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It’s weird looking back on your childhood as an adult, because sometimes you remember very specific things, like, “Hey, remember that time I got flung off the seesaw at recess in elementary school and almost got my head cracked by the seat? And Lauren wouldn’t stop making the thing bounce faster? God, that girl was awful.” or a vague feeling, like, “Aw, man, this soap reminds me of my Grandma’s house.”

And then sometimes you remember some really messed up crap that you saw and you’re like, “Ah, crap, dude, remember that time we saw the neighbor getting robbed while we were playing on the rope swing out back?” or is that one just me?

Draco: Look, Potter! I’m on this Google thing! I wonder what it says about me?

Harry: Oh?

Draco: Yes! The people love me! LOOK! They have pictures, and—

Harry: What?

Draco: Who.

Harry: What is it?

Draco: WHO. MADE. THIS. 

Harry: Draco, what’s wrong with it?

Draco: What’s wrong with it? WHAT’S WRONG WITH IT????? LOOK. 

Harry: What? What’s wrong? You look amazing!


Harry: I mean you were a Death Eater. I don’t—

Draco: *points aggressively*

Harry: …oh……

Draco: *dangerously* Ferret, briefly? 

Harry: *very solemn face*


Harry: *the corners of his mouth turn up*


Harry:  *lets one snicker escape*

Draco: As soon as I’ve finished murdering this Google, you’re next. 

Harry: *gives up and dies laughing* You can’t murder Goo—


Ways to Improve Writing Skills

1. Read. Even things outside of you preferred genre. The best books I’ve ever read go beyond the structure of the genre and touch well on things that are usually better handled in other types of writing. Reading also shows you more examples of characterization, scene structure, etc., and don’t be afraid to critique the book as you work through it.

2. Critique. Being helpfully critical of other writing is sometimes easier than working with your own, because you only have to work with what’s in front of you (like a reader of your story would). This can help you better prioritize what needs to be fixed first to last, plus you can get better at picking out problems and figuring out how to fix them.

3. Observe. In public, and maybe sometimes private, take some time to notice your surroundings and how people go about their lives. This can help with creating better description and a more natural setting/flow to scenes.

4. Talk. This is more useful for ideas, but find someone to bounce things off of. It doesn’t have to be anything big and they don’t need to know the whole story, just take one question like “How would you react if you suspected your friend was kidnapped?” and listen to what they say. The answer may not work in your story, but it can give you a new perspective that writers always need.

5. Take a break. And do some of the things above. When you return to your work, you may notice a difference in writing skill, even if it’s only on a tiny part of the piece. Breaks allow your brain to synthesize what you learn and let you recharge your energy, usually resulting in more confidence if handled correctly. 

Good luck with your work and if there are any questions, drop them in my ask box and I’d be happy to answer.

So maybe your art sucks.

Maybe you started drawing at fifteen instead of eight.
Maybe you started “too late”

Maybe you’re 26 and you just pulled out your art supplies from middle school and you draw worse now than you did then.

Maybe people look at you funny when you say you want to go to an artistic university when you’re seventeen and you’ve never taken an art class in your life.

Maybe you’ve bounced around with things you’d like to do with your life and people won’t take you seriously when you say you’d like to be an artist.

Maybe you started later than normal. Maybe you can’t shade and maybe you can’t draw that other goddamn eye and figure drawing will be the death of you.

Maybe your art sucks. Maybe it gets three notes when you post it. Maybe you want to quit because “what’s the point”
Maybe you want to give up.

Maybe you will.
Maybe you’ll throw away your art supplies and burn your sketchbooks and tell yourself there wasn’t any point. Maybe you’ll be 45 and you’ll stumble upon an old drawing and you’ll sigh and crumple it up. “It was too late anyway.”

But Maybe you won’t.
Perhaps your art will get better. You’ll have a breakthrough one day when you finally figure out how to shade. Maybe you’ll draw two perfect eyes and you’ll hang it up on your wall. Maybe you’ll sketch out a figure drawing and it turns out ten times better than you expected.

You’ll get accepted into that university and you get to prove everybody wrong.
You’ll be 29 and you’ll be selling your paintings and making people happy with your art.
You’ll be 22 and looking back on your sketches from six years ago and you’ll smile because wow they suck but you remember how proud of it you were.

So maybe you started late. So what? You started.
So don’t stop.

—  Emptyinkbottle

seamus finnigan does cute things like bouncing up the stairs in excitement #canon confirmed 

Genderbent Hamilton, amirite?

