here because it became hella long. Also that is totally a song from a very well known musical but - and this is the funny story - I randomly clicked a playlist titled [sexy] on spotify as I was writing the last Poker Pair fic and while writing this one the playlist started this song

Warning: Brief mentions of some sexy fun times and featuring the aftermath of one-night stands that are not… one-night stands. 

Word count: 2.8k+

Keep reading