I see people talking about genderbending Burr and Washington, which is freaking awesome, but why stop there? What if every character were changed to be a different gender from how they are in the original? How would that change the show?

Just imagine the possibilities:

  • Alexandra Hamilton, the orphan daughter of a Scotswoman and a Caribbean sex worker, who managed to move to New York at the dawn of the American Revolution, where she meets:
  • Erin Burr, the agender advocate for a peaceful, sensible resistance movement, and their girlfriend Theodosia,
  • Jen Laurens, the gender-fluid black rights advocate who starts a relationship with Alexandra,
  • and Elias Schuyler, one of the heirs to Philippa Schuyler’s vast wealth, and his brothers, Angelico and Johnny.
  • George (Georgia) Washington, the general in command of the revolutionary forces, ultimately hires Hamilton, who has managed to piss off
  • Samaya Seabury, and
  • Jane III, Queen of England.

Huh? Huh? Anyone?

That’s My Job - Mitch Rapp [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(s): Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11770 (yeah, you saw right. Eleven thousand, seven hundred & seventy).

Notes: Here is the long awaited Mitch fic, it got super long and I had to reign myself in because otherwise this would be closer to 20k words. Seriously. We have fingering, public sex, object penetration, oral (both receiving), squirting, over-stimulation, spanking, bondage, restriction, dirty-talk, denied orgasm, multiple orgasm, daddy kink, public kink. Proofread by Steffy who’s been giving me all the support during this and she slike my entire reason for not giving up right now, so thank you. @dumbass-stilinski ❤️

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Plateau’s Definitive Ranking of the Amnesia Boys by Fashion sense, from Most to Least Reasonable

1. Toma

Okay like, besides reminding me of days middle-school me spent shopping in Hot Topic, Toma wears mostly normal clothes. The biggest fault is that yellow thing tied around his waist (when I first saw it, I thought it was like a dramatic sweatshirt, but it doesn’t look like that? It just looks like a jagged piece of cloth?) but that’s hardly enough to sink someone in this lineup

2. Ukyo

Ukyo has a different ref picture because I couldn’t find his matching one with 2 seconds of googling. Anyway, Ukyo does have quite a Look. Also, it took me 3 years to realize he was wearing a funky skirt and not a really long asymmetrical coat, and tbh the skirt and pants is a bit much, but overall there’s not a lot of extra stuff going on and it’s a balanced design. Definitely weirdo clothes, but like, I could see this being real people weirdo clothes.

3. Ikki

Like Ukyo, Ikki has a relatively crisp look about his outfit, but the fastenings on his coat are a bit ostentatious. However, the reason he loses solidly to Ukyo is because of that single godforsaken thigh-high boot.

4. Shin

Okay look, at first I was gonna put Shin as a close forth behind Ikki because of the impracticality of two thigh-high boots knocks down the practicality factor, even if his ridiculous punk-rock look is super coordinated. But I’d forgotten about that, that fucking loose hanging belt. Like what the hell is that? Isn’t that super inconvenient? Are you wearing it as some challenge of spirit? Seeing how long you can go with that thing bouncing against your thigh before you lose it? Anyway, no contest, this is some bottom-tier reasonability shit.

5. Kent

Hey, quick question: what in the actual fuck?

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I love your art, and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to do shoulders??? I always draw mine too big or too small lol. Thanks!

Hello! See now i mostl’y guess my anatomy still LMAO ;; so this clearly won’t be an acurate thing

most of the time i do the swoop n bounce thing and vary how wide i want shoulders from there!

and then guess through the rest lmao…


     😈 🎶 🎶 🎶

                         Shit Crowley has on his iPod probably

Imagine that, during the possible CIA break out, after Amanda, Vogel have reunited with the rest of the Rowdy Three, they find themselves in a corridor; them lined up at one end and, at the other, the unlucky agents who’ve been sent to subdue the Rowdy Three. Just before they begin to attack, one of the agents notices Amanda – there are meant to be four members of the Rowdy Three, not five. Confused, and hoping one of their teammates knows which project Amanda belongs to, an agent shouts, ‘What does she do?’

           Hearing them, Amanda replies, ‘I play the drums!’

           All of the agents are now confused. Can playing the drums be a physic power? If so, how? Are the Rowdy Three actually a punk band? Is Friedkin really that incompetent? How did they get picked for what is definitely the worse assignment ever?

           Meanwhile, the Rowdy Three think that Amanda’s response is the best thing ever (and maybe a band isn’t such a bad idea) and takes it as the sign to charge.

           ‘I play the drums!’ becomes Amanda’s official battle cry.